Finding Affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Finding Affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses

When it comes to doing business online, many people come with a belief that they can make money just by having a website. It is true that you need a website to display the products and services you have on offer. However, it is equally important to let others know about your website, and you can do it if you invest some time and effort to improve your search engine visibility and ranking.

The encouraging thing is that now you can find several SEO companies that offer their services to help you achieve a better search engine ranking. However, the snag is that sometimes it becomes difficult for small businesses to invest a lot of money in search engine optimization and marketing. Well, if you are also in a fix and don’t know what to do, it is better to do some research and find a company that offers an affordable SEO package.

However, when it comes to selecting a right package, it is once again important to do some research and compare different options. You need to ensure that even if you opt for a small and affordable SEO package, it should work as a good monthly campaign to help you get a better search engine ranking. Here, it is important to point out that you need to select a package after considering the type of services included in it. Generally, an SEO package offers article marketing, contextual link building, and other such types of services. You need to check how many of articles are included in an article marketing package, how many blog posts they are going to publish in a month, how many hubs they will be creating on monthly basis, and how many web 2.0 updates are included in a package. Last but not the least you need to check how many directory submissions are included in a particular SEO package.

While it is true that different SEO companies design their packages differently, most of their services offered will be similar to one another. However, some packages will have special services and you need to find them. For instance, just by spending a little more money, you can find a package offering article submissions to sites have higher page rank. Submissions to these sites will help you build quality one-way links that will go a long way in determining your search engine ranking. Therefore, you should look for affordable SEO packages, but need to check if it is possible to enjoy some special services just by shelling out some a few extra bucks.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot survive in this online world of business if you don’t invest in search engine optimization and marketing. In case money is your problem, you can always get started opting for an affordable SEO package. Of course, these packages take some time to create an impact on your current search engine standing, but they do make a difference in the long run.

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Golf Packages in Arizona Can be Fun and All Inclusive

Golf Packages in Arizona Can be Fun and All Inclusive

Golf packages in Arizona are abundant and prices vary greatly. If you don’t know what you’re looking at when you look at the different options, picking the wrong Arizona golf package can cost you money. Although the experience can be fun, and you will be sure to have a great time, one of the things that can get you if you do not take care of things is how much you end up paying.

Beware of the hidden charges. If you go to work with and discount seller in Arizona, always remember that while they’re offering packages sometimes they don’t have your best interests in mind. Many of them are out to make a quick buck, and while there are great seller is out there this is just a little bit of a warning to make sure that you go in with your eyes wide open.

While we know that most people are innately honest, you need to be aware. You will get someone who will mark up the packages and try to inflate earnings. Here are five things to look at to make sure that you’re getting the right price on golf packages in Arizona.

First look at the golf fees. Most golf courses require them but not all golf packages include them. Make sure that you know whether or not the golf fees are included or not included when factoring the costs of the package.

Beware of golf upgrades. Sometimes it really make sense to take an upgrade or golf package, but make sure you’re really getting an upgrade. Sometimes people will resell the package and imply that there is an upgrade but it’s really the same package he would’ve got regardless of the price.

If you take a tour while under golf package, make sure you are knowledgeable about what the tour includes. They been instances where people just drive you run circles and play that that was your deal.

Know about the courses in the area. Some package resellers are out there selling packages and they know nothing about the place is the best on the packages to. If they have offerings do a little bit of your own due diligence before picking the golf.

Know in general what the different rates are you should be looking at paying. Rates vary dramatically during off peak and on peak times. Make sure you know whether you’re booking in an off for an on peak time so you don’t pay more than you should.

Ready for great golf packages in Arizona? Visit for golf packages in Arizona tips, and picking the right golf packages in Arizona.

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Reduce Your Company?s Carbon Footprint and Save Money

Reduce Your Company?s Carbon Footprint and Save Money

The environmental cost of commerce has become an important part of business in America and the world as we all become increasingly aware and concerned about the impact of our actions on climate change and our environment.  Many businesses are creating sustainability plans, training environmental impact officers and implementing company wide recycling and reduction programs.

For many small and medium sized businesses, the option of hiring a college degreed sustainability officer and staff is really not in the budget. There are however new online training programs which cater to small and medium sized businesses such as But short of taking a course and becoming an expert, what can your business do to be environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint…all while saving money.

Here are 5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save some money.

(1) Recycle Toner and Ink Jet Cartridges. These things, which always run out at the most inopportune time, cost way too much and, contrary to what the big companies than manufacture them proclaim with their “send it in recycling programs” – end up in the landfill, usually in the poorest areas of the world.  The technology and quality of recycled toner and ink jet cartridges in many cases surpasses the original equipment manufacturers…and you get to support a local business like yours when you patronize them.   And don’t forget to set your printers to “draft” mode when you’re not printing for official communications…it’ll save you money and toner/ink.

(2) Use Less and Buy Recycled Paper. Back in the early 90’s when email was gaining popularity we all proclaimed that it was the beginning of the paperless office.  But the paper companies weren’t scared. Paper sales went through the roof because now we had more information to print out, copy and share with each other. Now there are a variety of document sharing services, including free ones like Google Docs, while allow immediate sharing of and collaboration of documents without having to print out 5 copies for the group to mark up.  It saves money, time and is much more efficient.

Furthermore, as the quality of recycled content paper has gone up to photo quality level and the cost has gone down to below the cost of “new” paper, it clearly makes no sense not to include the procurement of recycled printer and copier paper in your corporate sustainability plan.

(3) Go Paperless with your invoices. PayPal and Google Checkout both have electronic invoicing capabilities for those of you who process payments via credit card, and for many companies, their PayPal and Google Checkout accounts are tied directly to their corporate checking accounts for seemless, and transaction fee free payment processing.  They both offer a variety of export formats and integrate with popular accounting packages like QuickBooks and Microsoft Accounting.  

No more 3 copy carbon based invoices, no gas guzzling postmen delivering the mail and no more licking envelopes!

(4) Recycle Everything. Soda cans, newspapers, used equipment, furniture and materials (if you’re manufacturing things) all carry a price.  Aluminum cans trade for around $ .80 a pound (32 12 ounce cans = 1 pound) – so figure you can sell them to a local recycler for a bit better than half of that.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you have an office full of Red Bull crazed employees or “Diet Coke Fiends” it can actually add up relatively quickly.   

List your used equipment on Craigslist or Google for a local company that will pick up and “recycle” your used equipment – or better yet, donate it to a local charity and take the tax deduction.  Goodwill and the Salvation Army will send out a truck to pick up larger items and most likely make weekly or monthly trips through your area.

(5) Offset Your Carbon Footprint with Carbon Credits

While Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is key in preventing climate change, offsetting your carbon emissions is the next great step in the preservation of our environment for generations to come. The Carbon Calculator Math is below, or you could use a Carbon Footprint Calculator at

To offset your carbon emissions simply means to neutralize your part in the polluting of our environment. In technical terms, a carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions.

Certified Projects are developed such as a reforestation project that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, every ton of emissions reduced will result in the creation of one certified carbon offset (

Since carbon dioxide emissions are the principal cause of climate change, purchasing carbon offsets is key to promoting a greener environment.

When you offset your personal carbon emissions, you are doing your much-needed part in helping to put an end to global warming and climate change. In addition to making the world a better place, you just might also score a few popularity points with your friends and family.

Going Green at work doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build a new building out of used tires, or procure all new energy saving computer and office equipment.  It is possible to work towards carbon neutrality without breaking the bank, and then supplement your efforts with cost-effective carbon credits.

Dr. Ken Pollock is EcoAid’s Chief Executive Officer, sets the strategy for the company. Read more of his articles at In addition, he will be launching in the near future to provide the training and tools for individuals, businesses and institutions. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

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Website Design Packages and Web Hosting Packages Are a Must for Any Online Business

Website Design Packages and Web Hosting Packages Are a Must for Any Online Business

When it comes to web hosting packages you will often find website design packages somewhere close by. Many people should seek the help of a professional in order to design their website the proper way. Web hosting packages comes in many packages to accommodate for the use needed by a customer. Finding the right website design packages will save you money and get you the look that you want.

Whenever you see web hosting you will often times find web design somewhere on the same website or a link on that page that will get you to a website designing package. The reason for these two services being so close to one another is because they go hand in hand with each other. In order to have a website online you will have to have a place that can host a website for you. If you don’t have a website you will have to have one done professionally or you might want to try a self designing package.

These self making websites will often times not have the look that you want, plus you can spend months on just trying to get it to look halfway decent and the end result is a website that does not look the way that you thought it would. Having a professional suggest website design packages for you can get you the right look and feel for a website. Depending on the company there may be several packages to choose from and picking one may just be a preference or budget situation. A website professional can do many things you might not have known possible for the look and use of your website.

There are several web hosting packages available for website owners due to the large amount of demands needed for particular websites. Some websites only consist of a few pages and don’t need large amounts of storage to run the website successfully. Some packages also are used for ecommerce set up for the use of selling items on your website. If you are not sure of the type of hosting that you will need then you may want to leave this part up to a professional. Some professionals that would know this type of information are web designers and SEO experts.

Finding the right website design packages will get you results and save you money.Always fully understand what you are doing when it comes to a online business or pay a professional to do it for you, this will save you a lot of wasted time and wasted money.

Looking to find the best deal on cheap unlimited hosting,Web space Is ready For Your Website • Different Packages For Web Hosting.

Writing is passion and you can put everything in words helping others to understand you. Writing is more than putting your ideas in words, its a way to express your ideas.

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Three Essential Pieces Of Equipment To Sanitize Wine Bottles For Home Winemaking

Three Essential Pieces Of Equipment To Sanitize Wine Bottles For Home Winemaking

If you’ve decided that home winemaking is for you, you’ll want to know how you can save some money and make the process more efficient. One way to save on costs is to reuse your wine bottles. Although a case of 12 Bordeaux style 750 ml wine bottles is relatively inexpensive at about fifteen dollars, that’s almost .00 extra when you make 23 litres of wine if you purchase new every time.

Instead of spending that money on new wine bottles, consider purchasing the following items:

1. A brass bottle washer.
2. A sulphatizer (sometimes called a Vinator)
3. A bottle tree (sometimes called a bottle drainer)

Brass Bottle Washer

The brass bottle washer can be threaded onto a water faucet opening and has a valve inside it. Water pressure against the valve shuts the washer off. When a bottle is placed over the end of it, and then pushed down, the valve opens allowing water to squirt into the bottle at high pressure. This will help to remove any residue stuck inside the bottle and give it a good cleaning.


A sulphatizer or vinator is a nifty device used to sanitize wine bottles. Made of plastic, it holds sulfite solution. In the center is a spring loaded white tube. When a bottle is turned upside down and then pushed down such that the tube is forced downward, the sulfite solution is sprayed up into the bottle. I generally give each bottle about three or four quick “squirts” to ensure full coverage of the solution inside the bottle’s surface.

Bottle Tree

A bottle tree or drainer can come in different sizes, and generally will hold a maximum of 90 bottles. Often, they will be made such that a vinator can be attached on top. The drainer contains “holders” that are angled upwards over which the mouth of the bottle is slid. This allows the bottle to drain. As well, with the bottle turned upside down, the sulfite gas released from the sanitizing solution rises into the bottle instead of out of it, ensuring full sanitization.

The bottle tree is also a great way to store your empty bottles before your next batch of home made wine is ready!

You are invited to learn more about how to make wine at The Home Winery.

Why not also follow along with Ian’s daily blog of home wine making activities.

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Packaging Materials and the Environment

Packaging Materials and the Environment

With growing pressure on the environment and the need for the nation to economise, it’s now more important than ever to conserve and reuse packaging.

Reusing packaging is the best form of recycling, because it doesn’t require further use of energy, either in converting or transporting the packaging prior to use.

As a specialist packaging supplies company we believe we have a duty to encourage Customers to give greater thought to the packaging they buy and make better use of the packaging materials they retain.

As a packaging supplier, does this mean fewer sales of packaging materials? On the contrary, we’re finding that Customers are more conscious about packaging generally and are more comfortable ordering packaging materials from a supplier that:

• Understands the Customers’ needs and is able to work to reduce their carbon footprint and support their sustainable environmental policy

• Offers environmentally better packaging, such as recycled, reusable and degradable packaging products

• Advises them on ways to economise on packaging and reduce the overall weight of packaging materials used

So whether you’re looking to save money or save the planet, buying the right packaging for the job, planning ahead for its re-use and using recycled packaging materials are some of the key steps to take.

The most important part of this cycle of recycled cardboard boxes is you the buyer. Without people willing to buy recycled cardboard boxes it would just end up in landfill. So make sure when you next buy packaging you ask for recycled packaging.

With this in mind, read our top 10 tips to reuse some of your packaging, save on packaging costs and also help the environment:

Make sure your packaging doesn’t cost the earth! For further information, visit or call Davpack on 01332 821200.

Make sure your packaging doesn’t cost the earth! For further information, visit our packaging website or call Davpack on 01332 821200.

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Is Recycling a Waste of Time, Money and Energy?

Is Recycling a Waste of Time, Money and Energy?

UK households generate a staggering thirty million tonnes of rubbish a year, of which sixty per cent comes from packaging. There has been a lot of publicity recently about waste that has been put out for recycling ending up in landfill sites. It is also clear that an increasing amount is being shipped to other countries to dispose of. It can be cheaper to transport it to other countries than to recycle it or fill up the landfill sites in the UK.

The European Union (EU) has recently ordered the citizens of the United Kingdom to roughly double their recycling rates by 2008. Governments across the European Union and America have announced plans to require more recycling. Unless the UK hits these targets, local council tax bills across the UK will soar unless local authorities hit their recycling targets to enable the UK to hit their targets set by the EU. The UK government already charges tax for dumping waste in landfill sites to encourage us to recycle more and this tax is due to increase.

This will punish local councils which continue to use landfills and council tax payers will pay the price for poor performance by not recycling themselves or by not having the facilities to do this. It’s therefore cheaper to recycle then to dump in the landfill sites. The UK currently recycles 22 per cent of its household waste while some other EU countries recycle more than half. The UK proposes cutting the amount of waste put into landfill sites from 72 per cent today to 25 per cent by 2020.

Some Thing to Think About -The Future?

– Why do we use all that energy recycling paper to save the trees? There is the argument that paper should be recycled so that we save trees and forests but we now grow trees just to produce newsprint and other items. Is it a sustainable resource already?

– New landfills are constructed in the USA and this should happen in the UK on a large scale which would enable the UK to pipe the methane gas that they produce to local power plants supplying homes in a green and eco way.

– We need to ensure that any recycling programmes that are run are delivered effectively. That means tracing waste down the chain to its ultimate destination. Transparency should inform the whole waste management industry.

– If a study in undertaken and it concludes that it costs more to recycle than to bury the used and manufacture the new from scratch, then we could start landfills just for plastic, one for glass etc. then if we do run out of them we can dig them all up in one go for recycling. For example, if the throwing away of plastic continues and continuing oil shortages mean that it is more cost effective we can recycle them all at once by mining the landfills and it would be cheaper and easier then continuous recycling.

– At present, only an estimated fifteen per cent of UK households have access to kerbside collections, if they these collections do not cover glass, paper, plastic etc. then how far do you have to drive to the nearest recycling centre and how much do you have to collect at home to ensure that you are not making more damage by driving then the amount of energy you are saving by recycling? What about the financial cost to collect the recycling or to take it to the recycling centre? What about the energy taken to recycle it? Is oil really running out? How much landfill is available?

Davinos Greeno works for the organic directory This green directory lists 100s of Organic Food and Drink Companies and Eco Jobs and Ethical Companies

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Beauty Myth and the Cinderella Complex: Youth Beauty And Money – Is That All There Is?

Beauty Myth and the Cinderella Complex: Youth Beauty And Money – Is That All There Is?

She places her jaded heart in a small begging bowl and kneels before him. He dispenses his affection like loose change – amusing himself with her look of gratitude. For a fleeting moment they both pretend that an exchange of value has taken place. She remembers a time when he wanted her with passion. She remembers a time when they all did tricks for her. She remembers who she was and the power of seduction; the power of youth, a pretty face, sexuality and vitality. She dreamed dreams of all things possible. Of course the biggest dream of all echoes through her girl-child mind “I want to be a bride”. She so vividly remembers her wedding day, it was all she ever wanted and often thinks of it as her ‘princess day’.

Daddy called her Princess as he tucked her into bed at night. She believed she was his princess and never questioned his predictions of one day becoming a beautiful woman, falling madly in love and living happily ever after.

What a joke. What a great big fat lie. Was she really so deluded? Was it bad luck, bad judgment, bad choices or is the dream for only ‘the others’. It probably never occurred to her that a Princess by definition must stay young and beautiful.

Cinderella probably started it all and it was reinforced over and over in books, movies, conversations and culture.

As a child she wondered about ‘Him’ and played dress-up games with her friends. They were all called Mrs. and prepared tea for when Mr. came home. They had bride dolls and baby dolls. They imagined and designed their future wedded bliss. He, was handsome, successful, rich and romantic.

Girls were not really expected to worry too much with things like education or finance. That was unless you were a ‘Plain Jane’. No, boys don’t like girls if they are too smart anyway. Beauty is the key – beauty is everything. Beauty is your ticket into ‘happily ever after’.

Happily ever after always had me a bit baffled. Most girls seemed to be very comfortable with the story ending at happily ever after. It nagged at me a bit – well actually it worried me quite a lot. I kind of perceived it to be a little like death. It seemed to me that when you got married your story finished. If happily ever after was so wonderful then why didn’t it become another story; an even better story?

Another thing that really confused me was that as a teenager we were all very obsessed with our looks and working our magic, but something seemed very, very strange. The married women in my town were anything but examples of happily ever after. I don’t mean to be unkind, but these women really scared me. The men were neither princes nor charming.

(I wondered about the girl who kissed the frog who became the prince. A lot of warts I would expect and probably that’s not too far from reality either.)

Well I don’t know who had warts or who had what; I was just observing and wondering. I saw men who drank too much and yelled too loud. Women in thread bare dresses and grubby little kids hanging off them. Hair in plastic curlers and clothes pegs in mouths. Daytime soaps and talkback radio. I certainly knew nothing about ‘all the riches in the land’. Enough to buy fags for the week and a punt on the pony’s maybe, but no diamonds or mink coats which were the status symbols at the time.

Things have changed a little since then and women of today are at least questioning some of these issues. Thankfully, woman now are gaining education, good jobs and independent incomes. Many, are also finding they are quite capable of looking after children on their own rather than enduring abusive relationships. To hear women talk you would think that they really have analyzed and resolved their Cinderella conflicts, but have they?

Does intellect really root out those childhood expectations? Do we still believe that a woman must be beautiful to attract and keep a mate? How much of our happiness and security depends of our youth and sexuality?

Aren’t successful, intelligent, middle aged women still secretly dreaming of ‘Him’. One marriage, two marriage, three marriage, four!

Perhaps if Cindella Part 2 had ever been written we might have discovered that Cinderella did indeed live happily ever after. She might have passed through the natural stages of life with grace and charm. She may have surrendered the things of youth easily and naturally as she evolved into a complete and competent woman within her own right. Perhaps her prince’s initial lust and fascination gave way to a deeper respect, friendship and trust that formed such a bond and deep genuine love, that they did indeed live happily ever after. Isn’t it possible that her warmth, generosity, wisdom, humour and true nature were of greater value as they both evolved?

I do believe that this could be a likely scenario. I certainly appreciate the appeal of youth, beauty and sensuality, but it is not my measure of human value. These things would probably gain my attention for about ten minutes. Now, I am not going to suggest that good looking people are dumb or vacuous, although this is often very stereotypical, it’s not right either. Being good looking does not make a person stupid anymore than being plain makes someone more interesting. We also need to accept that being wealthy is not a measure of value as a human being. Money is good and can make life on many levels a little easier, but it doesn’t make all wealthy men ideal husbands nor does it mean that lacking wealth makes a man an inferior partner.

We just need to do away with all of these unrealistic expectations and judgments and define what is true for ourselves. It is certainly easy enough to just sit for a minute or two and ask yourself why you do love the people you do. I think that your list might be very similar to mine; integrity, humour, empathy, warmth, intelligence and anything that engages or connects me to that person. I really would rather be sitting with a funny, interesting fat boy at the back of the room rather than staring up at a male stripper on stage – that’s for sure.

If we are able to get clear on what we need and want then maybe we could dismantle and reconstruct our Cinderella delusion.

Now, this is where things get really interesting. Billions and billions of dollars change hands due to clever marketing tactic cashing in on our Cinderella belief. In the extreme, women can be so convinced that beauty is the only measure of self worth that they will literally destroy themselves. Do you think I’m kidding? Warm, wonderful, valuable, clever, talented people are going to take themselves right out of the game of life. They are going to do it deliberately and willingly and I will tell you why.

Brainwashing. It is so incredibly easy to do as we have already bought into the princess belief as children. Reinforcing the idea that being beautiful makes us happy or that lack of beauty makes us undesirable is the perfect marketing formula. Powerful and effective marketing requires subtle, consistent and emotionally charged interpretation. Everywhere we look we see imagery of beauty and youth attaining success, love, romance, sex, wealth, admiration, security and happiness. Not so obvious is the underlying message that without beauty, we are not worthy nor are we capable of having these things.

Men are victimized too, but their version of self worth is tied in to money, success, power and prestige. Lives are being totally destroyed by the belief in this BS! It’s not true. It’s not even logical and it’s as clear as day, but we still believe it. Not only do we believe it; we actually promote it ourselves. The effect of this kind of marketing is that people diminish themselves to the point of total worthlessness and disappear into themselves. The really sad and pathetic motivation behind it all is simply greed and making money. And we have bought it all; the belief, the solution and the products. We allowed them to break us and then to fix us and we paid a lot of money for the privilege.

Get this – some clever-dick is going to package a jar of mud, put it in a crystal jar and go on TV and convince us that this gunk will smooth out wrinkles and give you a youthful, alluring completion. His mate, a bigger and more ambitious conman can’t believe the amount of dollars rolling in and decides to crank it up a bit. He has a magic syringe which pumps poison into your face, paralyses your expression and calls it ‘a cure for frown and smile lines’. It’s phenomenal! He makes a bundle and inspires many others to come up with all kinds gimmicks and gadgets.

Well, no one in their right mind would believe this nonsense!

That is unless it’s repeated over and over. That’s the thing with brainwashing; it needs repetition. It also helps to have testimonials; we like to know others have tried it and can confirm it works for them. Celebrities (another marketing tool) wouldn’t endorse crap if it wasn’t true would they? Beautiful celebrities (The epitome of happily ever after) show us their secrets to success:

Silicone bags inserted into breasts

Vacuums sucking out thighs

Daisy Duck lips

Acid skin peels

Plastic nose, cheeks and chin

And sew and tighten up that vagina!

You have got to be joking – no one would be fooled into doing that! Billions of bucks say that you are wrong. All it takes is to convince you that you are not okay, you are not worthy, not loveable and not ever going to be happy. And that is so easy to do because right from the start you were brainwashed into believing that love is only for the young, the beautiful and the rich. You probably don’t realize this either, but you, yes you, are a part of the propaganda and you are endorsing and promoting it.

Your ridiculous stiletto shoes which have deformed your feet and weakened your knees and ankles are a part of the game. The yo-yo dieting, binging and purging. Your outrageously expensive clothing, perfumes and cosmetics are all a part you play in perpetuating ‘The Beauty Myth’.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not opposed to people looking good. I totally agree that looking good can make us feel good. I am also aware that looking good can be attractive and alluring. BUT, it’s Not All That!

It’s the lies that I find offensive; the stupidity and the destruction that those lies perpetuate. I’m not talking about make-up covering blemishes or enhancing skin tone, I am talking about the cosmetic industry covering up true beauty. I am talking about The Cinderella complex; our own participation in maintaining these unrealistic and dangerous beliefs. Women are competing with other women in a battle of illusion; disrespecting and destroying themselves and their sisters.

This is what it all boils down to: We have been brainwashed into believing that youth and beauty equals happiness – which translates into love and security. That’s the whole Cinderella quest. We all want to love and to be loved and feel secure. What we have all been brainwashed into believing is that love and security are only available to the young, beautiful or rich.

Men haven’t escaped either; they are suffering the Prince Charming scandal as well. Money is the mark of a man. Short, fat, bald, cigar smoking millionaires dripping with young hopeful starlets – what a pathetic sight to see! But someone obviously believes it.

I’m not trying to downgrade wealth; having money is good, much better than not and ditto for beauty. The point is that we have accepted it as a measure of human value. Much worst than that though, we allow ourselves to be judged and we judge others by this yardstick. Isn’t it time that we set examples of human value by being true to who we are? Isn’t beauty really just a mask? Let’s all just peel it off and have a peek at what’s inside.

Every age has its own beauty. In many cultures the elders are the wise and respected members of the community. Or more succinctly the most loved and honoured. Isn’t it time we all took a more realistic look at these ideals and worked towards reshaping and reassessing our values? It’s time for Prince Charming to show some integrity. Tonight as you hot wax your legs, think of me; curled up on the lounge wearing pajamas and Ugg boots, laughing, talking and loving my old man. Heh, I’m no Cinderella myself!

Sonya Green believes that the human experience should be joyful and secure. Her honest simplicity and profound insights are expressed with humour and passion but her message is loud, clear and powerful. Sonya Green doesn�t just �get under your skin� she goes straight to your core and pulls out all of your secret places. She then confronts you with a mirror and reflects back to you the beauty, power, uniqu

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