Go Green With Eco-Friendly Sports Bottles

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Sports Bottles

Medical professionals and health care experts always tell us to hydrate and that is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Most of us are all on the go whether at school or at work and even at home. Most people today are always on the move here and there so it’s easy for us to not drink the recommended amount of water daily. That is why most people carry water bottles with them so that they can quench their thirst even while waiting in line at the bank or at the supermarket or just sitting in the office. Today, water bottles not only come in trendy designs and cool utility functions, they are also made to be eco-friendly. Eco-friendly sports bottles are increasingly becoming popular as they are reliable, durable and green compared to plastic water bottles.

Some of the most trusted brands in eco-friendly sports bottles is Nalgene. Nalgene is a US made, reasonably priced sport bottle that is ever popular among sportsmen women, as well as among office workers and soccer moms. Nalgene has a new line of sports bottles that are BPA free. Among the bottles, the Tritan Wide-Mouth Everyday bottle is the hottest selling in the line and it can hold enough water to keep you hydrated on a coast-to-coast flight or for a full day at the office. The mouth of the bottle is large enough to accommodate ice cubes and Nalgene sells a variety of accessories such as pop-up sports cap. The bottle retails are .50.

Another innovative design in sports bottles that are environmentally friendly are the Camelbak Better bottles. These bottles are designed to not spill thanks to its “flip, bite-n-sip” design, even when the flip lock is left open. These types of bottles are ideal for situations where there is a lot of movement such as driving or drinking while on the move. The Camelbak is also made with BPA free plastic and has a sporty design which comes with a bottle-top loop that can be clipped with a carabiner to a backpack. Consumers have a choice in colors and patterns such as argyle and hounds tooth for a more urban feel. This bottle retails for to depending on its liter.

Some companies have taken the humble sports bottle to a whole new level by incorporating hip designs and cool extra features and the Sigg Traveler takes the cup. Sigg, is considered hip as it is the popular choice among celebrities and eco-stars such as the Dave Matthews Band. Sigg is from a Swiss company and they have been in the business of making lightweight, recycled-aluminum bottles for a hundred years. The Sigg is lightweight and has a coating that prevents aluminum from secreting the contents. Up to its name, the Sigg Traveler is uber- trendy and lightweight and comes two sizes and a variety colors. The designs range from classic to simple steel. Unlike the Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth, the Sigg Traveller has a small opening that cant fit in ice cubes but is great for warm beverages as the sports bottle is metal. Sigg offers a carrying pouch and even a new hot-beverage Sigg as well as a specially designed brush and cleaning tablets for cleaning. The price retails at .99 (0.6 liter); .99 (1 liter).

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Water Bottles: is your Bottle Safe for Drinking?

Water Bottles: is your Bottle Safe for Drinking?

On the bottom of my water bottle there is a number inside a triangle, what does it mean?

The number inside of the triangle is a plastic identification number representing what chemical was used to make the plastic. For example if you see a 1 that represents PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or a 7 represents Polycarbonate (which contains Bisphenol A), which are the two most commonly used chemicals in water bottles. This articles intent is to give a basic overview for #1 and #7 chemicals and is not inclusive by any means. I urge the reader to research each of these chemicals further.

Can I reuse my plastic water bottle?

Water bottles with the #1 (PETE) are for single use only! PETE leaches out into the solution within the second use. The more you reuse bottles made out of PETE the more of the chemical you are ingesting (Aquafina and Dasani are made out of PETE). Number 7 is rather stable in the beginning but with washing and continued use the pores of the plastic begin leaching polycarbonate and the more you wash and refill the more you are ingesting. I recommend not using bottles made with #7 (Nalgene is made with polycarbonate).

What is the health problem associated with chronic exposure to these chemicals?

PETE is thought to possibly be a carcinogen; there have been reported studies to support this claim. I am not yet sold on the exact condition it causes but drinking small amounts of chemicals cannot be good for anyone. Polycarbonate on the other hand is showing health concerns in a variety of ways. Bisphenol A (contained in Polycarbonate) was 1st introduced to the market in the 1930’s as an estrogen for pharmacological use. It is now used in our plastics and has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system, fetus development, cause reproductive abnormalities and has been shown to enhance the growth of human breast cancer cells. These are dis-ease states that everyone should be trying to prevent from occurring.

Are there any bottles that are safe?

Bottles made by SIGG are coated on the inside with resin that have been proven to be resistant to breakdown and do not leach harmful chemicals. These bottles are looked upon as the gold standard when it comes to reusable containers.

Where can I purchase a bottle made by SIGG?

The Di Novi Wellness Clinic is proud to offer SIGG bottles. See the “Wellness Products” portion of our website for further details

What is the Chiropractic connection?

Proper hydration is a part of the detoxifying, cooling and transportation process for every cell in the body. If the water you are consuming is contaminated with chemicals these process will be hindered and dysfunction will follow. Dysfunction in the body comes in the form of headaches, back pain, constipation or if in large enough amounts, even cancer.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is intended to help you make informed decisions about your health. Please make an appointment with Dr. Brandon Di Novi, Chiropractic Physician for further information.

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Author Bio:

Dr. Brandon Di Novi received his Doctoral degree from Logan College of Chiropractic and a bachelor in Exercise Science and Wellness at Bastyr University. He received a second bachelor degree, in Biology, from Logan College. Dr. Di Novi is currently in private practice in Edmonds Washington at the Di Novi Wellness Clinic. He specializes in preventive manual medicine and techniques that will keep the body working at its optimum level. His practice includes counseling on the benefits of proper nutrition which combined with proper alignment of the body not only prevents dysfunctions but also provides optimal health.

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