Product Focus: Smart & Active Packaging


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Product Focus: Packaging Components

Squeeze-and-Measure Cap
This patented Squeeze-and-Measure Dosing Closure delivers the correct dose of liquids with a squeeze, thanks to a three-part assembly including a dip tube, vacuum-sealed dosing chamber and flip-top cap. It can be sized to fit any squeezable stock bottle and standard neck finish with no custom preforms or fitments.

Opening Cap
Tetra Evero Aseptic’s (TEA) One Step Opening design provides the dual protection of a tamper evidence ring and a neck membrane on cap, while offering the convenience of one action opening, for ease-of-use. Devised for ambient white milk, the opening and the carton bottle intend to satisfy consumers’ quest for convenience in handling and pouring, while maintaining safety and environmental features.

Liquid Products Cap
Made of PP resin, the LiquiFlapper cap fits 33-400 mm and 38-400 mm bottles. The cap screws on and is available with either a ribbed or smooth skirt. Designed with a snap-tight leak resistant release, it provides portion-controlled, tear-drop flow for most household liquid products. LiquiFlapper is available in custom colors and embossing, it is also #5 recyclable.

Lid/Single-use Spoon
SpoonLidz by EcoTensil is an over-lid for single-serve cups, which converts to a sanitary and sturdy spoon in one easy fold. Convenient for on-the-go eating, the material-efficient SpoonLidz is made from silky-smooth, renewable paperboard. Customizable and brandable, SpoonLidz provides a sustainable value-add to yogurt, fruit and other to-go foods.

Wine Closure
Nomacorc, producer of alternative wine closures, has introduced a zero carbon footprint wine closure—Select Bio. The closure is made with plant-based polymers derived from sugar cane. Three distinct products, each with different oxygen ingress levels are available, with the same look and feel as the traditional Select Series. The Select Bio Series includes three distinct products, each with different oxygen ingress levels and have the same look and feel as the traditional Select Series.

Closure Solution
Velcro Brand Press-Lok closure, a product for the flexible packaging market, features a unique design that addresses any chance of package misalignment experienced by consumers.  A series of interlocking micro features connect at multiple levels, combined with tactile feel, make this new reclose fastener secure.

Lidding Foil
Constantia Flexibles developed a paper-free, child-resistant blister lidding foil with upgraded peel/push functionalities. Offering a smooth, robust peel, Easy-Piesy, is an aluminum/PET/aluminum lamination that—due to its absence of paper—requires less heat during sealing compared with traditional paper-back foil structures. The paper-free design makes Easy-Piesy well-suited to cleanroom environments.

Flip-top Cap
Easy-to-open, the Ultra Light Flip Top cap improves consumer convenience and brand loyalty with a modern opening mechanism and a cleaner, more sanitary orifice area. It’s specifically designed for products that require a squeezable motion and dispensing control. The liquid trap feature prevents separated liquid from dripping out, and the closure uses up to 20% less material than similar caps for greater sustainability.

Zipper for Carriers
Hi-Cone’s Zipper for multipack carriers is designed to provide value-added consumer convenience. The perforated tab is engineered to release the container with just one pull. The zipper makes it easy to remove one container at a time or all of the bottles.

Caps for Tubes
The Flip Top Plug is a secure closure that features a quick flip of the finger to access the contents. Used on rectangular tubes, this package stores items safely and can be a package all its own. Diameter sizes begin at 0.43 x 1 in. and go up to 1 in. x 0.08-0.68. 

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Product Focus: Special Effects

Foil-stamped Box
A  4x4x4-in. Snap Lock box produced on Classic Crest Epic Black 16-pt paper with a metallic silver foil stamp. Packaging offers advertising on all sides of the box. The top-load opening provides easy loading, and the interlocking bottom offers secure assembly.

Iridescent Film
Fasson Diamond Iridescent film is a translucent PET material with pink and green undertones that is intended for applications such as premium personal care, food and beverage products. It can be combined with a variety of print effects, including metallic inks, embossing and hot foil stamping to create attention-grabbing labels.

Digitally Printed Labels on Metallic Foil
Digital labels are available in minimum qualities of 100 labels with no plate or tooling charges. The near-photographic quality paper can be printed in a large selection of materials including metallic foils with special effects. Inline laser cutting capabilities allow consumers to cut labels in virtually any size or shape to stand out on the shelves.

Rotogravure Printed Pouches
High quality rotogravure-printed pouch can be paired with a spot dull varnish to make an image stand out. A dull varnish can create a chalkboard effect at the top of the pouch, giving the piece more dimension and texture.

Metalized Paper
Print directly onto a metallic silver laminate paper to create a metallic look with virtually any color. Without tooling dies, opportunities to change up labels and colors selected increases. A wide variety of foil colors are available for labels.

Foil Effect
This foil-look effect marries a highly reflective plastic base layer and a color-saturated transparent outer layer to create a high-end visual appearance normally achieved only by laminating aluminum foil between two plastic layers. The stunning yet cost-effective result is created entirely in an automated bi-layer tube-extrusion process.

Embossed, Debossed Cartons
Cartons can be offset printed with three PMS colors and dense black inks, in-line with UV matte and UV gloss spot coating. UV matte coating contributes to the natural aesthetic of the graphics and provide a striking contrast to the UV gloss spot coating that can be used on the front panel text and desired graphics. The graphics can be enhanced with embossing on the front and rear panels, and debossed text on the side panels, contributing to a distinctive visual and tactile presentation.

Transfer Metallized Paper
Mirror-like silver and/or hypnotioc holographic effects in combination with white motion etchings can be used to create packaging graphics with dramatic 3-D effects. Packaging is transformed from a protective vessel to an artform that adds value and allure to the brand and the product. The Hazen transfer metallizing process adds less than .01% to the thickness of the paper, and Hazen Envirofoil is certified recyclable.

Hot Stamping Foil
The hot stamping foil design SB Aquadrops shows lenses as casually arranged water drops in a variety of shapes and sizes. The special feature of this design is that the drops refract the light in various directions. The lenses thus exhibit amazingly dynamic color and movement effects.

Specialty Coating
This paperboard substrate coating measures 99 Gloss Units, the highest gloss available for printed materials, and can be applied up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times higher than traditional UV coatings. Variable density capabilities ranging from 1 to 100%, allow for both high-gloss and more “matte” finishes in a single pass. It also offers enhancement for underlying colors through the “lens effect.” Digital technology allows for full customization on both short and long runs. Future product offerings in this series will include glitter, spot flocking and lenticular effects.

Embossed Labels and Packages
Labels and packages finished with a variety of embossing techniques, such as blind- and print-embossing, to embossed foil treatments. These finishing techniques add visual and tactile depth, which helps set a brand apart. They create graphical intrigue that captures consumer attention at the shelf and enhance brand value.

Specialty Effects
Working with a printing company using a Sakurai press enables designers to incorporate multiple specialty effects in their designs. The family of screen presses can be used for packaging applications such as boxes and labels finished with UV clear, spot, scratch-off, scratch-and-sniff, soft-touch or raised-UV coatings.

Special Effects Software
Color-Logic develops color communication systems and software tool sets for special effect printing.  The Process Metallic Color System by Color-Logic enables brand owners, product managers, corporations and their design agencies to differentiate their packages with a simple print production process yielding dramatic results.

Thermal Laminating
MHL High Gloss Silver or MHL Brushed Silver thermal laminating films with metallic finishes can be used alone to mimic the look of metallic media or foil stamping, or printed to mimic the look of metallic inks. The company says the films are especially suited for digital prototype applications.         

Energy-efficient Foil System
Cold-foil system is engineered to offer eco-conscious package designers a more energy-efficient way to decorate packages with foil. Metallic foil is applied using a lithographic adhesive and shear instead of heat. Specifying packages be produced by packaging suppliers using the system may positively impact pricing because the company’s Foildex system enables the printing companies to control costs by minimizing waste.

UV Metallic Coatings
Designers and brand managers enjoy the versatility and shelf impact of the MiraFoil coatings product line. New specialty coatings offer a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to foil board.

Transfer Metallized Substrate
Lightweight and customizable EcoShine metallized substrate offers shelf pop along with recyclability and lower transportation costs. Premium printability, folding characteristics, and a range of weights and patterns for applications from packaging to point-of-purchase displays. Custom-registered holographic designs and seamless option offer enhanced security and brand differentiation.

Coated, Foiled Box with Window
Cartons are available with matte and UV coatings and other special effects such as in-line foiling. Clear acetate windows can be added during the converting process.

Holographic Product
Using an embossed coating to make holographic effects during printing, HoloBrite combines metallic inks with the process, eliminating the need for Holographic MetPET and removing a secondary process—laminating PET to paperboard—to reduce costs. The effect can also be achieved without metallic inks, further reducing expenditures.


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