Quality Sterile Plastic Bag “filling Equipment” Should Have The Features

Quality Sterile Plastic Bag “filling Equipment” Should Have The Features

Currently on the market common milk Package Installed are: Tetra Pak, roof bag, sterile plastic bags, in which sterile plastic bags of milk to a more affordable price hit with customers. Recently, this reporter interviewed some of the sterile plastic bag in the dairy industry understands that these enterprises in the selection and use of sterile plastic bags Filling machine There are problems. To solve these problems, this newspaper in particular Make This second album, hope can help users to solve these problems.

  A sterile plastic bag filling machine of the basic performance requirements

Aseptic filling machine plastic bags after the role is to Sterilization Food ( Dairy products Etc.) in a sterile environment, packaging, sealed in aseptic containers, in order to not increase Antisepsis Agent, under conditions without refrigeration to get longer shelf life. (Figure)

Specifically, sterile plastic bags filling machine must meet the following requirements:

1. Use of packaging containers and sealing methods must be suitable for aseptic filling and sealing containers synthesized during storage and distribution of micro-organisms must be able to stop by. At the same time, packaging, product containers should have prevented the physical characteristics of chemical changes.

2. Containers and product contact surfaces must be sterilized before filling, the effect of sterilization and sterilization prior to the pollution of the surface of the container.

3. In the filling process, the product may not be from any parts of the equipment or the environment external circumstances such as pollution.

4. Sealing must be carried out in the sterile area, to prevent microbial contamination.

Second, high-quality plastic bags aseptic filling machine performance requirements

Light sterile plastic bag filling machine at home and abroad the situation, a high-quality sterile plastic bags filling machine should have the following requirements:

1. Products to A-or B-class commercial aseptic requirements

By “liquid food Packaging Equipment Acceptance “(draft) test methods are:

(1) total number of colonies determined by the provisions of GB 4789.2.

(2) Determination of coliform bacteria according to the provisions of GB 4789.3.

(3) Salmonella testing in accordance with the provisions of GB 4789.4.

(4) Shigella test conducted in accordance with the provisions of GB 4789.5.

(5) of Staphylococcus provisions by GB 4789.10.

(6) hemolytic Streptococcus Test according to the provisions of GB 4789.11.

(7) of molds and yeasts according to the provisions of GB 4789.15.

(8) sterile A-, B-and heat sterilized Filling equipment The packaging of liquid food micro-proliferation test.

A. All samples will be 36 ± 1 7 days under the condition of insulation;

B. Visual detection of up package (bags, bottles), disclose the unit sample, the number of records;

C. Open the remaining samples were all measured pH values and sensory examination, and the detection of most samples with pH values of 0.2 or above normal difference and sensory examination of doubtful (turbidity, precipitation, color change, smell or taste changes) of the samples, smear staining. With Gram staining, microscopy, observed at least five horizons, to determine whether the phenomenon of microbial proliferation. Will record the number of samples of microbial growth;

D. The b and c the number of records microbial growth is derived by adding the total number of indicators of failed samples.

(9) free residual chlorine test according to GB5750 the provisions in 37.1.

(10) H2O2 of residues in Appendix A in accordance with the provisions of GB14891.9.

2. Equipment has good adaptability (1) wide range of filling capacity

Better equipment at home and abroad filling capacity of 120 ~ 550ml / bags.

(2) the applicability of the package material

Better equipped to adapt to a wide range of packaging materials, packaging materials that enable users to have more choice.

3. Automatic Control System Devices to automate the delivery of packaging materials, forming, sealing action, with a wide range of filling, and to achieve high packaging speed.

Better equipment, production capacity at home and abroad from 6000 to 7000 bags / hour.

4. Automatic CIP device independent Before and after for the production of alkali solution, acid solution, sterile water, cleaning and high-temperature steam sterilization.

5. System fault alarm and protection

Order to ensure the filling machine to produce qualified products, the system should have a proper alarm system to ensure that the system failure alarm signal in time and make the corresponding linkage protection, such as: stop filling, parking and so on.

6. Lower energy consumption Electricity, compressed air, steam, water, energy consumption should be smaller to reduce the user cost.

7. The low rate of leaky bags

Equipment to reach ten thousandth of the rate of about leaky bags of good performance. If the leaking bags of less than one thousandth, then the equipment should be regarded as unqualified.

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