Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) | 2013 o Prêmio ABRE da Embalagem Brasileira


Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) | 2013 o Prêmio ABRE da Embalagem Brasileira
The Brazilian Packaging Award of the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) created its awards program in 2001. Over its 10-plus years of existence, ABRE has awarded prizes to companies of all sizes showing that proper packaging is essential for all types of products from different categories, providing quality of life for people. Packages are critiqued for excellence in quality, technology, design, functionality, innovation and sustainability.

Gold—Savory Food Packaging
Atum Salera
Submitted by: Salera Alimentos
This package protects and showcases fish products for a small company that has limited financial and machinery resources. Brightly printed cartons have a cleverly placed window that lets consumers see the clear, glass jars of packaged fish inside. A stylishly retro graphic design delivers shelf appeal.

Gold—Alcoholic Beverages Packaging
Cachaça Gouveia Brasil
Submitted by: Verallia
Extra-clear glass and a complex design make this 700-mL bottle a stunner. The structural design uses two transverse planes that have an offset axis, yet the axis of the bottle as a whole remains aligned.

Gold—International Competitiveness: Food and Beverages Products for Export
Linha Brazilian Soul
Submitted by: Vinícola Aurora
The brand uses its Brazilian origins as a differentiator. The package elegantly expresses Brazilian culture with a hot-stamped design that features colors from the Brazilian flag. A small picture of the Brazilian flag on the labels’ front panels further attests to the wines’ origins. The resulting packages align with brand values, look great on shelves and are well received by customers.

Gold Winner—Packaging for a Family of Products
Linha de Maquiagem Phebo
Submitted by: Casa Granado
Hot-stamped silver is paired with transparent packaging to present a premium image that also showcases the cosmetics’ colors. To draw shoppers’ attention, the elegant primary packages are housed in bright coral-colored cartons.

Gold—Perfume Packaging
Perfumes Quem Disse, Berenice?
Submitted by: Wheaton Brasil
This perfume package puts the brand in consumers’ hands. The PP cap, which is fashioned to resemble the Quem Disse, Berenice? brand logo, makes the package a standout but is perfectly paired with the round glass bottle. Decorative silkscreen printing is used to differentiate scents, and three varieties feature hot-stamped gold lettering.

Gold—Promotional Packaging; Gold—Graphic Design: Non-alcoholic Beverages
Schweppes 230 Anos
Submitted by: Coca-Cola Brasil
Schweppes turned 230 years old this year. To celebrate, the brand released seven retro cans—one for each Schweppes flavor. Each design was dressed with a custom illustration that represents a different era during Schweppes’ history. A matte finish projects a premium image for the entire limited-edition collection.

Gold—Graphic Design: Sweets and Desserts
Latas Colecionáveis Talento
Submitted by: FutureBrand
These gift tins express the spirit of Brazil with colorful illustrations that celebrate the plurality of a village of colonial houses, the joy of Carnival, urban street art, the country’s varied cultures and people, and the daily optimism of Brazilians.

Gold—Graphic Design: General Products
Green by Missako
Submitted by: Green by Missako
The challenge was to project the free spirit of the brand within the whimsical world of children. Cheerful illustrations bring in elements of fun while uncluttered lines and vibrant colors deliver shelf impact.

Gold—Marketing: Communication Strategy
Encontre sua Coca-Cola Zero
Submitted by: Coca-Cola Brasil
Coca-Cola Brasil courts 20-something year old consumers, with this customized packaging campaign. It printed 150 of the most common names in Brazil on Coca-Cola Zero cans. The limited-edition offering helped consumers identify with the Coca-Cola Zero brand and sparked conversations on social media.

Gold—Special: The Open Choice
Se Beber, Vá De Carona
Submitted by: Routhier & Darricarrère
The shipping case and wine label were designed side-by-side to tell the story of the Brazilian winery and its French origins. When Routhier & Darricarrère’s owners first arrived in Brazil, they bought a Volkswagen bus to tour the country’s beautiful beaches. The wine’s shipping case pays tribute to this memory by mimicking the van’s appearance. The novel design is balanced with a sophisticated color palette dominated by bright reds and clean whites. The theme and color scheme is carried over to the bottle decoration with red capsules and white labels.

Gold—Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging; Gold—Sustainable Packaging
Submitted by: Natura
Sou’s easy-to-use package breaks category paradigms with a design that requires 70% less material to manufacture than conventional hair- and body-care packaging. The drop-shaped pouch also reduces product waste by enabling near-complete product evacuation.

Gold—Graphic Design: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Health and Pharmaceutical
Redesign Sempre Livre
Submitted by: Johnson & Johnson do Brasil
Sempre Livre’s updated look clearly communicates the product’s benefits with informative graphics on color-coded backgrounds with a lighthearted design. To ensure consistency across the color coding system, all colors had to be tested and validated, with some pigments requiring reformulation.

Gold—Special: The Consumer’s Choice
Fragrância Linda Lindinha de O Boticário
Submitted by: Grupo Boticário
Recognizing that girls often imitate the woman they find the greatest source of inspiration, love, joy, confidence and style—their mothers, the brand created this youthful fragrance. The fragrance’s bottle is painted with glitter to bring a sense of play, while the transparent, thick-walled plastic used for the overcap and the simple metal coating for the sprayer speak to this generation’s preference for minimalist design. The carton continues this simple-yet-playful design with relief and sparkling lamination.

Gold—Graphic Design: Savories
Submitted by: Narita Design
The brand identity, name and package design lets consumers know that Liggero packaged pastas deliver fast-and-easy meal preparation with taste appeal. 

Gold—Nonalcoholic Beverages Packaging
Suco Casa Madeira
Submitted by: Verallia
Inspired by the jam jar that Casa Valduga, the makers of juice, already have in its lineup, this bottle highlights the nutritional benefits of the product. The bottle is shaped like the body of a thin, tall and healthy person. On the shoulders of the bottle sits the Casa Maderia Coat of Arms in high relief, which helps brand the product and presents a premium image.

Gold—Packaging for Micro- and Small-sized Companies
Linha Iandê—Aisó
Submitted by: SA2 Design e Comunicação
A one-color design keeps converting costs down for this double-duty package. The carton easily transforms to a point-of-purchase display, which encourages retailers to place this Brazilian brand alongside higher-priced imports.

Gold—Packaging in General
Vedapren Fast
Submitted by: Pande
A rectangular design allows the tubs to be nested for transport to a filling facility, and it provides strong brand differentiation because competing products are sold in round buckets. The shape makes the product easier for consumers to use because it accommodates paint rollers as well as brushes—eliminating the need to purchase trays.

Gold—Structural Design: Functionality
Embalagem para Implantes Dentários
Submitted by: Neodent
This single package accommodates a large range of implants, despite differences in geometry, lengths and diameter. Its design protects the product’s sterility and bio-safety while making the product easier for dentists to handle efficiently. The functionality comes from a vertical-and-horizontal lift system that works with a gripper device to safely move and place the implant.

Gold—International Competitiveness: General Products for Export
Submitted by: Brazilian Secrets Hair
Sophisticated photography and a minimalist design aims to appeal to an international market while subtly reminding consumers that the products are made in Brazil.

Gold—Sweets and Desserts Packaging
Iorgurte Grego Batavo
Submitted by: BRF
This PP package for Greek-style yogurt is decorated with an in-mold label that helps differentiate the brand from a competitor offering similar products. The ergonomically shaped bottles help project a premium image, and an aluminum seal assures consumers of product safety. Spent packaging can be easily recycled because the primary structures and their labels are made from the same material.

Gold—Technological: Beverage Packaging
Rótulo Adesivado
Submitted by: Mazda Embalagens
A pre-glued label enables label application without a hot-melt gluer and makes the PET bottle fully recyclable because the label leaves no residue after removal.

Gold—Graphic Design: Redesign for Food and Beverages
Marilan—Pit Stop
Submitted by: M Design
To maintain its position as one of the category leaders in the cracker segment, Pit Stop needed to evolve its package communications with a new logo and overall design. The updated triangular logo has a shape evocative of a road sign to encourage shoppers to stop and look at the products. Bigger, bolder type over variety-specific shapes help shoppers identify and buy their favorite flavor from the 14-item product line.

Gold—Structural Design: Shape
Submitted by: Dow
This packaging structure was designed in the U.S. but has characteristics especially suitable for Brazil’s paint and food-service markets. It has a large capacity (3.6 to 18 L), enables almost complete product evacuation, a large-diameter nozzle for easy dispensing, top and bottom handles for precise application and easy handling, stability on shelf even when partially empty, and is made from materials that can be easily recycled.

Gold—Packaging: Food Service, Delivery and Carry Out
America Delivery—Embalagens
Submitted by: Dezign com Z
Food-service packaging helps unify the consumer experience from table to take-out, with messaging written from the perspective of a friendly waiter. The conversational branding also prompts a desire to taste delivered products even before the boxes and bags have been opened.

Gold—Technology: Food Packaging
Smart Cap
Submitted by: Revpack Tecnologia
The tottle’s closure is made with a cap-and-valve injection process that enables the automatic application of seals. The closure is also easy to recycle because only one resin was used for both the cap and valve.

Gold—Technology: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Health and Pharmaceutical
Frasco 1000 mL MAX VAC Embramed
Submitted by: Ab Plast
The 1000-mL PET-glycol bottle is designed as a lightweight replacement for the glass containers often used with medical suction pumps. The break-resistant bottle is blow molded with a 90 finish neck and very thick walls that prevent the package from collapsing during vacuum application. A strong sealing system holds the vacuum.

Gold—Graphic Design, Family of Products
Quem Disse, Berenice?
Submitted by: Matriz Escritório de Desenho
Grupo Boticário uses strong patterns, metallic inks and bright colors to bring a cheerful personality to its new makeup brand. The look for Quem Disse, Berenice? inspires and emotionally connects with consumers.

Gold—Graphic Design: Redesign for General Products
Submitted by: Matriz Escritório de Desenho
Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the York brand, from Hypermarcas, has an updated look that spans its entire product line. The new design modernizes the brand mark by
integrating the Y monogram with a cotton symbol. The York endorsements on all products, even those belonging to its sub-brands, were also made more prominent, which boosts the branding and marketing strength of the brand.

Gold—Technology: General Products
Bandeja para transporte de Placa de Circuito Impresso Sensível
Submitted by: Waco Thermoforming Solutions
This returnable package was designed to transport conductive materials. The package’s high-impact resistance prevents the containers from breaking.

Gold—Special: Student
Octa Cooler MMA
Submitted by: Douglas Cardoso do Espasso Silva at Oswaldo Cruz University
The package includes an inner container that transforms the box into a cooler that can be easily carried to game-watching parties and other social events.

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