Using Water Bottles As Art

Using Water Bottles As Art

There are many art projects you can engage in by using water bottles. This is a great way to create something beautiful whilst recycling. Encourage your young ones and others to go GREEN with these crafts endeavors.

Lava lamp
All you need are simple materials that can be found in the kitchen or around the house: –

1 transparent bottle with cap
Food coloring
Either vegetable or mineral oil
1 flashlight
Salt or baking soda

First, fill the water bottle with oil, about three quarters and add on water. Leave a little space at the top. The water will descend to the bottom and minute bubbles will emerge. Add a few drops of food coloring, two or more to add dimension. It will take a few moments for the color to merge. Switch on the flashlight and point it to the makeshift lamp. Drop little bits of baking soda or salt into the concoction, and voila, you now have your very own unique home-made lava lamp. To get the same effect later on, attach the cap on the bottle and turn it upside down. A word of caution – do not expose the lava lamp to high temperatures as it can explode.

Water bottle hat
A contraption your children will love.

2 socks with cuffs folded
2 plastic water bottles
2 pieces of aquarium plastic tubing, preferably 42 inches
1 baseball cap

To start off, sew the socks directly unto sides of baseball cap. Discard the bottles’ caps and fill with water. Thrust the plastic tubing through the holes made vacant by the discarded caps and place the bottles in the sock pockets. You can further embellish the water bottle hat with stickers or drawings.

Message in a Bottle
This is a beautiful piece of art that can be tailored for any special occasion.

Empty water bottle
1 sheet of stationery paper
1 cup granulated sugar
Plastic or acrylic jewels, beads and confetti
Marker pen (choice of color is infinite)
Thumbtack or glue

First, make sure that the bottle is clean and free from all labels. Using your marker pen, write a note or poem on the stationery paper. Tie the note with some ribbon, leaving one end and attaching it to the end of the bottle cap using a thumb tack or glue. Set it aside. Pour sugar into the bottle, enough to ensure that the letter is visible in the neck for easy removal. Now, drop the beads, confetti or jewels into the sugar. Carefully, push the note into the neck of the bottle. Make sure that the long end of the ribbon is also in the neck and put in the cap. Decorate your bottle using paint, making your designs as festive as possible.

Recycled garden
A garden made from recycled bottles and other easy to find materials.

Empty 2 liter bottles
Pipe cleaners
Dryer sheets
Drinking straws
Construction paper (various colors)
Popsicle sticks
Cardboard box
Styrofoam bowl (for containing paint)

Fashion flowers out of the dryer sheets, and place them one inside the other. This can be done by dipping each cut flower into a Styrofoam bowl filled with paint. Do not forget to lightly pinch the flowers in the center. Next, wrap the pipe cleaners around the pinched areas and twist to hold the flowers. Fluff the flowers to make them seem alive. To form the stems, slip the pipe cleaners down into the drinking straws. Utilizing the cardboard box as the base, cut out one side and start decorating with construction paper. You can fashion a fence using Popsicle sticks. To hold the flowers in place, cut the bottom of the water bottle and place it upside down into the bottom of the box. For grass, use green construction paper. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from wine glasses and shot glasses to tote bags and water bottles.

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Blow Moulding Machine for Producing Plastic blowing mold

Blow Moulding Machine for Producing Plastic blowing mold

Blow Moulding Machine for Producing Plastic blowing mold

Process for producing plastic containers, including an extrusion blow moulding machine, is disclosed. For example, in an extrusion blow molding process for plastic bottles, in which plastic tubing which has been extruded from an extruder head in a definable cycle is placed in the mold cavity of a blow molding tool arrangement, the inserted plastic tubing is inflated via an infeed blow mandrel by overpressure according to the mold cavity and is then removed from the mold.

The production of plastic blowing mold, especially plastic bottles, for example from polyethylene or polypropylene, takes place in extrusion blow molding processes, especially in an extruded tube blowing process. In this connection a plastic tube is extruded from an extruder head, placed in the blow molding machine, inflated by overpressure via a blow mandrel, and cured by cooling. The extrusion blow molding machines used for this purpose generally have at least one extruder for supplying the plastic material. The output of the extruder is connected to the extruder head, and a tube which has been extruded in one or more layers emerges on its exit nozzle which can be adjusted preferably in opening width. The extruded tube is transferred to the blow molding tool and inflated within its cavity with the blow mandrel. The plastic tube can have one or more layers, it can be extruded as a tube with visible strips, decorative strips or, relative to the periphery, with several differently colored segments.

The blow moulding machine has been explained using the example of a continuous extrusion blowing process and a correspondingly made device with a vertical arrangement of the extruder head, the blow molding tool arrangement and the blow mandrels. It goes without saying that the hardware components can also be arranged in a horizontal or any alignment according to the extrusion direction. The process as claimed in the invention can also be used in a discontinuous extrusion blowing process and accordingly a discontinuous extrusion blowing machine can also be produced.



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Green Ideas To Promote Sustainable And Healthy Development Of Plastics Industry

Green Ideas To Promote Sustainable And Healthy Development Of Plastics Industry

   China artificial leather synthetic leather Network plastics have been born a century, and is widely used in agricultural production, building materials, household appliances, electrical and electronic, automotive, packaging and other areas, plastic products has become an integral part of everyday life. Most plastic materials with renewable, and is typical of resource-saving and environment-friendly materials, energy, water conservation, development of circular economy is playing an increasingly important role. Through organized recycling and green plastic resource development and utilization, production – use – recycling – The recycling and reuse economic model, not only to create a higher economic value, but also reduce the pressure on resources and the environment is the concept of green plastic embodies.

    Plastic products industry is an important component of China’s light industry parts, including plastic sheeting, sheet sections, plastic tubing, foam, leather synthetic leather, boxes and containers, household products and other sub-sectors. With the expanding application areas, the domestic plastic products industry average annual growth rate of more than 10% in 2008 above-scale enterprises reached 16000, the output has reached 37.13 million tons, 963.8 billion yuan of industrial output value, accounting for Light Industry 10% of the total output value, the more the country’s total industrial output value of 1.9%, occupies an important position in the national economy.

    Plastics industry’s rapid development and environmental protection, the contradiction between the increasingly prominent. Scale of the industry continue to grow, increasing product variety and production, waste recycling, regeneration using a global hot spot of concern. Structural stability due to its chemical composition is difficult to break down naturally disappear, if not handled properly will be a negative impact on the environment. With the environment, energy, security and human health issues such as being taken seriously, green plastic more and more attention.

Advocate green consumption concept, development of new materials, the ecological environment, the development of relevant environmental laws and regulations, standardize manufacturers and consumer behavior, improve the recycling system, relying on scientific and technological advances constantly improve the level of resource utilization of waste plastics into the development of green plastics industry, the contents of the . The author believes that a sound plastic recycling system, and improve the level of plastic recycling of resources, research and development of new eco-materials (ie bio-degradable plastics) is the focal point of development.

1, plastic recycling industry development status

1. The situation of foreign

    According to figures released by the Worldwatch Institute show that each year worldwide plastics recycling utilization rate of less than 10%. European recovery is relatively high, “European Plastics” published an annual report revealed that in 2006 Europe, including materials recycling and energy recovery of plastics recycling, including utilization of more than 50%, compared to 2005 increased 3%. Among them, 19% recycling month, energy recovery accounts for about 31%. 7 European countries (Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium) in 2006, the recovery rate of waste plastics reached 80%, but EU member states there are still half of the recovery rate is still lower than 30%. Japan’s plastics recycling utilization rate reached 26%.

    China artificial leather synthetic leather Network these countries not only relatively high levels of plastics recycling, but also put forward the requirements of green design, recyclable, easy recall a product of choice of raw materials and product design premise. Such as the recent implementation of the EU EuP directive calling for imports of electrical and electronic products, from production to scrapping the whole process of environmental monitoring, which is following the RoHS Directive and WEEE Directive, the EU released 3rd Road for electrical and electronic products, environmental directives, monitoring a wider scope.

    EuP Directive require electrical and electronic products use non-toxic, low-power, non-polluting or less polluting trace of raw materials, use renewable and recyclable materials and improve resource utilization, provides electrical and electronic products to achieve certification only to enter the European market. EuP Directive of “green manufacturing” The introduction of the product life cycle, including the “green materials, green design, green production, green packaging and the use of green recycling and processing” and other links, including “green materials” and “green packaging and the use of “will have a major impact on plastic products industry.

    In this regard, plastic industry experts suggest that, faced with an increasing number of increasingly stringent environmental regulations at home and abroad, the domestic enterprises should actively respond to plastic, plastic raw materials and products to improve environmental standards, pay close attention to the development of new environmentally friendly plastics additives, and speed up the replacement process of toxic and hazardous substances.

2.’s Domestic situation

    The shortage of plastic raw materials in China, import volume, there are a large number of scrap plastic imports. China has become the world’s largest market and the recycling of waste plastics country, but also the world’s largest volume of imports of waste plastics country.

    At present, the domestic plastic recycling is still in its infancy, is low utilization rate of waste plastic recycling, plastic and packaging waste recycling less than 10% utilization, the development of broad prospects. In addition to outside the domestic plastic packaging products, plastic products, scrapping the peak period has not yet come, but as the accumulation of years of post-consumer plastics, domestic waste plastic volume was rapid growth trend, a conservative estimate, in 2004 waste plastic generated approximately 7.87 million tons 2005, approximately 9.6 million tons in 2006 to reach 13.84 million tons. According to incomplete statistics, in 2007 the domestic waste plastic generated about 17.2 million tons, plus an annual import of 560 to 600 million tons, produces about 23 million tons, the market has great potential.

    Plastics recycling industry experienced an unprecedented opportunity for development, plastics recycling market is constantly expanding, investment activity is growing into a recycling processing clusters and market a new environmentally-friendly business and professional industries. Plastic recycling, recycling industry in China has broad prospects. Plastics industry is an important industry of the national economy. Plastic recycling can save resources, ease the contradiction between supply and demand of plastic raw materials, but also protecting the environment, is the only way for the sustainable development of the plastics industry.

2, green plastic development path and the current problems to be solved

    To develop plastics recycling industry and the development of new eco-materials (biodegradable plastics), is the development of green plastics industry, the two development models. To develop plastics recycling industry is the production – use – recycling – The recycling and reuse economic models; the development of new ecological environment material is eco-cycle model.

    At present, more than 10000 plastic recycling business, recycling outlets throughout the country, has formed a number of large-scale renewable plastics recycling market and processing hub. Are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei and Liaoning provinces in the plastics processing industry developed. Recycled plastic recycling, processing, management and increasing market size, annual turnover was mostly in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. The same day, it should be noted that although the formation of a certain scale, but the recycling of backward technology, extensive recycling method is not only easy to form secondary pollution, and recycling generated by low-value, has seriously hindered the development of the industry in China Synthetic leather.

    On the positive development of plastics recycling technology, the research and development of biodegradable plastics become the world’s plastics processing industry in research focus. Goal is to develop a micro-environment can be degraded completely into the ecological cycle of plastic. Reduction of plastic film and packaging waste on the environment pollution.

At the same time, this plastic lower production costs, with a corresponding economy, after use of biological garbage can, together with ordinary compost, without having to spend a great price for the collection, sorting and recycling processing. In the bio-degradable plastics research and development in countries around the world have invested a great deal of financial and human resources, spending a great deal of energy research. Plastic processing industry generally believe that bio-degradable plastics in the 21st century, new technologies, materials issues.

    In short, the plastics industry should uphold the green concept, implementation of the country on energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection and recycling economy policies, promotion of plastic recycling products and steel, wood substitutes, applications, improve the level of resource utilization of waste plastics, is committed to building environmentally friendly and harmonious industry, in order to contribute to the building ecological civilization and take the road of recycling economy and promote sustainable and healthy development of plastics industry.

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