Pure Water Products ? Bottled Water Vs Water Filtration Unit

Pure Water Products ? Bottled Water Vs Water Filtration Unit

Since, our childhood we have been told that 2/3rd of our body weight is water and we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to lead a healthy and ail-free life. However, if the drinking water is impure and it contains traces of pollutants and chemicals, then drinking the same could do more harm than good. This is where pure water products play a pivotal role.

As you know, bottled water and water filtration units are the two broad categories for pure water products. However, which amongst them is the best? Which one should you select?

Well, the answer lies in the quality of water produced by both the pure water products. Below are some shocking facts for you, which you might not be aware of and might want to consider before making a decision.

Bottled water In a recent study, it was discovered that more than 25% of bottled water is not much better than the tap waters. Many bottled water manufacturers use a very preliminary filtering process and then package it in a nice and shinning bottle and sell at huge prices. We as end customers, think price is related to quality; and therefore, consume these bottles containing nothing actually the tap water at the cost of your hard earned money and breach of trust.

Besides the quality of water in these bottles, the quality of plastic used further degrades the quality of water. This is because; chemicals from inferior plastic can percolate into the drinking water with time.

Moreover, these bottles have environmental impact too. Plastic used in them do not degrade naturally and therefore, are one of the contributor to increasing pollution in today’s world.

Filtration systems Thanks to the increasing pollution, because of which new pollutants are being introduced in water almost every day. This is where the effectivity of water filtration technologies comes into the picture. You will be surprised to know the filtration techniques that used to be the best in the past stands nowhere in the list of best filtration processes as recommended by the experts.

Water filtered from out dated methodologies like reverse osmosis, distillation, etc. is not considered to fit for human consumption. It contains traces of many chemicals like chlorine, and many carcinogenic compounds like THMs (trihalomethanes) and VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).

These old technologies are now replaced by innovative processes like carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration techniques.

In conclusion, both the above pure water products are good if they result in healthy, clean and pure water. However, if you ask me, my vote goes to high-end water filtration units that can remove the toxins present to water to undetectable levels. Since, they have onetime investment you can save your money and efforts in ordering bottled water every week.

If you wish to learn more about filtering pure water products, visit my website now.

Water Expert, Bobby Forbes is consultant to millions of men, women, and organizations and advocates the use of safe water in home and office. Visit his website http://purifiedwaterhome.com to learn how you can protect your family from contaminated water.


Click now to visit Purified Water Home and learn about new age water filters, which are safe for your health, and effective in delivering  pure and safe water for your family.

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Steam Distillation: a Healthy Alternative to Reverse Osmosis and Bottled Waters

Steam Distillation: a Healthy Alternative to Reverse Osmosis and Bottled Waters

The popularity of bottled water has surged in the last 5 years… Most households prefer it to tap water for reasons of taste and apparent health benefits. However, many bottled water products simply filter what is essentially tap water and in the process remove many of the mineral and element benefits that water has naturally. The now popular reverse osmosis systems being installed in many homes, origninally created for industrial purposes, create a clean tasting water but its artificial synthetic process leaves questions about its health benefits.

Steam Distillation is a natural process, it is simply the heating and cooling of water. Distillation involves vaporizing water by boiling it. The steam rises, leaving behind most of the bacteria, viruses, chemicals, minerals, and pollutants from the water. The steam is then moved into a condensing chamber, where it is cooled and condensed to become distilled water. This process, as it occurs in nature, allows the healthy natural minerals to remain in the water yet purifies any toxins or chemicals that may develop in your tap system or local groundwater. With an at home Steam Distiller you can have pure natural water that tastes cleaner and smoother than bottled or reverse osmosis water with the advantage of it not losing its mineral benefits. Steam Distillers use a stainless steel container limiting the contamination like that of reverse osmosis witch is made primarily with rubber and plastic components and bottled water which is exposed to industrial factory production.

Steam distillation is the clear choice among experts for limiting contamination from bacteria, viruses and chemicals. The water that you and your family drinks should be of the highest purity, Steam Distillation is a clear choice.

For more information on Steam Distillation products for your home visit: waterwise8800.html

Mathew Avrahmi is a contributor of health and nutrition related articles.


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Discover Why to Switch to Bottled Water Delivery

Discover Why to Switch to Bottled Water Delivery

In today’s world every second day you are exposed to many contaminants and pollutants that cause tremendous harm to your health. In a bid to save yourself from falling ill it is imperative to know what measures you should undertake to minimize the contaminants you consume. Switching to purified bottled water delivery is the first step towards protecting yourself as water-borne diseases are abundant. Unfortunately public water supply has been rumored to contain insecticides, medicines, pesticides, sewage and many more such contaminants that are seriously detrimental for our health.

Public water supply is a huge cause of concern all over the world. There have been many instances in the past when contaminated water has been supplied to homes and consumed by people without knowing the consequences and reality. Many notable studies carried out on the level of contamination in drinking water show alarming and disturbing results. Do you still wish to consume such water or would you rather switch to safer and cleaner bottled water? Companies that manufacture bottled water are supposed to adhere to various rules and regulations enforced by the EPA that ensure that the water you drink is healthy and clean.

Dr. George Adcock Carter began delivering selling bottled spring water in 1866. At that point of time he operated his business only in Danville, VA area. The novel idea came to him when he discovered that the illness rate of soldiers drastically decreased when they consumed clean spring water. Post the war he opened a business named Carter’s Spring Company with his son that was immensely successful till 1970’s.

Later in 1979 Dr. Carter’s great-grand son decided to carry the family legacy and opened Mountain Park Spring Water Inc. To date the company remains a completely family affair between Robert and his two sons. The company strives to be a pioneer in the industry and was the first company to introduce bottled water with handles in the year 2000. They were also the pioneers in introducing BPA-free bottles to their valuable bottled water delivery consumers.

In 2008 Mountain Park introduced the revolutionary BPA-free and PVC-free bottles for its consumers. These bottles were specially designed keeping in mind the health of the consumers and were made of PET plastic (recycle-code 1) and the company is aiming for a complete conversion of all their bottles to PET plastic soon. In a move towards their environmental commitment, the discarded bottles of Mountain Park are recycled and the company uses recycled bottles too.

No matter what your need, whether you wish to replace your water dispenser or you wish to buy a new one, all your needs can be successfully fulfilled at Mountain Park. Competitive pricing, exemplary service, express deliveries are the USP of Mountain Park. Get the taste of pristine spring water, purified bottled water and water dispensers at your home and office with bottled water delivery. These deliveries are not charged to the customer and you do not need to pay any surcharge for the fuel too.

You can visit www.mountainparkwater.com for detailed information bottled water delivery. Take a resolution to safe guard your and your family’s health today.

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Moksha’s green tip this month is on the harm plastic bottles cause to health and the environment.
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quot;PET bottles" bottle of anti-pollution improvements program-PET, beverage bottles, contaminated – Food Industry

quot;PET bottles" bottle of anti-pollution improvements program-PET, beverage bottles, contaminated – Food Industry

Many consumers have encountered such a situation: open PET beverage bottles and found a dark bottle with visible mold, it is disgusting. How to improve the mouth of pollution in the study, this paper obtained the national patents improvement program.

Existing bottle with a threaded resealable plastic beverage bottles, the main material is PET, bottle mainly HDPE, location are sealed bottle top, and according to the size of the pressure bottle were taken in different gasket, sealing ring, sealing ring inside the plug or seal in combination with the seal of the sealing plug within the form, which sealed the different forms of performance only to improve the sealing effect.

Position as only the bottle sealed, threaded part is not sealed, from production to consumer consumption of the process, many factors will result in polluting part of bottle thread, such as nutritious beverages in the beverage filling process splash to the bottle screw part, the role of bacteria and air, the mouth of the bottle thread appear moldy, the phenomenon of the accumulation of stain; or adverse environmental transport and storage will lead to a clean bottle thread pollution, such as selling drinks on the ice when the long-term water.

Many consumers will experience open bottle after bottle thread Department found dirt, because bottle has been opened, complaints of limited, had nothing with this. From the drinking habits of view, most consumers drink

Plastic bottled drinks are not straw when it is included directly in the mouth bottle, with screw Department of pollutants will enter the body, this phenomenon is especially true in children.

In fact, many beverage manufacturers have to face this problem, but also adopt various methods to solve, such as control filling volume and reduce the filling to cover delivery of the shock, before capping the bottle washing, etc. However, the problem still occurs, and the various methods currently can not be solved, such as hot filling and overflow level required mouthful is a contradiction. Such defective products sometimes more than 1%, the manufacturer often because of this problem within recovery of product, while in the process of transportation and sale of pollution are difficult to control and ultimately flow to the hands of the consumer products are many complaints about seriously affect the product’s reputation.

Defect analysis from the above view, the problem is not sealed bottle screw part, from the market looking for food packaging, consumers have some protection to the parts of the design of direct contact, such as eight-treasure porridge on the plastic cover, but the outside packaging is added, the sealing effect of the general, but also costs more, in the plastic beverage bottle has no such protective packaging. Then there would not be a simple and cost too much packaging? We propose a practical and feasible.

Principle from the sealing point of view, the above-mentioned sealed plastic beverage bottles are mainly two types in the top cap gasket, sealing gasket has a shape and added (2 cover), with second within the sealed bottle plug. Gasket by bottle to the top of the gasket seal from the role of the extrusion deformation; in Cyprus relies on the external diameter of the inner diameter of the interference with the bottle sealed with the role play. Due to different principles, gasket cap can withstand a large bottle pressure, present a variety of beverages in plastic bottles are used, inside the plug cap on the number of relatively high pressure with no or less in the bottle beverage varieties such as hot-fill beverage most current, within the plug with its sealing diameter and inner diameter with the bottle, the material within the plug.

See from the production process, within the plug cap process is simple, low cost, small changes to re-tighten the seal, so widely used in non-carbonated beverages. Principles of its seal, the seal and the cap is not the final tightening torque between the actual production of capping the final tightening torque required only to prevent accidental lid back loose. Therefore, we can by improving the sealing plug within the mouth of the bottle to get the required thread seal.

The above-mentioned principle of the two seal species in the structure are used to, drink bottle with the bottom sealed bottle male boss, cap and seal within the wall forming the contact surface of convex sets coincide, and in The contact surface with air sealing rings, gas cap seal ring with one injection

I am an expert from chinaslurrypump.com, while we provides the quality product, such as Sand Pump ES , china Slurry Pump EMM, Sand Pump,and more.

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle Maintains Water Freshness and Purity

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Maintains Water Freshness and Purity

There are a number of reasons for which people prefer to have stainless steel water bottles. Apart from not contaminating the environment, such bottles keep their drinking water safe and in original taste. However, plastic bottles are unsafe to reuse as they are made of harmful chemicals. Stainless steel water bottle is safe as it contains the same safe and trusted metal that have been employed for preparing eating utensils and cookware since ages. Its some of the common features for which sought after by a wide selection of people include:

•    Durable
•    Easy to clean
•    Recyclable
•    Cost Effectiveness
•    BPA free

Why are aluminum and stainless steel bottles preferred?

Aluminum and stainless steel bottles are BPA free meaning they do not comprise of a synthetic hormone that can mimic estrogen and lead to prostate cancer. In addition, they are made of materials which are eco-friendly as well. Their nature of being good for health as well as environment make them sought after for kids. In order to cope with the demand, the online as well as offline market is flooded with a number of Kid’s stainless steel bottles.

Knowing about filtered water bottle

People prefer to employ filtered water bottles as they “remove up to 99.99% of pollutants”. Apart from this, its feature of being BPA-free is also appreciated. The bottle is preferred for hiking and camping, travelling, working in the gym and so on. Available in variety of types and styles, such a filtered water bottle is available to cost effective rates.

Choice does matter

When looking for stainless steel water bottles, there are a number of choices available. Transparent bottles are also serving the need of carrying liquids. Apart from this, insulated bottles keep the contents hot or cold, as per your requirements. People want to purify water may opt for a filter water bottle.

Finding water bottles

The online market is bombarded with a number of companies selling various types of water bottles at cost effective rates. Not only products, their services are also economical. Therefore, it is advised prospective customers to make an extensive search through the internet to find a reliable and reputed company. So, do not get late and go ahead.

Ecovessel.com provides a complete line of Stainless Steel Water bottle for both adults and children. Find Filtered Water bottle, Stainless steel sippy, and Kids stainless steel bottle from our product ranges.

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A REAL COKE FLOAT MADE FROM COKE BOTTLES! That Works. From the book, How To Live Homeless In Style, 50 Ways To Survive On Plastic Bottles In These Economic Times. You can now build your own plastic water bottle/Coke Bottle Boat or even a homless shelter and see 48 other platic bottle projects. See a live caveman in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Go to (www.COKEFLOAT.com) to order the book! Celebrate Earth Day.
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Steel water bottles designed to provide pure and safe drinking water

Steel water bottles designed to provide pure and safe drinking water

Compared to the various types of water bottles available in the market, steel water bottles can be considered to be the far better when it comes to quality. A stainless steel water bottle has certain advantages. And it would also leave you least with worries when it comes to the question related to health. The water bottles made from steel are 100% recyclable and so are ecofriendly.

For a healthy lifestyle it is very important that we should drink pure and safe water. Unlike the plastic bottles, steel water bottles are made from the hard and highest quality stainless steel to protect the water from being polluted by outside factors. The bottles are insulated and is vacuum sealed with layers. The brilliantly designed filtered water bottle can keep hot water cozy and also can be used as a thermos for cold beverages for several long hours. The bottles are BPA free and are purely designed to provide safety and safe drinking water.

The stainless steel water bottle can be considered as an entire water filtration system within a beautiful and classy portable bottle. Available in a gamut of fancy and captivating colors for all ages the water bottles are designed for convenience.

While manufacturing kids stainless steel water bottle extra care is given on the patented lonic- Absorption Micro-Filtration system that is capable of removing pollutants up to 99.99% (approx) and can provide pure drinking water. A varied number of steel water bottles are available such as: stainless steel water bottle with loop cap ava pink 25 oz, stainless steel water bottle with loop cap black shadow 25 oz, stainless steel water bottle with loop cap silver express 25 oz etc. The steel bottles are more resistant towards bacteria comparison to the bottles made from other materials.

To shop at competitive price just take the help of the online. Online allows you to shop comfortably from home or office and also enables you to compare the price before you pick any product. With the help of the online shopping you can get your favourite water bottle right at your doorstep.

Ecovessel.com provides a complete line of Steel Water bottles for both adults and children. Find Filtered Water bottle, Stainless steel sippy, and Kids stainless steel bottle from our product ranges.

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Taste Test – Bottled Water Versus Tap Water

Taste Test – Bottled Water Versus Tap Water

Are you hypnotized by the T.V. and magazine ads showing clear blue water cascading down a waterfall? Does it make you want to reach for the nearest container of bottled water? If you said yes, then the advertising companies have done their job. In fact, they’ve succeeded so well at their job that nearly everyone in the country has had at least one drink from bottled water during their life.

Quite a few consumers purchase bottled water due to its taste. Maybe the water from their tap has an after taste. Or maybe it has an unpleasant odor.

After taste from tap water may be due to the various disinfectants typically used to rid the water of microbes, bacteria, and pollutants. Disinfectants such as chlorine, particularly if used in excessive amounts, can impart a chlorine like taste to the water which makes many people nauseous. There are various ways to disinfect water. Municipalities usually use chlorine because it is cheap. Most bottling companies, on the other hand, use other methods that don’t leave the chlorine like after taste.

In very old buildings, the bad taste from tap water may be due to the deteriorating condition of the water pipes inside the building. As the pipes slowly rot, they release contaminants into the water giving it a bad taste. Whatever the reason for the bad taste, many people find that bottled water just tastes better.

Many people, however, discover that when comparing bottled water to tap water that they actually like the taste of their tap water best. People with extremely sensitive palates, for example, sometimes complain that water in bottles has a plastic taste to it. This is because there is often some interaction between the water and the plastic bottle that it is held in.. Furthermore, the majority of bottled water is processed before it is bottled. In some cases, pollutants are inadvertently introduced to the water during the bottling process. And in other cases, the taste may come from where the water was sourced. For example, water from a mineral spring will probably reflect the taste of the minerals in the spring.

Since bottled water became so popular, there have been many taste tests comparing it with tap water. Usually these tests have been run by local television stations during sweeps or local newspapers. Almost inevitably, when blindfolded, the participants are unable to tell the difference between the tap water and bottled water. And almost just as invariably, they end up giving higher grades to the tap water vs the bottled water.

When we talk about contaminants the story is not too different. In the U.S. alone, you will find well over a hundred bottled water companies selling water. Looked at in that way it’s not a surprise that you’ll find a lot of disparity in the quality of the water produced by various companies.

And something that makes the situation even  more confusing to the consumer is that a very large portion of the bottled water essentially comes from  the tap water of various municipalities. No one knows exactly how often it occurs, but it has happened often enough to be highlighted in a great number of new shows over the years.

A lot of consumers question – if such a large portion of the bottled water in this country actually comes from the tap – why does it cost so much? After all, most of the cost of bottled water seems to go into the packaging – you know, things such as the bottle itself, the labels, cap, etc.. And the answer is simple, money. They have done such a good job of selling that, within reason, many can set their own price.

Please visit our site for his articles on health issues such as <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.acai-berry-fruit-juice.com/bottled-water-vs-tap-water.html”>bottled water vs tap water</a>, longevity, <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.acai-berry-fruit-juice.com/acai-fruit-juice.html”>acai berry fruit juice</a>, and antioxidants.

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If you drink bottled water, you’re a loser: Bottled water facts

If you drink bottled water, you’re a loser: Bottled water facts

Got your attention now? Very good, because the naked bottled water facts should make you feel a bit foolish if you often buy bottled water.

I know I’m being a bit harsh but if you purchase bottled water and do a comparison of bottled water vs. tap water vs. filtered water you’re likely to feel like the fool who was sold the foot-long hot dog with 8 inches missing in the center

So, just ask yourself this question. Why are you buying bottled water?

Here are your likely answers:

1) It’s safer and better for you than faucet water

When comparing bottled water vs. tap water, well, that’s just one of the fairy tales taken as a fact about bottled water.

Here’s what the Food and Drug Administration in the USA declared about the safety of bottled water:

Companies that market bottled water as being safer than kitchen water are defrauding the American public.

In point of fact, there are no governmental standards for bottled water that require it be safer than tap water. Governmental regs for home water are in place and usually assure a degree of quality in the available faucet water.

So, when deciding upon purchasing bottled water vs. tap water, choosing the former may be the better choice.

2) Oh, I drink bottled water that’s been filtered

Most bottled water is not purified. In contrast, city tap water is purified and disinfected.

But if you happen to be chugging bottled water that is filtered, good for you. If it’s the stuff I sometimes go for, I bet the price is even steeper than the cheaper bottled water.

But there’s still a problem. Filtration is not all equal. Very good filters get rid of the live, very life-threatening contaminants, the inert, super toxic metals, extremely tiny pollutants and the sediment that affects taste and quality of the water.

There are cheaper water purifiers that essentially get rid of bigger sedimentary particles that slightly discolor water but really do little else. Most commercially filtered water tends to filter on the cheap.

3) Since it’s a food product, there are governmental standards that guarantee its quality

Nah, not really. In fact, a strategy employed by bottled water companies is to sell its water inside the state that it’s bottled in so that federal laws do not apply.

In fact, between 2/3 to 3/4 of the bottled water sold is in the state it’s bottled in. Chances are you are drinking water with no associated federal regulations to maintain its safety.

4) It’s better than the usual drinks available at the store

Well, that’s a tricky one. Its better than the really bad stuff. You know the colas, mile-high iced teas and fake fruit drinks that are in plenty of kid’s lunch packs.

But, if you went to a health food store, you can probably buy some fresh fruit/veggie juice, or a sprout-based beverage, really healthy water and so on. I will admit, that it might cost an arm and a leg but what’s your good health worth to you?

5) It’s pretty inexpensive

Compared to what? Some trendy drink, maybe. Not when comparing bottled water vs. tap water that is filtered ( – vs. 9 cents) But it’s about the same price as the soft drinks that litter store shelves.

To me, this is one of the most confusing aspects of the bottled water market.

We are gleeful that we are being offered what is essentially free tap water for a dollar or so per bottle. Think of it. If you bought a bottle on most days and two bottles or larger ones on days that you need more, you would be spending between 0 – 0 a year on water that is less safe than tap water.

6) It’s convenient

Oh, please. I’ve done the figures on this because, like you, my time is very precious.

It takes me a minute to fill up my water bottle with filtered water from my tap. I can even make a sandwich in just a few minutes. That is much easier and faster than the time needed to sprint to the deli, maybe wait on a noon lunch line, order and/or pay for my water and/or lunch.

7) I have no better alternative to bottled water

Again, if you are likely to chug cola, yes. But you don’t have to have the bottled water from the store when you could just bottle your own filtered water in a reusable bottle.

8)Hey, at least it forces me to drink the needed amount of water I should drink every day

Finally, I agree with you, for the most part. Hey, if it’s a choice between drinking nothing and suffering from dehydration or downing expensive, land polluting, minimally safe bottled water, maybe you should go ahead and get a container of water.

This should only happen occasionally. For example, if I’m exercising in hot and humid weather and there’s no water fountain nearby, I’ll just go and get a bottle of water from wherever.

Hey, it’s either that or endure the more serious consequences of dehydration in warm weather. That could lead to all types of physical crises that must be avoided at all costs.

And, I’ll give you credit because at least you didn’t say that it’s “Green.” That, I’m certain, never crossed your mind. Right?

9) It’s green, right?

Ah, no and this is one of the bottled water facts we haven’t delved into that you should know about. Drinking bottled water causes an unbelievable amount of pollution.

In fact, as upwards of a a million plastic bottles are disposed of daily, it is one of the major culprits when it comes to pollution.

Imagine, what almost a hundred million empty plastic water bottles looks like, going straight straight for the landfill. You know, generally the fill that is not recycle-ready since many water bottles are disposed of in all-purpose wastebaskets along with non-recyclables.

So, if for no other reason, the pollution that follows from this mega consumption of drinking bottled water should lead us to other alternatives.

Ok, so maybe those of you buying bottled water from the deli aren’t really losers but I truly hope this article encourages you to act on the real bottled water facts and stop buying bottled water which has serious drawbacks and few virtues.

Click here for more on the benefits of water and water filter reviews

Salvator Giustra is a health researcher & information technologist. Also the creator of Healthy World Online, Inc. which includes Healthy Exercise World
Vitamins & Supplements

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Bottled Water vs Tap Water – Know the Truth

Bottled Water vs Tap Water – Know the Truth

Bottled water vs tap water, do you think there is a difference?  I do but there is no reason why the water coming from your tap can’t really be better for you and better for the environment than bottled water.

You see most purchased water is just tap water run through a special filtering system. I know this is stunning and I used to think bottled water came from some pure spring that did not need filtration. And then one day on the news there had been a tale about a major bottled water manufacturer and how all they were doing was bottling filtered water straight from the tap.

So this got me thinking and made me curious about what was the difference between bottled water vs tap water.

I started doing a little analysis and discovered that bottling manufacturers just take normal tap water and run it thru a filtering system known as a reverse osmosis system. These are AKA RO filtration systems.

RO works by causing water thru a surface to clear out the pollutants from the water. Sadly in this process many of the pollutants such as pharmaceuticals aren’t filtered out because they are sufficiently small to pass right thru the membrane. Plus reverse osmosis filters out natural minerals like calcium which are beneficial for bodies.

So now you know that bottled water is just tap water that is filtered and put in a plastic bottle. Plastic is also a key difference between bottled water vs tap water and I won’t even go into the issues around all of the plastic being used today in the impacts it has on our landfills, I’ll save that for another article.

Now the next query is if the only difference between bottled water vs tap water is an extra filtration process why can’t we achieve the same results at home?

Well it seems you can, there are plenty of water filtration systems available on the market today.  There are point of use filters such as one you stick to your kitchen sink to entire house water filtrations systems that filter the water as it enters your home so every faucet in your home delivers amazing pure water.

Their 2 main types of systems, one we’ve truly learned about the RO filter system. The other kind is a carbon-based filter system.

I think the carbon-based system is the way to go because it will clean your water and leave the trace minerals in which is just what we’d like.

Now you know the difference between bottled water vs tap water and the way to get even better water straight from your tap. All that you need to do is a touch more research and you may find a tap water filtration system that will work for you, it’s now up to you.

Learn about the difference between bottled water vs tap water water today.

Charles is a advocate of the undeniable benefits of clean water in our everyday lives. Visit his site now at yourwaterpurifierpro.com and learn which products Charles recommends to improve your water quality today.

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Green Marketing for a Sustainable Future

Green Marketing for a Sustainable Future

Eco-Innovation and Green Marketing can lead to top line sales, differentiation and improved brand equity. The obvious assumption of green marketing is that potential consumers will view a product or service’s “greenness” as a benefit and base their buying decision accordingly. While green marketing is growing greatly as increasing numbers of consumers are willing to back their environmental consciousnesses with their dollars, it can be dangerous. The public tends to be skeptical of green claims to begin with and companies can seriously damage their brands and their sales if a green claim is discovered to be false or contradicted by a company’s other products or practices. Presenting a product or service as green when it’s not is called greenwashing.


Along with the now meteoric rise of green consumers, we see the rise of ecolabeling, green advertising and the importance of environmental reporting. This trend creates the opportunity for just about anything to be marketed as green, from simple packaging changes to products and services that radically reduce materials, energy, and waste. Green marketing has produced advances such as packages using recycled paper, phosphate-free detergents, refill containers for cleaning products, and bottles using less plastic. Today’s green marketing campaigns highlight the superior environmental protection characteristics of a company’s products and services, whether those benefits take the form of reduced waste in packaging, increased energy efficiency in product use, or decreased release of toxic emissions and other pollutants in production. Most observers agree that while some businesses engage in green marketing solely because such an emphasis will enable them to make a profit, other businesses conduct their operations in an environmentally-sensitive fashion because their owners and managers feel a responsibility to preserve the integrity of the natural environment even as they satisfy consumer needs and desires.


Indeed, true green marketing emphasizes environmental stewardship. Businesses practice being green when they voluntarily recycle and attempt to reduce waste in their daily operations. Practicing green is inherently proactive; it means finding ways to reduce waste and otherwise be more environmentally responsible, before being forced to do so through government regulations. Many businesses took heed of this growth in “green consumerism,” and new marketing campaigns have been devised to reflect this new strain of thought among consumers. Companies with product lines that were created in an environmentally friendly fashion i e , with recycled products, comparatively low pollutant emissions, and so on have quickly learned to shape their marketing message to highlight such efforts and to reach those customers most likely to appreciate those efforts an advertisement highlighting a company’s recycling efforts, for instance, is more likely to appear in an outdoor/nature magazine than a general interest periodical. The Journal of Advertising, states that “green consumers are the very segment most likely to distrust advertisers and are quite likely to pursue behaviors and activities that confound business people.” Corporate reputation, then, has emerged as a tremendously important factor in reaching and keeping these consumers.

Bradly C. Montague is a noted pioneer in marketing & corporate communications, Montague has over 15 years experience in traditional and digital marketing, advertising, public relations and global sales consulting. Since founding NOMAMONT (www.nomamont.com) in 2006, he has worked in every capacity to design and optimize the company’s innovative, marketing, pr, event and trade show solutions. Montague serves as Chairman and President & CEO NOMAMONT, Inc.
Prior to NOMAMONT, Montague was the Head of Marketing for Hilex Poly, an industry-leading manufacturer of plastic bag and film products. Focusing primarily on high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film products and related services, the company has over 0 million in revenue and serves many of the leading retail and grocery providers in North America. As a department head, he was the architect of marketing programs for a number of key products including Bag2Bag, Rhino and QuickStar.
Bradly has held a variety of leadership roles throughout his career, including Campaign Strategic Director at DEVON DIGITAL EURO RSCG, Streaming Media Consultant at AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES and President at Jupiter Sun Productions. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for The Islands Group.
Montague received his bachelor’s degree from The New School University with a major in Liberal Arts and a special focus on Communication studies.

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