Ritz-Carlton Moving to “Green” Bottles

Ritz-Carlton Moving to “Green” Bottles

Ritz Carlton’s U.S. and Caribbean hotels (which account for 40 of the chain’s 73 hotels) will stop offering plastic water bottles and will switch to plant-based, biodegradable material for their hotel branded water bottles.  This move towards using an environmentally much friendlier material for water bottles is thought to be the first among hotel chains.

The new bottles are made totally from plants and being all natural can decompose in 30 days in a commercial composting facility.  Alternatively these “green” bottles can be reprocessed and 100 percent remade into new bottles.  The benefits are many including that making one new bottle uses half the fossil fuels of a traditional plastic water bottle, as well as 45 percent less energy, and generates 75 percent less greenhouse gases. The bottles hold water normally without fear they will decompose in front of you or while in the refrigerator.

Lest anyone think that this is largely an empty gesture, Ritz Carlton distributes five million 16 oz. water bottles per year, according to the Marriott owned brand. The positive environmental implications could increase dramatically if all Marriot hotels follow Ritz Carlton’s lead.

Other chains cannot dismiss switching to environmentally friendly water bottles based on cost concerns, since Marriott has announced that the new bottles will cost the same as the old water bottles. Ultimately, the cost of such bottles will likely be lowered as they become more common. As with many environmental advances, the initial cost is a reason for concern, but once they become the standard, many times the price comes down to equal or even lower than the item they replace.



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Designer Fabric or Plastic: What are You Wearing Today?

Designer Fabric or Plastic: What are You Wearing Today?

Petroleum or old water bottles – which would you prefer on your body?


Recent independent research shows that up to 90% of mainstream women’s clothing contains polyester or fleece – both being synthetic fibres formed upon a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. By definition, polyester is a type of plastic originally derived from coal, air, water and petroleum. As a clothing fabric, it is cheap, quick, and easy, and so most commercially-sold clothes are now made of this man-made material.


Unfortunately, since polyester is largely petroleum-based, environmentally-friendly manufacturers are now thinking of new ways to create polyester using a more sustainable method. Therefore, the latest development in the clothing manufacturing world is the use of recycled plastic. In America, one of the state-wide recycling associations recently had a fashion show called “From Plastic to Fantastic”, where some of the clothes that were displayed and modelled were made from recycled plastic bottles.


It seems rather scary that your newest top could be made from the lemonade bottle you drank from three months ago. Of course, that may be a far-fetched idea; recycled plastic does have to go through a series of processes before reaching the shelf of your favourite clothing store. However, the fact is – the very fibres that make up a Calvin Klein suit could very well have once been the remains of a Chinese take-away container.


Feeling a bit apprehensive now? Not to worry. If you don’t relish wearing a cross-combination of petroleum, acid and recycled Coke bottles on your body, there is good news. There are still stores that sell completely natural fashion products. There is still fabric available that is entirely derived from quality pure silk, pure cotton, and pure wool. The benefits of having your clothing made from natural fibre are:

The cloth flows and sits better around your body


The cloth doesn’t create static electricity


The cloth always feels softer than synthetic fibre.



d’Italia, a designer fabric store located in Malvern (Melbourne, Australia), imports Italian silk and French lace directly from Europe. The fabric comes from the same European fashion houses which supply to the biggest names in haute couture.


d’Italia prides itself in providing completely natural fabric. The main trademark of d’Italia is its wedding dress material. The pure silk satin and chiffon and French silk trims are unmatched in natural quality and uniqueness. A major plus-point is the dressmaker referral system that the shop offers. Some of Australia’s best dressmakers (especially in the wedding arena) are affiliates of d’Italia, and reservations can be made through the store for tailoring and fitting appointments.

d’Italia is open six days a week, and is located at 61 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Victoria. Australian tailor and seamstress services should be booked in advance (especially for wedding couture).

More information can be found at: d’Italia – Italian Designer Fabric and French Lace – www.ditalia.com.au

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