Top 5 Reasons to Choose Eco Friendly Products for Life

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Eco Friendly Products for Life

Ever heard the term ‘biodegradable’? We have all heard it in science classes, but most of us may have listened to it half-heartedly. Today, however, this term is whipping up loads of emotions all over the world. While a large section of the population is vociferously supporting the cause of biodegradable products, a few still believe that this is a case of much ado about nothing. When it comes to making the decision to go green by changing your lifestyle, most people are hesitant to take the first step. Many feel that it is a chore; others think that one person simply cannot make a difference.

If you happen to be perched on the wall regarding this debate, then, here are the top reasons why it is necessary that you take a pro-environment stand – Now!

Many developed countries like America and Europe suffer from severe consumption addiction. They use non-biodegradable products, which will never be recycled or reused. For instance, it is believed that millions of used mobile phones finding their way to landfills everyday. These phones will stay there for thousands of years. Products like Styrofoam, plastic, PVC and cadmium choke the environment. People have long been using plastic bags for shopping. It is believed that America alone produces billions of polybags every year. When you consider the total volume of plastic waste generated by the expanding populations of the world, you will realize that it is enough to make major changes to the planet.

Unfortunately, the majority of such wastes are made from toxic, non-biodegradable materials that release hazardous waste into the air and earth. By opting to switch over from plastic bags to environment friendly products like bamboo and hemp products, you drastically reduce the non-biodegradable waste in the environment.

Eco friendly products encourage and enable healthy lifestyles for people who care enough for the society and environment they live in. Thus, they encourage safe living for future generations.

Eco friendly products are made with fewer raw materials. That means there is comparatively lesser destruction of forests and trees.

Sustainable, eco friendly products are typically cheaper and they last longer. The cost of most products is dependent on the kind of materials used. However, it is important to remember that some organic products may be expensive because they are grown in a pesticide-free environment. Even so, sustainable products have a longer payback period and represent the correct use of resources.

Eco friendly products are generally manufactured in an environmentally sound process. So, there is less emission of toxic waste and harmful chemicals. There is also a significant reduction of waste in the production process.

There is greater variety in eco friendly products because they are made from materials that are widely available. Also, many of these products are ingenuously manufactured. So they have special textures, feel and look. Add to that the feel-good factor associated with doing the right thing and you have a perfect package of longevity, health and total return on your investment.

We here at provide you with variety of environmental friendly products at discounted rates.

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    Pure Water Products ? Bottled Water Vs Water Filtration Unit

    Pure Water Products ? Bottled Water Vs Water Filtration Unit

    Since, our childhood we have been told that 2/3rd of our body weight is water and we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to lead a healthy and ail-free life. However, if the drinking water is impure and it contains traces of pollutants and chemicals, then drinking the same could do more harm than good. This is where pure water products play a pivotal role.

    As you know, bottled water and water filtration units are the two broad categories for pure water products. However, which amongst them is the best? Which one should you select?

    Well, the answer lies in the quality of water produced by both the pure water products. Below are some shocking facts for you, which you might not be aware of and might want to consider before making a decision.

    Bottled water In a recent study, it was discovered that more than 25% of bottled water is not much better than the tap waters. Many bottled water manufacturers use a very preliminary filtering process and then package it in a nice and shinning bottle and sell at huge prices. We as end customers, think price is related to quality; and therefore, consume these bottles containing nothing actually the tap water at the cost of your hard earned money and breach of trust.

    Besides the quality of water in these bottles, the quality of plastic used further degrades the quality of water. This is because; chemicals from inferior plastic can percolate into the drinking water with time.

    Moreover, these bottles have environmental impact too. Plastic used in them do not degrade naturally and therefore, are one of the contributor to increasing pollution in today’s world.

    Filtration systems Thanks to the increasing pollution, because of which new pollutants are being introduced in water almost every day. This is where the effectivity of water filtration technologies comes into the picture. You will be surprised to know the filtration techniques that used to be the best in the past stands nowhere in the list of best filtration processes as recommended by the experts.

    Water filtered from out dated methodologies like reverse osmosis, distillation, etc. is not considered to fit for human consumption. It contains traces of many chemicals like chlorine, and many carcinogenic compounds like THMs (trihalomethanes) and VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).

    These old technologies are now replaced by innovative processes like carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration techniques.

    In conclusion, both the above pure water products are good if they result in healthy, clean and pure water. However, if you ask me, my vote goes to high-end water filtration units that can remove the toxins present to water to undetectable levels. Since, they have onetime investment you can save your money and efforts in ordering bottled water every week.

    If you wish to learn more about filtering pure water products, visit my website now.

    Water Expert, Bobby Forbes is consultant to millions of men, women, and organizations and advocates the use of safe water in home and office. Visit his website to learn how you can protect your family from contaminated water.


    Click now to visit Purified Water Home and learn about new age water filters, which are safe for your health, and effective in delivering  pure and safe water for your family.

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    Assessing The Environmental Impact Of Products ? Introduction To Lifecycle Assessment

    Assessing The Environmental Impact Of Products ? Introduction To Lifecycle Assessment

    2010 marks the year in which consumers everywhere are more conscious about what they buy and how their purchases impact our planet. Consumers now demand “green” products but there is a lot of misunderstanding of how “green” a product truly is. This article provides the reader a brief introduction to “Life Cycle Assessment” or” LCA”, a tool used to understand the real environmental impact of a product. At the end of the LCA overview, the reader will be introduced to an LCA alternative that, the internet’s largest vendor driven eco marketplace, uses to help its vendor communicate to consumers how they identify the “greenness” of their products.

    What is LCA?

    LCA evaluates the environmental impact of a product from a lifecycle point of view, that is, from the birth(manufacturing) to the death(disposal, end use) of a product. LCA quantifies the environmental impact of not only the product itself, but also its manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal. Other references to LCA are: “life cycle analysis”, “cradle to grave”, “eco-balancing”,” material flow analysis “, or “product auditing”.

    In order to identify which products are truly “green” and to quantify the carbon footprint along the supply chain, a LCA must be undergone. This can be extremely complicated by taking into account every single metric such as the amount of energy used, raw material being sourced, and how much waste (solid, liquid, and gaseous) is generated. To simplify the analysis, the second generation impacts, for example the energy required to source the coal, transport the coal, and then heat the coal to create the fire used to manufacture and mould the raw material, should not be accounted for.

    WHY LCA?

    Consumers now demand that companies identify their products ecological footprint. This is normally communicated by using eco labels. However, in order to get an eco label from a governing body you must provide a LCA of your product. This will involve a higher overhead cost but it could also provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage over your rivals.

    There are two main steps in establishing an LCA. Step 1: Describe which emissions will occur and which raw materials are used during the life of a product. This is usually referred to as the inventory step.

    Emissions: Carbon Dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas that is emitted during the manufacturing process. Others include Nitrous Oxide , Methane , Hydrofluorocarbon gases, Perfluorocarbons, Sulphur Hexafluoride. Raw materials: Certain raw materials that are used are harmful in various stages of a products lifecycle. Take for example Cadmium – a bluish-white metal that is found naturally in the earth’s crust. Cadmium is a pliable metal and does not easily corrode and is normally used to replace lead in products like jewellery. However, Cadmium is highly toxic and can cause cancer. Step 2: Assess what the impacts of these emissions and raw material depletions are. This is referred to as the impact assessment step.


    Let’s look at furniture from a life cycle perspective. There is a relatively small impact during its use. Most of the impact is in the raw material and disposal stage. However for a domestic appliance, the impact occurs in its use mainly due to the energy consumption of the product. The furniture would be an ideal candidate to repurpose so that new raw materials do not need to be sourced, which has a large impact, and the domestic appliance would be an ideal candidate to re-engineer in the manufacturing phase to make it more energy efficient.


    Since LCA can be tedious and expensive with no real ROI for smaller manufacturers,, the internet’s largest free eco marketplace, makes it easier for its vendors to list their green products using a scaled down LCA. As longs as eco3P’s vendor`s products have at least 1 green attribute, they can leverage eco3P’s platform to sell their organic, fair trade, vegan or eco-friendly products. These attributes are: The product is recyclable, energy efficient, does not emit greenhouse gas, non toxic, contains no recycled material, made from renewable resources, contains eco packaging, and is manufactured responsibly.

    Although it is not a perfect system, it is a start and a right step forward to make environmentally friendly products more accessible.

    About eco3P provides a centralized hub for vendors giving them more exposure than their standalone sites and making it easy for eco-conscious shoppers to find products that they are looking for. Vendors set up virtual storefronts on eco3P to post their eco-products and tell shoppers about who they are and what they do to help contribute to a greener planet.

    For every dollar spent on products listed by our sellers, eco3P will help conserve 10 sq2 feet of rainforest. Through our premium services we also plant trees.

    Whether you are looking to buy a solar powered water fountain, an e-bike, or fair trade goods, eco3P is your eco-marketplace.

    eco3P provides a centralized hub for vendors selling eco products . The virtual storefronts setup helps the vendors to attain fair trade and exposure than that achieved form their standalone site. Simplifying the searching process of eco-friendly shoppers aspiring to find products concerning organic clothing.

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    T-Shirts and Plastic Water Bottles Are Best Promotional Products For Marathons

    T-Shirts and Plastic Water Bottles Are Best Promotional Products For Marathons

    Besides the Olympic Games and the World Cup in Soccer, there is no more internationally branded sports event than the traditional Marathon. This is an excellent, untapped opportunity for marketers and brand builders.

    At 42.195 kilometers, or 26 miles and 385 yards, the Marathon is usually run as a road race and was born as a commemoration of a Greek Soldier who ran with a message from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. The first marathon in modern time occurred in 1896 at Olympics and today over 500 Marathons are arranged around the world.

    Five of the most prestigious races in the Marathon world are Boston, New York City, Chicago, London and Berlin. These races attract hundreds of thousands of people and are media staples running up significant news coverage, media coverage, footage and print for weeks at a time. Marathons are often isolated events from city to city, so a local coordination of sponsorships and marketing efforts is often possible.

    Most participants of a Marathon race are not running to win, but running for the accomplishment. The strategy is often to run from water stop to water stop where water bottles are available.

    The brand building opportunities surrounding a Marathon are many. Firstly, you have the runners themselves, who are in fact walking, jogging or running as billboards and could be wearing your brand or slogan on their backs.

    Secondly, you have all the functional staff surrounding the Marathon working on arrangements and coordination. Official staff counts in the thousands and many of the officials are media spokes people who will be getting face time with film cameras and journalists.

    Thirdly, Marathons are major tourist and crowd magnets. For some of the larger Marathons, spectator crowds count in the hundreds of thousands lining up along the streets and taking part of the festivities. There is a high level of street vendor culture surrounding a Marathon and often times merchandise is being sold to commemorate the event with T-shirts such as “I was there, Chicago 2006 Marathon”.

    Besides from T-shirt the most important aspect of a Marathon is staying hydrated. In the average Marathon time of 4 hours, 32 minutes and 8 seconds runners will have to replenish their water supply several times to be able to finish the race. Water stations are placed throughout the Marathon route with Water Bottles. While the drinking of water from Water bottles has to be leveled out with intake of salt to prevent hyponatremia, a Marathon runner will drink about 4-6 ounces of liquid every 20-3o minutes of the race.

    Often times, the water stations are also covered by media and a large on watching crowd so the stations are ideal for promotional branding and branded Water Bottles. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from wine glasses and shot glasses to water bottles and champagne flutes.

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    Enhance Products Viability with Flexible Packaging Materials

    Enhance Products Viability with Flexible Packaging Materials

    Packing gives an image to the product and creates connect with its consumers. Apart from showing the relevant information, it makes the item appealing with its color combination and unique packing type. They are offered in different qualities and forms of paper. Right from food items to grocery, cosmetics, toys, apparels, electrical, mechanical and various systems and many more products are packed by using varied Packaging Materials. The cleanliness and hygiene also plays very pivotal roles and the packaging materials keep the item safe from contamination, dirt, moisture etc.

    Climatic factors may also affect the content or product; Flexible Packaging Materials come handy and helps the product to be secure. Every type of industry require packaging and in today’s era of retaining and displaying, a well designed packaging has the capability to attract more customers at one go and now even the manufacturers have understood the importance of flexible packaging.

    Flexible Packaging Materials and their execution differentiates amongst various brands and helps in segregating the products in terms of their innovation, designing and quality of the material used. The extensive variety of Packaging Material ensures, there is one type for all and the Flexible Packaging and its first rated protection makes it even more indispensible. The packaging can be customized as per clients’ requirements to suit their specific needs and also to obtain the exact results. The formats of Flexible Packaging Materials can be multiple sized pouches, aluminum seals, laminated pouch, zipper pouch, aluminum foil, blister foil, PVC sleeve, laminated roll and many more.

    To cater to a huge spectrum of industries like food and beverages, FMCG, confectioneries, electronic goods, auto parts, mechanical items, dry fruits, spices, snacks, ice-creams, toys and many more types of goods, Flexible Packaging is done and it has a big market of its own that is growing day by day. With creative initiatives and superior quality, the entire sector of Packaging Material has expanded to a great extent.

    James Addams is expert in products such as flexible packaging materials , custom molded products, silica gel packs and static shielding bag.

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    Medical Plastic Injection Moulding ? Procedure and Products

    Medical Plastic Injection Moulding ? Procedure and Products

    In 1868, John Wesley Hyatt developed the first plastic injection mold, and the plastic injection moulding process. He used the plunger method to successfully inject hot, liquid celluloid, often called the first thermoplastic, into a split-die mold. This process was little changed until James Hendry built the first screw plastic injection mold in 1946. Today, nearly all industrial and medical plastic injection moulding processes use the screw method.

    Plastic moulding is a very methodological and technical process. Thus it needs experts in this type of manufacturing business for it to meet the safety terms and to be competitive in the market. A very scientific and systematic mechanical study is first made before going into this endeavor. Here I have discussed some known plastic injection moulding process that can help you to understand the various ways it is done for industry specific plastic products.

    1. Injection Moulding.

    Examples of applications: Medical plastic laryngeal mask components, laboratory products, extraction systems, toys, aircraft undercarriage components, kitchen utensils, bottle caps, and cell phone stands.

    In Injection Moulding, melted plastic is forced into a mold cavity. Once cooled, the mold can be removed. This plastic injection moulding process is commonly used in mass-production or prototyping of a product. Typically this process is used to produce plastic mouldings where the relatively high tooling cost can be justified by low unit costs and tolerances which cannot be achieved by other moulding processes.

    2. Blow Moulding.

    Examples of applications: Automotive, Toys, Recreational, tubes and containers, Medical, Housework Appliances

    The process is divided into three steps: injection, blowing and ejection. Blow moulding is like plastic injection moulding except that hot liquid plastic pours out of a barrel vertically in a molten tube. The mold closes on it and forces it outward to conform to the inside shape of the mold. When it is cooled, the hollow part is formed. Equipments needed in setting-up a blow moulding business are relatively higher than injection moulding.

    3. Compression Moulding.

    Examples of applications:  Automotive exterior panels especially for commercial vehicles, Radio & appliance knobs, ash trays & electrical parts.

    In this type of plastic moulding, a slug of hard plastic is pressed between two heated mold halves. Compression moulding usually uses vertical presses instead of the horizontal presses used for injection and blow moulding. The parts formed are then air-cooled. Prices of equipments used for compression moulding are moderate.

    4. Film Insert Moulding.

    Examples of applications: FIM can be used to apply clear scratch-resistant hard coats, logos, text and graphics in any color or combination of colors to plastic parts prior to injection molding.

    This plastic moulding technique imbeds an image beneath the surface of a molded part. A material like film or fabric is inserted into a mold. Plastic is then injected.

    5. Gas Assist Moulding

    Examples of applications:  Flat panels for office equipment, Computer enclosures, Furniture, i.e. tabletops, Automotive panels, Domestic appliances – e.g. fridges.

    Also called gas injection moulding is used to create plastic parts with hollow interiors. Partial shot of plastic is then followed by high-pressure gas to fill the mold cavity with plastic.

    6. Rotational Moulding.

    Examples of applications:  All kinds of plastics mostly hollow Plastic Parts.

    Hollow molds packed with powdered plastic are secured to pipe-like spokes that extend from a central hub. The molds rotate on separate axes at once. The hub swings the whole mold to a closed furnace room causing the powder to melt and stick to the insides of the tools. As the molds turn slowly, the tools move into a cooling room. Here, sprayed water causes the plastic to harden into a hollow part. In this type of plastic moulding, tooling costs are low and piece prices are high. Cycle time takes about 40-45 minutes.

    7. Structural Foam Moulding.

    Examples of applications: Typical products are large trash containers, freeway sand safety containers and in-ground housing for water systems.

    Structural foam moulding is a process of plastic injection moulding usually used for parts that require thicker walls than standard injection moulding. Inserting a small amount of nitrogen or chemical blow agent into the plastic material makes the walls thicker. Foaming happens as the melted plastic material enters the mold cavity. A thin plastic skin forms and solidifies in the mold wall. This type of plastic moulding can be used with any thermoplastic that can be injection molded.

    8. Thermoforming.

    Examples of applications: Clamshells, Trays, Blisters, Displays, Guards, Covers, Totes, Shields, medical plastics

    In this plastic moulding process, sheets of pre-extruded rigid plastics are horizontally heated and sucked down into hollow one-piece tools. When the hot plastic solidifies, its shape conforms to that of the mold. Tooling costs are usually low and piece prices vary on the machinery.

    Goodbrand Plastics provides Plastic Injection moulding services to diverse sectors with specialisation in Medical plastic injection moulding from our site in Sandbach, Cheshire, northwest England.

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    LifeCell – Products to Enhance Your Beauty

    LifeCell – Products to Enhance Your Beauty

    It is an inevitable part of getting older, there are going to eventually be the faint touches of those crows feet, the gradual loss of firmness and elasticity, the loss of lip plumpness, and the worst of them all, the dark circled and puffy eyes. No matter how hard that we try to keep skin aging at bay, but they have always said that no one could hold on to youth forever! At least this has always been true until the magical wonders of plastic surgery and Botox came along.

    But when it came to actually going under the knives and needles for officially correcting all of the age bringing flaws that come about, so many of us just can’t bring ourselves to do it. For some individuals out there, they can afford to hold onto their youthfulness and beauty this way, but so many more of us just could not afford the very high costs that always come with most any kind of surgical procedures.

    Besides plastic surgery being a very expensive way to fight off human age signs, it is also a dangerous, painful, time consuming way to hold on to youth. There just is no getting around the fact that most every surgery can easily go awry, and the dangers of infection, the plastic surgeon botching the procedure, or some other horrible problem arises from the surgical procedure. If you make it through the surgical proceedings without any problems, there is also the weeks of recovery that most every surgical procedure carries with it, and how many of us can truly afford to take several weeks off specifically for a beautification surgical procedure?

    Then there are the vast numbers of skin care products that promise most everything in correcting those unwanted aging facial flaws, but many of these anti-wrinkle creams tend to be more hype than true facial repair. There is also the possibility that you are spending a small fortune of many of these anti-wrinkles and seeing no real results at all.

    But finally the days of plastic surgery and overpriced non-working creams can be completely because there is now an anti-aging product that even a good number of plastic surgeons, and many of the Hollywood stars officially stand by! This anti-aging cream that has been proving over and over that it is your youth in a jar is the one and only cream appropriately called LifeCell! Not only will all of your facial wrinkles start to disappear in minutes, but the skin’s elasticity and glow will be renewed too!

    It is said that LifeCell cream helps to stimulate the production of collagen helping lines and wrinkles look more smoothened out. Wrinkles appear pushed up and out as though plumped from within. This cream contains 24 hour moisturizer that nourishes the skin, natural collagen stimulator helping the lines to disappear, microlifter and firmer for the skin to look tighter and firmer, it reduces the appearance of discoloration and imperfections, reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles as well as makes the lip appear fuller with fine lines.

    James Bird writes for that provides more information about skin care treatment. Read our expert’s advice on Anti Aging Treatment using LifeCell Cream. Read our education center to more about Anti Aging Treatment.

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    Promotional Sports Bottles – Excellent Promotional Products

    Promotional Sports Bottles – Excellent Promotional Products

    Promotional sports bottles are probably one of the trendiest promotional products available today. There are numerous types of sports bottles and the most popular ones are personalized sports bottles. These types of bottles are personalized to look different while still connected to the brand, company, product or service that has their logo on it. Customers who buy them or receive them need no worry about the logo or the designs washing off as these bottles are painted with special materials and paint that will last for a very long time. And as long as the bottles are in use, they successfully advertise the company amongst its prospective customers of the brand as well as potential customers.

    Personalized sports bottles are both practical and useful. Because of its utility features, these bottles are distributed during sports events bearing the logo of a company; the logo of the team’s playing as well as the game’s sponsors. It is also commonly distributed during road shows, outdoor camps, concerts as well as outdoor events. These kind of events are the types where people get tired and thirsty fast. Suppose if a company distributes the promotional sports bottles in a grand sports event organized in your city, they can gain a lot of publicity for their brand and catch hold of a wider target audience instantly since a large group of people assembles in a sports event.

    The company’s brand ultimately gets massive popularity immediately. Every time someone picks up his custom sports bottle, he will be looking at the brand again and again. This kind of repetitive advertising will form greater recognition and recall to the brand and the company. The user of the bottle will register the name permanently in their brain. This is one of the most successful methods of publicizing the brand.

    Promotional sports bottles are available in a variety of designs and they can come in aluminum or plastic. Personalized sports bottles can also be made into elegant corporate gifts that are suitable for different people and different occasions. Many companies take advantage of marathons and cross country races. Companies that sponsor these events know the great advantage of getting their names out there for everyone to see because it’s free publicity. From sponsoring t-shirts and running gear for the runners and athletes, companies also provide personalized sports bottles to the athletes, crew, VIPs attending and the crowd of spectators.

    These sponsors get free publicity through the TV stations and radio broadcaster that come to cover the event. Most sports events receive a huge coverage and thus, cameras will not only zoom on the players but the spectators as well and a glimpse of everyone in the stadium or event venue holding or drinking from the personalized sports bottle can be seen. When you custom make a sports bottle for your company, make it as attractive a possible. Don’t just stick to the normal black or white. Be creative and get colors in striking green, blue, orange, yellow and red. Whatever you do, make sure these colors compliment your logo and don’t overshadow it.

    Amin is the author of If you would like more information about Sports Bottles please visit

    Amin is the author of If you would like more information about Mixing Glasses please visit

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    Surprise! There are certain items you are probably throwing into your recycling bin that cannot be recycled by your public recycling facilities. But don’t despare! There are options for recycling the following items (check out my video for all the info): 1) Plastic bottle caps 2) Printer ink cartridges 3) Batteries 4) Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs 5) Plastic bags (Yuck!) 😉 I will show you how companies such as Aveda (, Staples (, and Whole Foods (, and Starbucks ( are doing their part to help YOU make the world a greener place!
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