Sealed Air Brings Fresh Clarity to Lightweight Cryovac PP Chilled Food Packaging with Millad NX 8000

Sealed Air Corporation is offering a range of lightweight polypropylene (PP) trays and pots with high clarity for chilled foods thanks to Milliken’s clarifying innovation Millad NX 8000. Sealed Air’s choice of Millad NX 8000 to up the clarity benchmark of its thermoformed Cryovac lidded trays and pots for meats, salads and other fresh produce, means food processors can benefit from the reduced packaging weight and lower carbon footprint of PP compared to alternative materials without comprising on packaging transparency or performance.

Due to its low density, PP packaging is typically 10 – 30% lighter and has a 24% lower carbon footprint than APET, for example, while offering the same strength and rigidity (Source: Intertek). Less material usage contributes to less post-consumer waste production too. Sealed Air’s Cryovac containers are non-brittle and break without sharp edges. The inherent higher heat resistance of PP trays and containers allows them to be reheated and also laminated in heat-sealing machinery without cracking or warping. PP is readily recyclable and straightforward to separate from other materials in the recycling chain, lending itself to re-use as food packaging or, through energy recovery, as a valuable source of energy.

Sealed Air’s customers have responded favorably to the company’s success in moving the clarity standard of its PP packaging upwards. By using Millad NX 8000, Sealed Air has also benefited from processing advantages in its production chain.

“Conventional clarifying agents don’t dissolve or disperse well in PP and this can cause a build-up on machinery during processing,” comments Michael Thomson, Sealed Air. “New generation Millad NX 8000 on the other hand is easy to process. This further plus point for the clarifier adds to its significant achievement in raising the clarity standard of our polypropylene applications for the food sector.”

Milliken provided technical support and the right solution to help Sealed Air achieve optimum clarity and offer the highly-demanding food industry a competitive packaging alternative to support producers in meeting UK and European guidelines regarding reduction in packaging weight, waste and CO₂ emissions.

Sami T.K. Palanisami, marketing and sales manager plastic additives EMEA, Milliken, adds: “High clarity polypropylene helps food producers create an appealing fresh-look for packaged foods. It also brings the valuable environmental advantage of lighter packaging with a low carbon footprint during production and transportation, achieving a combination of benefits that is not possible with other materials.”

About Milliken
Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Working from our laboratories, application and development centers around the world, our scientists and engineers create coatings, specialty chemicals, and advanced additive and colorant technologies that transform the way we experience products from automotive plastics to children’s art supplies. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines that also includes floor covering and performance materials, the people of Milliken work every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable.

About Sealed Air
Sealed Air is a global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. With widely recognized and inventive brands such as Bubble Wrap brand cushioning, Cryovac brand food packaging solutions and Diversey brand cleaning and hygiene solutions, Sealed Air offers efficient and sustainable solutions that create business value for customers, enhance the quality of life for consumers and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. Sealed Air generated revenue of approximately $7.6 billion in 2012, and has approximately 25,000 employees who serve customers in 175 countries.

Millad is a registered trademark of Milliken & Company.

NX is a trademark of Milliken & Company.

Milliken is a registered trademark of Milliken & Company.

Cryovac is a registered trademark of Cryovac Inc., a subsidiary of Sealed Air Corporation

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South West Companies Urged to Seize Environmental Opportunity as Economic Uncertainty Looms

South West Companies Urged to Seize Environmental Opportunity as Economic Uncertainty Looms

Envirowise is represented throughout Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions. We work closely with regional bodies, business support organisations and other important initiatives in your area. Find out more about the environmental agency activities taking place in your area.

This message comes as the manufacturing and service sectors face even greater pressure to increase prices than at any point in the past. (1) And with continued concern over the effects of recent stock market falls, South West companies could understandably be feeling the squeeze.

Yet by taking a more environmentally efficient approach to managing their resources, local firms could relieve some of this pressure and actually save themselves money.

For more information about this and to read all the latest environmental publications

visit our website or call free-phone on: 0800 585794.

Paul Gilbert, Envirowise Regional Manager for the South West, commented: “Our region’s companies will be acutely aware of the recent business headlines that appear to signal a difficult year ahead economically.

“But by banishing wasteful practices now, companies can put themselves in a strong position – one that could potentially mean not having to pass on price rises to suppliers. In turn, this could have the added benefit of safeguarding valuable business relationships.”

Companies should consider how they can cut levels of waste associated with every stage of their business activity – for instance:

Manufacturers should look at how to reduce raw material usage, both on products and on packaging

• Pass on the sustainability message to your suppliers, and work with them to minimise waste throughout the complete supply chain

• Keep communicating with your staff to ensure they are fully bought into your actions

• Look for the quick wins – from encouraging employees to only print when absolutely necessary, reusing stationery rather than ordering in new stock, to fixing simple water leaks

Find out more information about the

Paul continued: “It is all about local firms meeting the current economic challenges head-on and, as the President of the European Commission called for this month, seeing the environment as a real business opportunity – rather than an unwelcome diversion.”

Envirowise provides a range of free advice to businesses, from hands-on guidance on optimising design to advice on implementing practical resource efficiency and waste saving measures. For further information call the Envirowise Advice Line on 0800 585 794 or visit

British Chambers of Commerce, Q4 2007 Quarterly Economic Survey

Issued on behalf of Envirowise by Trimedia

For more information, contact: Peter Stilwell, Rachael Kilburn or Rod Dennis on 0117 929 2311 /

Notes to Editors

Envirowise is a Government-funded programme dedicated to putting the sustainable use of resources at the heart of UK business practice.

Since 1994 Envirowise has helped UK businesses save over £1 billion by enabling them to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Envirowise offers businesses of all sizes and sectors a wide range of free, independent and practical advice designed to genuinely improve their processes, profitability and competitiveness. Services include:

• Advice Line on 0800 585794

• An encyclopaedic website of valuable and relevant information

• On-site visits conducted by a nationwide team of expert advisors

• Over 200 events each year, from Product Design Workshops to major exhibitions

• A nationwide network of Resource Efficiency Clubs offering peer-to-peer support.

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