Quality Sterile Plastic Bag “filling Equipment” Should Have The Features

Quality Sterile Plastic Bag “filling Equipment” Should Have The Features

Currently on the market common milk Package Installed are: Tetra Pak, roof bag, sterile plastic bags, in which sterile plastic bags of milk to a more affordable price hit with customers. Recently, this reporter interviewed some of the sterile plastic bag in the dairy industry understands that these enterprises in the selection and use of sterile plastic bags Filling machine There are problems. To solve these problems, this newspaper in particular Make This second album, hope can help users to solve these problems.

  A sterile plastic bag filling machine of the basic performance requirements

Aseptic filling machine plastic bags after the role is to Sterilization Food ( Dairy products Etc.) in a sterile environment, packaging, sealed in aseptic containers, in order to not increase Antisepsis Agent, under conditions without refrigeration to get longer shelf life. (Figure)

Specifically, sterile plastic bags filling machine must meet the following requirements:

1. Use of packaging containers and sealing methods must be suitable for aseptic filling and sealing containers synthesized during storage and distribution of micro-organisms must be able to stop by. At the same time, packaging, product containers should have prevented the physical characteristics of chemical changes.

2. Containers and product contact surfaces must be sterilized before filling, the effect of sterilization and sterilization prior to the pollution of the surface of the container.

3. In the filling process, the product may not be from any parts of the equipment or the environment external circumstances such as pollution.

4. Sealing must be carried out in the sterile area, to prevent microbial contamination.

Second, high-quality plastic bags aseptic filling machine performance requirements

Light sterile plastic bag filling machine at home and abroad the situation, a high-quality sterile plastic bags filling machine should have the following requirements:

1. Products to A-or B-class commercial aseptic requirements

By “liquid food Packaging Equipment Acceptance “(draft) test methods are:

(1) total number of colonies determined by the provisions of GB 4789.2.

(2) Determination of coliform bacteria according to the provisions of GB 4789.3.

(3) Salmonella testing in accordance with the provisions of GB 4789.4.

(4) Shigella test conducted in accordance with the provisions of GB 4789.5.

(5) of Staphylococcus provisions by GB 4789.10.

(6) hemolytic Streptococcus Test according to the provisions of GB 4789.11.

(7) of molds and yeasts according to the provisions of GB 4789.15.

(8) sterile A-, B-and heat sterilized Filling equipment The packaging of liquid food micro-proliferation test.

A. All samples will be 36 ± 1 7 days under the condition of insulation;

B. Visual detection of up package (bags, bottles), disclose the unit sample, the number of records;

C. Open the remaining samples were all measured pH values and sensory examination, and the detection of most samples with pH values of 0.2 or above normal difference and sensory examination of doubtful (turbidity, precipitation, color change, smell or taste changes) of the samples, smear staining. With Gram staining, microscopy, observed at least five horizons, to determine whether the phenomenon of microbial proliferation. Will record the number of samples of microbial growth;

D. The b and c the number of records microbial growth is derived by adding the total number of indicators of failed samples.

(9) free residual chlorine test according to GB5750 the provisions in 37.1.

(10) H2O2 of residues in Appendix A in accordance with the provisions of GB14891.9.

2. Equipment has good adaptability (1) wide range of filling capacity

Better equipment at home and abroad filling capacity of 120 ~ 550ml / bags.

(2) the applicability of the package material

Better equipped to adapt to a wide range of packaging materials, packaging materials that enable users to have more choice.

3. Automatic Control System Devices to automate the delivery of packaging materials, forming, sealing action, with a wide range of filling, and to achieve high packaging speed.

Better equipment, production capacity at home and abroad from 6000 to 7000 bags / hour.

4. Automatic CIP device independent Before and after for the production of alkali solution, acid solution, sterile water, cleaning and high-temperature steam sterilization.

5. System fault alarm and protection

Order to ensure the filling machine to produce qualified products, the system should have a proper alarm system to ensure that the system failure alarm signal in time and make the corresponding linkage protection, such as: stop filling, parking and so on.

6. Lower energy consumption Electricity, compressed air, steam, water, energy consumption should be smaller to reduce the user cost.

7. The low rate of leaky bags

Equipment to reach ten thousandth of the rate of about leaky bags of good performance. If the leaking bags of less than one thousandth, then the equipment should be regarded as unqualified.

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Keeping it Simple: Straight Talk About Dressings for Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl

Keeping it Simple: Straight Talk About Dressings for Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl

Ever roll into your local auto parts store to get some car care supplies, for example – dressings for tires, trim or your interior? With the vast array of products available, it is confusing to say the very least!

Considering your choices, combined with all slick packaging, hard to see sizes, and pretty pictures – all these products are competing for your hard earned dollars. The result is confusion of what product to buy for what application. Do you use the same product to dress and protect tires as you do for your leather seats?

Let’s keep it simple, folks! This isn’t rocket science – we’re talking about dressings here. Hopefully this article will give you some insight into the choosing the right product for the right job.

Basically, there are two kinds of dressings – Water Based Dressings and Solvent Based Dressings. So look at what we’ve done here – grouped all of the dressings into two options. I don’t know about you, but I can get my arms around 2 choices pretty easy. We all like keeping things simple.

Both Water Based and Solvent Based dressings have their rightful place and use, and have different properties, pros and cons. In keeping with our “simple” theme and as a general rule of thumb, here’s the skinny: Use Water Based dressings on the inside of your ride and Solvent Based dressings on the outside. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Why the inside / outside choice, you ask? Simple! When water hits a Water Based Dressing – it tends to fall down, fall apart, poof – gone. Water Based Dressings generally don’t stand up to the elements as well as Solvent Based Dressings do.

Solvent Based Dressings tend to repel water, much like water beading from a waxed finish on your car. In my opinion, Solvent Based Dressings also give a more rich, luster-like finish and do an excellent job of bringing back the fading of vinyl and rubber typically seen on the outside of your vehicle. The bottom line is that Solvent Based Dressings are longer lasting and more durable when constantly exposed to the elements.

– A little more detail about Water Based Dressings

Most of the dressings available at retail stores come in a ready to use formula. The downside of this is, if you don’t like the particular finish of these products, you are stuck with it. For example, you might want a more of a matte finish instead of an out-of-bottle glossy finish a product might provide. You figure, since it’s water based, you should dull it down with water, right? Not so.

Most of these dressings aren’t designed to be mixed with water, and now you have worthless bottle. As well, we have all had the experience when these dressings really never dry to the touch and become a big dust magnet. Well, you figure, so much for dressing and protecting your interior, right? Not so!

Water Based Dressings that the professionals use actually dry to the touch AND are designed to be mixed with water to give you the exact finish you desire. But the best part is they don’t usually cost any more than their retail counterparts!

– A little more about Solvent Based Dressings

Solvent Based Dressings tend to do a better job at restoring faded trim and plastic, offer excellent UV protection and are easy to apply. To get the finish you want, instead of diluting these products like Water Based Dressings, simply wipe the dressing on with an applicator to get your desired finish. More equals a higher gloss, less a lower gloss. For those who want a high-gloss finish on their tires, simply spray the dressing on and let it dry. For those who prefer a lower gloss, wipe the dressing while wet to get their desired finish.

In addition to tires, a good Solvent Based Dressing can also be used to dress and protect all of the rubber, plastic and vinyl trim on the outside of your ride.

– Lastly, one more Specialty Dressing – a cleaner and conditioner in one

There is one more category of dressings that should be mentioned here – a cleaner and conditioner combined. For example, one of the most delicate interior surfaces of your ride is leather. The key to keeping leather nice is delicate cleaning and proper conditioning to keep it supple and protected. Check this out for simple – wipe the product on and then wipe it off. In most cases, these specialty products are also scented like leather.


Don’t let all the choices and hype about dressings confuse you. Use Solvent Based dressings for the outside, Water Based Dressings for treating and protecting the inside and consider Specialty Dressings for cleaning and conditioning delicate surfaces such as leather.

Scott Ellis is from Jax Wax Distribution Systems and is responsible for distributing Jax Wax Car Care Products retail worldwide. Jax Wax Car Care Products are widely used in commercial businesses such as detail shops, body shops, and auto dealers. Jax Wax is now packaging its products in smaller quantities for the consumer market. You can get fast, commercial quality results by doing the detail work yourself. For more information, go to www.jaxwax.com or call 877-7JAXWAX.

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Reusable Shopping bags in; store’s plastic ?T-shirt bags’ on way out

Reusable Shopping bags in; store’s plastic ?T-shirt bags’ on way out

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The single-use plastic bag could be an endangered shopping species. The thin plastic bag with handles is under pressure from municipal bag bans and a growing number of retailers who are encouraging shoppers to bring your own reusable bags.

Anew industry has sprung up that’s churning out reusable bags made from recycled water bottles and other more eco friendly materials, and is poised to profit from the passing of the traditional plastic bag.

Dan Sabbah, president of global Design Concepts in New York, is one executive predicting the days of the plastic bag are numbered. “Plastic bags are quickly going the way of extinction,” Sabbah said.

“Retailers are getting ahead of this curve, Sabbah said. “I don’t believe anyone thinks this is going to go away. This is going to be the wave of the future.” Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest grocery and retail chain, has pledged to cut its plastic shopping bag waste by 33 percent- or 9 billion bags a year- by 2013. This year it began a bag-free trial in California, eliminating them at three stores there. Swedish furniture company IKEA and organic grocer Whole Foods Market Inc. stores banished them in 2008.

Target Corp. in April handed out 1.5 million reusable bags in honor of Earth Day. The discount retailer gives shoppers a 5-cent rebate for every time they use one of their own reusable bags instead of a new plastic one.

An organization that represents plastic bag makers argues, however, that the future of plastic bags will be one of rebirth and recycling, not R.I.P.

“Reports of the death of the plastic bag are greatly exaggerated,” said Shari Jackson, director of the Progressive Bag Affiliates, an association representing the major U.S. makers of plastic bags and plastic-bag recyclers.

“There’s another side- the recycling side- that is just not being told, and it’s growing,” Jackson said. The PBA has set an industry goal to achieve 40 percent recycled content in all bags made by its member companies by 2015. In 2008, Jackson said, more than 832 million pounds of bags and other plastic films were recycled and most retail chains have bins for recycling bags. Recycled bags are being used to make composite deck materials, fencing, shopping carts, containers and new bags, she said.

Supporters of the reusable bags say they hold much more than the typical t-shirt bag and because they are woven out of recycled plastics, they also can be tossed in a recycling bin when they wear out. Most retailers sell the basic reusable bags for about . Wal-Mart jumped on the reusable bags bandwagon in a big way in 2007, cutting its bag price to 50 cents.

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For more information about

reusable bags Please move on


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BASF 2010, invested heavily in China Asia-Pacific strategy to plastic – BASF, the Asia-Pacific strategy, plastics – chemical industry

BASF 2010, invested heavily in China Asia-Pacific strategy to plastic – BASF, the Asia-Pacific strategy, plastics – chemical industry

BASF campus recruitment propaganda landing in 2010 in Guangzhou

HC Chemical Network News, BASF in March 23, 2010 disclosure of its Asia-Pacific Development: Exploring the sustainable development model, development of new chemical industry, efforts to achieve the 2020 Asia-Pacific

Sell Volume than the 2008 goal of doubling that to 200 million euros. The company will actively participate in the Asia Pacific market growth, to invest in plastic business Zhong Jin, a large proportion of investment will be used for the Chinese market.

The Chinese market as quickly seize opportunities for recovery, the second half of 2009, BASF’s production and sales began to rise. International oil prices lead to lower prices, the company annual sales of 50.7 billion euros compared with 2008, despite a decline, but output is still growing. Post-crisis era in the adjustment of industrial structure and change

Economy Important period of growth patterns, BASF presented to world-class petrochemical base, innovative

Environmental protection Concept as the core, with a strong ability to support scientific research to first-class customer service-oriented development strategy.

BASF said that China is the focus of BASF Asia-Pacific market, Chinese market confidence in the future. Objectives in the Asia-Pacific region is higher than the local chemical market growth by 2 percentage points faster, which means that BASF sales in 2020 than in 2008 to double to 200 million euros. To achieve this goal, BASF has decided in 2014, investment in Asia about 20 million euros, an active part in the Asian market growth.

BASF plastic business is the focus of the Asia-Pacific growth strategy in the field, currently the company’s plastics business 30% of sales come from Asia. The current global

Plastic raw materials Demand on the rise, Asia’s most dynamic markets, the average annual growth rate will reach 6%, while China is Asia’s largest plastic consumer, demand accounts for more than half of the Asian market.

It is understood that, 20 billion euros of investment will be used to support a considerable part of the BASF plastics business development in China. Among them, the annual output of 400,000 tons of Chongqing, the new diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) production base plan will be put into commercial operation in 2014, Nanjing Yabaki to the Phase II project in 2011. BASF in Nanjing, Shanghai and Chongqing, the three world-class projects will make it in the base of the Yangtze River to form a complete layout of the Asian plastics materials to provide adequate localization.

Innovation by industry consolidation and development of green plastics solutions, BASF now has a global

Car , Construction, packaging and other fields have achieved remarkable results. Innovative BASF polymer will help stand out from the market. BASF produces the raw materials used for polyethylene terephthalate (

PET ) Bottles, agricultural plastic film and a series of plastic products, while in the car lightweight, energy-saving building materials and eco-friendly plastics, BASF products provide a significant reduction in carbon emissions for creating conditions.

The same time, advanced plastic Additive Products to BASF’s plastics business advantage more pronounced. In 2009, BASF, Ciba, after a successful merger, has become the world leader in plastics additives industry. Add a light stabilizer, antioxidant, flame retardants and halogen-free additives, scratch-resistant additive effects, can offer the whole range of new solutions.

BASF fully demonstrated new materials and innovative application of green plastic. Including the use of engineering plastic Ultramid production based on computer-aided engineering (CAE) design of the car oil pan, applied to the 2010 World Expo in Hamburg, Germany Urban Best Practices Area of the low carbon building insulation systems for packaging and agriculture Ecovio series of biological plastic, and the High Speed Rail train track with a polyurethane sealants.

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Plastic Mold Of The Basic Knowledge And Technology

Plastic Mold Of The Basic Knowledge And Technology

Our daily production and life to the various tools used and products, large machine tool base, body shell, an embryo as small screws, buttons and various household appliances in the shell, are all closely with the mold relationship. The shape of the mold determines the shape of these products, the quality and precision mold processing also determines the quality of these products. Materials for various products, appearance, size and use of different mold into the casting mold, forging mold, die casting mold, stamping mold and other non-plastic mold, plastic mold.


Recent years, with the rapid development of plastics industry and general and engineering plastics in the strength and precision, continuous improvement, the application of plastic products is also expanding, such as: home appliances, toys, construction equipment, automotive industry and many other fields, the proportion of plastic products is rapidly increasing. A well-designed plastic parts can often replace the more traditional metal parts. Household products plastic industrial products and the rising trend.

 General definition of mold: in industrial production, with a variety of presses and presses installed in a dedicated tool, the pressure of a metal or non-metallic materials the shape of the required parts or products, this special tool referred to as mold.

Injection molding process Description: Mold is a tool for the production of plastic products. It consists of several groups of components parts, the portfolio contribution has Type Modular cavity. Injection, the mold clamping in injection molding machine, molten plastic is injected into the molding cavity, and cooling in the cavity shape, and then die down to separate out the system through the top products from the top of the left mold cavity, the final mold is closed again for the next injection, the injection molding process is carried out cycle.

Die general categories: can be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic mold:

(1) non-plastic molds are: casting mold, forging mold, stamping mold, die casting mold.

A. Casting mold?? Faucet, cast iron platform

B. Forging die?? Auto body

C. Stamping die?? Computer panel

D. Die Casting?? Super alloys, cylinder block

(2) plastic mold production technology and production according to the different products are divided into:

A. Injection Molding?? TV cabinet, keyboard button (the most common)

B. Blowing mold?? Drink bottles

C. Compression Molding?? Bakelite switch, science bowl dish

D. Transfer Molding?? IC products

E. Extrusion Die?? Glue tubes, plastic bags

F. Hot Forming Die?? Transparent shell molding packaging

G. Rotation Molding?? Soft doll toy

Plastic Injection Molding is the most commonly used method. This method is suitable for all thermoplastic and thermoset parts, obtained large quantities of plastic products is unmatched by other molding methods, injection molding process as one of the main injection mold, precision in quality, manufacturing cycle and the injection molding process in terms of the level of production efficiency, directly affect the product quality, yield, cost and product updates, but also determines the competition in the market responsiveness and speed.

injection mold by a number of steel plates with the composition of the various parts, the basic divided into:

A molding device (die, punch)

B positioning device (guide posts, guide sleeve)

C fixtures (H board, code-mode pits)

D cooling system (carrying water hole)

E constant temperature system (heat pipe, the heater)

F flow system (pump Tsui hole, flow tank, flow holes)

G ejection system

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Standardization Into The Main Theme: The Implementation Of The New Standard Plastic Pipe

Standardization Into The Main Theme: The Implementation Of The New Standard Plastic Pipe

According to the National Plastic Products Standard Of center said they “water with a hard polychlorinated Ethylene Pipe “And” Building PVC drainage pipe with a hard “two amendments of national standards has been completed, the revised draft has been adopted in December 2004 review of the standard is expected to be promulgated this year. The New Year, “the definition of biodegradable plastics, sorting and degradation of performance requirements,” the national standards began in January 7 comments, will soon be implemented. Also to be implemented, “the logo and signs of plastic products,” the national standard.

  This series of actions to remind all of plastic companies, standardization will be the year Plastics industry Development theme. Over the years, products, technology, equipment, standardization is not high plastic industry in China has been restricting the rapid Health Important factor in the development of China and also plastics manufacturer Competition Power is difficult to improve one of the reasons. When we were behind closed doors with their own competition, when companies can offer quick and tough plastic products to low labor costs and to replace the technical inputs such as counterfeiting cost advantage obtained by creating a boom period. However, China’s accession to WTO, the domestic market with the international trend to strengthen, and since last year, the surging prices of raw materials under the exposed catalytic domestic plastic industry, poor condition of scattered shows that this model has far can not meet the need for competition, and standardization from soft to hard the next few years will be the development of domestic plastic industry, an important way to standardization.

Recent years, the national authorities to increase the plastic formulation and revision of standards. Last year alone, the state amended the implementation of the plastic industry standards have ” Doors and windows Box with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles “and a dozen standard. National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice years ago showed that Poly Glycol Ester Carbonate Beverages Bottles, PVC double wall corrugated pipe such as 14 national standards have been approved and will be starting on June 1 this year, fully implemented. This is the industry standard in recent years, countries have ratified the largest number of plastic. Moreover, the more the industry Expert Recommendation to the industry standard nature of the some important recommendations to mandatory.

At the same time, from the standardization of the market demands more and more. To plastic Mold As an example. Since China’s standard rate is not high, making the mold design and manufacturing cycle than the foreign ministers of 25-40%, not only led to a number of extended delivery precision molds, manufacturing costs, but also cause the user to replace Parts Difficulties. It is understood that the market expected rate of domestic mold has standardized the past two years, 30% to 60% this year. Such expectations will demand changes through the reaction of the enterprise.

In addition, the standardization of plastic products in China is an important ticket to enter the international market. Standardized products do not enter the ranks of business can not be accepted by the international market, it can only form of processing to meet the needs of a very small part of the international market. The plastics business so that we will never be at the international division of labor can only be the most at the end, not to mention real access to international markets, much less about the international market.

This point of view, plastic companies to accept more formal, more powerful standard constraints are inevitable. In the process, Which company, which trades have to prepare more fully, in the future market, their odds will be greater.

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Plastic Free Coffee Makers: Be Conscious For Health

Plastic Free Coffee Makers: Be Conscious For Health

Plastic is hazardous for health. I know that I consume little bit of plastic every day through my food stuffs. Plastic leeches toxins onto people every day. Whatever I find in my daily use, they are made of plastic. My toothbrush is made of plastic. The keyboard I am typing on right now is made of plastic. My skin is absorbing plastic which is really a matter of concern for me. There is no denying the fact that there is little bit of plastic everywhere in my life.

I am extremely surprised that there is plastic in my Coffee Maker. The most significant thing of plastic is that the more you heat plastic, the more unstable it becomes. Heated water bottles lead to breast cancer. I know very well that a cup of hot Espresso will make my morning crisp, fresh and energetic. But the matter of concern is that water reservoir is made of plastic. The water heats up in there to the point where the plastic gets incredibly hot to the touch.

Coffee eliminates the anxiety and depression symptoms and keeps the person cool and energetic. Caffeine in Coffee helps to prevent oxidation of cell in the body and the process of aging gets slow down. Coffee made by a stovetop Espresso Maker wipes out the symptoms of diabetes.

Here are some other types of coffee makers and filters that are plastic free:

Chemex Coffee Makers

I went for plastic free Coffee Maker which will not harmful for health. I went through deep search and found Chemex Coffee Maker and an army of stove percolators. The result was that I can’t make water reservoir out of steel with rubber sealants. The only solution is that you boil the water first each time when you want to have a coffee. It seems strange, but the fact is that it will not harmful for health and you will enjoy the Coffee freely.

The Chemex coffee maker doesn’t come apart. It’s a single piece of glass with leather wrapped around the center. You place a filter paper in the top half, then add ground coffee and pour hot water over the coffee. Just like with a regular coffee cone. Once all the water has dripped through, you remove the filter, grip the Chemex around the leather belt at the center, and pour the coffee into mugs.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station

A Hamilton Beach Brew station is made with the idea of smart thinking, which means that the brew station is made as compact as possible so that everyone can fit it in their kitchen in the smallest available place. Other stations are large, which gives the owner problems like where to fit them. It is not important to own a brew station at home only; it is also an essential thing for an office also, so size does matter. The machine here is created with different designs and models depending on each person’s mode of choice and usage. Every machine made is kept as cheap as possible so that everyone can own one and enjoy their coffee in the morning.

Coffee Percolators

Coffee Percolator is one of the most efficient and must have equipments of your kitchen as it is used for brewing the coffee. The coffee pot is named as percolator which means to pass through an allowable substance to get a well dissolved and mixed substance. The coffee percolator is divided into two parts in which the boiling water flows down the central tube and then it is back down through the ground coffee beans. These are generally made up of two types of metals such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Moderate amount of Coffee maintain the health. If it is free from plastic then it is really very good for health. So, enjoy a cup of Coffee free from plastic, which will keep you more energetic.

David Fleegal

coffee maker | coffee makers

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Foreign garbage to China re-exports of manufactured toys – plastic toys, toy exports, foreign waste – toy industry

Foreign garbage to China re-exports of manufactured toys – plastic toys, toy exports, foreign waste – toy industry

Recently, in the South East of Felixstowe port, the world’s largest cargo shipped from China, like the tens of thousands of containers of consumer goods Mt.

  The shore, one 30 years ago, visited the British Hong Kong and Guangzhou, said David, meet friends and family when the thought of food, with many of the “Made in China”, Chinese people feel suddenly change and economic forces of globalization. But such a large number of the other side from the Earth to the delivery of consumer goods in Europe, at least from an environmental perspective, there is not much of our planet’s benefit, after all, the transport process can also cause air pollution.

Dialogue was not mentioned, these giant sea from Europe to be driven across the border in China Shique loaded with waste recycling and recovery of waste materials, including the removal from the UK’s main waste plastic. The recycling of waste will be processed in China, toy, plastic packaging products such as computer casings, and then shipped to Europe.

British rubbish coming out Guangdong In less than two months after the dialogue that the shore, the sky influential British television reporter in the pungent smoke of Williams witnessed the British refuse a village in Guangdong “amazing scene” .

Williams made 8 years in the Chinese press, thought that his post-mine had been to China to witness the most terrible pollution, but Guangdong South China Sea where the call even after the discovery of pit, where it worthy of said China’s most polluted places.

Williams back to the UK’s TV reports that waste from the UK, he found a letter from a plastic jacket, and the address on the envelope the letter to find the owner?? A far thousands of miles away in Britain.

The Englishman’s letter to him in distant China was surprised. The waste classification advocates claim to the British, said: “I am speechless, we just do our classification, Who would have thought the end of these waste by those who do not wear gloves, but also those who directly deal with toxic gas inhalation. ”

Reported that the waste plastics is the UK’s main exports to China is one, even the reprocessing of waste pits residents subsistence, can only earn about £ 50 a month, about 750 yuan, the average income of the United Kingdom level of 8%. Children as young as 14-year-old pile of cans in the waste bottle, plastic bags and food bags, and then melted for reuse.

Smelting process appears sharp yellow smoke unbearable. Direct dumping of waste processing plant waste into streams, rivers, causing water to become a pool of Ukrainian town water. Shooting in the town an hour later, reporters and camera crews were feeling the eyes, throat irritation.

40-year-old Xiao-Mei Chen (phonetic) to connect to pit for several months. She said: “You are rich in the United Kingdom, would not do such work,. Us poor, hard to find work, only picking over waste.” Lens, in a waste site, the workers may lead to cancer and in the processing Birth Defects of PVC.

British journalist was found in the waste heap of British Asda, Tesco shopping bags and food packaging, Sainsbury supermarket plastic milk bottle, Cadbury Chocolate packaging and Hang-style pasta bags … …

In even the pits, waste disposal sites and a French and a German household plastic waste disposal sites.

Waste storage pit boss even see the British journalist is not happy, they go all the way H, and even asked to call the police. They fear that if the news spread, waste plastics are loaded ship may elect his office would cut off their source of wealth.

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Plastic: is it the New Black Gold?

Plastic: is it the New Black Gold?

According to the report from the Ministry of environment, Mauritius produces some 120 tons of plastic wastes daily amounting to a total of 43,800 tons of waste every year of which only 4%, representing some 164 tons, are recycled. In 2006, the population’s consumption of non-biodegradable plastic products amounted to some 70 million Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, 7 million PVC bottles, and 113 million plastic bags.

Now just imagine a process able to clear our environment of plastic wastes, creating jobs in waste management and collection and at the same time bringing useful resources such as petrol and gas, which can be beneficial to our economy. The Liquid Hydrocarbons pilot project proposed by the Green Hydrocarbons (Mtius) Ltd has the ambitious desire of turning our plastic wastes into hydrocarbon petrol.

The environment friendly project, realized with the collaboration of the initiators of the project in India, Unique Waste Plastic Management & Research CO. Pvt. Ltd., will enable Mauritius to get rid of its plastic wastes while at the same time providing resources such as petrol. The initiator of the project will bring all the technology and equipment necessary for the setting of the pilot plant while the government, in collaboration with Green Hydrocarbons Ltd., will provide the necessary location and licenses.

The ratio of the conversion of the plastic waste into petrol is one kilogram of plastic into the volume of 1000 cc of petrol. The pilot project will hence be converting some 2.5 tons of plastic wastes daily into some 25,000 liters of petrol and other by-products. This project is a green alternative to the palliative solutions that have been found so far to deal with plastic wastes. Land filling, incineration, recycling, gasification and blast furnace have shown their limits in the treatment of plastic wastes.

Recycling is unfortunately not a practical solution in that the cost of collection is quite high; there is a limited market for it, with an absence of marketing. Moreover, plastic can only be recycled three to four times, after that it loses its strength and can’t be recycled. The project realized with the collaboration of Indian partners is due to start in the course of the year 2007, once the EIA obtained.


The concepts of plastic conversion into hydrocarbons was elaborated by Professor Alka Zadgaonkar of the Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur in Indian, in the year 1995. While giving a lecture on Applied Chemistry, she came up with the idea of turning plastic back into hydrocarbons. She worked with a team on the formula and in 2004; they succeeded in turning 300mg of plastic into hydrocarbon liquids.

Unique Waste Plastic Management & Research Co. Pvt. Ltd of India later launched a pilot project where some 5,000 tons of plastic wastes were converted everyday. The process was later extended to treat 25,000 tons daily in 2006 and the objective of the project is to treat some 450,000 tons. She asked for analysis by Indian Oil and made a number of recommendations for the use of the final products.

After about one year of operation, the project was realized with the help of loans. Representatives of the State Bank of India acknowledged that the project is already running on profit, thus proving the efficiency of the method. The world produces no less than 60% more plastic wastes than it did some ten years back with a production of 100 million tons every year. India produces 10,000 tons of plastic wastes everyday which 40% are recycled.

This project has enabled India to better manage the country’s plastic wastes while at the same time creating jobs. Actually India sells its hydrocarbon at 40% to 50% less than normal diesel. The technology is presently being exported to other regions such as Rajasthan and even to America; for instance, some hospitals are being operated using their own wastes.

The investments for the pilot project in Mauritius are estimated to around 100 to 300 millions Rupees. Land filling, incineration and recycling 4% are presently being used but they do not resolve the problem of environmental damage caused by plastic. The Waste to Compost project, will however give a new dimension to the processing of plastic in that hydrocarbon and the other by-products used as compost.


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The Changing Face of Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

The Changing Face of Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

Since the invention of plastic, it has been the most popular and the most widely used packaging material in the cosmetic industry. The popularity of plastic has never waned, and even today, we can see cosmetics in beautiful and visually appealing plastic packaging adorning the shelves of shops. However when we look back we can see that the kind of plastic used now in the cosmetic packaging industry is very much different from the one used in the past. Let us look at the changing face of plastic in the cosmetic packaging industry.When plastic first made its appearance in cosmetic packaging, it immediately gained wide acceptance because of its vast benefits when compared to other forms of packaging, especially paper and glass. It could deliver where others failed, and this fact contributed to its immense importance in the cosmetic packaging industry.

However, as the years passed and new players entered the cosmetic arena, changing the perception of beauty in the minds of people, it led to the manufacture of a wide variety of different make-up, perfumes, skin care, body care, and hair care products. As people became more and more conscious about their looks and appearance, the number of brands also multiplied. On one hand it contributed to the growth of the cosmetic industry into a booming industry worth billions of dollars, on the other hand it led to the piling up of vast amounts of empty plastic containers, bottles, cans, pumps, dispensers, droppers, jars, tottles, and tubes. The piling up of trash in landfills brought into the limelight the issue of environmental degradation and stressed the need for more stringent measures to contain the menace of plastics.

The Plastic Menace

The factors that contribute to the durability of plastic are also behind its resistance to degrading naturally. The molecular bonds in plastics make it resistant to the natural processes of degradation. Hence, it takes hundreds of years to decompose thereby causing immense damage to the eco-system.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

As people became aware of the role of plastic in environmental degradation, they decided to take some concrete steps to prevent further degradation. They insisted on green packaging and denounced brands that used plastic materials for packaging. Realizing the changing preferences of shoppers, cosmetic manufacturers and cosmetic packaging manufacturers took measures to make the products as well as packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

Hence, instead of non-degradable plastic containers, manufacturers started using recyclable, recycled, and non-polluting plastics that use up very little energy in their manufacturing for packaging cosmetic products. PET, or Polyethylene terephthalate, PP, or Polypropylene, and PEHD, or Polyethylene high-density, became the most preferred bio-degradable plastic materials for packaging cosmetics.However, efforts on the part of cosmetic packaging manufacturers did not end here. Innovations are still continuing, with the latest being grass-based polypropylene lotion pumps and containers and with more to come in the near future

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