Wine Bottle Gift Box, You Can Buy One, or You Can Make One

Wine Bottle Gift Box, You Can Buy One, or You Can Make One

When you give someone a gift, the wrapping is part of the gift just as much as the present inside it. Normally one should never judge a book by its cover but sometimes one should and this is one of those times. Wine does not start to taste better when the box it is presented in is nicer and more expensive, of course not, but it does give it that little bit extra.

You can buy a gift box for wine bottles in all sorts of places, ranging from a wine shop you normally visit or a vineyard store. There are multiple colors you can choose from and even when it comes to designs and materials you will not run out of options.

Design or make your own

Are you a creative person maybe? If you have experience with art work and know about designing then why not create your own wine bottle gift box? When the thought of putting a box together has you buying a designer one then buy one that is already made for you? A tip would be to go to your local wine store and buy a few of the wine boxes that are not decorated yet.

You have a wide choice of materials when it comes to gift boxes for one bottle. There are the ones made of wood but also plastic, fabric, cardboard and even metal. Some decorating tips would be to use a wooden one and paint it, maybe with some rustic scenes or a portrait. An other option could be to go 3 dimensional and glue things like flowers or other items on the box.

Even if your on a budget and you can only by a cardboard wine bottle gift box, you can still paint it to make it more personal and even glue things on it.

If your not only good with design but also with your hands then design the whole gift box from scratch, choose you own material and create something really personal around the bottle of wine you are giving as a present. There are metal containers for wine bottles that you could also use, or maybe create your own from sheet metal.

Maybe you have these wild ideas for a lovely gift wrapping but are not creative enough to make it happen on your own, then you could ask a friend who is a bit experienced to help you out by being the hands to your mind.

Wine should be enjoyed and indeed the wrapping will not make it taste better then it already is. But the joy of unwrapping it, knowing that the gift giver has gone to all that effort just to create something special will make drinking it very special. And just think about all the fun you will have beforehand when you are in the middle of creating the wine bottle gift box.

When you need some ideas or some tips do a search online to find some arts and crafts sites who can show you some new ways of creating the perfect wine bottle wrapping.

Jean Bolton loves to give gifts and wine is her favorite. She shows that personalized wine gift bottles or wine country gift baskets make a perfect gift.

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The Development Of Modern Technology

The Development Of Modern Technology

Each time the new reform, are high-tech progress. Constant pursuit of higher technology content updates, so that food packaging to a new level.

High-tech, high intelligence production facilities, will continue to promote the development of packaging technology, the new process, automation, computer integration, the application of food packaging will provide more updated design concept. Modern new superb printing, plate-making technology to all aspects of packaging to provide a guarantee to achieve the perfect effect, combining art and science and technology more closely interact with each other and mutual restraint. Scientific and technological breakthroughs in modern food packaging plays an important role as a designer must be able to be familiar with new techniques and new technologies and be able to take full advantage of new technologies has made it possible for modern food packaging services, using computer design tools, the pursuit of a more refined , perfect, and have cultural connotation of the packaging design.

2. The development of modern materials

Packaging material is used to manufacture packaging containers and packaging materials constitute a general term. Its categories include wood, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, fabric and various auxiliary packaging materials. Its basic performance is protective, security, processing adaptability, convenience and commodity, but also includes resource characteristics, economical, and recyclable nature. Food packaging is a systems engineering, packaging materials is the foundation.

With the development of social science and technology, various new materials are constantly being established and used, packaging materials from the natural development of the synthesis, from a single developed into composite materials of mutual penetration has become a world-wide trends and the inevitable. It represents a new era of cultural information, a new force in life reflected, making the ranks of modern food packaging inside has added a new family, so that packaging has a contemporary aesthetic culture, epidemic and popularity . The emergence of a new material will make a packaged form with a distinctive mark, such as metal foil packaging, are considered high-grade, high-quality packaging materials with contemporary features, so a new type of snack food have adopted a number of leisure Such packaging material.

The development of new materials, not only have higher technology content, and more scientific and reasonable, safe and reliable, and more emphasis on wholesome and harmless, more delicate the pursuit of material, smooth, flexible, feature-rich and the texture, but also give full consideration to environmental protection, re – use and other factors, some material can imitate the natural properties of the materials to replace the role of traditional materials, and can achieve the best results packaged foods.

As a contemporary designer, to acquire new properties of the materials, and can accurately grasp the beauty of a variety of materials, the ingenious application of these materials, so that the effect of surprise was packing up.

The development of modern design ideas with the modern food packaging design a new space

Development of the times made modern design concept has already developed to the design ideas are not limited to the development of the arts. Wide range of design thinking to develop and establish a correct concept of modern packaging design and establish a design concept in line with requirements of the times and in line with modern aesthetics, values and consumer outlook. New discoveries of modern science, interdisciplinary involvement, human values and their own understanding of the surrounding ecological environment, cultural trends, psychology, life and world view influence far beyond the expected range, the designer should give full play to the use of divergent thinking, walk in the forefront of the times, look for the unique design style, grasp the era of beauty, the future markets are forward-looking and common sense.

1. Modern Food Packaging and Environmental Protection

As the recognized categories of education face the constant expansion of protection of the environment will also benefit from packing business started, reduce costs, re-use, reduce pollution, sustainable development, will be the 21st century, we have to face the important issue.

Resource consumption and environmental protection have become the two major global ecological hot spots, and modern packaging and they are closely related, packaging materials used in the manufacture consume large quantities of natural resources; in the packaging production process, some break down toxic substances will cause pollution of the environment; large quantities of packaging waste is also the importance of environmental pollution caused by these factors contribute to the vicious cycle of nature. The Earth\’s resources are limited, not inexhaustible, with the endless, each material needed to form a long time, a large number of forest logging has seriously damaged the Earth\’s climate and ecological balance. Packaging industry a huge demand for resources, so we, as a packaging designer who will have to set an example from my start in the design of packaging, seek refined and less, reasonable simple, prevent over-packing and packaging exaggerated. At present, the market there are some boxes bigger and bigger, and the contents inside the dress is very small, which not only a waste of resources, but also to consumers, creating a feeling of being deceived. In the design, promoting the use of high-tech composite materials to replace glass, metal and other materials, such as milk, fruit juice drinks packaged using aseptic packaging paper-plastic composite materials and technologies, substantial energy savings in packaging costs, while also better to maintain food flavor and quality, and granting it the beauty of the era.

We live in an environment, plastic white pollution resulting from everywhere, our city will be surrounded by plastic and other packaging waste. Therefore, the face of this grim reality, we should try to set up training in food packaging, to solve a rational positioning of products and packaging to avoid the slick packaging, maximize the use of high-performance packaging materials and high-tech packaging technology, in ensuring the quality of goods at the same time to minimize duplication of packaging materials and improve utilization, reduce the cost of a comprehensive package, focusing on eco-environmental protection, so that product packaging and the people and environment to establish a symbiotic and harmonious relationship, and constantly develop controllable biodegradation, photodegradation, and water-soluble packaging materials, the introduction of new packaging materials, while simultaneously launching its recycling technology to packaging to reduce the ecological damage to the environment to a minimum level.

2. The establishment of green packaging systems have become the subject of our common

Vigorously promote the green food that is clean, safe, high quality, nutritious food at the same time, the new green packaging concept has been continuously paying attention to the people, it is beneficial to the packaging of the human environment is conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation packaging. Research and development of green packaging is an inevitable trend of social development, but also the future of packaged hot competition in the market.

Green packaging technology systems should address the use of packaging throughout the entire process before and after the destruction of the ecological environment, research and find the ideal green packaging technology for different commodities to the corresponding green packaging research and development products and methods. The practical significance of promoting green packaging is to promote the establishment and improvement of packaging resource recovery and recycling system that allows full use of packaging waste, greatly reducing the environmental pollution and ecological damage, to reduce consumption of natural resources, so that the living environment of human beings safer and more comfortable.

Today, people in the pursuit of reverting to simplicity, return to nature\’s design. Starting from natural to go along with the laws of natural development, development of natural beauty.

In the visual, emotional and guide people to return to nature, breathe the natural air, and fully tap the essence of natural beauty, and can be fully reflected in packaging design.

In short, to design excellent food packaging, you must first set ahead of design ideas, people-oriented, emphasizing the key to packing is accurate and quickly convey information. Must make full use of modern scientific and technological achievements, good at using new materials, new processes, new structures to create a multi-functional, new shape, new interiors in the new modern lifestyle and living needs.

The twenty-first century is the network society is the information era of knowledge economy, we need to put food packaging be treated as a system to enable people to live better, spending the least, that is to be a good little consumers to enjoy. Design has more than just a simple product, packaging, more of a service, communication, design changes from hard to soft, from visible to invisible changes in the design, the design also enjoys more of the surface. The entry of WTO and international trade integration is our future design direction, emphasis on people-oriented, so that the desire of people to escape from the material out of a little more freedom of choice, emphasizing service of human beings and sustainable development purposes.

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2009 Fourth International Plastics Machinery & Linyi Plastic Packaging Industry – Plastic Industry

2009 Fourth International Plastics Machinery & Linyi Plastic Packaging Industry – Plastic Industry

Start time:  2009-05-16 End time:  2009-05-18 Venue:  Linyi, Shandong Province Lu Xinguo International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Contact:  Miss Chiu Contact Phone:  0531-85880252 Sponsored by:  Linyi Municipal People’s Government

Sponsor:  Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Linyi Fortune

2009 Linyi China Fourth International Plastic Machinery Plastic Packaging Industry Exhibition cum

2009 Chinese Linyi 4th session of international plastic rubber industry and plastic packing industry exposition

Time: May 16, 2009 -18 days

Location: Shandong Linyi Luxin Guo International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Sponsored by: Linyi Municipal People’s Government

Linyi City International Economic and Trade Promotion Committee

Linyi City Plastics Association Sponsor: Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Linyi Fortune

Exhibition Co., Ltd., Jinan Heng Supporters: Chen Hsong Group Co., Ltd. Linyi Office

Haitian Plastics Machinery Long Xing Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Linyi

Shandong Guofeng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Linyi stars

Linyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Precision Division

Letter Yi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan

Changzhou Longsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Support media : Plastic Fabric Plastic wind

HC International Plastics Business Buyer’s Guide China’s aggregate net

China Plastic Machine Net “Plastics market,” “Plastic Business”

China China Plastics Network Injection molding machine Net

Overseas Chinese Plastic St Business Network Information Modern Plastics International Plastics

Plastics Engineering Plastics Applications Special Supporting Organizations: Linyi Longhua Industrial

China Plastics Processing Industry Association Committee of China Packaging Association of Plastic Packaging

Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan Fu Chun Shin Plastic Association of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Plastics Processing Industry Association

Taiwan Germany Italy presses Lunan Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. East China Plastics City Market

2009CLYTSOIPRI PP IE passion Outlook Seize the opportunity 2009CLYTSOIPRIPPIE Passion Lunan, manufacturing advantages of a large city in Shandong birth manufacturing “leap second” new pattern, 2009CLYTSOIPRIPPIE give you a golden opportunity!

Linyi City, Shandong Province is located in the southeast of the national urban population more than 10 million middle-three cities in the Shandong province’s largest and most populous city. The top ten industrial market in third place. Northern central city of Linyi, as Lunan cohesion, radiation force, driving force and vigorous greatly enhanced, as Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui and the largest commodity distributing center.

Linyi City, the total industrial economy expanded rapidly, growing the overall economic strength. Foreign-invested enterprises in Linyi had reached a more than 1,000 homes, only U.S. companies have more than 160.

Linyi focus on cultivating machinery, building materials, food, wood, medicine, chemical industry, textile and garment seven pillar industries, brought up the related “nine industrial production base.” Create “Lunan manufacturing the City” and building an international reputation industrial cities! Lunan manufacturing industry to seek a “second leap” to build a strong manufacturing sector, construction of Lunan has been started, the manufacturing industry with unique conditions.

Harvest next 2009CLYTSOIPRIPPIE Limited extension, infinite gain; and opportunities Zero, Zero and wealth, invested heavily in building the manufacturing industry event, the future interpretation of the magic … …

“2009 China Linyi Fourth International Plastics and Rubber Industry, Plastic Packaging Industry Exhibition” For you to build the ideal Cooperation Platform. Through exhibition opportunities, establish corporate brand. Shandong Lunan by virtue of the unique advantages of manufacturing strength, concentration of domestic, international radiation, is your golden key to enter the market.

low input, high efficiency gains, with long-lasting business opportunities and benefits to the rapid expansion of your product sales, the industry together by source. Saving time and cost savings in a wide range of expenditures and marketing costs, so that you understand the market, allows you to quickly capture the market of products, an exhibition displaying the company’s style, exhibited a fruitful future … …

Loyal cooperation 2009CLYTSOIPRIPPIE Government support, system and powerful marketing promotion and publicity programs, rich experience in manufacturing exhibition, 2009CLYTSOIPRIPPIE Let us work together to build … …

Jinan Hang Exhibition Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in organization, planning, hosting exhibitions of professional exhibition service company. The company has a large audience database, “2009, Linyi China Fourth International Plastics and Rubber Industry, Plastic Packaging Industry Exhibition” has abundant customer resources, perennial strong domestic and international media propaganda to show in the industry known, spread to every corner.

Show time Preparation time: 14 May 2009 -15 Day Opening time: at half past nine on May 16, 2009

Exhibition time: May 16, 2009 -18 Closing time: May 18, 2009 15:00 PM

Scope of Exhibits injection molding technology and equipment Manipulator Arm (out machine), the Central for the materials and auxiliary equipment, molds and mold components manufacturing equipment.

extrusion technology and equipment: foam sheet, blown film / bag, pipe, profile, sheet, together plastic, round wire, flat, wire and cable, mixing, granulation and other production equipment.

plastic machinery, rubber / tire machinery and related products, testing and control equipment, surface treatment, lighting equipment, post-processing equipment.

blow molding production technologies and equipment: plastic extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding and other production techniques and equipment.

related equipments and all kinds of parts: plastic bottles, mixing equipment, Mixer , On the feeder, dryer, crusher, chiller, vibrating screen, pelletizer, speed reducer, mold temperature, ultrasonic welding machines, electric motors electric elements, Steam hydraulic components, heater, Screw / Sets and other auxiliary set

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motorcycle racing pants , motorcycle cordura jackets
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Makeing a Gutter Scoop From a Plastic Bottle

Makeing a Gutter Scoop From a Plastic Bottle

By following this guidance you may turn an empty plastic bottle into a handy tool for cleaning out your gutters.

This first thing that you have to do is to reuse a plastic bottle with handle. The next thing is to leave the lid on the bottle.

Lean the bottle on its inside down. And then twist the bottle so handle is on top. The last thing is to cut the lower from the bottle at a slight angle.

Suitable gutter scoops are generally extracted from plastic fabric softeners or bleach bottles. There are two things that we are going to need & these are a knife and scissors.

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