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DRY Soda sleek can


As consumers continue to demand real ingredients in their beverages and seek out all-natural and lower sugar soda options, DRY Soda is making its unique sodas more accessible to customers by offering it in Rexam 12-oz. SLEEK cans. DRY Soda also introduces two new flavors this summer: Apple DRY and Ginger DRY.

DRY Soda’s launch of sleek cans and introduction of new flavors means that DRY customers can enjoy DRY in more places—on the go, poolside, cocktails, lunches and entertaining at home. In addition to the Apple and Ginger, DRY will also offer three current flavors in cans: Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange, and Cucumber DRY. 

Originally introduced in 12-oz. glass bottles, DRY Soda has chosen to expand into the Rexam SLEEK can because of its durability and portability. DRY Soda also supports the use of aluminum cans as they are the most sustainable packaging choice in the world, and are recycled at more than double the rate of any other beverage package. 

In 2005, well before low sugar products were part of the national conversation, DRY Soda CEO and Founder Sharelle Klaus saw the need for a less sweet, all-natural soda and created the first soda line with significantly less sugar and made with just four ingredients. DRY, the better for you soda, contains one-quarter to one-third of the sugar and calories of traditional sodas, and is only 45-70 calories per 12-oz. bottle/can.

“I developed DRY because I believe in offering a better low sugar soda option to consumers seeking healthier alternatives to traditional sodas and am thrilled that DRY cans will allow people to enjoy it anywhere, anytime and offer our customers the convenience of DRY on the go,” says DRY Soda CEO Sharelle Klaus. “DRY really stands out in the Rexam SLEEK cans and provides DRY Soda retailers more opportunities to offer DRY to their customers.”


Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA, says the SLEEK can is the perfect choice to broaden consumer reach for DRY. “The SLEEK can provides a differentiation on retail shelves that helps build brands,” he said.


“Besides the appeal of the package with colorful graphics that enable brands to attract attention on retail shelves, beverage cans offer superior recycling, filling, distribution and display economics that just make good business sense.”

DRY Soda cans are available now throughout the U.S. in traditional and specialty retail stores, restaurants, cafes and online. The cans will be sold individually at retailers for $1.29.


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Wudalianchi Do Support The Environmental Protection Projects In Heilongjiang

Wudalianchi Do Support The Environmental Protection Projects In Heilongjiang

Vast Xiaoxing’anling western slope of the transitional zone with the Song-Nen Plain, Heilongjiang Province nemor River, 100 km, showing the distribution of East and West 2 14 volcanoes, of which five balls form a contrast, Pools connected Barrier Lake, Wudalianchi Guer too name.

Wudalianchi City is China’s major timber production base, have been based on forest resource development as the pillar industry of the city. Since 1959, development has been the provision of quality timber for the country more than 2000 million cubic meters, total profits and taxes paid one billion yuan. However, the long-term excessive logging that had “towering trees, parallelism contact between the ruler can not be” in Xiaoxinganling the western slope of the forest scene, a few no longer maintained. How to rely on resources, adjusting the industrial structure? How to transform the economic development mode, and achieve sustainable development? Wudalianchi municipal government firmly seize the resource-based cities of the historical opportunity for economic transformation is proposed in order to achieve the industry, the environment and sustainable human development as the goal to establish outstanding ecological and environmental protection, build a “city of spa tourism, leisure and health of all “transformation of ideas. Fan Zhiguo Wudalianchi party secretary, said, according to the requirements of the concept of scientific development and exploring the development of eco-oriented economy and successive substitution industries, ecological, economic, social harmony and sustainable development, the transformation of a new model.

Making money through the water

Wudalianchi the total 3 billion cubic meters of mineral water, day and night, the amount of more than 40,000 tons from the Bay. In which natural soda water, mineral germanium, radon and other reserves of mineral wealth. How to make use of water resources advantages, “Water on behalf of the Wood”, adjusting the industrial structure, good water, economic articles? Integrated spa town water to form a leading brand of mineral water industry, leading in turn to extend the industrial chain, is the economic transformation Wudalianchi crack problem, the key to achieving sustainable development.

Winter season, the reporters came to Wudalianchi City, Heilongjiang Huayuan Shih-ming, a natural spring water, soda drinks Limited. Company’s “Souter 8.0 natural soda water” PH value of 8.0, taste, texture smoothness with a slightly sweet. “Souter 8.0 natural soda water,” originated from the volcanic fault Wudalianchi drug Izumiyama few years sandy aquifer. The responsible persons QU Shi-jun said that the human body fluids PH value between 7.35 to 7.45, showing only weak alkaline healthy. The “Souter 8.0 natural soda water” can effectively regulate body acid-base balance, right Runchang Yangwei, hypoglycemic blood pressure, enhance the metabolic functions of high health care value.

Mineral water, soda water, the economic value of more considerable. The cost of a bottle of soda from the bottle, bottle to disinfection, purification, titanium membrane filtration and other expenses, coupled with labor costs, a total of less than 7 cents, while the 350 ml bottle of mineral water market price is 3 yuan or more, is General water two times to three times the price of soda water, mineral water, even more than twice as high.

Structural adjustment is an important measure to promote the transformation of big brands, making money through the water. To this end, the building of seven foreign capital Wudalianchi high standard soda water to form a series of mineral water development base. Shi-Ming Huayuan soda drink natural spring Co., Ltd is a foreign capital 50 million yuan to build four advanced automatic canned production line, annual output of 50,000 tons soda water, leading enterprises. They have developed a “World Ming-quan”, “Souter 8.0”, “Ze charities” and other brands of natural soda water, the product selling in Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning and other places. Shi-Ming Huayuan soda drink natural spring practice Co., Ltd., it is Wudalianchi in transition to create the country’s largest production base of natural soda in miniature.

The reporter learned from Wudalianchi volcanic spring Beverage Co., Ltd. was informed that this mineral water Wudalianchi the earliest production enterprises, their “volcano Spring” brand mineral water, soda water, strong sales market, efficiency is climbing, a city in transition continue to extend aquaculture chain Chuangxiao examples of companies. Yandan Hong, general manager said that currently, “Volcanic Spring” card 38 degrees, 42 degrees, 52 degrees mineral spirits, sold for 60 yuan per bottle, the recently introduced high value-added mineral drinks will also be listed. Through the mineral water, soda water and mineral water drinks industry chain extension, the brand effect amplification, an increase of 3 times the enterprise effectiveness.

Extended chain

Today, the development of this mineral water, industrial chain, and continuously extended to the agricultural and pastoral Wudalianchi sideline and many other industries. Spa food, spa planting, mineral breeding, mineral products processing Yetai the exhibition of their length, Wudalianchi show more economic restructuring in the industry to flourish simultaneously a new look.

2009 Wudalianchi Shuangquan, solidarity, and equality, the use of mineral water for irrigation township 50000 mu of paddy fields, to develop rich in selenium, germanium, zinc and other trace elements in rice and spa care, access to green logo, sold for 10 yuan per kilogram . On this basis, Wudalianchi City has also invested 2.37 million and built a modern rice processing factory precision cleaning, production of small packages of rice-free mineral panning much with consumers. In addition, Wudalianchi spa area of nearly 5,000 acres of fish breeding, as well as mineral duck eggs, mineral series of dairy products, soy spa, spa vinegar, soy sauce, mineral springs, mineral mud series of cosmetics and other products.

The development of tourism

Wudalianchi Shan Wei, Quan Qi, Shui Sau, Shek strange, holes differences and unique tourism resources. There is also the country’s largest forest-James River Wetland Wetland Nature Reserve, Tai James River National Forest Park, the country’s only breeding population of Hooded Crane base and north of the country’s largest natural Korean pine seed production stands. Development of volcanic park leisure travel has become Wudalianchi another starting point for economic restructuring.

Wudalianchi Lake Scenic Area in Yamaguchi City, the first grasp its eco-tour planning, development, promote the great James River National Forest Park, tourism and entertainment projects. Li use modern media to promote world geological parks and beauty, well-built Wudalianchi Volcano Tour Scenic Area Scenic Lake eco-tourism Yamaguchi —- —- James River National Forest Park Wetlands Tour —- Black River tour of the golden border crossings Travel Hotline. At the same time accelerate the development of tourism support services industry, Investment 6 billion yuan in building warm rivers and lakes are an international tourist reception center, set spa, accommodation, business services, entertainment, fitness, the meeting is equal to one. Holiday Village, International Business Center, food and beverage hotels, airports, railways, highways and other facilities in the building is being carried out. Tourism has become the city’s pillar industries. 2009 Wudalianchi tourism-related industries to achieve output of 116.77 million yuan.

Wudalianchi special attention in the economic restructuring to enhance environmental quality, non-exploitation of forest resources, the implementation of eco-migrants. At the same time, according to Heilongjiang Province put forward the “three-year Green Longjiang the Earth,” targets to forest tenure reform as an opportunity to carry out extensive tree-planting programs in 2008 afforestation area of 21,300 acres in 2009 up to 62613 acres. In industrial development, Wudalianchi make full use of wind, solar, hydro, biomass and other renewable resources, do a good job Yamaguchi hydro-power, wind power generation projects.

Through unremitting efforts, Wudalianchi last year rose to 1.2 million hectares forest area, timber volume of 16.2 million cubic meters a total accumulation increased 2.5%. At the same time building large stick River wetlands, Yamaguchi Lake Nature Reserve. Wudalianchi city tourist city won the Chinese brand of ecological civilization and China’s overall well-off city, and so on.

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