The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

GREEN is the NEW BLACK and Remanika shows you the way to do just that. Making a bold statement this season is Remanika’s all new Eco – inspired – chic – Green collection, AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH.

Trend observers and the fashion fraternity are becoming more eco conscious each day, demanding more organic and eco-chic clothes, with the approach in their mind, ‘the better and healthier we will be, so will be our planet’. With Remanika’s new collection you can go green without comprising on great style. Open your doors to the world of Green Chic, which would not only keep you in vogue but also help you contribute in the fight against global warming.

Offering vibrant eco colors, incredible prints and captivating silhouettes, Remanika’s AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH collection reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren’t mutually exclusive. The collection takes the concept of eco-chic to an entirely new level. Soft and bold colors as well as unique and interesting patterns are combined to adorn this collection. Jumbled prints, exaggerated trims, layered textures, and unexpected color combinations symbolize the impact of environmental degradation. Modern, eye-catching, uniquely crafted elements combine smart style with sustainability. The result: Fresh, inspiring designs.

Embrace the fabulousness collection of the Plan It Earth and to Look gorgeous and a amazing wardrobe  GREEN CHIC – AND EASY WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE:
– Ditch bottled water: refill a sassy thermos.
– Pop little purchases in your purse, not a shopping bag.
– Choose cashmere, not acrylic.
– Let your hair air dry for a while before you blow dry: less frizz, less energy consumed.
– Unplug (and put away) unsightly cell phone chargers.
– Opt for quality over quantity in everything you buy.
–  Limit your consumption of anything packaged in plastic.
Take a step towards saving your planet earth, take a step towards Remanika.

Available – At Exclusive Business outlets at Atria Mall, Worli; Inorbit Mall, Malad, Vashi; Infinity Mall, Andheri; R Mall, Mulund ,ISKON Mall Surat and A’bad, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends

Pricing – On Request !

About Remanika – In 1998 remanika launched its first store in Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. Then, if you were hip, young, stylish, with loads of attitude, there was only one place where you could find clothes to match – remanika in uptown Mumbai.

With a customer base that has since grown manifold. Today, the remanika brand can be found in close to 100 outlets across 28 cities, In Exclusive Business outlets, Pantaloons ,Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends. Also coming up in two new format stores Named “Store 1” launched by India Bull Retail

Stylish, sexy, unexpected; remanika brings the joie de vivre and vibrancy back to fashion. Carefully blending western cuts with traditional Indian embellishments, remanika offers its customers casual wear, club wear and accessories with a distinct style and attitude.

Every quarter, customers look forward to fresh collections from remanika that help them stay in sync with the latest trends and styles. The typical remanika customer can be identified as a young woman between 18 –30 years , bold, independent, stylish and full of beans. Interestingly, almost 70% of India’s population will be in this age bracket by 2010.

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Earth Day April 22nd -Trying to be greener

Earth Day April 22nd -Trying to be greener

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Being green and saving the planet was at the forefront of the media in the first half of 2008. With a rapidly deteriorating economic situation the recession has supplanted the environment as the main issue of concern for most people. Save yourself before trying to save the planet is the new motivation for millions of unemployed workers around the planet.

To make matters worse the green movement has not been very successful in making sustainable development easier to understand for the average consumer.  It is often difficult for consumers to make sense of all the jargon behind carbon footprint, cap and trade or simple recycling issues. For Earth Day we suggest a simpler approach: JUST TRY TO BE A LITTLE GREENER.

Most consumers want to be greener but cannot necessarily be green all the time. Let’s face it we cannot always Reduce, Reuse or Recycle. Starbucks for instance cannot provide recyclable cups before 2015 and how many of you carry a clean mug in the car?

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. It was founded in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, and was celebrated in more than 150 countries. On the 22nd of April, 1970, Earth Day marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Approximately 20 million Americans participated during the first Earth Day, with a goal to promote a healthy, sustainable environment.

We suggest five simple ways to be greener for Earth Day and apply a simple and somewhat cliché principle: Think global, Act local.

1. Do the right thing: Recycle as much as possible. Not everything is recyclable and until it is we will just have to do our best to minimize what ends up in garbage. You can also buy goods made from recycled materials

2. Water is life: Think about it and conserve it. It is a simple as turning the tap off when you brush your teeth. Avoid single-use water bottles and carry a reusable bottle.

3. Shop for the environment: cut down on packaging. Buy reusable shopping bags and say no to single service plastic bags

4. Don’t litter and don’t tolerate people who do. Remember you are only a passenger on this Earth.You wouldn’t throw garbage in your car and sit in it.

5. Leave the car at home from time to time: Take the bus or walk today. Buy a bicycle and use it for small errands.

Earth Day 2007 was one of the largest Earth Days to date, with an estimated billion people participating in the activities in thousands of places around the world. Imagine what a billion, mobilized and motivated consumers can do in a day to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle and keep doing it the rest of the year. It is all about being just a little greener.

J.Luc Marcoux is the founder and managing director of EverQuest Design Inc, an eco-marketing agency specializing in green and eco-products. J.Luc Marcoux works with clients such as Cirque du Soleil and CBS to create unique eco-friendly and green products and services.
You can contact him by email at
To find out more about original eco product ideas visit

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How Can Eco Friendly Water Bottles Contribute to My Health and The Health of The Planet?

How Can Eco Friendly Water Bottles Contribute to My Health and The Health of The Planet?

Let’s face it, we all need to do our bit to help the environment today and an eco friendly water bottle is one easy way to help. It can be glass or stainless steel and should contain no harmful chemicals in its composition. If you select the right one, then your health and that of our planet can improve and here’s how.

Did you know for example that over sixty million plastic bottles are used and thrown away each day in the US alone? Just think what that number is for the whole world!

With an eco friendly water bottle you are contributing towards reducing that number by using the same container over and over again and hopefully not buying or using any plastic bottles again for your water.

When you consider that bottled water is no better for you than the tap variety and in many cases is the same poor quality and comes from the very same source but costs – a gallon!

The best eco friendly ones are either glass which is of course 100% recyclable or stainless steel. Some very nice stainless steel ones have recently come out but you need to check that they have no chemical lining and are BPA free.

Plastic bottles and bottles with plastic lids all leach traces of certain chemicals into the water they contact and present a health risk with long term use.

The best thing you can do for your health is to use a home filtration system of some kind to give you pure healthy water to bottle your own with. When you consider we have pesticides, herbicides, prescription drugs and chlorine in our drinking water, it makes sense these days.

An eco friendly water bottle is essential these days if you want to stay healthy and contribute to saving the planet as we will soon come to a point where we simply run out of space and options as our landfills overflow.

A toxic future is something we can help to avoid by starting to become more earth friendly and make small and simple switches to alternative products and ways of doing things, like bottling your own water for starters.

Visit my website today if you would like to learn more about the type of eco friendly water bottle that I personally recommend and use.



Discover the best home water purifier today.

Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of safe, clean healthy filtered water. Discover which products Ray recommends after extensive research.

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Spiderman Vs Green Goblin is it cool (That Greener Businees)

Spiderman Vs Green Goblin is it cool (That Greener Businees)

Spiderman Vs Green Goblin is it cool

That Greener Business

You may think that, what has this got to do with saving the planet!!

Well actually, not a real lot.

We would like to think that we are like most of the world’s population; we know it exists and quite true fully, deep down in our hidden soles, the industrial machine had to start to play with our minds!! Are we really doing the best we can do, to protect ourselves, for the future years to come?

We might even think that some of the environmental scientist may have got some of there figures wrong and the industrial corporations, are they really making the carbon reduction emissions, they say they really are! at the end of the day, we can make our own minds up.

We will probably never attend an environmental rally or March, or even chain ourselves to the railings and start a hunger strike, or protest outside a MP’s house, because they are planning to build a bypass on a green site.

If we are not going to do these things, how can we make a difference, well we think you can, we are not going to turn ourselves in to the saint templar and spent a life time search for the Holy Grain, after all we are a business, selling gadgets, weather you like it or not we have make money to survive.

Is there an alternative, we don’t think that theirs an overnight answer, but there are a few Topics that may help.

Topic One

Businesses paper less system, something like an incentive scheme, backed by whoever, and if you think about it, wouldn’t it be better to have no paper at all.

Here are a few sites:…/6-tips-for-a-paperless-office.aspx   

(for information only, not linked to site)

Topic Two

Packaging is a big issue today, is all your packaging recycled or recyclable, have you bothered even to ask, or have you gone that bit further, and got recycled packaging from sustainable forests

 Here are few more:

(for information only, not linked to site)

As we have mentioned we sell gadgets, so if you really want 100% green gadgets, look at these sites.

(for information only, not linked to site)

 Topic Three

(The Other side of the Fence) 

If you have had experience or dealing in a more direct commercial aspect, i.e. the other side of the fence, as I have, with helping to start a compliance procedure with the FSC Forest Stewardship Council, for a small manufacturing company, you may have felt, that there is a strong direct commercial competition between rival organization, to obtain the work, where one compliance will not interact with other compliance, well that’s another story.

You could say that we are a part of a large and growing sector, which are aware of the concerns and issues, that are starting to effect all of use, in one way or another.

Do you remember in the first Spiderman film where, Peter Parker defeats the Green Goblin and Mary Jane prepares to marry John Jameson, but she leaves him, and at the end of the film, they are both on the balcony, and Spiderman, shoots his web, and flies off into the sunset, you really have to ask yourselves, did Spiderman save the day and really win…!!

What we are saying is, we are just do our bit !!!!!

Martin Smith




A small business owner, and a mature student who is just finishing his degree in Engineering Management ,who is just trying to make life a bit easier, for anyone who wishes to read these articles, still new and hoping to improve as time go by.

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The Basics of Glass Packaging

The Basics of Glass Packaging

Packaging suppliers in Australia are continually looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. After all, the food and drinks that you buy are packaged in a variety of different materials; once you’ve opened them, you’re left with waste that could potentially end up in the landfill. Packaging suppliers have been increasingly relying on recyclable materials to mitigate this problem, and they’ve been cutting back on the amount of materials that they use as well.

Glass Packaging –

These days, plastic and aluminium are the most popular forms of packaging for food. In fact, plastic food packaging has exploded in popularity since plastic debuted. As a result of plastic’s soaring popularity, glass isn’t used nearly as much. After all, glass shatters; it can be dangerous when it gets chipped or cracked. Many companies find plastics to be much more convenient, and consumers tend to agree. Despite all of that, glass is still used for a number of different products.

Recycling Glass –

Glass is most commonly used to make bottles and jars. You may not realise it, but that jar of spaghetti sauce can be recycled. In 2002, approximately 320,000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars were recycled in Australia. That translates into around 1.2 billion bottles. If they hadn’t been recycled, they’d have ended up in landfills and added to the environmental woes of the country and world. Recycling glass is very beneficial to the planet, and it’s one of the biggest selling points for this type of packaging.

Glass Recycling Saves Energy –

Energy conservation is another important component of saving the planet. 74% of the energy that is needed to manufacture a new glass product from raw materials is saved when it is made out of recycled glass instead. The energy savings associated with using recycled glass are significant. On top of that, up to 100% of a glass product can be made out of recycled components. On average, products made from glass contain between 40% – 80% of recycled materials. This percentage varies on the quantity and quality of recycled materials that are available for use.

Glass Packaging is Becoming More Streamlined –

Companies producing glass packaging have over the years been refining their manufacturing process in an attempt to produce a more lightweight product. In turn, fewer materials are used and less waste occurs. In 1986, the average “stubby” beer bottle weight 260g. In 1997, a stubby bottle of the same size weighed just 180g. This represents a reduction of about 31%. When combined with recycling efforts, a lot less waste is going into Australian landfills nowadays – and a lot of that phenomenon has to do with the efforts of packaging suppliers around the country. As more consumers do their own part, this phenomenon will only increase.

Like plastic food packaging, glass packaging has decreased in size by a significant degree over the last few decades. This is done to help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Packaging suppliers such as Dabron Packaging also use recycled materials as often as possible to help save the planet.

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