The Benefits of Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The Benefits of Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles

In the course of a year, 38 billion water bottles are piled up in lifeless landfills across the world. To stay out of harms way, we need to stop burying our problems in our backyard. Instead, we must move forward with innovative ideas and eco-friendly alternatives to the growing problems associated with pollution and waste. With the adoption of promotional stainless steel water bottles in your life, the world is getting one step closer to its sustainable goal.

While many of the benefits of custom stainless steel water bottles pertain to environmentally friendly living, there are other important perks to be explored. Switching to promotional stainless steel sports bottles leads to a healthy earth and a healthy you. Typical plastic water bottles and nalgene containers can contain traces of the synthetic chemical Bisphtnol (BPA) that interferes with your body’s natural hormonal messaging system. New developments are discovered each day but none of them give the green light to plastic water bottles. Instead, people are urged to use promotional stainless steel water bottles that are BPA-free. These great custom BPA-free water bottles were created to keep their users healthy and encourage healthy living habits for the sake of our earth.

In an effort to make custom stainless steel sports bottles attractive to all, many special features and personalizations have been made available. Options like, attached promotional carabiners, built-in straws and an assortment of designs allow all parties to customize their ideal promotional stainless steel sports bottles. Some brand names have even created stainless steel sippy-cups for children. Raising children with fears of global warming can be constructive, but instilling an appreciation of the earth and providing children with alternatives, like custom stainless steel sports bottles is best way to ensure a green future in our world.

Using promotional stainless steel water bottles for promotional awareness events will help people to remember your environmentally friendly business’ name. These custom stainless steel water bottles are eco-friendly, pose no harm to you and come in many different styles, making it hard to believe that they’re also cost effective. But consider the amount of water bottles you personally consume in a day, have you contributed to the billions of water bottle trash each year? With custom stainless steel sports bottles, you’re encouraging sustainable living and giving your company the brand recognition it deserves.

Motivators offers a variety of products ranging from promotional stainless steel sports bottles to logo stress balls. Whether it’s a great tradeshow giveaway or fun promotional keychains that you need, Motivators Promotional Products will please every customer.

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Limited Time Offer: Free Installation with Upgrade to 1734 Point of Sale System

Limited Time Offer: Free Installation with Upgrade to 1734 Point of Sale System

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Through sustainability and innovation, Order-Matic has continued to reinvent restaurant communications with technologies that seamlessly adapt to the evolving American culture.


Order-Matic has done it again with the 1734 Point of Sale (POS) System. The reliability of the Order-Matic POS System has been a constant in the fast food industry for years now.


Is your restaurant’s communication system still running on Order-Matic’s 824 POS system? There is no better time than now to upgrade. For a limited time offer, when you upgrade your 824 POS to Order-Matic’s 1734 before July 31st, 2010, you get free installation!


1734 Point of Sale System


With the 1734, you can have up to six membrane or touch screen order entry keyboards. It also has a custom messaging system that can prompt employees to wash hands and remember courtesy tray delivery.


The 1734 has many new security and ant-theft features such as RFID or Pass Code login for each employee and employee ticket tracking. You can also display up to 10 orders per monitor and train employees on site by accessing the Training Mode feature.


Why is this offer too good to pass up?


More User-Friendly System with the RC5


By upgrading to the 1734, you reap all the benefits of the RC5 package. Your new system will be more user-friendly for your employees and highly efficient with your kitchen’s turnaround time. The package includes ten innovative features:


Combo Grouping on Kitchen Monitors and Tickets


Items belonging to different combos are grouped together on tickets and denoted by either a Red or Blue background on kitchen monitors, in order to facilitate faster product delivery.


Touch Screen Combo Enhancement


You can make a combo key that performs post-combo qualification, as well as an “un-combo key” that facilitates quick “detach” of the combo grouping.


Touch Screen Pro Support (Touch Screen Pro)


Cashier Mode: Ability to perform Enhanced Tender functions for Counter and Drive Tickets.


Clock In/Out: Support Clock In/Out function from the Touch Screen Pro Interface. Note: Not available for the Classic blue touch screen


Dine In or To Go Prompting on Touch Screen Counter


Customer Facing Payment Terminal Support (MX-850)


Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) Support


Enhanced Combo Wizard


Restore Points


Create Restore Points in the POS system that allow you to transfer data and save it to the PC for recovery. This action aids in the ability to recover more readily from crashes and drive disasters. Restore Points can be created automatically or manually.


EMC (Evolution Management Console)


A new interface that allows you to setup and maintain settings for your 1734 POS system. It is compatible with the XDQ and Touch Screen terminals. The interface’s editable settings include: Menu, Production Line, Coupons, Discounts, XDQ, and Touch Screen Layouts.


6. 1734 POS Auto Restore of corrupt databases.


7. 1734 will continue to operate with bad video ports, if needed.


8. Provide low printer paper detection and notification on in-store display.


9. Certified APC Battery Backup (BACKUPS): Allows for safe system shutdown in the event of a power outage (compatible cabling kit required).


10. Critical Event Notification and Messaging.


FREE Installation


For a limited time offer, when you upgrade your 824 POS to the 1734 POS before July 31st, 2010, you get free installation. You upgrade, Order-Matic installs! Act now because this is a very limited time offer. To schedule your upgrade, visit or call 1-877-475-5716 today.

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Ethan Luke. Point of Sale – Order-Matic has manufactured POS and communication equipment for over 50 years. We offer a product line that not only includes POS solutions and wired and wireless communication concepts, but menu boards for inside and outside signage. We also provide digital surveillance systems that provide 24-hour security and managerial peace of mind. Our plant consists of a graphic design and printing department that can meet a wide variety of printing needs

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