North East Package Tour – North East Package TourTour North East India to enjoy a memorable vacation

North East Package Tour – North East Package TourTour North East India to enjoy a memorable vacation

North East Tour Packages

North East Tour Packages will introduce you to the belt of gushing rivers, cool Blue Mountains, lustrous virgin greens and serene valleys. Well, North east package tour is not just one of those normal relaxing holidays, but it’s one such treasures of Mother Nature that will completely rejuvenate and refresh your senses. No holiday package can beat the charm and charisma of North East Tour Packages.

North East Package Tour

North east are not restricted to relaxing holidays only. The place is perfect for a variety theme based tour packages. North East Packages Tour wide array of attractions in north east India with North east tour packages that suits your taste and interest. The belt offers Nature walks among aromatic tea plantations, Jungle safaris in the wildlife sanctuaries and parks, Adventure sporting like trekking, paragliding, and river rafting etc, a tour of Buddhist monasteries for spirituality seekers, Ancient Buddhist folk art, articles and handicrafts for art lovers & history buffs and Colourful festivals for all those looking for some rich cultural glimpse. Showcasing the true beauty of the mighty Himalayas, North East Package Tour offers glimpse of unique culture, sophisticated ethnicity and picturesque natural beauty to every traveller wanting for great holiday in the arms of Mother Nature. While exploring to these places, the tourists can witness the dazzling natural treasures of the place. The tourist can explore to this part of India to discover existing mysteries of the land. The East India adds feathers of beauty, where the tourists used to come to visit, since time immortal.

North East Inida Tour Packages

Comprising the states of Assam,Meghalaya, Manipur,Mizoram,Nagaland,Tripura and Arunanchal Pradesh,Poularly called the “Seven sisters” the northeastern region of India possesses all the attractions ,except the compensate this aspect,there are numerous large lakes,like Loktak,Umiam and Dumboor. In North East Tour Packages the tourists can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the hill stations of Darjeeling, Manali, Ooty, Gangtok, Ladakh, Itanagar, Gulmarg etc. The Hills of Himalayan range unfolds its beauty in the eastern parts of India, where the tourists can find a peaceful holiday spot to refresh their mind. The tourists can enjoy toy train in the hill stations of Darjeeling and Manali. While exploring the hill city, Shillong the tourists can find a close resemblance with the hill stations of the Scotland. The waterfall of the place has attracted many tourists from very distant places. The east of India is a home to variety of flora and fauna. So the tourists can discover a lot of wild species and captivate them in their cameras during the North East India tour.

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lighting control manufacturers north america

lighting control manufacturers north america

I. Peerless Lighting
Peerless Lighting is a company that manufactures and designs lighting solutions that specialize in commercial spaces and public venues. The Peerless name has been associated with cutting edge lighting technology and design as well as excellent illumination for generations, and it continues to live up to that name.

Peerless Lighting combines elegance in form and appealing designs that can seamlessly blend with a room’s design with efficient and effective lighting products and technology. Peerless Lighting products add its own flair to a space’s architectural design and function.

Peerless Lighting was founded in Chicago in 1892 by three brothers who were all inventors. Through the company they developed several of their original ideas and by the 1920s, Peerless lighting had branches in New York, St. Louis, and San Francisco.

In the 1950s, Peerless Lighting patented and released its first uplighting fixture – a fluorescent luminaire designed to illuminate classrooms. This was a pioneer development in lighting that began the widespread use of indirect lighting in educational environments. This development made Peerless Lighting a known authority in providing school lighting.

In 1965, Peerless began the development and design of luminaires that reflected the contemporary architectural forms. What resulted were luminaires with sleek and clean lines that blended seamlessly within a corporate setup. These designs appealed to architects and designers and helped improve the role of lighting in designing spaces.

To match its impressive history of development and growth as well as its pioneering role in the lighting industry, an environment of innovation is maintained in Peerless lighting until today with emphasis on engineering. The Peerless design and development team leave nothing to chance and closely study the ideal illumination in various settings to create a visually effective environment for the end users. Thus, over the years it has been the source of a lot of lighting breakthroughs and developments, and has contributed greatly to the advancement of the lighting industry.

Peerless Lighting is also places value in customer support and is very open and interactive with their clients. Peerless regularly releases reports and technical papers and conducts seminars to help people make informed decisions and to help them understand what Peerless has to offer in terms of lighting.

In 1999, Peerless Lighting joined Acuity Brands Lighting’s family of lighting companies.

II. Sustainability
Peerless Lighting is among the leading advocates for green lighting and sustainable design. It seeks to incorporate ‘less’ in its lighting solutions by having less energy consumption, less waste produced through discarded lamps and other lighting materials, and have a reduced ecological footprint.

Peerless Lighting is the pioneer for indirect lighting which is a more energy efficient approach to lighting, and its dedication to more energy efficient lighting solutions has not wavered through the years.

Like all lighting companies that are associated with Acuity Brands Lighting, Peerless lighting is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Peerless Lighting products and solutions are all compliant with environmental regulations. Peerless takes its dedication to sustainability a step further by making sure that 100% of its scrap materials are recycled while also making sure that their suppliers share the same stringent policies for recycling.

With its unswerving dedication to sustainable design, Peerless Lighting is an excellent option for buildings and spaces that are going green. It is also an excellent choice for buildings vying for the prestigious LEED certification.

III. Applications
Peerless Lighting shares a longstanding history with the lighting industry. It has pioneered a number of designs and lighting technology and has grown throughout the years to become an authority and an acknowledged modernizer for the lighting community. It is therefore no surprise that Peerless Lighting solutions is as adaptable to a number of environments as it is effective and well-designed.

Here are a few applications where Peerless Lighting would make an outstanding choice for a lighting provider.

Education Spaces
With its history of improving school lighting by patenting and releasing indirect lighting, Peerless Lighting has become a known authority for providing lighting solutions for spaces meant for education. In its early development of indirect lighting, Peerless carefully studied the optimal lighting for a classroom setting to find what lighting solution would be best for learning activities. With the advanced technology and resources that the company has today, it has vastly improved on its capability for providing optimal lighting for schools. This makes Peerless Lighting an excellent choice for education lighting.

Office Lighting
Indirect lighting, pioneered by Peerless Lighting, is also a very effective lighting solution for an office environment. The indirect lighting design coupled with Peerless’ advanced lighting technology offers a high performance visual environment that is conducive for working.

While indirect lighting is highly effective for such environments, Peerless also offers the direct lighting product equivalents to offer choices as well as design options.

IV. Technology

Classroom Lighting Solutions (CLS)
Peerless Lighting has a history with pioneering breakthrough and effective lighting solutions for classroom settings. With its emphasis on innovation and engineering, Peerless remains the leading provider of school lighting solutions today. The Classroom Lighting Solutions or the CLS is among Peerless Lighting’s latest steps forward for classroom lighting controls.

The CLS was designed to be a solution for rising energy costs and increasingly stringent energy codes. It is meant to be a cost-effective, energy saving, and effective lighting solution while also providing visual comfort and flexibility by combining Peerless’ state-of-the-art luminaires with its advanced lighting control systems.

The challenge in general education lighting is to provide visual comfort for extended reading, writing, and learning activities by reducing glare and shadowing. These goals are to be met while also lowering the energy cost to its minimum level. School lighting also extends to incorporate advanced classroom needs such as for presentations, for whiteboard use, and for computer use. As classrooms become more and more advanced, lighting will also have to cope to provide optimal visual comfort in any learning environment.

CLS makes use of high quality indirect and direct luminaires that are all mounted parallel to windows which allows for more visual comfort, better facial recognition, reduced glare, and uniform lights on walls and ceilings. Occupancy sensors are also incorporated which can automatically shut lights off when a room is unoccupied. Occupancy sensors can reduce energy consumption by 25%. CLS also comes with a Master or Row Control that is located at the entrance of each classroom as well as Teacher Controls which allows teachers to adjust lighting to match the different uses for each space.

Other optional luminaires are whiteboard luminaires which can evenly illuminate a whiteboard surface and can be separately controlled from the main lighting by the teacher. Photosensors are also optional and can automatically dim lights to an optimal light level based on available natural light or daylight. Making use of photosensors for daylighting can effectively reduce windowed classrooms’ energy consumption by 40%.

Peerless’ CLS offers three packages to suit every school’s lighting needs. These packages are all incorporated with a plug and play feature for easy and fast installment as well as for easy modifications and upgrades. These packages are the Peerless PIER 4.5 Solution, the Peerless T8 Solution, and the Peerless SIMPLY5 Solution.

Peerless PIER 4.5 Solution
The Peerless PIER 4.5 Solution incorporates high-ballast-factor ballasts and electrically separate outboard lamps which cannot be simultaneously ON as the inboard lamps. It is closely aligned with the PIER researchers’ design template and is an excellent choice for school lighting if cost-effectiveness and visual comfort is your goal.

Peerless T8 Solution
The T8 Solution offers higher than average light levels with three set levels of illumination to choose from. It uses low-ballast-factor ballasts and works without the electrical separation of the outboard and inboard lamps. The Peerless T8 Solution is also designed for cost-effectiveness while delivering the optimal lighting levels for learning environments.

SIMPLY5 Solution
The SIMPLY5 Solution offers the greatest level of flexibility and the lowest power density. SIMPLY5 uses T5 lamps powered by intelligent ballasts. It also incorporates Peerless’ HOT-5 technology to ensure efficiency, performance and optical quality for your classrooms and other learning spaces.

The SIMPLY5 Solution was the lighting choice for Project FROG’s FROG Zero – classroom of the future project. FROG Zero is a project that aimed to create a classroom that would be the greenest and most sustainable classroom for the commercial market while also incorporating elements that make for the most ideal learning environment.

Automatic Daylight Dimming Option
The Automatic Daylight Dimming Option is Peerless’ lighting solution for saving energy by making use of natural light, or daylighting. While controls for daylighting might prove complicated, Peerless Lighting offers a simple solution by creating a system that automatically adjusts your artificial lighting based on the levels of natural light while also incorporating its most popular luminaires. The design for the Automatic Daylight Dimming Option is simple and eliminates clutter. It is also designed to be simple to install.

The Automatic Daylight Dimming Option is capable of dimming lamps to a precise point of desired light level and maintaining it there. It makes use of photosensors to monitor light levels and daylight contribution and uses a photopic curve to measure light as it is perceived through the human eye. Peerless luminaires provide visually comfortable and quality illumination. It also comes with a handheld calibrator so you won’t have to fuss with tools or ladders to make any adjustments or modifications in the settings.

The Automatic Daylight Dimming Option can reduce your lighting energy costs by up to 60%, and even more with spaces that are more exposed to natural light. It is also cost effective as it makes use of energy saving luminaires and also offers low installation costs.

Daylighting, or daylight harvesting, is a key element of sustainable design and green lighting. It is also incorporated for buildings and spaces that are vying for the prestigious and beneficial LEED certification.

Peerless An Acuity Brands Company

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LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages, LTC Kolkata Holiday Packages, LTC Kolkata Tour Packages

LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages, LTC Kolkata Holiday Packages, LTC Kolkata Tour Packages

LTC Tours provides travel tour packages for different part of India & world. We are providing Holiday Tour Packages for more than 25 destinations in India and worldwide with complete researching, planning and booking of the tour packages, so LTC Tours are one-stop-shop solution for your holiday Tours. One of the best tour package is LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages which explore North East part of India.

India offers amazing travel and tourism options and beautiful experiences that mirror its rich natural and historical heritage, architectural wonders, and a rich legacy of spiritual knowledge and classical arts. Diversity in its jungles to contrasting cultures, lifestyles, customs, costumes, rituals and traditions of people from different religions and states in India North India is the best place in India for Tours and Travel Packages and LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages provide that way to enjoy and live the beauty & Diversity of North India.

LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages covers some part of north India like Gangtok, Port Blair, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Rumtek Monastery, Pelling, Kelimpong, Darjeeling &etc. In North East India Kolkata is one of the tourist attractions. Calcutta-Kolkata ranks among the four major metropolis cities of India and is a city that means many things to many people. LTC Kolkata Holiday Packages explores the the lifestyle traditions, monuments, temples & ghats of Kolkatta. Kolkata Tour Packages. Covers Howrah Bridge,  Birla Planetarium, Botanical Garden, Chandernagore, Dakshineswar Temple,  St. Paul’s Cathedral Church, Kali Mandir, Kalighat &etc.

Port Blair one of the hilly city of North East India and also known as Emerald Islands and is reachable from Kolkata. There is a fascinating mixture of natural and man-made sights which are explored by LTC Port Blair Tour Packages. Port Blair was also headquarters of Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army. The islands are a treasure house of marine life that thrives in the deep waters of the Bay of Bengal. Main attractions in Port Blair are Gandhi Park, Cellular jail, Sound and light show, Ross Island, Marine museum, Neil Island, Havelock Island, Exotic beaches.

LTC Darjeeling Tour Packages takes you in the fresh mountain air and white natural beauty. Darjeeling is the “Queen of the Hills” and produces the famous Darjeeling Tea, one of the world’s finest teas. A World Heritage Site’s Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is also the main tourist point. LTC North East Tour Packages is not complete without visiting to Darjeeling. Gangtok is a perfect tourist destination to spend some quality moments in solitude and LTC Gangtok Tour Packages offers this Opportunity. Gangtok is a bewitching hill-station in North East India which is safe, cool, pleasant and relaxing destination. Gangtok is a small town, lies at an altitude of 5,800 ft, with the world’s third tallest peak Kanchenjunga at its east, and overlooking the river Ranikhola.

The beauty that lies in North India is irresistible; it covers your hearts with joy, and offering you an opportunity to enjoy the divine creativity in different forms. A wide range of LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages will surely impress your being with its exceptional features.


For more information please visite our website:

LTC Tours offers Best LTC North East Holiday Tour Packages at best price guaranteed. For more Holiday & Tour packages for India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, London, visit our website LTC Tours.

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