Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions

Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions


Kitchen tools are an integral part of every house hold and these are very important for the day to day activities. One such tool is an opener which is an essential kitchen entity that is used by people of all ages whether young or old. Every one wants to enjoy a nice drink but the only thing that separates your thirst and the drink bottle is the tightly sealed cap which is tough to tackle bare handedly. Hence comes in the usage of an opener, but many openers require a lot of effort when it comes to opening metal caps, plastic caps etc. Also opening cans is a difficult thing to undertake for most people.


Therefore keeping this factor in mind easy to open solutions have now been introduced in the market which are very easy to handle as per they require only little force. These openers have features that are up beat and stand apart from the rest. These openers can be used on a variety of containers, bottles, cans quickly, safely and with ease without any efforts. Especially designed and created in a way to serve those people who need extra force to open with ease most of the different variety of containers around the market.


Openers with easy to use properties are also referred to as assistive devices as they help people with medical conditions to fulfill household chores successfully. Hence patients who suffer from debilitating conditions can also enjoy a nice cool drink without having to take any second persons help.


This is also an arthritis aid as older people usually suffer with this condition that makes their joints almost futile. Hence opening any container or bottle can be a very painful procedure for these people. But with these special openers everything seems just too easy and flexible. Apart from that these bottle openers have a 3 in 1 utility as they can open all kinds of bottle caps and cans including pop-ups, tin caps, screw of tops and is also magnetic in property so this means that you have the benefit of sticking it around any area of your house be it you refrigerator, car or any other metal panel. So wherever you are or for whatever purpose you this ergonomic and durable opener, this device can go a long way in keeping you happy and satisfied as a customer whenever the need arises without fail.



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Plastic does not go away it will sit in a field

Plastic does not go away it will sit in a field

A plastic waste recycling article obtained by modifying the surface of a molded article formed from a collected plastic with a colored film which comprises an acrylic resin containing an ultraviolet absorber and has a thickness of from 50 μm to 600 μm. Plastics which are used widely in domestic electric products, automobile parts, industrial parts and the like and have various tones are modified with an acrylic resin film so colored to an extent as to provide color shielding of the ground collected resin, to collect the plastics and produce an article without being influenced by the color of the original materials.

You need to remember that plastic does not go away it will sit in a field and never decompose and this can cause a lot of problems. Greenhouse Gas Emissions can be greatly improved when you recycle by plastic recycling machine and the best part is you will be helping to improve the world we live in.You will also save in many other ways as well such as oil because it takes oil to make those plastic bottles that we use. If instead of throwing them away so they can sit in a land field then you can reuse them and you will use less oil. This is a positive thing because there is only so much oil available to us.

We can also reduce green house gasses because it takes more energy to make new bottles from oil then to recycle old bottles. Make sure you have a place in your house that you designated as a bin that the recycled bottles go by pet bottle recycling line and this will make it easier for all of your family to get involved.Remember that recycling is a crucial part of saving the world we live in and with making a few changes it is easy to start recycling. It is important to make it fun and get your whole family involved so that they will be making a difference.


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Make a Collecting Syringe and Jar for Small Marine Invertebrates

Make a Collecting Syringe and Jar for Small Marine Invertebrates

Cut open the end of the syringe. Take care to leave a small flange to prevent the plunger being pushed out the end. This can be done using a hacksaw and a round file. The end of the syringe will probably be a flat cone with the needle nozzle offset to one side.

Cut off most of the cone and file the edges until the remaining flange is about 1mm wide all round. This is not a critical dimension. The syringe is now functional. A useful accessory is a small bungee lanyard which can be slipped over the wrist to prevent accidental loss.

Collection of small and delicate marine organisms can be facilitated by the use of a suction collector made from a large disposable syringe and a self closing plastic collection jar as described in this article.

Purchase a large disposable plastic syringe from a pharmacy. The 60ml size is suitable for many organisms and is easily available.

Purchase a screw top plastic jar of suitable size to store the organisms until they can be decanted.

Use the end of the syringe and a fine felt tip marker to mark the position for the hole in the lid of the jar. Be careful to put the hole fairly close to the side , but clear of the thread. The reason for this is to allow space for the spring-loaded flap closure.

Cut this hole using whatever tools you have that work best. A bell punch is quick but may not be available in the ideal size, but the hole can be filed to correct the size and shape. If all else fails, a carpet knife will do the job, bur cut undersize and file to a reasonably close fit for the syringe, which should enter the hole easily, but with small clearance all round.

Pierce a pair of small holes adjacent to the loading hole for the bungee spring which will close the flap. These may be drilled or pierced with a heated wire. These holes should be just beyond the edge of the loading hole to allow the syringe to push the flap open when inserted into the loading hole.

Pierce a few small holes in the far side of the lid to allow water to escape when transferring organisms from the syringe to the jar. These holes should be too small for the organisms to escape through them. 1mm to 2mm diameter is usually appropriate. Use as many as you find convenient. A large number of holes allows the transfer to be done faster.

Cut a small piece of flat plastic sheet for the flap. This must be stiff enough to remain flat. Pierce two holes to correspond with the bungee spring holes in the lid. The flap should be straight sided adjacent to the holes and parallel to the line between their centres. and should fit completely over the transfer hole, but clear the thread at the edge of the lid.

Thread a short length of thin (about 2mm) bungee cord (shock cord) through the holes in the lid and flap. Tie the ends to hold the flap in place on the underside of the lid. Ensure that the flap allows clearance for the jar to screw onto the lid.

Test the function of the flap by stainless flange fitting the lid to the jar and inserting the syring through the transfer hole. The flap should open into the jar and automatically close when the syringe is removed. is the leading manufactory and exporter of steel flange in Zhejiang Province of China.We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting Forged Steel hongfengflange and Pipe Fittings.Welcome to contact and visit for business. manufactures PET and PVC plastic jars. Our clear plastic jars are made of FDA approved clear plastic material. Visit our website for more info, prices and how to order.
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