Conceptual Idea Of Product Package Design

Conceptual Idea Of Product Package Design

If you are a marketer who gain some experience of marketing field, you should realise that one of the most powerful marketing tool is packaging. Especially for the consumer products in the same type of product but the different is only packaging. For example, drinking water, as you can see that drinking water product are same over the world, we just can not really identify the different of the product different but what we can se the different is only the package that contain the water.

So this is what we are talking about. Packaging can influence the consumer to buy the product, which sometimes it is much more important than the quality of the product itself. And this is what many of marketer trying to archive in order to be competitive in the market. However, there are still many young marketers who still misconcept of designing good product package.

It is likely that to day many marketer just trying to design the product package that has good appearance and attractive to the customers. Sometimes there is also a strong argument from consumers that the manufacturers just to design beautiful package only to increase the price without increasing the quality of the product. Therefore, it is clearly that quite unfair for consumer to buy more expensive products but still get the same quality and the price just increase because of the cost of product packaging.

According to the fact described above that the main purpose of product packaging design is to create “difference” to another product in the same market. But this does not mean that it is all about the appearance of the design that has to be attractive to customer. There are still more to consider in order achieving sales targets. This is because the consumers now are very well educated and they just do not look at the appearance of the package to make final decision.

However, some factor may be still play major role in customer’ decision making process, such as branding. We have to admit that branding is one of the most important marketing tool that costly, time and resource consuming but the result is magnificent. Success of product branding can indicate the success of the organisation. In case that the product has very strong branding, the importance of product packaging seem to be less significant. This is because consumers seem to stick with the brand rather than the appearance of the product package. Therefore, the characteristics of the package of product tend to be focus or other aspect such as environmental preservation, re-cycleable, flexible and movable etc.

In contrast with the product that in the stage of building its brand, the characteristics of packaging design is so important. Product designer tend to focus more on appearance of the package. However, this could be very costly and sometimes not worth the investment because it may not increase the sales volume as expect. However, for this type of product, packaging may be only one of the important marketing factor that have to be focus on, choosing other marketing tool is always the better option.

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What Makes a Great Package Holiday?

What Makes a Great Package Holiday?

In previous times, packaged holidays were perceived as the resource of the poor and the unemployed; “upper class” people did not take packaged holidays. But as the world economies have constantly suffered inflation rates rises, the cost of taking a whimsical holiday is getting higher and higher, and each day more and more people plunge into a semi-depression, as they realise that they simply cannot afford a vacation as they did once before.

So packaged holidays are increasing gaining popularity and shaking off the prejudices of the past. Packaged vacations are becoming a popular sweet sixteen and society’s presentation present amongst the young generations of the modern days, where they can plan and visit important tourist attractions – or even devote an entire trip to learning history in the company of their peers.

But exactly what is it that makes a great packaged vacation, and what should you be looking for so you can enjoy the best possible time – and not submerge yourself into the bottomless pit of debt. Amongst the first things that you need to make sure of is that your packaged vacation has the following:

• Secure accommodation; regardless if you are hiring or purchasing a packaged vacation in the wilderness, the first thing that you need to make sure of is that you will be able to rest at night in a place where you will suffer no harm.

• Travel arrangements; most packaged vacations offer transportation to and from the airport, bus depot or train station. Even so, sometimes the packaged vacation offers transportation to and from the residential city and the holiday destination.

• Meals. In the most common packaged vacations, at least one meal is included; however, it is possible for you to include more than one meal with a modest increase of the package cost.

• Taxes. Sometimes packaged vacations require you pay certain taxes; and the package includes the payment of such taxes. It is important that you make sure your packaged holiday includes the payment of all required taxes, otherwise your traveling budget will be compromised, and you will find yourself too restricted or forced to call home for additional funds.

• Tickets and entrances. When you are buying a packaged vacation you probably will do so with plans to take part in museum visits and other exhibitions and shows; as a result of this, your packaged vacation has to be able to provide you with official seats and entrances.

Of course, there are exhibitions that cannot be planned and are not included in the packaged vacation, as a result, you will not have the benefit of having tickets in advanced to such displays. Therefore, you will have to restructure your traveling budget to be able to attend them. Take this into consideration when doing the calculations for the amount of money that you are planning to take with you.

Finally, you should make sure that the travel agency with whom you are buying your package vacation has offices or representations in your traveling destination, so that if you experience any problems you have someone to turn to that speaks your language – and can provide anything that you requested. is known for its special offers and has all the resources for you and your families all you have to do is just to plan their Package holidays.

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The Stimulus Package Explained by an MBA to a 3rd Grader **please Pass it On**

The Stimulus Package Explained by an MBA to a 3rd Grader **please Pass it On**

It’s kind of a point of pride for me that I am pretty good at taking complicated topics and breaking them down so everybody can understand them. So when I started looking at the stimulus package, I imagined having a conversation with a 10 y.o. about it. How would I explain it and what questions would they ask? So here’s the imaginary conversation with Timmy, a smart 10 year old 3rd grader with blue freckles. I know. I’m weird.

What is the stimulus package?

It’s a way for the government to inject money to help turn around a crappy economy. It does this by creating jobs, saving jobs, and ultimately getting people spending money again on things like cars, houses, investments, and Xbox’s.

Why do we need it?

Right now lots of people are out of work or don’t have enough work to pay their bills.
Because of that, they (consumers) can’t spend money buying stuff, investing, saving, or paying taxes.
Because consumers can’t buy stuff, businesses are not selling as much as they need to make a profit.
Because businesses aren’t making their profit, they are firing even more people. See point 1.
In addition, because people are not buying investments combined with business not making as much profits, that means the stock market is going down because the business stocks are not worth as much as the used to be.
When the stock market goes down, people lose money they had in there, can’t buy stuff, and stay away from putting any more money back in the stock market for a long time. On the business side, companies now don’t have the money it usually makes from selling stocks to invest in creating new stuff. Back to point 1 again.

How is the stimulus package supposed to fix it?

Create New Jobs

What it means? More people working, more people paying taxes, more people buying stuff, which in turn means businesses hire more people to make more stuff, on and on. Upward Spiral.

How fast will it work? 1-5 years. Since most a lot of the spending is for infrastructure or big construction projects, it will be a while for that to trickle down. You don’t start a massive development project in a few weeks or even months. The upside is that these projects have a much greater return on investment over the long term. Lots of jobs for a long time to come. Just takes a little while to get started.

Save Existing Jobs

What it means? State and Local governments are bumming. Because less people have jobs and spend less, states get less in taxes. Less in taxes mean that they have to cut programs and personnel. Less personell, more unemployment. Downward spiral.

How fast will it work? Immediate. These are existing jobs doing existing things. They can hire you back tomorrow if the government gives the local states and cities the funds. In addition, the workers will be then paying taxes on their income and buying more stuff. That’s helps everybody.

Provide Tax Relief

What it means? If you have more money in your pocket because you are paying less in taxes, you will spend more.

How fast will it work? Immediate to 1 year. This depends on what type of tax cuts they are. If they are employer tax cuts, you will see a difference in your paycheck right away. If they are credits or rebates on your year end taxes, you will not see any difference until you go to pay your taxes in 2010.

Another tough question as part of the tax relief – Will more a week in your paycheck really do anything to increase your spending or consumer confidence? Will you even notice it? Also, I have a feeling that most people are not going to run out and buy a new big screen when they get their tax return next year. My guess is that they are going to use it to pay off their credit card debt, student loans, car payments, or mortgage balances they have been slacking on for the last year.

Making a better tomorrow

What it means? Many of the provisions in the stimulus package are towards energy independence, smart electricity grids, and education. These projects will also create a lot of jobs.

How fast will it work? 5-10 years minimum. These investment should all pay off handsomely, but they will take a long time. Energy independence and efficiency will eventually ease our reliance on outside energy and keep prices manageable (or at least insure that we buy from ourselves not foreign countries) Funding for education in theory will ensure that US keeps more jobs, increase US innovation, improve employment rate, and boost our GDP.

Helping those who are struggling

The last section of the stimulus package is to help out those in need. It’s a band-aid. Because so many people are unemployed right now, the y will be subsidizing health insurance and extending unemployment benefits.

How fast will it work? Immediately.

What caused the recession to start with?

To over-simplify: Greed and easy money. Banks lent money too easily in hopes of bigger profits, people spent too much on credit on stuff they really couldn’t afford, and business and people alike made risky investments in hopes of bigger profits. For a while banks were lending 95 to 100% loans. That means if you stop making payments, they take your asset (the thing you bought with the loan). If your asset loses any value (think housing market crash) then the banks are stuck owning something that is not worth as much money as you paid for it. Because they are stuck with this crap asset, they don’t have cash on hand to loan more money to other people. If the bank can’t make loans, they can’t make profits themselves (the interest they charge you for loan). End result – bank fail. Now combine that with people losing their jobs and shaky consumer confidence. As a result, consumers are not buying as many things that require a loan, and are not sticking money in the bank (which the bank then turns around and loans to other people) Vicious downward spiral.

Do other countries have stimulus packages?

Yup. China has its own stimulus packages that it unveiled last December. China said it would spend an estimated 6 billion over the next two years to construct new railways, subways and airports and to rebuild communities devastated by an earthquake in the southwest in May. As a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (how much money the entire country makes on stuff that it creates), Chinas bailout is actually bigger than ours.

Have we ever needed a stimulus package or were times this bad before?

Yup. Several Times. Most notably the Great Depression, which lasted from about 1929 to the early 1940’s. But there have been several other ones which were lot smaller and shorter.

Has a stimulus package worked before?

Yup. But what really helped wasn’t designed as a stimulus package exactly. Most economists say that the HUGE government investment in WWII is what finally pulled us out of the great depression. Teddy Roosevelt enacted a series of programs called the New Deal from about 1933-1939, and it started a slow upward tick from 1933 (when it was at rock bottom with 25% unemployment). But it was really when we committed to WWII and basically said, damn the price, we need these military supplies NOW that the country got to work building them. Because of the government spending on WWII we had a simply HUGE national deficit (10 times worse than it is now) as compared to our GDP. But, within about 4 years (between 1946 at its worst and 1950 at its best) not only was the deficit pulled out of the negative, but we actually had a surplus for one of the few times in US history. Thanks in large part to all these new business now paying taxes on all the money they made, people paying taxes on the income they made from these businesses, and people now buying stuff with improved consumer confidence and all the money they made.

Where is the money for the stimulus package going to come from?

That’s an excellent question. For 31 of the last 35 years, we have run a federal deficit. That means that the government takes in less than it spends. That’s like you having 00 in bills a month and only making 00 a month. That is not the same as the federal debt. The federal debt is money the government owes to its taxpayers or other countries. That’s like a credit card. You buy something now on credit and promise to pay it back later plus some additional fees for interest. Debt by itself is not necessarily a bad thing. But it IS a bad thing when you are running a deficit and have no real ways of fixing that deficit anytime soon. To help fund your deficit you take on more debt, when further increases your deficit. Get it? Now, how are we going to pay to dump this 0 billion into the economy when we already have .7 Trillion in debt, and still have a federal deficit of about 0 billion?

Option 1: We will get about 50% of the money from our Treasury selling securities to US consumers, businesses, and banks. The Treasury will sell T-Bills and bonds to us in exchange for an interest payment. They usually pay pretty crappy interest rates, but when the stock market is in such turmoil, a lot of people invest in them because they are very secure (The only time you will ever lose money on a Treasury Security is if the entire government crumbles, and if that is the case you got a LOT bigger problems than losing your money).

Demand for these securities will determine how much interest the Treasury has to pay to get buyers.

Option 2: We borrow money from other countries. That usually makes up about 30% percent of our debt (China is the big buyer these days)

Option 3: We still have about 20% of the funding to be taken care of. Where is that going to come from? Looks like nobody knows. Reassuring hunh?

What are the dangers of taking on this debt?

There are lots and lots. A few important ones tho…

Scenario 1: The demand for the Treasury Securities is really low. That means the Treasury has to offer really high interest rates to get people to buy them. This could cause 2 problems. First, banks have a limited amount of cash to invest. If it is more attractive for them to use peoples savings to buy Treasury Securities, than it is for them to loan money to people…they will buy the securities. That would have the opposite effect of helping the economy and would actually make things worse.

Scenario 2: Our big debt buyers like China are struggling too. They may not want to invest in our debt if they are having their own issues.

Scenario 3: If Americans don’t buy the debt, eventually other countries will step in. Can you anticipate what the problem would be if China or another country holds the majority of our debt? What if China decides it wants to become a bully? Imagine you mom lets the meanest bully at school hold everything you own…your bike, your lunch money, your toys? And the only way you can get them is if he says it is ok. That’s kind of what we are talking about here.

Could this really be another Great Depression?

It’s a real possibility. Not too many people are talking about it yet, but the similarities to the Great Depression are pretty scary. Most people think the Great Depression started from a few things…

Similarity 1:

Greed: An overindulgence on the part of consumers and the banks. After WWI, businesses had a surplus of inventories and introduced the idea of credit to help sell what they had. Because people were feeling pretty confident after winning the war, they went crazy buying stuff on credit. It was an decade of getting rich and enjoying new fads. Credit made it possible to buy what you couldn’t really afford.

Similarity 2:

Stock Market Crash of 1929: In the early 1920’s, because of the consumer confidence and huge amounts of money coming into businesses, it caused the first stock market bubble in the 10 years before the crash. Stock prices where unrealistically overinflated compared to their true value. Kind of like they have been for the last 10 years for us.

Then in 1928 or so because of the credit debt built up and other factors, consumer confidence was shaken and then finally failed. In October of 1929 on “Black Tuesday” the market suffered its biggest loss of Billion in a single day (Think how much Billion was in 1929 when a new car cost 0). A month later, the stock market had lost ALL of the gains it had made in the previous 2 years.

Similarity 3:

Bank Failure: Prior to the Great Depression, banks had made many loans to people, businesses, and other countries paying off THEIR war debts. They were also heavily invested in the stock market. As the recession took hold in the few years leading up to the great depression, more and more people defaulted on their loans, the stock market crashed and banks were in a position that they didn’t have the money on hand to allow people like you and me to withdraw funds from out own accounts. This caused a further panic which made EVERYBODY rush to the bank to take their money out only adding fuel to the fire. End result: Bank fail.

Is the Stimulus Package Going to Work?

I think so. I hope so. The similarities to the Great Depression and its causes are just too striking to believe that this well be over soon. But, I think we have a chance of getting out of it without going through something as severe as the Great Depression. Here’s Why:

Reason 1: The New Deal that Roosevelt enacted was very similar to the stimulus package we are talking about now BUT didn’t include nearly as much big spending. It’s showed some real signs of progress, but ultimately the huge investment in WWII pulled us out.

The new stimulus package has the big ticket spending built in from the get-go.

Reason 2: There is a lot of faith and confidence in Barak Obama. Since consumer confidence plays a huge role in a depression, having a trusted authority figure communicating with people on a frequent basis in a clear, honest way will really helps.

Reason 3: Hopefully we have learned a little from our years on the planet and the mistakes we have made in the past. I think we forgot about them for a while. A good slap in the head is always a useful reminder.

That’s it. Hoped this helped Timmy (and all of you). Let’s go play Xbox.

If you liked this article, and think it might be of help to anyone, please pass it on. Better yet, tell them to check out the EvilGeniusTV blog.

I say other smart stuff once in a while. As always please commment/critique/argue/flirt/yell/question below.

Don’t matter what it is.


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JJ Kennedy is CEO of Evil Genius TV, the small business coaching and strategy arm of Evil Genius Interactive, a web and marketing development firm located in Gainesville, FL. He is an MBA, happily married to a Veteranarian, and is hoping to have a few little ones soon.

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Unboxing the Garmin GPSMAP 62s (Sry, for me breahthing noise, I was direct behind the mic and tried so breath few and unhearable – didn’t worked out. :D) First track comparison between 60CSx-Sirf and 62S:
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Is Your Discount Caribbean Vacation Package Really a Discount?

Is Your Discount Caribbean Vacation Package Really a Discount?

If you want to travel to the Caribbean, whether it be Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, or another beautiful destination in the area, you want to save money. For that reason, you, like most other tourists, will automatically look for Caribbean discount vacation packages. These packages are easy to find, but caution is advised. Cheap travel packages are supposed to save you money, but they don’t always.

So, how do you ensure your discount vacation package actually provides you with a discount?

Do business with a reputable company or travel website. Many tourists turn to travel agents and online travel websites. Although it is easy to book a Caribbean vacation on your own, many like the outside help from an expert. That is okay, but make sure you are doing business with a trustworthy individual or website. A small amount of research online will let you know. Be cautious of travel agents in your community with a bad reputation or a poor track record. Be cautious of online travel websites that are known for adding on large hidden fees.

Go directly to the source. When it comes to discount travel packages, many first time tourists mistakenly believe they need to visit a third party travel website. That is not the case. In the Caribbean, you can get travel packages directly through the resorts. The Breezes, Starfish, and Hedonism Resort lines all enable you to do so. By going directly to the source, you eliminate the intermediary. For example, if you decide to stay at a Breezes resort, visit to make your travel plans. Make your arrangements as a travel package.

Opt for an all-inclusive resort. In the Caribbean, you have many staying options. There are Caribbean hotels, vacation rentals, traditional resorts, and all-inclusive resorts. All of these options come highly rated and recommended, but all-inclusive resorts are your best chance to save money. They do cost more upfront, but you should get a better deal in the long run. This is because your stay includes more than just a room. You also get food, drinks, tips, qualifying airport transfers, some forms of onsite entertainment and more. Airfare can be included too, but this is optional.

Choose your all-inclusive resort wisely. Since food, drinks, tips, and onsite entertainment are already included in the cost of your stay, you paid for them. To save the most money, choose the resort that is perfect for your needs. Do you want to scuba dive, snorkel, and windsurf? If so, opt for a resort where these are included as onsite entertainment. You pay to do these activities once or twice, but you are rarely prohibited from doing them more. This results in you saving money and getting a good deal.

Compare the individual components of your preferred Caribbean vacation package. The best way to ensure you are truly getting a discount is to dissect your vacation package. To get started, look at the inclusions of your discount travel package. You already know you get food, drinks, tips, and a room. Closely examine on the onsite activities. For example, a beachfront resort is likely to include snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

In keeping with comparing your discount vacation package, you now know each component of the package and its overall cost. Start dissecting the package and estimate the cost of each individual component. This is easy with airfare and resort room. Just request a standalone quote. Then, estimate the cost of food, drinks, tips, and entertainment. You can call a local beach rental shop to see how much rental gear costs for snorkeling. Contact the resort in question and inquire about the price of your favorite meal. Use this as a guide. Total up each individual cost. For you to truly get a discount, your cheap vacation package should save you money.

Remember, cheap discount Caribbean vacation packages should save you money. Unfortunately, they don’t always. Take half an hour to an hour to individually dissect and compare your preferred travel package. If you aren’t saving money, skip the purchase and look elsewhere. The best way to get a quality, yet cheap trip to the Caribbean is to make your travel plans in advance, opt for an all-inclusive resort, and go directly to the source.

Want to plan a Caribbean vacation? If so, don’t spend more than you need to. Instead, head to for a large selection of discount vacation packages at luxury all-inclusive resorts.

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Moisture-proof Package

Moisture-proof Package

Moisture proof package is a most commonly used protection against moisture during logistics procedure, which avoids rusts and deterioration of the packed contents effectively and is widely used in machinery, electronics, foodstuff, medicine and daily care, etc. In order to guarantee moisture proof bag quality, relevant tests for this kind of package is a necessity. Relevant standards on moisture proof packages, such as GB/T 5048-1999, details on the gradation of moisture proof bags and relevant testing methods as follows:

1. The Moisture Transmission Testing for Moisture Proof Package

Moisture proof packages are tested according to cup method in the standards. Cup method is another name for weighing method when testing moisture. Its principle is to test the weight differences of the cup within a unit time so as to get the parameters such as moisture transmission quantity, etc. Hereinafter, we take Labthink TSY-T series of testers as example. This series has four testers, all of which are of weighing method.

The traditional testing method is to utilize cup, constant temperature chamber and scale to measure manually. However, owing to the human interferences, there would be a great influence on testing results, such as long testing duration and low accuracy. Labthink TSY-T series of moisture transmission testers are of the innovative fully automotive testing mode and comply with testing requirements as well as standards. The only thing the operator needs to do is to place the pre-conditioned specimen into the cup and start the tester. Then, the tester operates, judges, ends and prints the testing results automatically. The whole process is intellectual with no human interferences and thus, brings forward accurate and reliable testing results.

In production, the packaging material must undergo procedures such as forming, inserting and heat seal, etc; uneven thickness and inferior sealing sometimes occur. This requires testing for packaging materials as well as the whole moisture proof package. Labthink PERME W3/330 Moisture Transmission Testing System successfully meets the double testing need. This testing system is of master-satellite mode, a master base can connect 9 satellite testers so as to realize 30 kinds of materials testing at the same time.

2. Heat Seal Strength Testing for Moisture-proof
The heat seal strength of the moisture proof packages should be no less than 30N/5cm according to standards.

Labthink HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester is for the specimen preparation of the heat seal testing procedures; and Labthink XLW series tensile testers are specialized in the heat seal strength testing for moisture proof packages. A full automatic test can be accomplished only by pressing the button ‘Heat Seal Strength’. Besides, this tester can test the elongation, peeling strength, tearing strength and puncture of the laminated layers of moisture proof package.

3. The Seal Performance Testing of Moisture-proof Packages

The seal performance testing of moisture-proof package can be accomplished with Labthink MFY-01 Leak Tester. Through testing, pinhole, crack, inferior seal and other defects can be observed.

Place moisture proof package into the vacuum chamber filled with water, set the vacuum maintaining time between 30 to 60 seconds. The vacuum rate is set as one of the following: 20, 30, 50 or 90kPa. Then start testing to achieve preset vacuum rate and maintain vacuum time. Observe the leakage during vacuuming and vacuum maintaining periods to observe bubbles. Yet a single separated bubble can not be regarded as an indication of specimen leakage.

Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

Mark Won

Tel: +86 (0)531 85864214-8058

Fax: +86 (0)531 85812140

Labthink, the excellent provider of testing instruments and testing services, is devoted to provide most excellent and complete quality control solutions for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetics, packaging, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, environment, biology, new energy, construction, aviation and electronic industries worldwide.

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Goaholidaypackage- Goa holiday package, Goa package, Goa vacation, Holidays

Goaholidaypackage- Goa holiday package, Goa package, Goa vacation, Holidays

Goa is the favourite destination of holiday makers for both within the country and international tourist. It is a beautiful destination on the west coast of India. It is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is a wonderful destination in India. To visit Goa, choose the best Goa Holiday Package deal for your travel to India. There are various companies which are providing cheap holiday packages to Goa.

It is the perfect destinations for your honeymoons, beach holidays, luxury holidays, etc. Goa holiday packages are offered by many companies at cheap and affordable prices. You can ask for honeymoon packages, beach holiday packages, luxury holiday packages in Goa. This place is a perfect blend of traditional and modern aspects of life.

Goa is the smallest state in India, which is bounded by Maharashtra. Goa holiday packages include airfares, accommodations, car hires and other facilities depending upon the travel companies. These packages include both budget and luxury accommodation. Plan your travel to this beautiful smallest state and enjoy its excellent nightlife, beautiful beaches, cuisine and culture.

Millions of domestic and international travelers visit every year. Choose your best Goa Holiday Package and enjoy a lovely vacation. Beaches like Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Miramar Beach and Sinquerin Beach are famous beaches of North Goa.

Colna Beach, Benavlim Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Palolem Beach, Varca Beach and Cavelossim Beach are the famous beaches of South Goa. There are various things to do, see and explore. Goa carnival is the best time to visit there, as you will come to know about its arts and culture more closely. This is a three day extravaganza, of fun, frolic, amusement, music and merry-making. The best time to visit Goa, for enjoying the holidays is during the month of October to May.

There are many outstanding packages available for Goa. Goa carnival is the much awaited event of the year. Goa packages will offer you the ultimate sand, sun and sea experience. It will be a great and wonderful experience.

Goaholidaypackage is offering Goa holiday package, Goa package, Goa tour package, cheap holiday package, Goa honeymoon package, Goa tour, Goa vacation, Cheap Goa holidays, Goa charter holidays, Holidays.

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What is a Pre-Listing Package?

What is a Pre-Listing Package?

A Pre-Listing Package is the most powerful impression you can make on a seller. This is a package of information letting the client know about you and your company. It also explains to them how you are best qualified for all their real estate needs. The Pre-Listing Package is a great tool used to get clients excited about you and your company before the first appointment. This package is commonly known as pre-sale packages, pre-listing packets or pre-purchase packages (for buyers). It is strongly recommended that agents provide each client with a package prior to the actual listing appointment. Lets face it, the competition out there is tough out there and agents need a way to differentiate their services in the industry. You will not only differentiate yourself, but you will obtain more listings, income and referrals. By personalizing your package to meet your seller’s needs, you are exuding professionalism and showing them that you actually care. It is also a good idea to have a company design a professional package for you. Creating a poorly made package detracts from your professionalism as a salesperson. A Pre-Listing Package should include the following information:

1. Introduction / Cover Letter.
2. Agent Resume/ Profile.
3. Team Profile.
4. Marketing Plan.
5. Sample Marketing Flyer.
6. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).
7. Charts and Graphs.
8. Testimonials / References / Track Record.
9. Information on Preparing Their Home.
10. Common Mistakes Sellers and Buyers Make.
11. Selling and Buying Process Flow Chart.
11. Aspects of Buying and Selling.
12. Questions to ask other agents.
13. Disclosures.
14. Personal Marketing Brochure or Business Card.

A Pre-Purchase Package is similar to the Pre-Listing Package except that it is specifically for buyers. Not many agents provide their buyers with this information, which is a big mistake. All buyers should be given the same quality of service as the sellers. Unfortunately, many buyers go through a transaction confused and not fully understanding exactly what is going on. If you were a buyer and your agent didn’t properly explain the home buying process, would you refer him or her new business? I would hope not. Using this package is a great way establish credibility and show clients that you value their business. Utilizing both packages will give you enormous leverage in any market by capitalizing on both sellers and buyers. Whatever your niche market or economic market, providing prospective clients with a professional package is a great way to set you apart and make securing their business much easier. Good luck and much success!!

Kevin Wright is a real estate marketer, business coach and mentor. He has assisted many real estate agents build a profitable business in a short period of time by using a proven system. This revolutionary system can be found at

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Medifast Package Choices: What Options Do You Have?

Medifast Package Choices: What Options Do You Have?

 I’m working on an 80 pound weight loss on this diet t so I’m often asked many questions about it. Some of the more common are: “How do I sign up?,” “What are the choices?,” or “How does it work?” My goal for this article is to give you a clear view of the choices available when signing up for the plan.

What Packages Are Available? Medifast has packages for men, women, people with diabetes, and people with heart issues. Within these, you can chose from regular meals, meals enhanced with Omega 3s, and meals that are formulated to kick up your metabolism even more. For this article, I will be discussing the women’s five plus one plan. The other plans are very similar, but have additions to address a specific need. For example, the men’s meals contain a bit more calories and the heart specific meals contain anti-inflammatories.

Medifast For Women Four Week Package: I believe that this plan is probably the most popular. This package gives you enough meals to eat five times per day for one month. Some samples of the foods included are: shakes (Dutch chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry crème, banana and orange crème); bars (in flavors like oatmeal raisin, lemon yogurt, chocolate mint, and chocolate); oatmeals (in the flavors of apple cinnamon, and maple & brown sugar); scrambled eggs; soups (in flavors like cream of tomato, chicken noodle, and chicken and wild Rice); fruit drinks; puddings; and cappuccinos / lattes.

Medifast for Women Enhanced 4-Week Package: This is basically the same as above, but it includes the plan’s Super Omega-3 nutritional supplement which contains essential fatty acids, fish oil, and flax seed oil for heart, skin, hair and nail heath. I can testify that the supplements have no fishy taste.

Medifast Momentum Weight Loss Package: This package includes the basics mentioned above, but also adds 42 “momentum meals” which have 100 mg of caffeine and 90 mg of the antioxidant found in green tea which are said to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. The momentum products come in the form of flavor enhancers to which you add water (sort of like crystal light) and meals which consist of special shakes (banana) and cappuccinos / lattes.

Medifast Vegetarian / Gluten Free Options:  The company also makes packages available for vegetarians and for people who need for their meals to be free of gluten.

These packages vary a bit in cost, from about to per day for all five meals. The momentum is the most expensive, but there are usually coupons and specials available.  (You can see the latest coupons at

I’ve tried all of the packages. The food only varies a bit in each and most is quite edible and better than expected. Some (like the shakes, bars, and puddings) are very good. You can add fat free syrups, cheese, salsa and sour cream to enhance taste as well.

Lindsey Price is the author of the ebook “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast,” which includes tips, motivation and a two weeks free coupon. Get your free copy here or you can visit her diet review website at

Lindsey Price often writes about medifast and has published a free medifast ebook called “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast“.  You can get a copy at

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Tips to Manage Honeymoon Package Cost

Tips to Manage Honeymoon Package Cost

Honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds immediatley after wedding and remains as the most dreamy and memorable moments in anyones life. Here are some tips on how to go about planning your honeymoon and save some money.

Finalise the destination
Decide where you want to go for your honeymoon and what type of travel plans that will entail. Most places you travel to will have resorts that have all inclusive honeymoon packages that will appeal to a variety of interests.Try out recommendations from friends for a Good your operator. Take suggestions from friends who have been recently married.

Check out for the activities in the destination
One thing to remember when booking a honeymoon package is that you need to ensure that it is not boring.If you want to opt for a beach honeymoon it will be fine but you need to ensure that you wont be bored staring at each other on the 5th day of honeymoon. So Plan for a detailed daily itinerary.

Compare Cost of different Packages
Most of the packages include essentials such as food, lodging, daily activities and entertainment . In some cases travel expenses such as air fair and transportation via shuttle to and from the airport to the resort are part of the vacation package. The cost information should be found either in the brochure provided by tour operators or on their websites. If you have questions about what is included as a part of the package any reliable tour operator would be happy to assist and help you with your queries.

How to compare packages?
You need to compare apples against apples and oranges against oranges and ensure that your decisions is not governed only by price.At first glance few packages can seem a bit expensive but you need to check out whether this is a one time cost and includes just about everything you will need to have a romantic and stress free honeymoon leaving you free to enjoy a hassle free honeymoon . In fact if you were to add up all the costs associated with going to the same destination and paying for things like meals, snacks, alcoholic beverages, activities, lodging, and local transportation chances are an all inclusive package deal will probably save you money.

Many tour operators may take you for a ride by offering you packages with reduced prices but the inclusions may vary when compared to an expensive package and at the end of the day you may shell out more money for that tour package.

An all inclusive 4 night / 5 days in Kerala Honeymoon Spots may cost from Rs. 22000 – Rs.35000 depending on the hotels and travel dates as well as the facilities that is on offer.

Some tips from us
# Be sure about confirming the meal options as a part of the honeymoon .At the end of the day you may not want eating at the same restaurants and being stuck with the same entertainment options everyday. Try to leave the resort and explore the surrounding areas but be aware that this type of activity will cost extra so you will need to bring along extra money for excursions outside of the already paid for all inclusive resort options.

# Involve your spouse is deciding what you want out of your post wedding trip. If you want to spend your time exploring the local countryside and experiencing all that your destination has to offer then an all inclusive package may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you just want to kick back, relax, and have all your wants, needs, and activities taken care of then all inclusive may be the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

#Any Travel Package will have three components- Stay, Meals and Transportation. Decide on what you would like to compromise on what you would like to enjoy more.


Matt Hardy is Interested in writing about Travel and related Projects. He is a travel expert based in North Carolina.Check out some of the his recommended affordable Kerala Honeymoon Packages and that he recommends be customized the way you want it.

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High-speed ABB FlexPicker robots equipped with specially developed grippers are making sure that Peperami salamis are packaged at the highest cycle rates at Unilever’s plant in Ansbach, Germany. The robots are fitted with triple grippers which are able to pick up three randomly positioned salami snacks one after the other from a conveyor belt in a one step process, and place them individually in a rollstock machine. The positioning and location data required comes from an upstream image processing system which is positioned to capture the information on the individual sausages and pass it on to a master computer. Unilever commissioned ABB Robotics partner, robomotion GmbH from Stuttgart, to plan and design the fully automated solution; and install and commission the entire system at Unilever within 10 days. “This high-speed technology is not only of interest in the foodstuffs sector, as it can be used anywhere where small items have to be handled at high speeds” says Andreas Wolf, a director of robomotion. Unilever’s chief engineer, Carim Gad, concludes “With the new system, we’re running the packaging machine at full capacity, giving us a performance increase of up to 25 percent compared with manual loading. The ability to cover peak loads is of particular interest. For example, in the run-up to the Football World Cup, special production shifts were operating at the weekend. This alone gave us a competitive edge, enabling us to deliver Peperamis to our customers on
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Selling on eBay: Why You Need a Good Small Package Shipping Company

Selling on eBay: Why You Need a Good Small Package Shipping Company

If you sell on eBay, you know that your credibility determines how successful you’ll be. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. If you have negative reviews from unhappy customers, your credibility is questionable, and you won’t be able to build a successful eBay business.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right small package shipping company. Did you know one of the most common complaints from buyers on eBay has to do with shipping? From high shipping rates to slow delivery of orders, eBay customers are very picky when it comes to shipping. And if you choose a small package shipping company that offers inferior service, guess what happens? You’re the one that gets the negative review. And you’re the one whose business suffers.

What should you look for when choosing a small package shipping partner for your eBay business?

• Service to many worldwide destinations—eBay buyers come from all across the world, so it only makes sense to choose a small package shipping company that services an extensive list of destinations. The best small package shipping companies can deliver your shipments to hundreds of destinations across the world so you never have to lose a sale.

• Affordable small package shipping—You don’t want to charge your customers an arm and a leg for shipping their order. Many times, the shipping rates can be the difference between making the sale or losing it. Choose a small package shipping company that provides low, flat shipping rates. This way, you know exactly how much it will cost to ship the item, and you can pass the savings on to your customers.

• Experience dealing with commercial shippers—With commercial shipping, there’s a lot more pressure on the shipping company to provide quality service. If they don’t do their job, it reflects poorly on you, the seller. That’s why you should choose a shipping company that works with commercial shippers on a regular basis and has a good reputation.

• Online package tracking—Your buyers will want to know the status of their shipment. Choose a shipping company that offers online package tracking so your customers can keep track of their shipments and not have to ask you for constant updates.

How can a small package shipping company help your eBay business?

The right small package shipping company can take your eBay business to new heights. Here are just some of the ways you could benefit.

• Get better feedback from buyers—Fast, safe shipping can please your customers and cause them to leave positive feedback on their purchase. A good rating on eBay is essential for becoming a trusted seller.

• Reach buyers in more destinations—When you choose a small package shipping company that offers worldwide service, you suddenly have a much larger customer base. You’ll no longer have to turn down potential buyers who live in other countries.

If you run an eBay business, choosing a reliable small package shipping company should be a top priority.

This is MBLAQ (엠블랙)’s first full album, Blaq Style. I bought it at Music Plaza in K-town for .99 and you can get it on their website for .99. I really like the packaging for this album. It’s really unique and unlike the other albums I’ve seen. Although it’s nice, it IS a hassle to take the CD in and out of the “M” cover. I wasn’t really a big MBLAQ fan at all since their debut, but when the tracks of this album came out, I started to like them. This is definitely their best album, and you can tell they worked hard on it. After you take out the “M” cover, you get 2 things. 1 comes with the CD and a booklet. The booklet is their Thanks To and lyrics. As you can see, it comes with some pictures inside the booklet. Next, you get photocards of each member. I really like that, cause instead of the plain old photobook like other albums, they give you photo cards, so if you’re a big fan, you can buy two albums, and take those extra photocards and do whatever you want with them. I wish girl groups would do that though :/ Anyways, this is a really good album and worth the money. I bought it more expensive cause I bought it in stores, but if you buy it online, it’ll really be worth the money.

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