Inland Label Wins “Best of Category” for Fox Barrel Cider’s Label

 Inland Label, headquartered in La Crosse, WI, received the “Best of Category” award from Great Lakes Graphics Association for Fox Barrel Cider Company’s Pressure Sensitive Label.


Fox Barrel Cider’s Blackberry Pear Cider Black Label was the pressure sensitive label nominated and chosen for the award. This label design was named best in the Flexo-Mid Web, Process category. This label design consisted of a sleek color combination and raised image, giving the label a 3D effect and tactile feel.


With a 20% growth rate last year, the cider segment is one of the key drivers in the ever growing craft beer industry. With no signs of slowing down, the cider segment is gaining popularity amongst millennials, who are known for experimenting and exploring new flavors and styles of beer.


Inland Label was honored to receive this award from the Great Lakes Graphics Association. GLGA’s Graphic Excellence awards are said to honor companies who demonstrate superb craftsmanship in creating visual artistry.  


Scott Roob from Inland Label explained that, “Fox Barrel takes great pride in their company, and that is shown by the great cider they produce, the great packaging they put their cider in, and the awards that they win for their product.  It is an honor to produce the high end labels that go on their bottles, and see the pleasure consumers get when they experience a Fox Barrel cider.  Inland Label truly values the partnership it has with Fox Barrel.”


About Inland Label: Inland Label is one of the largest privately owned label suppliers in North America, producing over 23 billion labels annually for customers worldwide. Inland has four decades of experience producing high quality labels for brand leaders in the food, beverage and consumer products markets. The company’s product offering includes Cut and Stack, Injection In-Mold, Pressure Sensitive, Blow Mold and Shrink labels.     



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All-natural soda now in sleek 12-oz can





Posted by Kari Embree, Senior Digital Content Editor — Packaging Digest, 7/24/2013 11:03:43 AM



DRY Soda sleek can


As consumers continue to demand real ingredients in their beverages and seek out all-natural and lower sugar soda options, DRY Soda is making its unique sodas more accessible to customers by offering it in Rexam 12-oz. SLEEK cans. DRY Soda also introduces two new flavors this summer: Apple DRY and Ginger DRY.

DRY Soda’s launch of sleek cans and introduction of new flavors means that DRY customers can enjoy DRY in more places—on the go, poolside, cocktails, lunches and entertaining at home. In addition to the Apple and Ginger, DRY will also offer three current flavors in cans: Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange, and Cucumber DRY. 

Originally introduced in 12-oz. glass bottles, DRY Soda has chosen to expand into the Rexam SLEEK can because of its durability and portability. DRY Soda also supports the use of aluminum cans as they are the most sustainable packaging choice in the world, and are recycled at more than double the rate of any other beverage package. 

In 2005, well before low sugar products were part of the national conversation, DRY Soda CEO and Founder Sharelle Klaus saw the need for a less sweet, all-natural soda and created the first soda line with significantly less sugar and made with just four ingredients. DRY, the better for you soda, contains one-quarter to one-third of the sugar and calories of traditional sodas, and is only 45-70 calories per 12-oz. bottle/can.

“I developed DRY because I believe in offering a better low sugar soda option to consumers seeking healthier alternatives to traditional sodas and am thrilled that DRY cans will allow people to enjoy it anywhere, anytime and offer our customers the convenience of DRY on the go,” says DRY Soda CEO Sharelle Klaus. “DRY really stands out in the Rexam SLEEK cans and provides DRY Soda retailers more opportunities to offer DRY to their customers.”


Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA, says the SLEEK can is the perfect choice to broaden consumer reach for DRY. “The SLEEK can provides a differentiation on retail shelves that helps build brands,” he said.


“Besides the appeal of the package with colorful graphics that enable brands to attract attention on retail shelves, beverage cans offer superior recycling, filling, distribution and display economics that just make good business sense.”

DRY Soda cans are available now throughout the U.S. in traditional and specialty retail stores, restaurants, cafes and online. The cans will be sold individually at retailers for $1.29.


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