recycle the paper myths

recycle the paper myths

Paper plus paper bags are the most significant single component of society’s garbage course.  The transfer to repurpose paper as well as manufacture products is primarily an effort to cut back the amount of high-priced, disposable waste.  After we select to use recycled paper for our organizations and homes, we is not going to need to sacrifice well-quality.  Recycled paper is instantly presented in many high quality grades assembly the same practical specifications because virgin (tree) paper.  The quality of recycled paper carries bettered significantly over the years, so that it performs good in workplace copiers, fax equipment, printers plus printing machinery.

The primary Paper Mill included in the U.S.  Recycled

Believe it or not, the very first paper mill originated within the U.S. colonies in 1690 close to Philadelphia, and operated as a recycling mill.  The paper mill shaped paper from recycled cotton and rags.  It wasn’t until the 1800s this papermakers educated to create paper from trees.  Once again then papermakers thought the capital of the woodland have already been limitless plus capable of constantly renewing itself.  At present we realize that our natural resources do have confines plus sustainable alternatives need to be carried out      to guard the world’s environment.

Simply the Details

Recycled paper are widely used in goods today.  Newspapers, periodicals, books catalogs, direct mail, tissue plus towel goods, packaging products as well as additional utilize recycled paper.  Still, there are many myths round recycling as well as recycled paper.

1: Recycled paper does not have a professional appearance. You may easily discover a variety of quality plus grades offered.  You will find paper produced just for company cards, letterhead, and brochures, tissue and even towel papers and even much more merely for as certainly in recycled paper products.  Recycled paper is usually cost-comparative to virgin paper.

2: It doesn’t seem sensible to order recycled products as they expense extra. During the occasions where recycled paper does expense above virgin paper,     the average expense difference is generally around 10 to 20-percent.  The significant benefits to your surroundings outweight this particular charge difference in spite of everything

3: You compromise value when you go with recycled paper items. When recycled paper was first offered, it was recognized for being discolored as well as jagged within touch and appear.  Today’s recycled paper solutions using definitely 100-percent post buyer content material are comparable within well-quality to virgin paper products

4: Whole paper is recycled now reason being. In fact post-consumer recycled paper contains solely almost 10-percent of the printing and stationary market.  90-percent of these industries may still employ virgin paper.

5: The deprived quality of recycled paper emerges paper jams in equipment. You shouldn t have any trouble finding quality, recycled paper to use in printers, fax machines copiers and also other apparatus.  Even if you are with recycled paper or even virgin paper the key is to select the acceptable paper for that task (e.g. printer paper for that copier).

6: The fibers in recycled paper create extra dust that may spoil machinery. This is not only a recycled paper problem.  Whether or not you choose recycled paper or virgin paper, make sure to use high quality paper to reduce the incidence of dust.

7: Tree-free and chlorine-free recycled paper is the greatest. This is an example of misused definitions.  “Tree-free” refers to an additional fiber supply such as hemp, kenaf or cotton which is used to make the paper.  “Chlorine-free” refers back to the bleaching process.  Such terms are usually not precisely based on the recycling method.  Most recycled papers nonetheless, are categorised as digested chlorine-free (PCF) which tends to make them environmentally friendly during this extra method.

8: Burning paper for energy is much better than recycling.  Paper could be recycled time and again numerous time.  This protects trees, water, energy and reduces pollution, rising the value of recycling.

9: Recycling paper damages the environment. Finally, recycling conserves the environment by means of saving trees, water and energy.  However, there is a slush produced from recycling as in virgin paper production.  Most slush checks non-poisonous, yet toxic slush could very well be properly disposed of.

10: Purchasing recycled paper doesn’t really assist the environment. This is probably the leading myth of all.  Paper that goes into landfills produces large amounts of methane gas.  This contributes to global warming.  The Environmental Protection Agency reports that virgin paper decomposition in landfills is without doubt one of the biggest ways of methane.  Moreover the manufacture of recycled paper saves on energy, water, pollution and reduces pressures on our declining forests.

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Plastic versus Paper

Plastic versus Paper

In modern environmental thinking, plastic is often touted as greater evil than paper. Their deterioration periods are always mentioned to emphasize the destructive effects they have on nature and its inhabitants, mainly on us humans:


Comparison of deterioration periods:

orange peels – 6 mos

paper – 2 to 5 mos

plastic-coated milk carton – 5 yrs

plastic bag – 20 yrs

aluminum tin cans – 50  to 100 yrs

batteries – 100 yrs

glass bottles – 1,000,000 yrs

plastic soda bottles –   forever



Attention is also brought to the obvious shortcomings of plastic, of which 40% of all that are manufactured is used for packaging:

produces chlorofluorocarbon (CFC = ozone destroyer)

produces chemical waste

takes landfill space

is non-biodegradable

kills marine life

clogs sewer pipes, leading to stagnant, standing water and associated health hazards.


It is estimated that somewhere between 500 billion and one trillion plastic bags are consumed throughout the world each year.



On the other hand, paper manufacture is not without its disadvantages.


Compared to plastic bag production, paper bag production creates

2 times more sulfur dioxide

3 times more carbon monoxide

6 times more dust

50 times more waste


To cite a specific example, production of plastic cups is more efficient and cleaner than the production of paper cups.

On per ton basis:     650,000   pcs  plastic cups

uses   5,000   kgs.  steam

uses   1,800   kwh  electricity

On the other hand:  100,000   pcs. paper cups

uses 10,000   kgs.  steam

uses   6,400   kwh  electricity


Comparison of the energy needed to produce an original bag

plastic bag: 594 BTUs   vs.   paper bag: 2511 BTU’s


Comparison of the energy needed to recycle a bag once

plastic bag: 17 BTUs     vs.   paper bag  1444 BTU’s


Likewise, it would take approximately seven trucks to transport the same number of paper bags as can be transported by a single truck full of plastic bags, because these are so thin and lightweight.


As a final argument, when disposed off after use, plastics generate 14 to 28 percent of the volume of trash in general, but because much of it can be compressed, only 9 to 12 percent of the volume of waste in landfills, or around 5 percent by weight.  Paper comprises 12 percent by weight of garbage dumps, and also decomposes very little in airless landfills, just the way plastics are non-biodegradable. Modern landfills are designed in such a way that nothing biodegrades, because the waste is isolated from air and water in order to prevent groundwater contamination and air pollution.


Some countries have already resorted to extreme measures in efforts to contravene the plastics onslaught. Bangladesh banned plastic bags after drains blocked by bags contributed to widespread monsoon flooding. Ireland decreased plastic bag consumption by placing a consumer tax on plastic bags. Perhaps the most strict plastic bag regulation was implemented in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh, where people caught with plastic bags are fined 00.


In the end, most everyone can help reduce the amount of both materials, plastic and paper, by:

investing in high-quality reusable bags to eliminate the equivalent average of 1,000 bags

reusing bags that are in the house for a myriad of other purposes or intention

keeping them always ready for use in the car, office, home, or person

not asking for them when it is really not so necessary



Professional assistance on thesis editing and dissertation editing, and proofreading services, or on how to avail of these expert services are obtainable 24/7 on the internet.

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Plastic lasts foerver. It never biodegrades. Yet we use it to make disposable objects that we discard after a short period of time, sometimes just minutes, or a few hours. Take action. Bring your own bags and cups. Avoid plastic bottles. Demand laws banning or taxing plastic bags and other disposables. Time to act is now!
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Cooking With Truffles

Cooking With Truffles

Truffles are hypogenous (underground) mushrooms that resemble stones and vary in size from a marble to a large ball. Few truffles are poisonous. However only a small number of truffles are considered to be delicacies by people throughout the world. Most truffles do not break the surface of the oil and instead must rely on animals to eat them and distribute their spores in order to grow more of their kind. To attract animals, truffles developed scents that grow stronger as they mature. Truffles grow 3 to 12 inches usually outside the roots of trees such as the oak, chestnut, and hazelnut and do not grow beyond the range of the branches. Truffle hunters or truffle farmers use trained pigs or dogs to locate the truffles that may be underground and ready to be taken carefully out. Truffles are not easy to cultivate and although farmers and scientists have managed through the last thirty years to improve the ability to grow truffles there is still not a full guarantee of growth. Truffles can take six or more years to mature before it can be seen if truffles are growing or not. When truffles are ready to harvest the process is very methodical, slow, and labor intensive. These facts about truffles make them one of the most expensive delicacies in the world.

After truffles are methodically harvested, truffles should be placed in paper bags with appropriate markings on the bag to differentiate the varieties that were harvested. This is especially important for truffle hunters to do because an expert will be needed to ensure they are edible.

Truffles can last for several days in a paper bag placed in a refrigerator. One should not place truffles in a plastic container because the lack of air from a sealed container is bad for them. A second way to keep truffles is to place them in a jar then in the freezer where they can last for several months. A third way truffles can be preserved is to put them in oil. However, if there is no pasteurization the shelf life of truffles at room temperature will be limited. A fourth way to store truffles is to put them in rice, but all the flavor of the truffles will be absorbed by the rice. The ideal way to use truffles is to consume them as soon as possible as fresh as possible.

When truffles are used in cooking they are generally eaten raw or are very lightly cooked because the flavor compounds of the truffle are highly unpredictable. Here are a few guidelines for using truffles in dishes.

First: The truffle should not to be used with other foods with strong flavors and overwhelming aromas. The flavors can clash so it is better to use truffles to flavor bland foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes.

Second: Fat is good for the truffle. Fat helps bring out the full flavor of the truffle, which is why they are paired with butter, cheese, and oils.

Third: One should maximize the flavor of the truffle by shaving, slivering, or slicing it. Anything more and the diner will not get the most taste from the truffle.

Fourth: Save the peel from a truffle. Do not throw away because the peel can add flavor to other recipes including sauces.

Fifth: If one has preserved truffles, they will not have the same flavor so if the is wish to enhance before preservation use Truffle oil or Concentrato or a Truffle Paste.

Sixth: Fresh truffles should be used within 3 days of purchase. Preserved truffles have a long shelf life if left unopened in the jar but once opened consume within a week.

Seventh: When using any truffle in a recipe one should be aware of the flavor it has before putting it with any food. Either trying the truffle first yourself or read about it beforehand to make the best use a truffle in a recipe.

The truffle is a world prize to those who farm it for profit, to the truffle hunters, to the people in the world market who sell it, and finally to those who cook with it. The truffle, although not fully tamed, has dazzled appetites and continues to grow in stature. It may take a lot to get a truffle to grow and come to harvest but the taste, aroma, and pleasure the truffle can bring to the taste buds is well worth it.

I am an internet marketer. I have done to introduce the truffle to whose who may not know about it or who know very little about the truffle. It is a unique and interesting gourmet food with an appeal around the world.

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Easy to find, cheap, and no leftovers! Rather than buying plastic/acrylic beads at the craft store, buy a bag of rice! For as cheap as , you don’t have to make an extra stop, and you can save & eat what you don’t use! Thanks for watching!
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Fairly-priced and inventive marry rite Favor tricks These Days

Fairly-priced and inventive marry rite Favor tricks These Days

Designing a memorable marry rite includs selecting ideal marry rite favors for visitors.When selecting favors for your marry rite, spending a fortune is completely not necessary.When you’re worried about your funds, fear no more as there’re so plenty fairly-priced marry rite tricks for you to select from.When you’re looking for fairly-priced marry rite favors, all you demand is to have a inventive selections.There’re plenty of the fairly-priced and also inventive marry rite favor tricks these days, that you might smoothly discover upon-line.

One of most economical paths to save cash upon marry rite favors is to using tiny favor containers.These tiny packaging are usually out there at quite low prices.Whether you will go with edible favors -cookies, candies, candies, and cupcakes – and also adorable marry rite souvenirs like candles and soaps, you demand to tiny containers to put favors in.Tiny marry rite containers might range from tiny paper and also materials favor bags, tiny jars, bottles to tulle.

Get inventive, favor bins and let your imaging discover when creating your marry rite favors using such adorable containers.When you select for edible treats, so favor bins are a great selection you might wish to consider.Tiny glass, you will demand to cover them somewhat and also favor bins are undoubtedly ideal for cookies, candies, chocolate truffles, mints, cupcakes and almonds.

Chinese take-out bins are trendy alternate selections to conventional favor bins.When you’re looking for bins that are more distinctive and also inventive, then consider Chinese take-out bins.A ideal trail to using them is to fill them with fortune cookies.Other benefit of the Chinese take-out bins is they might smoothly mix with your selected marry rite colours, as they’re out there in plenty colours to select from.

Tiny paper bags are additionally a great packaging to your marry rite favors, you might discover a broad series of these tiny bags in your local craft outlets and upon-line outlets.Purchase them in bulk so that you might get a great reduction.Buying your marry rite supplies in bulk is a great trail to keep prices inside your funds.Tiny paper and also transparent plastic bags look superior upon your reception tables, in absence of the spending a fortune.When you wish to splash colours, then consider glass and transparent containers.Honey and also jam favors will additionally demand glass jars.

Tiny vases are additionally a great container recommendation when you wish to supply flowers to your visitors.As a contrary alternative of the using bins and bags, you might using tiny vases where you might put flowers in.There’re vases that might be incorporated with photograph, a personalised container selection that makes a masterpiece upon your desk setting.

Discover fairly-priced marry rite favors upon-line.There’re plenty of the upon-line outlets that supply inventive marry rite favors and also containers that you might purchase in bulk at a discounted rate.You might additionally get some more trendy tricks upon how to system a marry rite, and tricks upon using marry rite supplies that suit to sort of the nuptial you’re designing to have.

If you are wishing to accquire more handy resource regarding table number holders and wedding table numbers,go to my site.

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Smart Food Gift Packaging Ideas

Smart Food Gift Packaging Ideas

Presenting someone sweet treats and special foods that he/she likes most is the perfect & delicious gift. Preparing such things generally don’t pose problem. What creates the headache is its packaging and presentation?

You should keep in mind that since these gifts are eatable and meant to be consumed, you must do your best to keep the packaging appetizing, appealing, and sanitary looking.

Never put the cookies together when they are warm, otherwise they stick and become distorted. In case you’ve made candies that are in pieces, take your time to wrap all pieces individually in it’s own square of waxed paper. For wrapping try to avoid the colored food wraps, as they make the food look off. You can give bread into a tin or tray box or in decorated paper bags, put into a clear plastic bag. Stickier candies and treats such as barks and brittles should be layered with waxed paper so they do not form one big block of brittle.

If you have taken the time to cook up something special to give, you want it to look as scrumptious as it tastes. Here are some ideas on packaging your food gift from the kitchen.

A number of amazingly shaped jars, bottles, packing boxes, and cruets are available, that are relatively inexpensive and add to the presentation of your gift from the kitchen. Adding proper tags to the gifts spells your love. You can purchase pretty packing labels & stickers to clearly specify your gift with the contents, usage and recommended shelf life. You can also make your own labels that look professional with the computer using downloadable labels. A number of inexpensive gift bags are available in the market. Most of them are plastic-coated that make them a perfect choice for moist foods. You can always add your own ideas and design to these bags. You can make a peek window in these bags by cutting out any shape from the side of the bag and taping plastic wrap to cover the openings. You can also use metal tins. They are available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Before putting the goodies in it, you can give it some designing look by lining the edges with non-reactive colored tissue papers. One thing to be noted is that moist foods should be wrapped in cellophane or plastic wrap. Lidded clear plastic containers can also be used for packing foods and they are inexpensive too. They come in variety of colors. You can dress them up by gluing a paper skirt or fabric around the bottom.

I am a product analyst for b2b industry. My core profile is to understand industry, develop information architecture and plan the product. Developed many B2b verticals. My core interest is research and analyse industry trends, latest updates in market, industry product information. Based on my experience i have studied harwdare product industry and my interest is to share that information and develop network for harwdare industry so that business manufaturers, suppliers, traders can benefit from this resource.

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Improved performance after plastic Leyden Jars punctured. They were replaced with 2 glass (flower vases) Leyden Jars. Caution: never attempt to connect a light bulb that contains a vacuum, or any other device that contains a vacuum to the Tesla Coil (or even let it be placed anywhere near the Tesla Coil). Vacuums can produce very dangerous X-rays when exposed to high voltage.
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Bio-degradable Food Packaging

Bio-degradable Food Packaging

Environment is an important area of concern for every person, community and organization today. Every industry, every occasion, every celebration and every venture today has to essentially address the environmental issues that fall in its purview and scope of operation. Organizations, government and big brands are even going a step forward with this, by making every possible to move towards maintaining a neat and livable environment for the generations to come. Going green and efforts towards maintaining and preserving the flora and fauna of the earth are an indispensable part of every corporate social responsibility initiative.

Biodegradable Food Packaging

Food packaging is a huge industry today. Efforts on part of the food packaging industry to go green are sure to bring about positive changes. Biodegradable food packaging is a new trend that has found popularity among the consumers as well. Their are lighter, easy to dispose off and cheap option as compared to the regular food packaging options.

Important biodegradable food packaging options include biodegradable containers, trays and paper bags and pouches. All of these packaging utilities are used for packing different kinds of food products. Nylon films, OPP films and metallized films are some of major packaging films used in food packaging materials.

Biodegradable Food Packaging Trays

Biodegradable food packaging trays are mostly being used for packing fresh vegetables and fruits. These biodegradable food packaging trays have really boosted the sale of special fruits and vegetables because of the visual appeal and the small packs, which make some expensive fruits and vegetables affordable. Such packagings also keep food products fresh and clean.

Biodegradable Food Containers

Biodegradable food containers are used primarily for packing food and transporting it. Biodegradable food containers are used mainly for delivery purposes and food storing purposes. Also for packaging dairy products and other canned food, biodegradable food containers have proved to be a successful replacement.

Biodegradable Food Packaging Paper Bags & Pouches

Biodegradable paper bags are used mainly for carrying food. Some of the popular brands in the food industry have shifted to paper bags for example Mac Donald’s.

Know more about films used for food packaging and packaging for various industries at Packaging Films, a B2B portal dealing in films, rolls, laminates and complete list of film packaging materials and products.

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Paper Recycling & Using Recycled Paper Products

Paper Recycling & Using Recycled Paper Products

Recycling is now a quickly budding discipline due largely to the environmental catastrophes experienced in all corners of the globe. As a whole, recycling is not only environment-friendly, but a source of income as well. 

A growing trend in recycling today is paper recycling and recycled paper printing. With paper consumption increasing dramatically these days, paper wastes also increases. Recycled paper and recycled paper printing are beneficial and efficient ways of fulfilling our responsibility to ourselves and to nature. 

1. Benefits of paper recycling and recycled paper printing. Although end products of recycled papers have rough texture, there is modern technology today that uses bleaching materials to give the paper a smooth quality. So, if you are using a recycled paper in your postcard or brochure printing you will get almost or even better result as using commercial papers. Recycled papers are also cheaper and often more durable, giving you a much better and cost effective output. 

2. Printing in recycled papers. The process is basically the same as commercial papers only that you can use eco-friendly inks such as soy and vegetable for a more economical and better quality result. 

3. Recycled paper products. The use of recycled paper is basically endless. You can use it in notebooks, scrapbooks, office documents, and even business materials such as postcard and color brochure printing. Also, creative individuals can make their own printed paper bags and artworks out of recycled paper. The possibility is endless when it comes to recycled paper. 

4. Paper recycling facts. 

a. Almost 40% of all waste in landfills is paper. 

b. Most paper thrown as waste is high quality paper.

c. Approximately, 16% of the money you pay for the items you buy is for the packaging, which eventually ends up as waste.

d. If recycling were made easier, 9 out of 10 people would recycle.

Essentially, paper recycling and recycled paper printing is easy. It can be done at home, in your office, and almost anywhere. So, do you part in saving our planet. Go out there and recycle. Doing so not only reduces the cost of paper printing, but also allow you to share in the noble act of conserving the beauty of nature, especially the trees.

Green Deeds Ltd provides easy to use & specialised office recycling services to offices in two regions of the UK, based in Liverpool & Bedfordshire.

To find out more please visit


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The ABCs of a greener home- everything from CFLs and LEDs to VOCs

The ABCs of a greener home- everything from CFLs and LEDs to VOCs

Harmful and toxic matter is all around us. Certain things may seem beyond your control but you still retain a firm grip on your household. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a clean, fresh, and green atmosphere knowing that you’ve created it yourself? It’s as simple as it is effective and nothing extraordinary is required of you, only a few minor adjustments. Below are must-haves and must-dos for an eco-friendly home:

· Place filters or aerators on all your faucets. This simple technique will keep harmful foreign substances at bay and block their interaction with you and those you love. At the same time you will also be generating purer grey water from the usage of appliances, making it easier to recycle for future use. Stop drinking bottled water from plastic bottles! This contributes to waste and you’re no healthier for it. Purified, filtered water from the faucet is more sanitary and much better for you than water which has been packaged into plastic bottles and left in the sun for too long.

· Purify your air in your house and car with air purifiers. Stop Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), aka airborne chemicals from invading and polluting your personal space. The cleaner the air, the fewer allergies and respiratory problems to contend with and you certainly won’t miss those dust mites, which will be forced to take  up residence elsewhere.

· Biodegradable/compostable trash and food storage bags. Made from renewable resources, these bags help reduce the amount of plastic in landfills as well as conserve trees and energy, which paper bags gobble up. Biodegradable bags are considered a wonderful solution to many a problem since they decompose faster thereby assisting with the environmental conservation and recycling processes.

· Substitute regular lamps for LEDs and CFLs. LEDs are preferable but either one is superior to and more energy-efficient than the regular light bulb. If you’re feeling really eco-conscious, try keeping the use of light and other electric appliances to a minimum. Read in natural daylight (which is more beneficial to your vision), do not open the refrigerator door unless preparing a meal, use a fan instead of the air conditioner, keep warm in the winter time with a corn stove (corn is a renewable resource!) instead of  a traditional heater or wood fireplace.

· Every home, no matter how well-kept or beautiful, is subjected to the occasional pest invasion. Instead of poisoning the unwanted guests, along with adding pollution to the environment, why not switch to eco-friendly pest repellants? Better ways to “exterminate” the problem exist that actually safeguard the creatures which have as much right to be here as we do. Humane, reusable traps do not use toxins or poisons and are the perfect alternatives to harmful sprays, chalks, and torture-like devices causing their captives unnecessary pain.

There are many more green ways to run your home, vacation house, and your garden. Start implementing new ideas today! The answers are there, we just need to act quick, think eco-friendly and drive home decorators green with envy. 
**By Diana Kaganovsky** is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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The Benefits Of Using Plastic–Reasons Why It Is Still In Use

The Benefits Of Using Plastic–Reasons Why It Is Still In Use

Today you hear so much about banning of plastic bags and there are so many thrust in this direction. How come then, that there are still many plastic bag suppliers that do a good business producing goods that should otherwise be banned from the market? What about jewelry display supplies that are made out of plastic as well?

The plastic market continues to prosper for there is yet any bio-degradable substitute found for it. You still need plastic when you want to protect something from water or oil, right? No matter how good your intentions would be; you would not want a raincoat made out of recycled paper, would you? Here are five benefits that justify the use of plastic, even though it is considered to be a non-green item:

1. It is impermeable — when you need protection against any liquid, nothing but plastic would do definitely. Whether it is water, oil or any chemical — the only protection you would think about when you have something to be covered in such cases is plastic. Let us say you are packing for a trip; how many of you pack their shampoos and creams in plastic lest there be an accident and the contents spill over your clothes.

2. It is durable — plastic is stronger than paper and therefore, often preferred over the latter. Environmentalists promote cloth bags in its stead and cloth bags are good as well — but what happens when you are actually not prepared for shopping and there are no cloth bags to buy in the vicinity? A plastic bag costs next to nothing and it makes a superb carry bag for almost everything.

3. It is inexpensive — most stores like to stock plastic bags for they are inexpensive and easy to store. It is easy for the store keeper to pack things in plastic — especially when the list of items is large. For less things paper bags are ideal — but these tend to break if not handled right, for which reason both buyer and seller would rather deal with the plastic bags.

4. Not all plastic bags are bad — plastic bags of a certain thickness are bio-degradable. Hence, not all the plastic bags are bad for the environment. Besides, one can still recycle these bags and make things that help this planet survive. Plenty of research studies are going on to find out the best way to use and dispose of plastic bags and modern science seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough.

5. Plastic bags can and should be re-cycled — when disposed off irresponsibly as it is done in third world countries, these plastic bags becomes a huge threat to life on earth. However, if you choose to recycle it — you can have some great things made out of it without any worry that you are harming the environment. A good example of using plastic constructively in the real sense is Reishee Sowa who has built a beautiful personal island for himself out of discarded Pepsi plastic bottles.

Stewart Wrighter recently contacted several Plastic Bag Suppliers to supply gift bags for a fundraiser at his restaurant. His wife ordered several Jewelry Display Supplies to display items up for auction for a fundraiser at his restaurant.

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Plastic Products?A complete story

Plastic Products?A complete story

Not so long go, a well-known newspaper tabloid regularly splashed a sequence of socially conscientious stories, as to how some kids from a renowned school were planning to redefine the way we Indian shop vegetables. Yes, vegetable shopping became focus point, given the fact that many of us fail to carry bags from home when it comes to buying vegetables. And therefore purchase vegetables in plastic bags that’s freely available with vendors

So, these school kids , well-aware of the disastrous consequences of using plastic bags, did what the adults should have done way back… design paper bags from newspapers and sell them to the vegetable vendors at an affordable rates.

But as they, old habits die hard; we are back to ground zero, as people have gone back to their bad old ways of using plastic bags. So what went wrong with the children’s campaign of popularizing paper bags? Why did the concerned newspaper cease to carry more stories on it? We don’t the reason why?

As of now, what we know is that the use of plastics have increased like never before and this can wreak havoc in the environment as most of them are not biodegradable, therefore not environment-friendly.

But living in a world without plastic is an unimaginable prospect; given the fact plastics over the years have become a fundamental part of our living.

Advantageous of plastics

The significant growth in use of plastics is due to its favorable properties. These include:

• It’s Versatility and can be customized to meet very specific technical needs.

• Light in weight as compared to other materials, leading to less fuel consumption during transportation.

• Very durable

• Resistant to chemicals, water and impact.

• Hygiene properties in terms of food packaging.

• Thermal and electrical insulation properties.

• Inexpensive to produce

As per the latest reports, people world over manufacture and use 20 times more plastic today than we did 50 years ago!

Plastic products are used for all and sundry purposes. The kind of products produced from plastics include, Industrial Plastic Products, Plastic water tank, Pet Preforms, Plastic Aircraft Products, Plastic Automotive Parts, Plastic Bags, Plastic Balls, Plastic Barrels, Plastic Basins, Plastic Baskets, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bowls, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Prefab Homes, Plastic Canisters, Plastic Cans, Plastic Capacitors, Plastic Caps, Plastic Clothings, Plastic Coatings, Plastic Mugs, Plastic Packaging Products, Plastic Panels, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pipe Fittings, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Sanitaryware, Plastic Sheets, Plastic Stationary, Plastic Straps, Plastic Strips, Plastic Tanks, Plastic Tapes, Plastic Toiletries, Plastic Toys & Games, Plastic Trays, Plastic Tubes, Plastic Tumblers, Plastic Vases, Prefab Homes, Plastic Yarns …the list is long. So it is plastic and plastic everywhere.

So it is safe to surmise that plastics have made their presence felt in a big way in our daily lives. Packaging industry is reported to be the single largest sector using plastics. So doing away with them completely is not that easy, considering its significant influence in our daily lives, however, one can chalk out various strategies to make the most use of them, thereby restrict their production.

There are 50 groups of plastics with hundreds of varieties. The best thing being all varieties can be recycled. However, reusing plastic is preferable than recycling as it uses less energy and fewer resources.

Degradable plastics

Numerous retailers in UK have recently come up with degradable carrier bags. These bags are made from a special type of plastic that degrades under certain conditions. For instance, degradable plastics are of two types, bio-degradable plastics and photodegradable plastics. Bio-degradable plastics contain only a small amount of non oil-bases material, like corn starch and photodegradable plastics will break down when kept under the sun.

Degradable plastics are widely being used in countries like Austria and Sweden, where fast-food retail chain McDonalds has been using bio-degradable cutlery since three years. Plastic which photo-degrades in six weeks are been used in manufacturing carriers for beer cans.


As hazardous chemical additives are used in plastics, leading to health and safety concerns, manufacturers are gradually shifting to plant-based plastics. For instance, world’s largest toy manufacturer Mattel had announced that company will be using plant-based plastics for manufacturing of toys. Similar promises were also made by companies like LEGO, IKEA, Nike and The Bodyshop. So hopefully, within few decades, we could expect the whole world shifting towards using plant-based plastics. is an innovative and comprehensive online business-to-business (B2B) portal, It gives us an immense pleasure to introduce the much awaited complete business solution services i.e. for the first time in India to esteemed organization like your’s.

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