BASF 2010, invested heavily in China Asia-Pacific strategy to plastic – BASF, the Asia-Pacific strategy, plastics – chemical industry

BASF 2010, invested heavily in China Asia-Pacific strategy to plastic – BASF, the Asia-Pacific strategy, plastics – chemical industry

BASF campus recruitment propaganda landing in 2010 in Guangzhou

HC Chemical Network News, BASF in March 23, 2010 disclosure of its Asia-Pacific Development: Exploring the sustainable development model, development of new chemical industry, efforts to achieve the 2020 Asia-Pacific

Sell Volume than the 2008 goal of doubling that to 200 million euros. The company will actively participate in the Asia Pacific market growth, to invest in plastic business Zhong Jin, a large proportion of investment will be used for the Chinese market.

The Chinese market as quickly seize opportunities for recovery, the second half of 2009, BASF’s production and sales began to rise. International oil prices lead to lower prices, the company annual sales of 50.7 billion euros compared with 2008, despite a decline, but output is still growing. Post-crisis era in the adjustment of industrial structure and change

Economy Important period of growth patterns, BASF presented to world-class petrochemical base, innovative

Environmental protection Concept as the core, with a strong ability to support scientific research to first-class customer service-oriented development strategy.

BASF said that China is the focus of BASF Asia-Pacific market, Chinese market confidence in the future. Objectives in the Asia-Pacific region is higher than the local chemical market growth by 2 percentage points faster, which means that BASF sales in 2020 than in 2008 to double to 200 million euros. To achieve this goal, BASF has decided in 2014, investment in Asia about 20 million euros, an active part in the Asian market growth.

BASF plastic business is the focus of the Asia-Pacific growth strategy in the field, currently the company’s plastics business 30% of sales come from Asia. The current global

Plastic raw materials Demand on the rise, Asia’s most dynamic markets, the average annual growth rate will reach 6%, while China is Asia’s largest plastic consumer, demand accounts for more than half of the Asian market.

It is understood that, 20 billion euros of investment will be used to support a considerable part of the BASF plastics business development in China. Among them, the annual output of 400,000 tons of Chongqing, the new diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) production base plan will be put into commercial operation in 2014, Nanjing Yabaki to the Phase II project in 2011. BASF in Nanjing, Shanghai and Chongqing, the three world-class projects will make it in the base of the Yangtze River to form a complete layout of the Asian plastics materials to provide adequate localization.

Innovation by industry consolidation and development of green plastics solutions, BASF now has a global

Car , Construction, packaging and other fields have achieved remarkable results. Innovative BASF polymer will help stand out from the market. BASF produces the raw materials used for polyethylene terephthalate (

PET ) Bottles, agricultural plastic film and a series of plastic products, while in the car lightweight, energy-saving building materials and eco-friendly plastics, BASF products provide a significant reduction in carbon emissions for creating conditions.

The same time, advanced plastic Additive Products to BASF’s plastics business advantage more pronounced. In 2009, BASF, Ciba, after a successful merger, has become the world leader in plastics additives industry. Add a light stabilizer, antioxidant, flame retardants and halogen-free additives, scratch-resistant additive effects, can offer the whole range of new solutions.

BASF fully demonstrated new materials and innovative application of green plastic. Including the use of engineering plastic Ultramid production based on computer-aided engineering (CAE) design of the car oil pan, applied to the 2010 World Expo in Hamburg, Germany Urban Best Practices Area of the low carbon building insulation systems for packaging and agriculture Ecovio series of biological plastic, and the High Speed Rail train track with a polyurethane sealants.

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Green Supply Chain Strategy To Restore Your Competitive Advantage

Green Supply Chain Strategy To Restore Your Competitive Advantage

There is an increased demand from government regulations on the climate control and renewable energy.  Manufacturing community has to react timely and positively in order to survive the new measure against the raw materials and products requirement to ban the use of hazard components.  The concept is not only applied in the component level, but also includes the packaging materials and the flow of supply chain elements.  To use re-cycle of raw materials, to reduce the overall logistics distance (from suppliers to customers), to reduce the overall weight of the shipment, to adopt more green suppliers, to tightly control the pipe-line inventory (reduce the risk of obsolete when demand drop) are those elements which request the immediate attention of manufacturers to cope with the green policy. 

The green initiatives also help company to maintain and enlarge customer base (since green policy is one of a marketing scheme).  Environmental concern and social responsibility are the selling point of your product to your customers which will make your company to sustain your competitive advantage.  As a matter of fact, your competitors are under same market force to change their direction and priority toward more green initiative.  Therefore, your company should exceed the effort your rival competitors will do.  In addition, more countries will enforce importers to import green products to their nations with tax incentives.  This will trigger your chance of selling in these nations.    

For example, nowadays, new product development will not be only the responsibility of product design and engineering department; it also includes the fully team-work among marketing, engineering, procurement, logistics, and materials operations.  Questions like: how to ship your products to customer effectively?  What green components can be purchased?  What is the optimal packaging size and re-cycle materials to pack your product?  How the import country will tax your product besides country of origin?  Company has to consider the new product development process as part of the green supply chain strategy.    

Manufacturer has to design their process in a green way as well.  Indirect supplies should not include any toxin materials.  Process will not generate hazardous wastes and emissions to the environment.  There are some cope of conducts to govern such requirements in different industries; like, automobile, telecommunication, electronics, and medical.  In fact, majority of large MNC (Multi-national Corporation) already have their own manual regarding world-wide green supply chain implementation and policy.     

The development and implementation of green supply strategy is not only to fulfill the customer needs; but also to meet general public’s expectation for manufacturer to improve and enhance the role in social responsibility and environmental concerns.  In exchange, the company will gain sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. 


Clifford C.Y. Kwong is a working professional with more than 15 years of supply chain and management experience. He attained a master degree in business and is working on his doctoral degree in advance management discipline. You can visit and for more details.

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Vista System’s Green Strategy Statement Q&a Guide

Vista System’s Green Strategy Statement Q&a Guide

Dear reader, the following guiding questions have been used by Vista System’s Business Development team as they formulated the “Vista System Green Strategy Statement”. We at Vista System have decided to share this document as we feel that the guiding questions can help other companies world-wide take their first step towards writing a Green strategy statement of their own. Being truly Green requires cooperation and sharing of relevant information by all companies, as we can only achieve our goal if we work together as a global society.

Many times asking the right question, keeping them simple and having examples to review is all one needs to get the ball rolling. I hope that you find this document helpful and enriching.

Click here to review our complete Vista System Green Strategy Statement.

1. What makes the Vista sign frame a “green” product?

What makes our product green? We have spent the past 18 months redesigning the system to improve its sustainability and insure that it is a fully recyclable, long lasting system based on modular components that are easy to separate into individual elements, which can then be taken apart and reused or sent for recycling. Following are but a few of the concerns we have targeted thus far:

Sustainability of the product – working with aluminum based signs with long lasting plastic end caps and clear cover will allow for a long lasting sign. The stylish contemporary design will further insure that this sign will stay intact for decades.

Sustainability of the packaging – we use recyclable cardboard boxes along with recycled and reused packaging materials. When possible we use fully recyclable cardboard pallets saving a few trees as Green
Sustainability achieved by resistance to Vandalism – We have redesigned the system to increase its resistance to vandalism, thereby increasing the sign’s lifespan.

Our product has been reviewed by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design Green

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Recycled Plastics Industry’s Future Development Strategy Analysis

Recycled Plastics Industry’s Future Development Strategy Analysis

    Social progress, the market is to prosper and live better is necessary to develop the economy, economic development, with regularity, and periodicity, about one cycle every decade, from the deflation, the market downturn, the market boom, inflation bubble then the bubble burst resulting financial crisis. Last year’s financial crisis was only the fuse of this economic cycle, even without the U.S. subprime mortgage-induced financial crisis, there are other things to make the bubble burst. However, before this crisis is much greater than on the country out of all walks of life are great, right out of our recycling industry is also great, recycled plastics industry is also subject to a devastating blow, resulting in a loss a career change, the collapse are out there, but these difficulties are temporary.

    Waste Materials Recycling benefits industry, since ancient times been an influential industry for life and production have played a decisive role, it is a natural development of industry. It’s just that people have no awareness of the importance of this industry only. As the shortage of energy and non-living, the state is also increasing emphasis on recycling of materials, materials, production of waste materials has become increasingly dependent high, so that waste materials industry, the healthy development of China as the world’s factory, the products, low prices and the U.S. and by international favor, in order to reduce costs, manufacturers can not do without renewable materials, who left it will not make money or less money. So, people in this industry in recent years relative to scrape eyes to see, but also to the rush to enter the industry point, but also waste plastics operations and the most competitive time, but also close to the madness, because of society’s increased demand for waste plastics, it is awareness-raising of waste plastics, energy shortages, the state and social support, these annual operating waste plastic were also made money, most people with admiration for plastic recycling industry, in the past feel that this industry is a disgraceful industry, now not only do not feel ashamed, on the contrary it was also felt glorious. Because many plastic products can not be separated waste plastic and left to be profitable, the products were not competitive, in recent years into a substantial increase in people in this industry, and now there are a lot of people want to enter this industry, I am often asked in this industry situation.

    Waste plastics industry has reached the point of fierce competition. Waste plastics industry now is the time marginal profit this year, the majority of enterprises are low-profit or flat businesses, operating poorly and losing a lot of people. The next few years of waste plastics industry will face operational difficulties, difficult. Whether domestic or imported waste plastic recycling would be very difficult. Now would be a big waste plastics industry reshuffle of the situation, will be survival of the fittest, not those who quit. Many Hong Kong traders are luckily a lot of last year, and some have done no less than changing to the other, and also some collapse of the. Want to get good returns, some companies will have to restructure, change management strategy to improve profitability and competitiveness. In the future development potential of waste plastics industry to improve profitability and competitiveness, focusing on improving the technical content, improve business strategy, increased specialization, strengthen corporate power and visibility.

    1, to technology-based transformation.

    There technical content of plastic modified plants still admired, still a substantial profit. Some small, simple plant will not meet the current situation, want to continue based on the waste plastic processing, increase profits, you have to have technology and are in the same processing of grain, there are a ton of marketable technologies that make 1000, or even thousands, not technology, made a profit of 100, they might even lose money. Plastic to modification, will improve the performance of plastics, but also to increase its added value. Such as waste for enhanced toughness, increase melting means, lower melting refers to, fire-retardant, conductive plastics modification will improve the performance and value, but also greatly increase profits.

    Some low-value composite materials can be modified, if carried out to improve its performance, the original can not be used so that he can, the price has naturally increased. A lot of composite plastic waste without modification, if so, the performance is poor, and did not have value, as is the improvement of plastic recycling technology, you can not use the original or low-value, after blending modification, by adding solvent phase change rather to increase its value in use. For example PA / PE, PA / PP, PP / PS, PE / PS, PC / ABS, PET / PP, PET / PE, and so forth can be modified to use technology to improve its value.

    The use of separation technology to improve the added value of waste plastics. Separation of a composite material, mixed with broken plastic separation, such as PET / PVC, PS / ABS and so on, these materials is no way to separate the proportion of law, if you can take it separated you big money. Separation there is gravity separation (density), electrostatic separation, flotation separation, solvent separation, spectral separation, etc.

    Second, the merger business.

    Pure waste plastics trade has reached the point where profitable, and it has been difficult to adapt to the pace of development of waste plastics industry and want in this industry in a healthy and steady development, but also a high rate of return, they do strong, big. To do bigger and stronger on its own is often the spirit is willing, a person’s ability is limited, each has his own strengths. If we can get directly from foreign suppliers a second-hand material, and then processed sorting, crushing, granulation, modified. But also to do more of several materials in order to ensure that there are sufficient supply of goods, want to do such a big business rely on one person or a small enterprise the power is not enough, because the piece of cake too, a person can not eat it, eat a lot of going to go up the stomach, to minutes to eat will feel the incense, the United States. A few people use their expertise and strength, from the full set of trade processing business. For example you are familiar with the trade, and some foreign suppliers, he would be management, he would have been processed grain sorting has modified technology, this powerful combination will naturally be able to strengthen and expand the business, but also naturally has a high rate of return .

    Third, professional management

    Waste plastics industry you do not become bigger and stronger it is necessary to take the professional road, only to do special trip to do bigger, in the procurement and sales have also been effective and efficient. If the technical and financial circumstances are not in place to do a few more species, each one will be done, in the sales of the difficulties, but also make money withdrawn from circulation very slowly, causing cash flow problems. So, start with a single species to start, in the procurement and sales will be handy, there will be unexpected gains.

    4, afternoon action

    Last year, the outbreak of the financial crisis, making the oil crash, plastics also fall along with oil, which followed the crash, the panic selling of businesses to make the price of plastic oversold, and then rebounded on the way to the present. Last year, I had predicted in November plastic to rebound this year, March to June, due to the domestic market needs, but also production season, the demand for plastics will increase, prices are subject to recovery in the second half of plastic prices are likely to will further drop. Look at the external Quotes trends, government policies and activities, the international printing press in many countries starting to make liquidity increased from last year to now look at the trend of the stock market, and now the price has generated a new bubble, plastic, or the maintenance of the original trend of the market outlook judgments that were newly settled stages of the high plastic prices, and are here to remind our friends who pay attention to controlling the risk.

    Recommends that companies should be in operation in order to sell production quotas to maintain low inventories, prudent operation, in order to reduce risk. Pay close attention to money withdrawn from circulation, ready to go to the end of autumn is the time to intervene, the end of autumn is probably the bottom of this year, the price of recycled plastics. Due to the financial crisis, people’s incomes are reduced the demand for the product along with reduced production also declined substantially, the demand for plastic parts of the world also significantly reduced, because, due to lower output supply of waste plastics also with a substantial reduction, as well as low-end products, China is a manufacturing power will be a long-term shortage of waste plastic, recycled plastic is still on the market can play a decisive role to play, as long as there is a market would be to use recycled materials, the market more the larger the role of renewable materials downturn, lower corporate profits will use more recycled materials to reduce the cost and therefore the market of renewable materials is still great, so long as well, and allowing risk-averse, waste plastics in this industry is still profitable.

    Of the world economy has not bottomed out, countries in order to deal with the financial crisis to pursue a loose monetary policy and low interest rate policy, Europe and the United States also starting banknote printing machines, making a surplus of currency in circulation, the new bubble has already emerged. This year is not a low price, this fall is a periodic low, this winter may be the bottom of the Chinese economy, next summer, there may be low in the world economy the Ministry. 2010 autumn and fall of 2011 will be the price of recycled plastic bottom

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