Sealed Air Brings Fresh Clarity to Lightweight Cryovac PP Chilled Food Packaging with Millad NX 8000

Sealed Air Corporation is offering a range of lightweight polypropylene (PP) trays and pots with high clarity for chilled foods thanks to Milliken’s clarifying innovation Millad NX 8000. Sealed Air’s choice of Millad NX 8000 to up the clarity benchmark of its thermoformed Cryovac lidded trays and pots for meats, salads and other fresh produce, means food processors can benefit from the reduced packaging weight and lower carbon footprint of PP compared to alternative materials without comprising on packaging transparency or performance.

Due to its low density, PP packaging is typically 10 – 30% lighter and has a 24% lower carbon footprint than APET, for example, while offering the same strength and rigidity (Source: Intertek). Less material usage contributes to less post-consumer waste production too. Sealed Air’s Cryovac containers are non-brittle and break without sharp edges. The inherent higher heat resistance of PP trays and containers allows them to be reheated and also laminated in heat-sealing machinery without cracking or warping. PP is readily recyclable and straightforward to separate from other materials in the recycling chain, lending itself to re-use as food packaging or, through energy recovery, as a valuable source of energy.

Sealed Air’s customers have responded favorably to the company’s success in moving the clarity standard of its PP packaging upwards. By using Millad NX 8000, Sealed Air has also benefited from processing advantages in its production chain.

“Conventional clarifying agents don’t dissolve or disperse well in PP and this can cause a build-up on machinery during processing,” comments Michael Thomson, Sealed Air. “New generation Millad NX 8000 on the other hand is easy to process. This further plus point for the clarifier adds to its significant achievement in raising the clarity standard of our polypropylene applications for the food sector.”

Milliken provided technical support and the right solution to help Sealed Air achieve optimum clarity and offer the highly-demanding food industry a competitive packaging alternative to support producers in meeting UK and European guidelines regarding reduction in packaging weight, waste and CO₂ emissions.

Sami T.K. Palanisami, marketing and sales manager plastic additives EMEA, Milliken, adds: “High clarity polypropylene helps food producers create an appealing fresh-look for packaged foods. It also brings the valuable environmental advantage of lighter packaging with a low carbon footprint during production and transportation, achieving a combination of benefits that is not possible with other materials.”

About Milliken
Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Working from our laboratories, application and development centers around the world, our scientists and engineers create coatings, specialty chemicals, and advanced additive and colorant technologies that transform the way we experience products from automotive plastics to children’s art supplies. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines that also includes floor covering and performance materials, the people of Milliken work every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable.

About Sealed Air
Sealed Air is a global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. With widely recognized and inventive brands such as Bubble Wrap brand cushioning, Cryovac brand food packaging solutions and Diversey brand cleaning and hygiene solutions, Sealed Air offers efficient and sustainable solutions that create business value for customers, enhance the quality of life for consumers and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. Sealed Air generated revenue of approximately $7.6 billion in 2012, and has approximately 25,000 employees who serve customers in 175 countries.

Millad is a registered trademark of Milliken & Company.

NX is a trademark of Milliken & Company.

Milliken is a registered trademark of Milliken & Company.

Cryovac is a registered trademark of Cryovac Inc., a subsidiary of Sealed Air Corporation

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How Solar Panels Reduce Electricity Bills

How Solar Panels Reduce Electricity Bills

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In the beginning, people doubted the effectiveness of the home-made and Eco-friendly power generation device. No one was even ready to believe that the device could be a source of renewable solar energy and could be utilized to illuminate one’s home. But as the days went by with gradual exhaustion of natural resources, people started to look for another source of power generation that should be almost an alternative to the existing sources. Solar panels have duly risen to that effect.

Should Eco-friendly Solar cells be improved to the level of being a perfect alternative, as appears likely, to the present power origin, the whole universe could be possibly saved from degeneration and impending exhaustion of the natural resources. Quite contrary to the present state, Solar panels use the endless renewable resources of the Sun and the power generation has been possible without a little harm to the health of environment. So much so the popularity about the utility of homemade solar cells has been increasing across the world that number of manufacturers worldwide is also growing. They generally cite some of the advantageous characteristics of solar cells such as its power generation capability from the inexhaustible source of energy or renewable source of energy, its pro-green nature, its almost zero maintenance cost or ability to outsource power supply to almost all home appliances.

Benefits of Solar Panels: By now, the advantages and benefits might have been understood. The escalating effects of global warming can die down gradually if the process of sustainable development with the benefits of such Eco-friendly devices is accelerated.

To be honest, its innocuous nature to the environment deserves to be mentioned. The device does never emit any toxic substances which could be harmful for environment. There is no denying that its maintenance does barely cost any while recurring electric bills can sufficiently be saved up to 80%! The installation space it requires is very small and it can fit in any house. They have got protective shields from any attrition against the effects of sunlight, rain, thunder or wind.

Installation Procedures: There are many online stores who sell solar panels and anyone can forward online orders for the purchase and package forwarding of the chosen kit to the given address. Solar panels are found in different shapes and sizes and anyone can buy as per one’s requirements. You may be wondering how do you build solar panels at home?

The installation of solar panel hardly requires any effort and skill. You just need to follow a few steps while installing the panels at a small space by yourself. As you get a solar panel, you need to buy either a deep cell acid battery or a lead battery which lasts longer only with a condition if it is kept in a safety box. You should know that a DC meter is required to convert the energy from the panel to light up your home when an inverter is required to comply with AC powered appliances. You can see the glowing lights just scarcely you have finished the installation job. The video guide must be immensely helpful at the time of installation. Most of the solar panel kits consist of these video guides.

Installation Cost: The cost of solar panel installation may be higher. But it should be kept in mind that there will be hardly any extra expenses after the installation. So, being a kind of one-time investment, there might be no hesitation.

Effects of Solar Panels: As the solar panels generate power using inexhaustible resources of the sun-rays, there is little apprehension of the gradual erosion of natural resources. The present power generation procedures spend the treasures of nature gradually while having no chances of renewing them. The solar panels being a device capable of producing renewable energy do not pose to be a potential risk in contrary to the traditional ways. Besides, solar panels do not give out any toxic agents to the environment. Hence, there is no doubt that this innovative device can speed up the sustainable development mission.

solar panel:Best Green Home DIY Energy helps people to grow knowledge about alternative renewable power generation system and undertakes online orders of solar panels shipment.

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How to get residential solar power

How to get residential solar power

Understanding to develop your individual photo voltaic panels for household could yield both short and lengthy term rewards from the perspective of your expenses, the overall worth of your house, the surroundings and even help you leave behind a legacy for generations to treasure. Not only do you conserve a big sum of your monthly utility costs, you become a key contributor to the green revolution. By making use of a lot more of photo voltaic power, you are assisting to emit a lesser amount of toxic fumes into the ozone layer. The green legacy you cultivated would be inherited for generations to arrive. And the greatest component of getting complete fledged non commercial solar power techniques is that your residence appraisal value to rise, and in light of the Obama government which strongly advocates green living, you will continue to appreciate your tax credits too.

With non commercial solar strength methods, numerous people will no longer be topic to the mercy of madly fluctuation gasoline costs, unannounced outages, and ever growing utilities costs. Sun power is a source of energy which is renewable, sustainable and free. You are then enabled to wean your reliance on public utilities and at some point reside off the grid when a entire method is up and running, not to mention this is green and sustainable energy through the lifespan of the program. Without a doubt, the freedom to use as a lot energy as you have generated is very enticing to numerous men and women.

In the past, a single may well be deterred from making your very own solar panels for houses, but as technologies innovative, there are several who have effectively tried and produced their very very own household pv strength systems. There are numerous good guides in the industry these days which teaches you move by move on how to assemble and set up your very own panels. Some even have videos for every essential action to expedite your finding out curve, all total with clear and concise designs, directions on in which and how to locate the needed elements and components etc. And these packages normally expense much less than a very good meal as well. Compare the price of do it your self panels costing about 200 bucks and a 3000 dollar per panel specialist price tag tag, I am certain that you would agree that to build your very own solar panels for house is a fantastic deal without a doubt.

Now that you know that advantages abound for owning your non commercial photovoltaic strength method, begin your green project proper now, spend less some cash and have fantastic fun with the whole family too. Click here for a lot more info: residential solar power


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Green Gizmos

Green Gizmos

Eco-friendly gadgets are a great way of combining modern science with sustainability. Eco-friendly gadgets, or green gizmos, can be any device that saves energy, are made from recycled material, or can be re-used.

It’s never too soon to start taking care of the environment. Today, there are myriad creative and interesting green alternatives among electronic gadgets. Let’s take a look at nine environment friendly electronics and appliances.

Light Powered Watches

Watches that use solar energy or ambient lighting to power are more eco-friendly than the ones that use batteries to power up the watch. Such watches can charge even in low to dim light. Invariably, batteries are made from toxic materials and hence are extremely difficult to recycle, which makes solar-powered watches a great green alternative.

Bamboo Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals like keyboards, mouse etc. made from bamboo are a great green option to the same computer parts made from plastic and non-degradable materials. 

Solar Chargers

Solar chargers and docking stations for mobile phones and iPods are another great way of ensuring sustainability. These chargers use sunlight to power up gadgets instead of batteries. Sunlight is a source of energy easily available and is a better option to non-degradable batteries.

Power-Saving TV Sets

A number of flat panel television sets these days are designed with energy-saving measures and environmentally-friendly materials. These include dimming the backlight depending on what’s playing on the TV, using lead-free materials, using sensors that adjust the backlight according to the lighting in a room, using recycled paper for packaging and manuals etc.

Wind and Sun Powered Battery Charger

There are portable green options for charging batteries. Rechargeable batteries are by themselves a green option. Using green chargers ensures you double up your efforts to stay green and play your part in sustaining our environment. These green battery chargers use two green options for charging, options that are easily and naturally available: wind and sunlight.

Sun Oven

Cooking using electric ovens can be a huge drain on power. A green option during summer is cooking using a sun oven. A sun oven using cardboard, mirrors, and polished metal is easy to make and can be created at home too.

LED Light Bulbs

A great eco-friendly option for traditional bulbs is the rechargeable LED light bulbs that reduce CO2 emissions. Such environmentally-friendly bulbs also consume less power, thus resulting in energy saving as well as reduced electricity bills.

Electric Motorcycles & Cars

Electric motorcycles and cars ensure zero emission of carbon, keeping the environment clean while also ensuring fast transportation. These vehicles are also extremely easy to use and operate.

Bamboo Bicycles

Bicycles by themselves are extremely environment-friendly, since they do not require fuel for riding. Bamboo bicycles thus provide double the eco-friendly benefit, since these bicycles are made from bamboo, an eco-friendly option for materials for an already green mode of transport.

In these times of global warming and green house effects, incorporating eco-friendly devices and gadgets into everyday life has become extremely critical. With a little bit of care and attention, we all can do our bit in ensuring a greener, safer, and healthier planet.

John is an expert at sustainable and green solutions, and works to educate young school children about the importance of being eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and using Environment friendly electronics gadgets and appliances.

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Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Food Bowl

Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Food Bowl

The patented design keeps ants and other small, crawling pests out of your pet’s food and water–without the use of chemicals or pesticides making it safe for you, your pets, and the environment! Innovative design prevents pests from scaling the side of the bowl. Dog bowls feature a striped bone shape in the center. Heavy-duty bowls are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

Having durable dog food bowls and feeding them when the family eats will make your dogs feel more like members of the family. The Little Wind up Pup offers a good verity of dog food bowls for your small dog. It’s important to provide your dog with their own dog food bowls and water bowls. The more designs of dog food bowl and water bowl is available in our Katiewong site in Newyork city.

The brightly colored bowl, which comes in pink and white, green and white, or blue and white is attractive enough, with a cute bone motif on the sides. The ceramic food bowl are gorgeous and really show how special your dog is! Stoneware dog bowls feature FDA approved glazing and are dishwasher safe.

We all know that dogs love to eat and drink wherever they are and it is crucial to their good health. You and your best friend will be very satisfied with one of our high quality dog dishes that are made to last. Pets have access to food or water from this lightweight plastic bowl that folds flat for easy transport and storage. Please purchase online in Newyork.

Representing the ceramic food bowl in the website

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Need of recycling plastic bottles

Need of recycling plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are found everywhere. They help us in getting required liquid products more easily than glass. Use of plastic bottles harms the environment a lot. We need to recycle them to keep them out of our land fields. Plastic bottles recycling improve the emission of Greenhouse Gases up to a large extent. About 7.4 cubic yards of landfills area are saved if we recycle 1 ton of plastic products.

Oil is one of the major requirements of modern times. Oil is a non-renewable source of energy and it needs to be saved as much as we can. This is the best part of plastic bottle recycling that the process does not require oil usage. And thus, much oil is saved. Making new plastic bottles require more oil but on the other hand, reprocessing doesn’t require the same.

One needs to use a bin for plastic bottles despite of throwing them here and there. When large numbers of bottles are stored, one needs to take help of nearby bottle recycling community. With simple steps, people and communities can work together to save this earth we live on. In Canada, several communities are actively working towards plastic bottles reprocessing.

BC Bottle Depot is active in different locations of Canada which is taking the environment-friendly initiative of reprocessing used plastic bottles. This recycling firm encourages people from Surrey, Vancouver, Walnut Grove and Maple Ridge to work towards the welfare of environment by participating in the process of plastic bottle recycling.

BC Bottle Depot works with the objective of saving environment from harmful effects of plastic. Plastic bottles do not decompose but through reprocessing they can be used more than once and in different forms. This environment-friendly depot also encourages trash donors to bring their old plastic lidded bottles for recycling process and hence, take the environment-friendly initiative forward.






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