The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! That probably sums up the need for pure, clean and a ‘continuous’ source of water. Over the years, the business of providing safe and clean water has improved a lot and is now much more sophisticated. Gone are the days, when you had to worry about delivery service of your standard bottled water. You could now get it through plumbed in water coolers. There are a number of service providers who help you to install a hassle free plumbing system, so that you drink clean and pure water straight from the tap.

Water coolers come in different shapes and sizes. Right from you simple wall mounted water cooler, to the sophisticated plumbed in water coolers that dispense hot or cold water instantly. When it comes to quality, bottled waters cannot match the water coolers. These manage to efficiently, remove the contaminants in water. They taste great as well. Most water cooler manufacturers use the latest technology to ensure that water is cleaned of not only impurities but also remove the taste and odor of chemicals that are generally found in tap water. Not only hygienic, water coolers are safe from the environmental aspect as well. Haven’t we all heard about the ill effects of plastic? Imagine drinking water from a plastic container all through the day! And what about the delivery service of these bottled water suppliers! Well, the less said the better. These are at most time unreliable.

Bottled water is also expensive when compared to the cost of installing water coolers. Installing a water cooler, or a plumbed in water cooler is a onetime cost in comparison to the recurring cost of bottled water.

Installing a water cooler in your office is probably the best thing you could do to boost productivity as water is believed to increase concentration. No wonder providing access to clean and uninterrupted supply of water is a legal obligation imposed by the law on offices. If you are looking to install a water cooler in your office, you could choose from a wide range of office water coolers. These are also space savers unlike the bottled water which is a huge space consumer. With a water cooler you don’t have to worry about a place to store those huge space consuming water bottles. Also, you could avoid mishaps that usually occur when refilling or carrying bottled water. Some companies even allow you to personalize your water cooler, by fixing your company logo on them.

So if you are looking to install a water cooler in your home, office or school, just go ahead without thinking twice. These are certainly economical, safe and clean in comparison with bottled water.

With national coverage, Water-Splash can offer you the plumbed in water coolers to suit your requirements, from a budget to designer water cooler for 5 to 500 people. Hot option cooler with hot water at 94c is hot enough to infuse a tea bag. Established for eight years, they are now one of the premier suppliers in the UK.

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If you know me, then you know that I LOVE making handmade gifts for xmas. This year I made a pocket wallet out of recycled blue jeans and loved it so much that I wanted to make everyone in my (Southern) family one for xmas. Here’s a sneak peek for those of you who are getting one from me this year! Enjoy! ♥ ♥ ♥ Materials: _old blue jeans and the pockets without holes, etc. _scissors (I used 2 pairs, 1 small pair for cutting the hole in the middle and 1 large pair for cutting around the pockets) _acrylic paint _hot glue _velcro _foam alphabets, flowers, etc. _old plastic bottles (optional, I used them for drying the pockets) _old plastic bottle tops (optional, I used them for the paint) _old printer paper or newspaper (I used for painting to protect my desk top)

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Top Vacation Packages Offer Choice And Savings

Top Vacation Packages Offer Choice And Savings

Whether you want to tour Europe, cruise the Caribbean or take a ski trip to Aspen, finding the best vacation package can really make a huge difference in the bottom line. Depending on what you’re looking for, packages can include everything but the kitchen sink or they can be made to mix and match.

Vacation packages come in all shapes and sizes and prices. There are all-inclusive packages that include everything from airfare and lodging to food, rental cars and event tickets. Some packages are less intense and give buyers more freedom to choose their activities once they arrive in the destinations. Others simply include hotel and car rentals. The choice is up to the buyer, but getting the best depends on providing the best input when looking for a package. No matter the choice, however, a package should be greater than the sum of its parts and its bottom line should be less.

If you’re looking for the best vacation package you can find, you’ll need to be able to answer a few questions first:

* Destination. Packages are available all over the world. From European castle trips to hiking in the Rockies, packages are everywhere you want to be. But, to find the best, the place to start is in choosing a destination. You can’t begin to compare the offerings unless you know where you’re going!

* What you want included. Do you want everything included and every step of the trip planned? Are you more interested in winging it once you get there, satisfied to get by only with a room and car provided? Packages can be as involved or uninvolved as a buyer desires, but to make smart comparisons, you need to know what you want.

* Total itinerary included. Some packages even plan all the side trips and sightseeing opportunities for you. If this sounds good, know in advance and look for those trips that come complete with a knowledgeable tour guide.

* Price. If you don’t have a budget set, you won’t know where to look. Package pricing can be as basic or as detailed as you could possibly imagine. Getting started, however, requires a ballpark price.

Once you’ve decided the basics, such as where you’re going and what you want to see, it’s time to shop for packages. Don’t forget to look at the components by themselves as well. A good package should save you money when all the pieces come together, not cost you more! Shop around and have a little fun doing so.

If you’re not totally sold on an everything’s included trip, play around with adding and removing different features from your dream trip to see if you can make it more affordable. If it’s a destination you can easily drive to, take out the airfare, but remember to add gasoline. If you can fly there and skip the rental car, check that pricing, too.

A vacation should be a great getaway that creates memories to last a lifetime. Good vacation packages make this happen by taking the worry and the guesswork off the vacationers’ shoulders.

#1 Resource

Vacation and cruise packages.

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A Look at Unique and Durable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

A Look at Unique and Durable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are durable, unique, and easy to clean.

On the go individuals looking for sturdy water bottle designs that won’t break or leak should consider stainless steel made bottles for their hydration needs. A few companies make stainless steel water bottles and 5 have been chosen for this review.

Keep in mind that one big downside to stainless steel water bottles is that some of them wear quicker when washed in a dishwasher unlike some plastic counterparts. However they won’t leak or break and won’t have that plastic aftertaste that some bottles have.

New Wave makes a variety of stainless steel water bottle and food storage products. Their water bottles come in sizes ranging from 0.6 liters to 40 ounces.

The stainless steel bottles designed by New Wave come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as a range of tinted steel colors. The 0.6 liter bottles have specially designed tops that allow them to be easily attached to backpacks, belt loops, and hooks.

Klean Kanteen on their website claims to be the original stainless steel water bottle. The sizes of the bottles range from 12 ounces up to 40 ounces and all models features the special screw on cap that allows for attachment to backpacks and hooks.

They have a sleek design and all of the sizes have a similar shape and grip. According to the company website, Klean’s stainless steel water bottles are lined on the inside with a material that protects them and allows them to be washed in the dishwasher.

The color designs of these bottles are classy and have a glossy look on the outside. Klean also explains that their bottles are recyclable as well.

Nathan Sports makes these stainless steel water bottles that range in size from 500ml to 1 liter sizes. They have set themselves apart from the competition with the patent pending flip straw top designthat allows you to get the hydration you need without spilling the liquid all over. The flip top connects to an internal straw that goes all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. Plus it is leak proof and dishwasher safe.

The color and designs are also unique to these bottles. The colors come in types such as Pink Love and Green Recycle and some bottles feature images of animals and other nature friendly designs on them.

A bit more expensive when it comes to water bottles but this may be due to the straw design feature.

Earthlust stainless steel water bottles are made in limited edition batches making them a unique and attention getting water bottle. They are naturally unlined stainless steel and safe for a variety of liquids.

They come in sizes ranging from 13 ounces up to 1 liter. Each bottle has a unique art design and color with many of the bottles being limited edition designs. Clearly Earthlust is aiming for a market of water bottle users that appreciate a good looking, artistically designed bottle.

I was impressed by the art and designs of these bottles, many that come with tops that come with the clips needed to clip your bottle onto backpacks and belt loops. Surprisingly they cost less than some bottles with little or no aesthetic appeal.

These stainless steel bottles are incredibly unique and while I don’t currently own an Earthlust water bottle I may consider purchasing one after seeing what they offer. They also make hats and carry bags with a focus on environmental protection.

What caught my attention about ThinkSport stainless steel bottles was their dedication and focus to producing 100% safe and toxin free bottle designs. While most companies produce safe water bottles, ThinkSport focuses on bottles that won’t break down over time and thus remain safe for the duration of their usage time.

They are double walled and have a vacuum sealed design which is said to keep beverages hot or cold for hours.

They mainly come in just two sizes, 350ml and 750ml sizes. While they lack the hook or open circle style caps that many stainless steel bottles have for attachment purposes, the ThinkSmart bottles do still feature an attached screw on lid.

Look wise they come in black and grey with white text stating ‘Think Smart’ on them. So for someone who wants to have a unique looking bottle, this might not be the water bottle for them.

All stainless steel bottles are durable and many are designed to be dishwasher safe. Always make sure you check the specifications on the specific stainless steel bottle that you purchase as those that are not dishwasher safe could become worn down or unsafe to use after breaking down.

This writer has learned a lot about stainless steel water bottles and was impressed by the wide range of stainless steel bottles and the sheer artistic nature of many of the companies making them. is The TOP 1 Stainless steel pipe store,we sell Stainless steel,you can buy Stainless steel and seamless pipe from us.

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Did you know that globally we produce over 80 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly, and our consumption is ever increasing? Have you ever wondered what happens to all that plastic waste once it leaves our homes? Once it becomes waste, it equates to an 80 million tonne global problem! Peter Lewis from an innovative New Zealand company of Queenstown, has devised a solution to this plastic waste dilemma. He has developed the worlds first viable and economic technology, capable of recycling all post- consumer contaminated plastic waste into versatile commercial products that have a range of applications. Byfusion Technology is a, simple, clean process which transforms plastic waste (including metal bottle tops and paper labels) into ground-breaking, multipurpose products, through the application of world patented technology and the use of local, community plastic waste. One of these products is the Byfusion Building Block, an environmentally friendly, all-round construction material, which can be used to erect gardening or retaining walls in a considerably shorter time than a standard concrete block wall. This wall can be plastered, coloured or manufactured with a covering film or just sprayed with seeds to become a living wall. Another important application of this pioneering technology currently being explored is the potential use of the Byfusion Building Block for safety purposes. A block has been successfully tested for a road barrier use or for a sound

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Primitive Country Decorating: 7 Must-Have Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen!

Primitive Country Decorating: 7 Must-Have Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen!

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen you’ll really enjoy being in that room once you’ve implemented the decorating ideas found within this article.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens cooking for our family and friends. It’s important that we feel good about being in this room.

Fabrics play a huge role in a kitchen decorating plan. Once you have chosen a theme for your kitchen there are multiple fabric choices to be made to coordinate with that theme. Window treatments are a great place to begin.

A few other fabric choices to be made in a kitchen might be linens and towels, potholders, appliance covers, placemats and table cloths.

Canisters can be found in most kitchens and in just about any theme you might dream up. They come in all shapes and sizes and are easily added to the décor.

Collections are a great way to decorate a kitchen. A collection of items can quickly and easily be acquired by going to garage sales and flea markets in your area.

Clocks and cookie jars are a few of the favorites for people who have collections for their kitchen.

For an interesting accent wall place a collection of clocks on a single wall.

A great place to display a collection of cookie jars is on top of cabinets. They’re not taking up any usable space and are easily seen by all who enter.

Colanders or strainers can make a beautiful display in a kitchen. They can be hung on an accent wall in a random pattern or from a pot rack over an island.

Bottles are another item that people enjoy collecting. Since most things are made from plastic in this day and age, bottles are definitely items that most people can’t just go out and purchase in their local discount store.

You may have inherited a collection of silver utensils from your great grandmother, but don’t want to use them. They can still be added to your decor by bending them and attaching them to a board. This can then be used to hang keys on.

Earthenware or stoneware crocks are a beautiful collection to have in a home. The crocks can be displayed around your home or turned into usable items. You might place one next to your door to put umbrellas in. You might use one to place kitchen utensils; spatulas and spoons in. You could even use them to place the mail in when you bring it in from the mailbox.

So, now that you’ve learned about several options for decorating your kitchen go ahead and use what you’ve learned in this article to begin the transformation of a warm and inviting primitive country kitchen in your home!

Tammy Matthews has published widely on the subject of primitive country decorating to help give you the tools you need to create the decor you love to come home to. If you found the information in this article helpful, claim your Free Report on The 5 Biggest Primitive Country Decorating Decisions, available at =>

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History of Toothbrushes and Toothpastes

History of Toothbrushes and Toothpastes

History of Toothbrushes
Toothbrushing tools date back to 3500-3000 BC when the Babylonians and the Egyptians made a brush by fraying the end of a twig. Tombs of the ancient Egyptians have been found containing toothsticks alongside their owners. Around 1600BC, the Chinese developed “chewing sticks” which were made from aromatic tree twigs to freshen breath.

The Chinese are believed to have invented the first natural bristle toothbrush made from the bristles from pigs’ necks in the 15th century, with the bristles attached to a bone or bamboo handle. When it was brought from China to Europe, this design was adapted and often used softer horsehairs which many Europeans preferred. Other designs in Europe used feathers.

The first toothbrush of a more modern design was made by William Addis in England around 1780 – the handle was carved from cattle bone and the brush portion was still made from swine bristles. In 1844, the first 3-row bristle brush was designed. 

Natural bristles were the only source of bristles until Du Pont invented nylon. The invention of nylon started the development of the truly modern toothbrush in 1938, and by the 1950s softer nylon bristles were being made, as people preferred these. The first electric toothbrush was made in 1939 and the first electric toothbrush in the US was the Broxodent in 1960.

Today, both manual and electric toothbrushes come in many shapes and sizes and are typically made of plastic molded handles and nylon bristles. The most recent toothbrush models include handles that are straight, angled, curved, and contoured with grips and soft rubber areas to make them easier to hold and use. Toothbrush bristles are usually synthetic and range from very soft to soft in texture, although harder bristle versions are available. Toothbrush heads range from very small for young children to larger sizes for older children and adults and come in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, oblong, oval and almost round. 

The basic fundamentals have not changed since the times of the Egyptians and Babylonians – a handle to grip, and a bristle-like feature with which to clean the teeth. Over its long history, the toothbrush has evolved to become a scientifically designed tool using modern ergonomic designs and safe and hygienic materials that benefit us all.


History of Toothpastes
Egyptians are believed to have started using a paste to clean their teeth around 5000BC, before toothbrushes were invented. Ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have used toothpastes, and people in China and India first used toothpaste around 500BC.

Ancient toothpastes were used to treat some of the same concerns that we have today – keeping teeth and gums clean, whitening teeth and freshening breath. The ingredients of ancient toothpastes were however very different and varied. Ingredients used included a powder of ox hooves’ ashes and burnt eggshells, that was combined with pumice. The Greeks and Romans favored more abrasiveness and their toothpaste ingredients included crushed bones and oyster shells. The Romans added more flavoring to help with bad breath, as well as powdered charcoal and bark. The Chinese used a wide variety of substances in toothpastes over time that have included ginseng, herbal mints and salt.

The development of toothpastes in more modern times started in the 1800s. Early versions contained soap and in the 1850s chalk was included. Betel nut was included in toothpaste in England in the 1800s, and in the 1860s a home encyclopedia described a home-made toothpaste that used ground charcoal.

Prior to the 1850s, ‘toothpastes’ were usually powders. During the 1850s, a new toothpaste in a jar called a Crème Dentifrice was developed and in 1873 Colgate started the mass production of  toothpaste in jars. Colgate introduced its toothpaste in a tube similar to modern-day toothpaste tubes in the 1890s.

Until after 1945, toothpastes contained soap. After that time, soap was replaced by other ingredients to make the paste into a smooth paste or emulsion – such as sodium lauryl sulphate, a common ingredient in present-day toothpaste.

In the second half of the twentieth century modern toothpastes were developed to help prevent or treat specific diseases and conditions such as tooth sensitivity. Fluoridetoothpastes to help prevent decay were introduced in 1914. Toothpastes with very low abrasiveness were also developed and helped prevent the problems caused by overzealous brushing.

The most recent advances in toothpastes have included the development of whitening toothpastes,  and toothpaste containing Triclosan which provides extra protection against caries, gum disease, plaque, calculus and bad breath.  

Toothpastes today typically contain fluoride, coloring, flavoring, sweetener, as well as ingredients that make the toothpaste a smooth paste, foam and stay moist. Individual toothpastes also may contain special ingredients, such as triclosan in Colgate Total. Toothpaste in tubes is used throughout the world and has been a very successful invention.


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Jewelry Display – All About Jewelry Display and Its Various Types

Jewelry Display – All About Jewelry Display and Its Various Types

Jewelry display comes in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes for displaying all kinds of jewelry articles like bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings. These jewelry supplies come in categories such as acrylic displays, attaché cases, bracelet ramps, display kits, earring holders, necklace boards, pendant boards, utility trays, wire displays, trunks and bags. In addition to these, polystyrene displays are also quite popular among jewelry makers which can be used to present bangles and bracelets. Necklace busts and ring displays are useful items which can be used to store and display necklaces and rings effectively.

Acrylic and plastic jewelry boxes and stands are affordable and practical. These stands are available as earring displays, chain spool holders, hook rotators, rotating towers with changeable inserts, and watch displays. One can also find acrylic hands in different angles to display bangles and bracelets in an attractive and professional way. Rotating towers are very useful and can be used to display and present earrings, bracelets and anklets. Jewelry tray cases made of inexpensive materials are quite popular all over the world and they come in styles like locking top-opening and double hidden-tray cases.

Jewelry display choices for necklace display include boards and trees. You can find various styles in this category such as choker-size side-notched necklace display and tall multiple side-notched necklace display. In addition to these, flocked chain boards with side slots or top slots are available at reasonable prices. Profile boards for displaying necklaces in different kinds of materials are also popular all over the world. Travel jewelry organizers for storing rings, bracelets, earrings and chains can be found in colors ranging from elegant white to passionate red and black. Bangle displays are quite handy and they can be found in a number of different sizes and styles.

Utility trays with lids are commonly used by jewelers to present valuable rings and earrings to their customers. These jewelry display supplies can be bought for to a piece depending on their size and material. Gemstone trays and jars are also quite popular for displaying beautiful jewelry articles made of precious and semi-precious gemstones. These jars to store loose gemstones and to prevent them from spilling come in colors which serve to enhance the beauty and glamour of gemstones. Lightweight plastic utility trays are also available out there which can be used for organizing and displaying different types of jewelry articles.

Wire jewelry display for earrings and necklaces looks trendy and attractive. These displays come in shapes like music notes and dancers. Such items are chosen by jewelers who want to appear unique and professional. Revolving earring displays and metal earring racks are also quite popular. Bangle and bracelet displays come in various shapes and sizes. These items are made of faux suede, leatherette, and plastic. Polyresin hands for presenting bangles and bracelets in black and white colors look eye-catching. Jewelry articles come out more striking and gorgeous when they are displayed in a professional manner. Check out these boards, trays and displays to find the one you are looking for.

Please visit our site for full information like history, designs, types, buying tips, caring tips, cleaning tips, importance and all other important aspects of all Jewellery items and its different types and designs. You will find tons of articles on all popular jewellery designs and types like Jewelry Display.

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Different Cosmetic Packaging Options

Different Cosmetic Packaging Options

Today the cosmetic industry is witnessing an influx of new ranges of beauty products both in skin care and hair care. With so many products on the market, the only way to attract the attention of customers is to package products attractively. Let’s look at some of the packaging solutions currently available to manufacturers.

Airless Bottles

Airless bottles are used for dispensing creams, shampoos, lotions and so on. The greatest advantage of airless bottles is that they help preserve content and keep it from becoming contaminated. Since there is no need to open them to dispense the product, the possibility of contamination by direct contact with fingers, air, etc., is prevented. Airless bottles are available in various shapes and sizes.


Pumps are used for dispensing products such as creams, lotions, soaps, and shampoos. Pumps dispense contents easily and correctly.


Triggers dispense contents for sprayers and foamers. These are available in various designs and colors.

Flip Tops

Flip tops are often found fitted on screw caps. Products that come with flip tops offer users two different options for using the content. The user can dispense the content by either opening the cap or just flipping the top. Flip tops enable the easy dispensing of content, neatly and in the correct measurements.


Some manufacturers use jars for storing creams. With a wide mouth design, jars allow content to be taken out easily with fingers. However, users must clean their hands thoroughly before taking cream out of a jar to minimize the possibility of contamination. Jars are available in various shapes and are often made of glass or plastic.


Tubes are mainly used for storing all kinds of creams, be it skin creams, shaving creams, or others. These need to be squeezed to dispense the product.

Roll-on Bottle

Roll-ons are especially useful when you are on the go because they are convenient to carry and use. Roll-ons are small containers or bottles with a rolling ball at one end that applies the content directly onto the body. Deodorants normally come in roll-on bottles.


Droppers dispense liquid content neatly in tiny droplets.


Tottles are designed to be a cross between a tube and a bottle. A tottle stands on its top so the content is always at the orifice, making it easy to dispense. No need to squeeze or pump,. just open and use. It is available in a myriad of designs, sizes, and materials.

Foil Pouches

Aluminum foil pouches are typically used for packing ointments, grease-based cosmetics and other similar things. Some advantages of foil pouches are that they require less storage space and facilitate longer shelf life. Moreover, they are nontoxic, hygienic, and non-absorptive to liquids.


Foamers turn contents into rich foam. Foamers are mostly used for dispensing shaving creams, soaps and so on. Foamers come on bottles with or without pumps.


Sprayers, as the name implies, distribute liquids over an area. Sprayers are mainly used for perfumes, deodorants, and so on. Sprayers differ in the way they spray liquids; some squirt while others mist. Fine mist sprayers are quite in demand these days.

As mentioned above, these are just the current designs available to manufacturers. There are also several customized cosmetic packaging designers and manufacturers available now who leave no stone unturned to bring distinctiveness and exclusivity not only in designs but also in the use of materials.


Writing article is my hobby…

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Costruzione macchine iniezione-soffiaggio e stampi per la produzione di vasetti / bottiglie in plastica. Manufacturing of injection-blow moulding and moulds for the production of plastic jars / bottles. Procrea srl Via Leonardo da Vinci , n°12/14 24060 Carobbio degli Angeli ( Bergamo ) – Italy Telefono (++39) 035.951.307 Telefax (++39) 035.953.377 Sito : E-mail :
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Steel Water Bottles- Befriend Health Befriend Mother Earth

Steel Water Bottles- Befriend Health Befriend Mother Earth

Two types of water bottles are commonly available in the market. One is stainless steel water bottle and the other is the traditional plastic bottles. Recent studies of the market have shown that people prefer to go for steel water bottles nowadays. The filtered water bottle is sought after among kids and adults since it shows a great deal of positivity towards the health and environment.

Kids Stainless Steel Bottle- Advantages Of the Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottles for kids and adults are made up of food grade BPA free steel. This is harmless to the health of the human beings as it doesn’t react to any kind of food material such as tea and coffee, cold drink or normal water. Generally, filtered water bottles remove 99.99% contamination such as bacteria and fungus and dust from the water, making it fit for consumption. You can use the kids’ stainless steel bottle for storing warm or cold milk for the infants without any health hazards. The filters work well for one whole year and eventually wear out.

New filters are easily available in the market. These stainless steel bottles are completely made up of eco friendly materials and are 100% recyclable. You can also buy the insulated version of the stainless steel water bottle. The insulated bottles maintain the original temperature of the fluids whether it is hot or cold. It can maintain the temperature for approximately 4 hours or more once you open it. If stored unopened, the temperature will remain maintained for overnight.

Steel Water Bottles- Shapes and Colours

These bottles are available in all shapes and sizes along with multitude of colours. Interestingly, sizes may vary to customize the needs of both kids and adults. Unlike the plastic water bottles, stainless steel bottles are non hazardous, run for life time and are completely eco friendly. You can buy these steel bottles online and enjoy heavy discounts on each buy. For more information kindly search the World Wide Web. There are ample amount of websites available that provide these water bottles. provides a complete line of stainless Steel Water bottles for both adults and children. Find Filtered Water bottle, Stainless steel sippy, and Kids stainless steel bottle from our product ranges.

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Decorate Your Party Tables with Candy Dishes Full of Treats!

Decorate Your Party Tables with Candy Dishes Full of Treats!

Pretty and all-around candy dishes are commonly used and popular; most people know about these dishes! Attractive and functional, these dishes are available in many different sizes and shapes. These have as many different names as they do shapes, but all are used for the simple purpose of holding small pieces of candy for everyone’s enjoyment!

These dishes are often decorative as well as practical and are usually made from glass; there are other styles and compositions that display the candy just as well, including ceramics, plastic or metals such as aluminum, copper or silver. They are made in all shapes and sizes. Some are elegantly designed and give a sense of class and sophistication to any surrounding; others are made in exclusive shapes that hint at festivity and a good time. The dishes can come with covers to be able to keep the candy covered, however if you want them without you can purchase one without, or simply keep the cover off.

Often, these dishes are collected by people who enjoy them simply as collectibles, while others have a working inventory in various styles which they use to serve candy at all times! Especially during holiday celebrations, people hosting guests at parties often have these available and on display in a variety of different shapes and sizes; these often correspond to the theme of the holiday; New Year’s celebrations often feature candy displayed in mock cocktail glasses; at a Valentine’s Day celebration, popular dishes can be shaped like hearts or cupids, containing heart-shaped hard candies or small pieces of chocolate.

Another popular candy occasion is Easter; the candy dishes would be seen shaped like a bunny or egg. At Easter, candies might even be offered in a bunny-shaped figurine that is holding a basket where the candies are placed. Halloween, another candy-rich holiday, is different; this occasion is meant to have lots of candy for trick-or-treaters! This holiday offers more varieties of novelty candy containers because there is such an emphasis on the volume of candy available at that time of year. Some of the Halloween candy holders could be shaped in holiday motifs, like a witch’s cauldron, a black cat, bats, spiders, jack o’ lanterns, skeletons and other frightening-looking shapes and forms.

Thanksgiving is a holiday when family and friends get together and appreciate their blessings. At such gatherings, it is possible to find candy dishes shaped like turkeys, pies or fall vegetables such as pumpkins and gourds representing the holiday. Christmas, also, features specialty candies that are made and flavored for the season. Typical Christmas candies that you will find are shaped like Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes, reindeer, candy canes, Santa Claus shapes, bells, gift boxes and Christmas stockings. At Christmas parties, there may also be more assorted sweets such as candy canes, sweet or spicy mints, small chocolate shapes and other specialty candies for the season.

During non-holiday times, it is also possible to find these lovely and versatile candy dishes around the house filled with treats and prominently located for guests to enjoy. At wedding receptions, people place wedding candy dishes out for their guests to enjoy. Some people even place a candy dish for personal use by their bedside; other candy dishes are used throughout the house like cookie jars to allow everyone to have a piece of candy at any time.

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7 Standard Type Candle Making Molds vs. 13 Homemade Candle Molds

7 Standard Type Candle Making Molds vs. 13 Homemade Candle Molds

Candle Making Molds

Candle making molds come in many shapes and imagines. There are the standard molds, which will create various sizes of circular or square candles, or small trays that make a set of small tea light candles or votives. There are many specialty molds that can be ordered online or found in craft stores in holiday shapes, birthday shapes, and shapes of animals, nature, and foods, among many others. Candle molds are use to give candles the shape. There are many different ways to use candle molds, from rigid glass, plastics ones to metal and latex molds.

Standard Types of Candle molds

Glass molds cool down quickly and offer a smooth finish and rarely stick, but are delicate and prone to scratching and cracking, which will lead to breakage.

Metal molds are known for their longevity. Because metal molds do tend to stick, however, it is recommended you lightly spray metal candle molds with a store-bought silicone mold release spray, designed for just this purpose. To prevent the metal molds from rusting and eventually leaking or cracking, spray a light coating of the same silicone on the inside and outside of the mold before storing.

Aluminum molds are extremely durable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What most candle maker’s love about aluminum candle molds is that they do not have seams like some other molds have, so you don’t have to worry about trimming your candles once they are cooled.

Rubber candle molds are more flexible and offer you the added benefit of more intricate designs. As the candle cools it is advisable to keep a close eye on these types of molds. During this timeframe, candles may distort due to the flexibility of the mold. While rubber molds begin to break down over time, they create a nice matte finish on the candle and are sought after for both the different designs they offer and the ease in which the candle comes out of the mold.

Plastic mold is rigid, will not bend and is the least expensive of the candle molds available today. Intricate designs will not work well with this type of mold. However, since plastic molds can be reused many times without worry of damage or cracks, they are also the perfect mold for the beginning candle maker to use. Plastic molds offer a unique chance for the crafter to perfect his or her craft before moving on to the next type of mold or to a large candle.

Rigid molds can be made from glass, metal or plastic. Rigid molds are used to make unusual shapes such as bold geometrical shapes. Plastic molds are often used as they are the cheapest. However you cannot use rigid plastic molds with candle scents or fill them with wax heated to over 80 degrees Celsius (175 deg Fahrenheit) as this can cause damage to the mould.

Latex molds are very popular as they are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are quite versatile. Latex is very stretchable and is often used to create more complex shapes such as animals, fruits and flowers.

If you decide to create your own candle molds, here are 13 items you probably already have at home that can be used as molds:

Yogurt pots

Milk cartons

Drinking glasses

Cake tins


Strong cardboard are fantastic as candle molds.

Plastic cup

Pringles can

Chinese take-out containers

Frozen juice cans

Oatmeal boxes

Egg containers not the Styrofoam type

Larger tomato cans

Regardless of what type of candle making molds you use just have fun making your candles.

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