Various Kinds of Packaging

Various Kinds of Packaging

Every product whether electronic, consumer good, furniture or other, needs packaging. Packing is done to protect the product as well as it is an excellent marketing scheme for selling.

Basically there are protective, flexible and custom packaging. In protective one, great care is taken for the product, as generally it is either very expensive or fragile. So you will have to depend upon this for safe transportation of the product. Here weather, extremes of temperature along with other things are taken into account.

Pouches, bags and wraps are considered under flexible packaging. It is very helpful in reducing waste. Owing to this and other reasons, flexible packaging industry has become very big in USA.

Custom packaging is done as per the requirements of the customer. Client get this done on the basis of their marketing plan as well as kind of product. Actual creativity is shown in this type of packaging. This include attractive color, printing, labels, product related designing and more.

Basic kinds of Packaging

Film Packaging
Many kinds of films are used for packing different products. Like blister film packaging is used in pharmaceutical, medical as well as for consumer good. It is a very tough packaging that not only protects the product inside but it also displays it clearly for buyer to purchase it. Then there are shrink wrap packaging in which the film holds the product tightly after heat it, anti fog films, anti static films, barrier films and so on. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films is the chief material used in these film. In addition to this polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyolefin are also used extensively.

Plastic Boxes
Most of the grocery and dairy items are packed in different kinds of plastic boxes and plastic films. You will find curd, yogurt, juices etc in the smart plastic packaging. Also any item that needs to be transported is packed in plastic boxes.

Thermocol Packaging
Thermocol packaging is done for the consumer good such as electronics. TV, refrigerator, iron, washing machines are packed with thermocol in cardboard boxes as these protect these act as shock absorber.

Textile Packaging
Textile packaging is done for the automobiles during their transportation. Also the custom made packaging is done for this and it is really very effective from shock absorbing point of view. Generally textile inserts are used that are fit into metal containers.

Foam Packaging
Foam of varied thickness is used in the form of plain sheets as well as rolls for packing purposes. Goods are wrapped in foam packaging and these are also insert in the corner of the packed material. Sharp edges of the furniture is generally protected during travelling with foam packaging.

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The World of Attractive and Useful Packaging Films

The World of Attractive and Useful Packaging Films

Packaging can be referred as an agreeable system of preparing goods for warehousing, logistics, transport and many purpose. It can be described as a wrapper which is used to hold a product or group of products. It is a technique of storing or wrapping the goods in appropriate packaging materials in order to send them as a consignment or for the purpose of selling them in the market. There are various materials which are used to pack the goods. Paper based packaging products, plastic packaging items, glass bottles, tinplates, laminates, etc. are some popular items which are in demand now a days. Some popular packaging materials which are widely used nowadays are as mentioned under:

1) Packaging Film Products: These days, packaging films are widely used in a multitude of applications. It increases the various product attributes that include look, taste, and flavor. Various types of materials are used in manufacturing of these packaging films. Food packaging laminates, aluminum foils, anti-fog films, laminated films, filament films, nylon films, shrink films, PVC films, etc. are some packaging films which are quite popular in the market. These packaging materials are available in numerous colors, shades, and designs.

2) Holographic Packaging Materials: Holographic packaging materials are becoming popular nowadays. Various types of holographic materials including holographic hot stamping foils, BOPP film, stickers, labels, and holographic tapes are being used prominently in various industrial applications. These packaging materials enhance the image and look of the products. It makes the complete packaging look more attractive and fancy.

3) Packaging Tapes: Packaging tape can be referred as a thin flexible strip of cloth, paper and plastic which is used for binding the wrapper. These packaging tapes are used in various applications. They are widely used in aerospace, electronics, furniture, converting, appliance, and automotive industry. Butyl tapes, conductive tapes, water-resistant tapes, insulation tapes, printed tapes, sealing tapes, self adhesive tapes, etc. some well-known varieties of packaging tapes.

There is a large variety of packaging products available in the markets. You can choose packaging products according to your requirement. If you want detailed information on fancy packaging products and various other aspects related to it, you should browse through Packaging Film Products.

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