Standardization Into The Main Theme: The Implementation Of The New Standard Plastic Pipe

Standardization Into The Main Theme: The Implementation Of The New Standard Plastic Pipe

According to the National Plastic Products Standard Of center said they “water with a hard polychlorinated Ethylene Pipe “And” Building PVC drainage pipe with a hard “two amendments of national standards has been completed, the revised draft has been adopted in December 2004 review of the standard is expected to be promulgated this year. The New Year, “the definition of biodegradable plastics, sorting and degradation of performance requirements,” the national standards began in January 7 comments, will soon be implemented. Also to be implemented, “the logo and signs of plastic products,” the national standard.

  This series of actions to remind all of plastic companies, standardization will be the year Plastics industry Development theme. Over the years, products, technology, equipment, standardization is not high plastic industry in China has been restricting the rapid Health Important factor in the development of China and also plastics manufacturer Competition Power is difficult to improve one of the reasons. When we were behind closed doors with their own competition, when companies can offer quick and tough plastic products to low labor costs and to replace the technical inputs such as counterfeiting cost advantage obtained by creating a boom period. However, China’s accession to WTO, the domestic market with the international trend to strengthen, and since last year, the surging prices of raw materials under the exposed catalytic domestic plastic industry, poor condition of scattered shows that this model has far can not meet the need for competition, and standardization from soft to hard the next few years will be the development of domestic plastic industry, an important way to standardization.

Recent years, the national authorities to increase the plastic formulation and revision of standards. Last year alone, the state amended the implementation of the plastic industry standards have ” Doors and windows Box with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles “and a dozen standard. National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice years ago showed that Poly Glycol Ester Carbonate Beverages Bottles, PVC double wall corrugated pipe such as 14 national standards have been approved and will be starting on June 1 this year, fully implemented. This is the industry standard in recent years, countries have ratified the largest number of plastic. Moreover, the more the industry Expert Recommendation to the industry standard nature of the some important recommendations to mandatory.

At the same time, from the standardization of the market demands more and more. To plastic Mold As an example. Since China’s standard rate is not high, making the mold design and manufacturing cycle than the foreign ministers of 25-40%, not only led to a number of extended delivery precision molds, manufacturing costs, but also cause the user to replace Parts Difficulties. It is understood that the market expected rate of domestic mold has standardized the past two years, 30% to 60% this year. Such expectations will demand changes through the reaction of the enterprise.

In addition, the standardization of plastic products in China is an important ticket to enter the international market. Standardized products do not enter the ranks of business can not be accepted by the international market, it can only form of processing to meet the needs of a very small part of the international market. The plastics business so that we will never be at the international division of labor can only be the most at the end, not to mention real access to international markets, much less about the international market.

This point of view, plastic companies to accept more formal, more powerful standard constraints are inevitable. In the process, Which company, which trades have to prepare more fully, in the future market, their odds will be greater.

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International Organization For Standardization Packaging And The Environment Conference To Be Held

International Organization For Standardization Packaging And The Environment Conference To Be Held

2010 General Assembly and the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC122/SC4 Package Standardization Forum and the environment will be May 31 to June 4 at the Beijing International Convention Centre. This is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) held in China for the first time the General Assembly, the international packaging standard, but also my first ever forum for international packaging and environmental standards.

Global economic integration and global warming, caused the world to give full attention to packaging and the environment. Packaging standardization both to conserve resources, protect the environment, but also related to the elimination of barriers to international trade. Concerned about the low carbon economy in the world today, the General Assembly, significant, and thus the theme of “Developing ISO standards, protection of human environment, to eliminate trade barriers, promote low-carbon economy” more aroused public attention at home and abroad.

National standardization Management Committee (SAC) as ISO/TC122/SC4 host the General Assembly and packaging sectors forum sponsored and environmental standards department. The General Assembly will be invited to the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Ministry, Environmental protection Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Food Drug Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other government authorities and the domestic packaging institutions, enterprises, research institutes and experts attended the meeting. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) related to the Commission, the EU packaging and environmental organizations and the CEN Packaging Standards Committee, the packaging and national standardization bodies, enterprises and other experts came to China more than 80 participants.

Domestic and foreign experts will be in the General Assembly on packaging and packaging waste using the ISO standard requirements and packaging reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recycling, chemical recycling, delivered a speech topic. Presentation relates to packaging recycling and waste re-use of technology; sustainable packaging solutions; environmental packaging new technologies, new materials, new technology; export packaging technical trade measures; food packaging safety and health; environmental packaging standards and conformity assessment; packaging industry clean production issues of common concern at home and abroad. The world’s leading packaging research and development institutions and representatives of famous enterprises at home and abroad to introduce a variety of environmental packaging products and packaging re-use of key technologies and the enormous economic benefits.

Participants involved in wide range of areas, including standards, environmental protection, quality inspection, Design , Packaging materials production and processing, packaging waste recycling and reuse, logistics, trade and other relevant institutions and enterprises; packaging using enterprises, such as food, beverage, dairy, beer, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances and China, the world’s top 500 listed companies will participate in the General Assembly. The participants formed a huge industrial chain, contains a huge market for low carbon economy. During the Assembly, while the World Packaging Conference, World Packaging Forum and the June 2 opening of the Beijing International Packaging Exhibition.

The conference is a domestic and international packaging and environmental and technological exchanges and Cooperation The Global Conference is ahead in the international event.

ISO/TC122/SC4 International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee Packaging and the environment from various countries will discuss international packaging and environmental standards and to discuss the draft proposed international standard.

China’s packaging and environmental standards in the analysis of international standards for packaging law and packaging, based on China’s national conditions, the drafting and promulgation of the GB16716 “Packaging Waste Disposal and Utilization of General” series of standards and GB18455 “Packaging Recycling Mark” and other national standards. Is to remove international trade barriers, guide and standardize the corporate package, enabling the recovery of packaging waste management and reuse of the implementation of standardized operation, carried out in order to become China’s packaging and environmental standards Chemical industry As the basis. Based on the requirements of circular economy development policies in order to “reduce, reuse and recycling” as the focus of attention to “packaging and environmental development” as the purpose of packaging and environmental standards.

China has enacted and pending the packaging and packaging waste nearly 10 national standards, has been completed and is drafting a standard eight. Standardization of the ongoing research topics include “packaging recycling and waste re-use of standardized research”, “packaging and hazardous substances control of research and standard setting”, “green packaging standard system” and other national key projects.

China Export Packaging Institute (CEPI) in the packaging and the environment in the standardization of research results get attention and recognition at home and abroad, by the National Standardization Management Committee (SAC) approval to undertake the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC122/SC4 packaging and Environmental Technology Committee of China International Secretariat and the national technical counterparts and has P membership to participate in international standardization activities, and enhance the international standard setting in China’s voice. The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC122/SC4 International Standardization Assembly and Packaging Environment Forum held in China must speed up the packaging and environmental standards of research and development.

By the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) of the commission, the Chinese Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute (CEPI) and the General Assembly, co-host the ISO/TC122/SC4 packaging environmental standards in international forums.

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