The no-blister PW-Pack: A 100 percent compostable retail package





Rick Lingle, Technical Editor — Packaging Digest, 2/20/2013 3:29:42 PM



PulpWorksPulpWorks, Inc. (San Rafael, CA), designers and manufacturers of molded pulp packaging, and EO Products (San Rafael, CA), makers of essential oil-based natural and organic bath, skin and hair care products, have co-developed a 100% compostable package for retail displays – the PW-Pack.


The patent-pending PW-Pack is a safe, easy-to-open and environmentally superior alternative to the plastic (polyvinyl chloride, PVC) blister pack.


The simple, two-piece package consists of:  a molded pulp backing piece with a cavity that securely holds the saleable item; and a printed, branded, die-cut face card (see photo).



It uses no adhesives, tapes, or staples, though PulpWorks can “paper staple” the face card to the pulp backing piece in-line if the customer wishes to do so.


Currently, EO Products does not have a launch date set for the PW-Pack, however Packaging Digest has learned that the company is in talks with a national drugstore chain to carry the products.


PulpWorks co-Founder & chief executive officer Paul Tasner informs PD that the PW-Pack blister is fully customizable for size, thickness, contents, texture and, to a certain degree, color. He also notes that the product is displayed blister-free and “bare” with an open front panel. The cavity in which the saleable article is contained is designed to tightly hold that article. It requires, by design, an effort to dislodge it, according to Tasner.


“Obviously, our package is not an ideal match for those products where contact is an issue,” offers Tasner. “That still leaves countless other options for us, so we’re extremely excited about the potential size of the market and breadth of categories available to us. By all accounts, this is a multi-billion dollar playing field. “


Source: PulpWorks, Inc.






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Boosting Fertility: Protecting Yourself from Plastics

Boosting Fertility: Protecting Yourself from Plastics

We drink from plastic bottles and use plastic food wraps all the time but a growing number of scientists are getting concerned about the safety of these products, along with tin cans and dental sealants.

This is because some substances in certain plastics used to make various products have been shown to have substances such as nonylphenol and octylphenol, biphenolic compounds and phthalates which can have a negative effect on reproductive hormones and fertility.

One such chemical is bisphenol-A, a synthetic oestrogen used in the manufacture of many food containers, cans and baby bottles and dental sealants.

To illustrate the power of this chemical, some male workers developed breasts after inhaling dust containing bisphenol-A and one study showed that women with a history of miscarriage can have as much as three times the chemical bisphenol-A in their blood compared to women who have never miscarried.

Other research has raised questions about the safety of cling film made of a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which contains plasticisers. Some animal studies suggest that PVC may be an endocrine or hormone disruptor.

Other research on phthalates – chemicals which are used in commercial products as softeners of plastics, solvents in perfumes and additives to hair sprays, lubricants and insect repellents – has shown that they have the potential to be reproductive toxins.

Until we know more about the effects of common plastics on our reproductive health use the simple strategies below to protect yourself:

– Use plastic wraps and cookware made of polyethylene which doesn’t contain plasticisers. If the product doesn’t make this clear, don’t buy it.

– When you reheat or cook food don’t let plastic wrap touch it.

– Don’t wrap food in cling film; use paper instead. Immediately remove cling film wrap from food you buy and transfer them to a bag or container. Better yet ask the person on the deli to wrap your food in paper.

– Don’t store fatty food in plastic wrap. Xenoestrogens are lipophilic (fat loving) and will tend to leach into foods with a high fat content.

– If you buy hard cheese wrapped in plastic use a knife to shave off the surface layer

– Avoid food that needs to be microwaved in a plastic container. Better still avoid microwaving food altogether.

– Use glass bottles. Cans and plastic bottles of fizzy drink contain six times the amount of aluminium compared to the same beverages in glass bottles. There is always a small amount of residue that dissolves into drinks from the lining of a can or from a plastic bottle. Glass bottles are much better than plastic.

– Refill your own non-plastic water bottle instead of using toxic plastic water bottles. While it’s good for your health to carry your own water and drink it throughout the day, if it’s in a clear polycarbonate plastic bottle, it can be leaching a toxic substance into your water-even if the bottle is sitting on table at room temperature.

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD ‘‘ is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health.
Marilyn is the author of 8 international best-selling books including ‘Natural Solutions to Infertility‘, and her latest book ‘Getting Pregnant – Faster‘.

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The Green Machine – Acer Aspire 3811TG laptop

The Green Machine – Acer Aspire 3811TG laptop

Introducing the Acer Aspire 3811TG as the eco-friendly Green Machine. The highly sustainable Aspire 3811TG series is fully committed to a better future and is supported by Greenpeace, is an Energy Star qualified product as well as being RoHS and WEEE compliant. Along with excellent HD graphics and audio, it features eco-friendly production and parts, PowerSmart energy technologies and efficient recyclability, making the 3811TG the ultimate Green Machine.

The Aspire 3811TG is part of Acer’s Timeline series already making it an ultra thin notebook. At just 24.25mm at the front and 28.9mm at the back, weighing in at 1.65kg, the 3811TG by size and weight has reduced material consumption whilst still providing mobile PC performance. The notebook features an eco-friendly panel, main board and battery pack and has been named by Greenpeace as being completely free of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR) and mercury. It also comes with newly designed packaging that boasts 35.8% less material than previous generations. With both reduced packaging, less material consumption and modular construction, the Aspire 3811TG is a breeze to break down for recycling.

Chris Osborne, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Notebook, Acer Computer Australia states that: “Acer has worked closely with suppliers and major component manufacturers to systematically implement eco-friendly production and parts. The eco-friendly production and parts make the Aspire 3811TG a Greenpeace Certified machine as well as being fully compliant with RoHS and WEEE directives for reduction of hazardous substances.”

With the option of a 6 or 9 cell battery utilizing the Intel Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Core Duo Processor and the Acer PowerSmart adapter, the Aspire 3811TG can save up to 66% more power in sleep mode, using a Low 7W platform can save 40% more power than 12 W platforms and provide 33% more power than CCFL LCDs through a LED-backlit display. “All up, this Energy Star qualified product allows for a lighter carbon footprint by consuming less power to enable longer battery life and all day computing” concludes Osborne.

The Green machine is Acer’s first notebook to feature 80GB SSD HDD can give up to 10 hours of battery life. Fitted out with an Acer CineCrystal 13.3-inch LED back-lit LCD screen, ATI Mobility Radeon  HD 4330 with Switchable Graphics Technology, HDMI  port, a 16:9 aspect ratio, high definition resolution and powered by Intel’s ULV Core 2 Duo processor, the 3811TG is an extremely power-efficient machine with enthralling visuals and superb colour. The 3811TG also features optimised 2nd Generation Dolby  Sound Room with 5.1 channel surround sound using any set of headphones, Sound Space Expander and Natural bass, providing thrilling HD Audio output that is fully compatible with Dolby Digital content.

The Acer Aspire 3811TG Green Machine is available now from IT distributor Bluechip Infotech at 99 RRP Inc GST.

Detailed information on Acer products are available on Acer’s website.

About Acer
Since its founding in 1976, Acer has achieved the goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. Globally, Acer ranks No. 2 for total PCs and notebooks. A profitable and sustainable Channel Business Model is instrumental to the company’s continuing growth, while its multi-brand approach effectively integrates Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell, and eMachines brands in worldwide markets. Acer strives to design environmentally friendly products and establish a green supply chain through collaboration with suppliers. Acer is proud to be a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement in staging the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter and London 2012 Olympic Games. The Acer Group employs 7,000 people worldwide. Estimated revenue for 2009 is US.9 billion.

About Acer Computer Australia
Established in 1990, Acer Computer Australia (ACA) currently employs over 300 staff and has grown to become Australia’s number three PC vendor and fastest growing IT brand.

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Battery company is an operated online retailer of high-quality electronics accessories, specialising in laptop batteries and laptop adapter, battery chargers, camera batteries, camcorder batteries, power tool batteries and mobile phone batteries. Battery company has quickly grown to one of the top online Australian retailers of electronics accessories, offering generic product brands that provide the same quality as the big brand names but at half the price. Now at, we offer customers a wide selection of products at unbeatable prices, together with personalised customer service and fast shipping for our customers.

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Various Kinds of Packaging

Various Kinds of Packaging

Every product whether electronic, consumer good, furniture or other, needs packaging. Packing is done to protect the product as well as it is an excellent marketing scheme for selling.

Basically there are protective, flexible and custom packaging. In protective one, great care is taken for the product, as generally it is either very expensive or fragile. So you will have to depend upon this for safe transportation of the product. Here weather, extremes of temperature along with other things are taken into account.

Pouches, bags and wraps are considered under flexible packaging. It is very helpful in reducing waste. Owing to this and other reasons, flexible packaging industry has become very big in USA.

Custom packaging is done as per the requirements of the customer. Client get this done on the basis of their marketing plan as well as kind of product. Actual creativity is shown in this type of packaging. This include attractive color, printing, labels, product related designing and more.

Basic kinds of Packaging

Film Packaging
Many kinds of films are used for packing different products. Like blister film packaging is used in pharmaceutical, medical as well as for consumer good. It is a very tough packaging that not only protects the product inside but it also displays it clearly for buyer to purchase it. Then there are shrink wrap packaging in which the film holds the product tightly after heat it, anti fog films, anti static films, barrier films and so on. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films is the chief material used in these film. In addition to this polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyolefin are also used extensively.

Plastic Boxes
Most of the grocery and dairy items are packed in different kinds of plastic boxes and plastic films. You will find curd, yogurt, juices etc in the smart plastic packaging. Also any item that needs to be transported is packed in plastic boxes.

Thermocol Packaging
Thermocol packaging is done for the consumer good such as electronics. TV, refrigerator, iron, washing machines are packed with thermocol in cardboard boxes as these protect these act as shock absorber.

Textile Packaging
Textile packaging is done for the automobiles during their transportation. Also the custom made packaging is done for this and it is really very effective from shock absorbing point of view. Generally textile inserts are used that are fit into metal containers.

Foam Packaging
Foam of varied thickness is used in the form of plain sheets as well as rolls for packing purposes. Goods are wrapped in foam packaging and these are also insert in the corner of the packed material. Sharp edges of the furniture is generally protected during travelling with foam packaging.

Check out b2b marketplace for all kinds of packaging films and industry information.

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