So What if you Have an Organised Kitchen? ? Part 2

So What if you Have an Organised Kitchen? ? Part 2

Nowadays, many kitchen models boasts of spaciousness: spacious cabinets, spacious cupboards, inexhaustible drawers. We just can’t get enough of space. And yet, what we didn’t know is that we have all the space we need in our kitchens if we only knew how to maximise them.

Here’s part two of things you can do towards a kitchen you won’t lose your way in.

1. Keep them Contained!

Admit it, the first thing that comes to mind: Tupperware. Although of course, there are now lots of sorts of resealable food containers in the market today, stackable, watertight, and airtight, and in a wide variety of colours to complement your kitchen.

Obviously, your pantry is where foodstuffs are kept, so your main goal is to store them in such a way that they last longer. But keeping them from spoiling is one thing; making them accessible is another. Often, we store foods so well that we eventually forget them, and only remember when they’ve expired and inedible already. This of course defeats the purpose of storing foods in the first place.

Store each item then so that it is easily visible and reachable. Group them together whenever possible (you can enlist your kids’ help on this one), and have their labels, especially for canned goods, up front so that they’re easily read. Finally, discard foods that have passed their expiration dates or are more than a year old.

2. Use Jars, Bottles, Nooks in Walls, Ceilings to Your Advantage.

Store gravy packets, seasoning packets, etc. in a small, clear plastic or glass containers for easy access.

Line up boxes with their sides facing front. If possible, store the most often used items at eye level. Store heavy items, such as boxes of ‘long life’ juice, milk, and cordials on a lower shelf.

Choose a lower shelf for paper storage, cling wraps, foil etc. If you have school-age children who take their lunch to school, create an area in your kitchen for lunch making. Stock it with lunch boxes and/or brown bags, plastic wraps/bags, thermos containers, drink bottles and small food containers. For after school and weekends, create a snack shelf of parent-approved treats for children.

If you have extra wall space, consider storage hanging hooks, a notice board, and other helpful organising items.

Purchase handy space saving products such as stacking containers, and sturdy baskets for onions, garlic, and potatoes.

Organise spices which you use most often in the front row. If you have a shallow drawer near your stove, consider laying all of your small spice jars in there. Place them label side up so it is easy to view them all at once. Most dried spices lose their flavour in six months.

Any miscellaneous items can be stored labelled shoeboxes and use them to store items such as biscuit cutters, candles, appliance accessories, matches, batteries, and smaller items. Square containers take up less space and fit more efficiently on shelves than round ones. Place hooks inside a cabinet door to small utensils on. This will help to clear drawer space.

Anything that is still in good condition and can be sold, auctioned, or given away. If you feel that you have appliances that are in ‘as new’ condition and too good to throw out, consider Log on and check out their free classified section where you can advertise anything you no longer have use for. Feeling generous then donate all the stuff you are no longer using by giving them to the, or auctioning them off at

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Origin Vietnam Responsible Tours For Sharing Benefit with Local Community in Halong Bay

Origin Vietnam Responsible Tours For Sharing Benefit with Local Community in Halong Bay

Meet Origin Travel Team, your local connection in Vietnam. We’re proud to be able to welcome you to our country, and give you the opportunity to witness the lives, the hardships and the happiness of the Vietnamese people, as well as the truly individual nature of the our country. Origin Travel Team committed working closely with local communities, to ensure that tourism brings positive benefits to them without damaging their traditional way of life.

Origin Travel Goal:

A small thing we do on our tours can make a big difference, so everyone at Origin Travel, we strive our best to minimize the impacts while giving maximum enjoyment from your traveling experience.
With our commitment to the communities and environments in which we visit, we seek to preserve the regions’ timeless traditions, cultural heritage, and fragile habitats. This is evident throughout our vacation experiences, and paves the way for unforgettable travel experiences.  The vast majority of our luxury vacations are led by local guides using local suppliers for transportation, accommodation in environmentally-friendly Vietnam Hotels and local activities. We also contribute to local charities and reputable projects worldwide.Our main goal is to Promote responsible travel and Eco-tourism, help support sustainable development, educate our travelers and help protect the cultures and environments they visit.

In our quest to support sustainable tourism worldwide, we will do our best to ensure that your children and their children are able to enjoy their vacation as much as the ones we offer you today. We recognize that demonstrating responsible business practices towards the environment and the communities within which we operate is key to our achievement of this long term goal.

Origin Travel Responsibility

Every time we travel, whether by car, train, plane or coach, we are burning fossil fuels and contributing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And while there are many ways to travel while on vacation, we are pleased to advise that by choosing one of our many travel experiences, you are opting for one of the most environmentally friendly ways in which to do it.

With constant improvements in technology newer engines offer greater fuel efficiency while also emitting less pollutants. We are reducing the carbon footprints and environmental impact in our offices by introducing recycling, energy reduction and waste minimization projects as well as supporting local community projects where we live and work. Our staff are proud to be involved in making a difference by spending some of their time volunteering in charitable projects.

We understand that Halong Bay – World Natural Heritage – is our invaluable asset.

Ongoing economic development, especially tourism, is placing a lot of pressure on the environment of Halong Bay. We believe that developing businesses should be connected with environment protection in creating a sustainable harmony. Consequently the products and services of  Halong Bay Junk are always associated with environment protection through our programme, ‘For a Green Halong’ run in cooperation with the Halong Bay Management Board.

Through joining Halong Bay tours, tourists actively contribute to the protection of our heritage. Sail on a row boat or fish with local fisherman to share the benefits of tourism with them, thereby increasing their income and reducing excessive fishing. Join our mangrove forestation tour, or participate in our programme to replace foam floats with plastic ones, etc. Indochina Junk also participates in awareness raising campaigns on how to protect Halong Bay. This includes rubbish collection projects in Vung Vieng fishing village, and a project to plant 5 hectares of mangrove swamp in Cong Dam to protect the local ecosystem. This has brought a new face to the fishing villages on the bay.

In keeping with the above spirit, we wish that along with developing attractive services and providing the best leisure experiences for tourists, our Halong Bay will be protected and preserved for future generations

Great Impact:

Community Support: You will see, on this cruise, quite a number of local people involved in our tourism activities, we try to benefit them as much as we can including using the labour, their food, their local guide services, etc…

Environment: It’s our responsibility and also the villagers’ to take care of the environment in this beautiful Bay, we’ve been in partnership with the local authority, local people to clean part of the Bay, at the place they are living and where we are cruising through.

Thank you for your support!

Please contact Origin Travel for your great Vietnam Tours Halong Bay Cruise

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