Product Focus: Packaging Components

Squeeze-and-Measure Cap
This patented Squeeze-and-Measure Dosing Closure delivers the correct dose of liquids with a squeeze, thanks to a three-part assembly including a dip tube, vacuum-sealed dosing chamber and flip-top cap. It can be sized to fit any squeezable stock bottle and standard neck finish with no custom preforms or fitments.

Opening Cap
Tetra Evero Aseptic’s (TEA) One Step Opening design provides the dual protection of a tamper evidence ring and a neck membrane on cap, while offering the convenience of one action opening, for ease-of-use. Devised for ambient white milk, the opening and the carton bottle intend to satisfy consumers’ quest for convenience in handling and pouring, while maintaining safety and environmental features.

Liquid Products Cap
Made of PP resin, the LiquiFlapper cap fits 33-400 mm and 38-400 mm bottles. The cap screws on and is available with either a ribbed or smooth skirt. Designed with a snap-tight leak resistant release, it provides portion-controlled, tear-drop flow for most household liquid products. LiquiFlapper is available in custom colors and embossing, it is also #5 recyclable.

Lid/Single-use Spoon
SpoonLidz by EcoTensil is an over-lid for single-serve cups, which converts to a sanitary and sturdy spoon in one easy fold. Convenient for on-the-go eating, the material-efficient SpoonLidz is made from silky-smooth, renewable paperboard. Customizable and brandable, SpoonLidz provides a sustainable value-add to yogurt, fruit and other to-go foods.

Wine Closure
Nomacorc, producer of alternative wine closures, has introduced a zero carbon footprint wine closure—Select Bio. The closure is made with plant-based polymers derived from sugar cane. Three distinct products, each with different oxygen ingress levels are available, with the same look and feel as the traditional Select Series. The Select Bio Series includes three distinct products, each with different oxygen ingress levels and have the same look and feel as the traditional Select Series.

Closure Solution
Velcro Brand Press-Lok closure, a product for the flexible packaging market, features a unique design that addresses any chance of package misalignment experienced by consumers.  A series of interlocking micro features connect at multiple levels, combined with tactile feel, make this new reclose fastener secure.

Lidding Foil
Constantia Flexibles developed a paper-free, child-resistant blister lidding foil with upgraded peel/push functionalities. Offering a smooth, robust peel, Easy-Piesy, is an aluminum/PET/aluminum lamination that—due to its absence of paper—requires less heat during sealing compared with traditional paper-back foil structures. The paper-free design makes Easy-Piesy well-suited to cleanroom environments.

Flip-top Cap
Easy-to-open, the Ultra Light Flip Top cap improves consumer convenience and brand loyalty with a modern opening mechanism and a cleaner, more sanitary orifice area. It’s specifically designed for products that require a squeezable motion and dispensing control. The liquid trap feature prevents separated liquid from dripping out, and the closure uses up to 20% less material than similar caps for greater sustainability.

Zipper for Carriers
Hi-Cone’s Zipper for multipack carriers is designed to provide value-added consumer convenience. The perforated tab is engineered to release the container with just one pull. The zipper makes it easy to remove one container at a time or all of the bottles.

Caps for Tubes
The Flip Top Plug is a secure closure that features a quick flip of the finger to access the contents. Used on rectangular tubes, this package stores items safely and can be a package all its own. Diameter sizes begin at 0.43 x 1 in. and go up to 1 in. x 0.08-0.68. 

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Package’s Custom ‘Squeeze & Measure’ Closure Cleans up for Libman


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Target’s ClearRx Gets a Makeover

What was touted as the “Design of the Decade” by Industrial Designers Society of America has gotten a fresh new look.  With several years of collaboration between Target and Berry Plastics, the ClearRx line of pharmacy bottles has undergone many new improvements.  Many of the design queues, though, which gained ClearRx its popularity are still prominent.

Over four years, Target and Berry exchanged hundreds concepts and ideas to further improve an already impressive package.  Target’s main focus was on the external features, observing how the customers will use the package, and incorporating ideas which will enhance their guest experience.  Meanwhile, Berry continually honed the internal workings of the package to ensure sound engineering design and repeatable manufacturability.  Finally, through this concerted effort the development team arrived at a product line which not only improved guest experience, but realized many benefits to Target and Berry.

The major change is in the new opening feature. Instead of a push-and-turn two piece closure, the package new employs a one piece squeeze-and-turn closure based on Berry’s patented Tab-II design.  Because of this one change, it reduced material by 50% with no change to performance. The new closure requires 180 deg turn of thread – half that of the two piece. Along with less rotation, the closure is easier to use thanks to an audible ‘click’ when the package is child resistant. Since the closure has a plug seal, it no longer needs a liner which eliminates a secondary step from its predecessor. Yet, the closure seals against water leaks and obtains a “tight container” classification.

The colored identification rings are now injection molded polypropylene.  They were previously made of silicone. By changing the material and design, a weight and cost savings was realized here as well. Polypropylene is also more readily recyclable than silicone. Along with the new version, pink rings were introduced as a result of customer recommendations.

Behind the counter, the pharmacists have far fewer SKU’s to maintain.  Overall, the redesign reduced total components from 32 down to 14.  It was achieved by standardizing neck finishes and the components that mate to the bottles.  The component reduction also simplified material planning and logistics. It also simplified the manufacturing platforms required to make the components.

As a result of the above design accomplishments, over 80,000 lbs of material will be saved from the waste stream.  It is proof that a design can improve the impact on the environment. The customers spoke and Target listened.  Much of the constructive guest feedback was around the small bottles inability to stand.  The redesign addresses this very point as shown in the photo.  It can actually work both ways, whichever way the customer prefers.

The end product is truly impressive.  After years of effort, a collaborative team of designers and engineers improved ClearRx – the Design of the Decade – into a new image even more will enjoy.

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South West Companies Urged to Seize Environmental Opportunity as Economic Uncertainty Looms

South West Companies Urged to Seize Environmental Opportunity as Economic Uncertainty Looms

Envirowise is represented throughout Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions. We work closely with regional bodies, business support organisations and other important initiatives in your area. Find out more about the environmental agency activities taking place in your area.

This message comes as the manufacturing and service sectors face even greater pressure to increase prices than at any point in the past. (1) And with continued concern over the effects of recent stock market falls, South West companies could understandably be feeling the squeeze.

Yet by taking a more environmentally efficient approach to managing their resources, local firms could relieve some of this pressure and actually save themselves money.

For more information about this and to read all the latest environmental publications

visit our website or call free-phone on: 0800 585794.

Paul Gilbert, Envirowise Regional Manager for the South West, commented: “Our region’s companies will be acutely aware of the recent business headlines that appear to signal a difficult year ahead economically.

“But by banishing wasteful practices now, companies can put themselves in a strong position – one that could potentially mean not having to pass on price rises to suppliers. In turn, this could have the added benefit of safeguarding valuable business relationships.”

Companies should consider how they can cut levels of waste associated with every stage of their business activity – for instance:

Manufacturers should look at how to reduce raw material usage, both on products and on packaging

• Pass on the sustainability message to your suppliers, and work with them to minimise waste throughout the complete supply chain

• Keep communicating with your staff to ensure they are fully bought into your actions

• Look for the quick wins – from encouraging employees to only print when absolutely necessary, reusing stationery rather than ordering in new stock, to fixing simple water leaks

Find out more information about the

Paul continued: “It is all about local firms meeting the current economic challenges head-on and, as the President of the European Commission called for this month, seeing the environment as a real business opportunity – rather than an unwelcome diversion.”

Envirowise provides a range of free advice to businesses, from hands-on guidance on optimising design to advice on implementing practical resource efficiency and waste saving measures. For further information call the Envirowise Advice Line on 0800 585 794 or visit

British Chambers of Commerce, Q4 2007 Quarterly Economic Survey

Issued on behalf of Envirowise by Trimedia

For more information, contact: Peter Stilwell, Rachael Kilburn or Rod Dennis on 0117 929 2311 /

Notes to Editors

Envirowise is a Government-funded programme dedicated to putting the sustainable use of resources at the heart of UK business practice.

Since 1994 Envirowise has helped UK businesses save over £1 billion by enabling them to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Envirowise offers businesses of all sizes and sectors a wide range of free, independent and practical advice designed to genuinely improve their processes, profitability and competitiveness. Services include:

• Advice Line on 0800 585794

• An encyclopaedic website of valuable and relevant information

• On-site visits conducted by a nationwide team of expert advisors

• Over 200 events each year, from Product Design Workshops to major exhibitions

• A nationwide network of Resource Efficiency Clubs offering peer-to-peer support.

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