Honor the Earth With These Inspiring Earth Day Activities

Honor the Earth With These Inspiring Earth Day Activities

Earth has a special day. It’s sort of like a birthday. It’s called Earth Day. It began on April 21, 1970. Earth Day is celebrated all over the world, usually on the first day of spring but sometimes on April 22nd. It is a special day to remind us to take care of our Earth, our environment, and to learn what we can do to help keep the Earth healthy—not just on Earth Day but every day! Help your children honor the Earth by sharing with them these inspiring and educational Earth Day activities

Trash Hike

Provide each child with a bag and gloves. Have them pick up trash. Talk about the items that they picked up. Ask children if they think any of the items they found are recyclable. If so, have them place the items in a container to be recycled later.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

First, explain to children what the following words mean:
Reduce: This means you cut down or lessen the amount of materials you use. For example, if you use both sides of a piece of paper, you are reducing the number of pages you need.
Reuse: This means you use the material over again, either for the same purpose, or for something else. For example, a coffee can could be reused as a container for crayons or pencils.
Recycle: This means to use the materials over again to make a new product. For example, old newspapers are recycled when they are made into new paper products.

Next, create a 3-column chart. Label the columns Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Cut out pictures from a magazine of items like a tire, a Styrofoam cup, a plastic bottle, a glass jar, soda can, etc. and have children categorize them. Variation: Have bins in which children can sort the items.

Recyclables Game

Collect cans with lid remove, plastic bottles, and newspaper. Label 3 bins or trash cans: cans, bottles, and newspaper. Draw a line and place the containers about 3 to 5 feet away from the line. Have children stand behind the line and try to toss the recyclables into the appropriate container.

Field Trip

Have children collect plastic grocery bags and return them to their neighborhood grocery store.

Trash Collage

Use throw away paper, labels, scraps cut from junk mail, aluminum foil, pull tabs from soda cans—anything you can find that is typically thrown away—to make a collage.

Wind Sock
Earth day craft Cut the bottom of a cup or margarine tub. Cut streamers from crepe paper, ribbons and plastic bags. Attach other recycled items on a string. Arrange and glue them around the cup so that they hang down over the edge. Make two holes and attach a pipe cleaner or ribbon to make a hanger.

Dirt Cups

Have children make this fun snack by putting chocolate pudding in a paper cup. Have them top the pudding with crushed chocolate cookies and a gummy worm.

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Green Guide to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Green Guide to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Environmental Conservation is something every one of us should do. Reduce; reuse and recycle are the three main ideologies on which we need to work on to embrace Green Lifestyle and to conserve the environment. It doesn’t matter if you do a lot or just a few; what matters are the simple yet active contributions by each and every one of us which can lead to remarkable benefits for the planet. Green Investment can bring tremendous benefits for both you and what surrounds you.


1. Reduce

It is important to always bear in mind the reduction of the total amount of consumption on earth’s natural resources. By reducing the consumption of any electronic devices and making sure they are turned off when not in use is a very useful way in order to conserve energy. The reduction of water utilization is also another way to contribute in saving our natural resources. It is also best to just buy things that you need and eliminate those that you don’t in order to reduce waste.


2. Reuse

We shouldn’t just bin things that can still be used when fixed. If clothes can be worn many times, water can also be reused as much. Water that has been used on laundry can be used again in cleaning your car. Furniture at home that has been damaged shouldn’t be disposed immediately if they can be fixed, then do so. One of the best ways to minimize garbage is to reuse plastic bags over and over. But the best thing to do is to avoid using plastic materials and switch to organic ones instead.

3. Recycle

We should acknowledge the importance of recycling, instead of disposing; why not think of ways to create something new out of the old material? Recycling saves energy as well as natural resources. Examples of things that are often recycled are glass, plastic, newspapers, aluminum cans, used motor oil, and batteries. Old newspapers could be made into simple home decors if you know how to be creative. Plastic jars could be turned to beautiful vases. Old jeans could be turned to an organizer or a rug. These are just few of the things which can be turned into useful things when recycled.


Lessening the amount resources that are consumed, using only the amount that is needed and looking for alternatives that will lessen our use will surely contribute a lot in saving our resources.Environmental conservation should be prioritize in order to fully enjoy its purpose, we should do something right now while it is not yet late to do so.


We are not Environmentalists, We are EARTH WARRIORS.

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