Average Joe Income Package Review

Average Joe Income Package Review

Average Joe Income Package Review

In this article today, we are going to tell you about are experience with the Average Joe income Package that we have purchased.

We all know there are hundreds of scams out there on the net claiming you can make thousands of dollars only doing 5 minutes work a day, and become a millionaire overnight! Well quite frankly this is rubbish, you know it and so do we, but only now have we realised just how easy it is for complete internet markter beginners to make money online.

We admit after reading what was on offer, we weren’t really any more convinced that the Average Joe Income Package would be better than any other package out there saying their product would make you money. But the site was wrote in a very honest way which is very rare from our experience when selling something that claims to generate you another income. This appealed to us so in hope that it truely was a package worth its asking price we payed the knowing we had around 2 months to claim our money back if it didn’t do us any favours.

After paying we received an email pretty much instantly allowing us access to the Average Joe Income Package members area, and to our surprise it appeared to be regularly updated and was very easy to navigate around. From experience we are used to outdated information and a tatty lay out as once the sellers have got your money they no longer care, there job is done in their eyes. But this time we were welcomed with open arms and a community eager to succeed and help each other in the forums. It certainly was a nice change.

After brousing through all the links, soaking up all the information and watching the videos that are included it became pretty obvious that this package was aimed at beginners. There are in-depth chapters on about 10 or so ways to make money online each including a video tutorial to take you through step by step. We thought that the video tutorials were excellent and they certainly are proving to help people all over the world really get a grip on online marketing and to truely understand how they can make money from the comfort of their homes.

Each chapter is explained extremely well so even the most inexperienced can benefit hugely, but even if you know your stuff already I’m pretty sure even some experienced users can learn a thing or two as there are some pretty sneaky techniques that we didn’t know ourselves and require you to think a bit outside of the box, so to speak.

When you become a member of the Average Joe Income Package you also get 31 additional free bonuses. We personally have found 1 or 2 to be very helpful but the majority are pretty poor in our opinion. But hey, they are just a few extra freebies so you cant complain! To name just a few chapters about what you will be learning about in the Average Joe Income Package:

Setting up an effective Google AdWords campaigneUsing Google AdSense Making profits with EbayCreating your own blog that can create an incomeTeaching you how to set up multiple income streams

We could go on but your only going to read it again on the website anyway, if your interested. Don’t be fooled though guys, you do have to work to get anywhere with this package, but that said – that goes for anything in life. All the tools are there at your disposal to go as far as you like, and really earn a high income.

Thanks to the Average Joe Income Package, thousands of people truely are conquering online marketing and we highly recommend you at least check it out to see what you think for yourselves. We hope our Average Joe Income Package Review has given you an insight on what the package has to offer.

To learn more Click Here!

Part of the team over at http://only-honest-reviews.blogspot.com/

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Bled, A Destination That Will Surprise You

Bled, A Destination That Will Surprise You

Once upon a time there was a blue lake, with swans, ducks and gondolas with tourists, who live in perfect harmony. In the lake water the green sea reflects, while the mountain seems to be cut off by the white clouds, incredibly soothing. As in any story, the lake has a castle with red and pointing towers. And in the center, there is an island from which a bell tower rises. This is not a fairy tale; and neither a processed photo. Once upon a time there was Bled, a real holiday destination in shades of green and blue.

Like any man, curious to know where he is going to go next, I searched for information, and especially for photos of this tourist destination in Slovenia. The first impression: “it’s too good to be true”. Once I got here, however, I understood from the first few hours that the pictures I’ve seen were not embellished. A little later, I was to figure out where the tourist slogan (“Imago paradise”) of this mountain resort comes from.

You will experience the paradise or the fairytale-like landscape as soon as you get out for a walk, to get familiar with the place. It is said that the air in Bled and the hot springs have healing effects. I do not know if it so, but in the week I’ve spent there, despite a very busy schedule, I felt more relaxed and lighter than after any long and restful sleep.

A fairytale lake, with an island where your desires are fulfilled

The glacial Lake Bled is the main attraction of the resort. Formed from the Bohinj glacier, the lake is now part of the Triglav National Park, together with the whole resort. To protect it from pollution, you can not move through it with means of transport other than the ones equipped with paddles or electric motor.

To go all around it, you have to walk a distance of 6km. It took us about 4 hours, but the experience was worth it. On the way you will find traditional gondolas, “Pletna”, which became a symbol of Bled. Another type of boats that can take a walk on the lake with is the Swan boat. One hour will cost 12 euros.

You can stop in a souvenir shop or in one of the few terraces which exist around the lake. The smell of wood, the lake’s bustle, whose light changes from one moment to another, the silence and the air itself are alluring and deeply relaxing.

From the early morning hours until late in the evening you can hear the church bell located on the island. Once you visit the island, you will find out why the bell is heard so often. The Church of Assumption is attractive for tourists not only because of architectural elements, but also for the bell. They say you must make a wish and to pull the bell three times for your wish to be carried to heaven. Another legend connected with the church is one with the stairs. Traditionally, it is said that the groom has to carry the bride in his arms, climbing the 99 steps leading to the church. In exchange for this effort, they will be happy in love.

If you want to visit the island, you need to take a gondola. I will cost you about 12 euros for the entire trip. The admission to the island costs 3 euros per person and in this price the admission to the exhibition is included as well.

The castle in Bled is another attraction on the lake that should not be missed. The Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in a document in 1011. You can visit the museum and you have the possibility of dining in the castle’s restaurant. One of the most important values held by the castle is a 500 years old printing press. From the castle’s terrace you will have a view which you will find difficult to give up.

Slovenians understand how to protect the nature in Bled

In a simple walk through the resort it’s difficult not to observe the perfect cleanliness, the people’s high degree of civilization and also their hospitality.

Near the lake, you will always find ducks and swans, which live a peaceful life, undisturbed by the tourists. While you’re making a panoramic picture, such a duck may appear out of the blue. It will jump from the water directly on the sidewalk, it will seek a place in the grass, somewhere close, and it will go to sleep, totally unaffected by the fact that you’re around. Even near the terraces overlooking the lake, these birds walk freely, a sign of the fact that they do not feel threatened.

Bled is a member of the Alpine Pearls, a tourist association whose main purpose is to promote tourism with minimal impact on the environment (sustainable tourism). The tourist destinations that are part of this organization must be accessible by train, so that tourists to be encouraged to use less polluting means of transport than using their private cars. The destinations in question have at least minimum ecological standards and offer activities and programs that include protecting the environment.

If in the ’90s, the main tourists that came here were the ones from UK, after the sterling’s devaluation most people that spend their holidays in Bled come from Italy. The other tourists are Germans, Irish, Austrians, etc. “In late 2009, the number of registered nights that were spent in Bled decreased by 5%”, said Eve Stravs Podlogar, director of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Bled.

However, the approximately 15 travel agencies in the region continue to invite tourists to discover the natural richness of the area through organized excursions. Moreover, the resort is extremely tender in holiday activities. The natural beauty of the place makes even the most sedentary tourist to gather his courage and to use his energy in a healthy way. It may be cycling, golf, paragliding, horse riding, rafting, canoeing, swimming, tennis, simple walks or hiking in the mountains. And for a truly special experience, there are also the balloon rides.

In the summer, from the Straza Hill you can practice tobogganing, a fun sport for both adults and children. Those who slide on the ice for fun during the winter will surely be delighted by the little cars that carry them with haste on the track of 520meters. The difference in altitude is 131meters. The fun costs 7, and respectively 4 euros per person.

Those passionate about shopping, however, may be somewhat disappointed. Bled is not the kind of city with malls and other centers like this. In fact, Bled is one of the few municipalities that don’t have a commercial center. But you will find small shops here, both in the center of the resort and in more remote areas, like those around the lake. The shops are generally oriented towards tourists. But you will find a wide range of products, from decorative objects, to books or wines. A cup with the castle’s image will cost you 6 euros, a magnet for the refrigerator, 3 euros, a book of traditional Slovenian recipes, about 25 euros.

And if you want a particular product, look for the stalls around the lake. Here I met a Slovenian artist that came to Bled to sell his creations of hand-painted glass. The prices vary: an average vase is 15 euros, a set of six glasses, 13 euros, a small container, 5 euros etc. “Slovenia has a very strong glass industry. These products are made here in Slovenia and they have motifs specific to this country like, for example, the carnation. The vases are made from solid and heavy glass, and this way they can be used as normal containers for flowers, but also for candles. Because of their height you can also put them outdoors and the candle inside is protected from the wind. That vase is made in 24-48h”, he explained.

How a holiday in Bled will cost you

If you want to spend a holiday in this mountain resort, you can choose either of the two seasons of the year. The summer and the winter are equally impressive due to the natural landscapes and the way the Slovenians understood to protect their environment. The high season covers three months, June, July and August.

The easiest way to get to Bled is by coming from Ljubljana. The Joze Pucnik International Airport is located near the capital, very close to the village of Brnik. From the airport to Bled you will make about 45 minutes. From Ljubljana to Bled driving on the road takes about an hour. It must be said that there are no direct flights to Ljubljana. You will find tickets with stop-over in cities like Munich or Vienna. The good news is that the second flight, to Ljubljana, takes very little. From Munich, for example, the flight doesn’t take more than 45-50 minutes.

In Bled, the accommodation offer is pretty diversified. You will find 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels, lodges, villas, private rooms, hostels, offers in tourist farms and camping areas. For a 3 stars hotel the average price is 80 euros per night for a double room. For the 4 stars category, the amount reaches 120-189 per night.

Those traveling with children can find hotels that offer various facilities, from family rooms to animation programs. The prices are also for families.

The hotels offer special packages from time to time, which include a certain number of nights and various other services or facilities. For example, a package of seven nights in a superior double room costs 359 euros per person, according to the Astoria Hotel. The offer includes accommodation with breakfast, a welcome drink, a dinner at the Bled Castle restaurant, various discounts for pool and massage and other facilities.

Regarding the prices for meals, in Bled you will find many terraces and restaurants with tasty food. The appetizers can be quite expensive. A seafood salad, a plate with cheese or one with various kinds of sausages can cost between 7.5 and 9 euros. In some cases, however, the dish is for two persons, so the choice may be advantageous. You can eat a hot soup, with 2.5 – 4 euros. The average prices for the main courses are between 9 and 12 euros. For example, a Ljubljana style turkey or pork costs 9.5 euros. If you choose a garnish of potatoes (fried, boiled, etc), the price is 2.5 euros and 40 cents more for a salad mix. A beer will cost you 2 – 2.5 euros.

Bled is a fairytale place, but in the same time it’s a reality. Romantic for lovers, green for the environmentalists, sportive for active people, relaxing and healing for the elderly, the mountain resort is a holiday destination which always has something alluring for those who visit it.

Visit OferteBulgaria.net for very affordable travel offers to Bulgaria (oferte Bulgaria).

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Message in a Bottle – Surprise for Valentine’s Day

Message in a Bottle – Surprise for Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 14, 2011 – Valentine’s Day

Want a unique and romantic Valentine’s Day gift for her or a romantic Valentine’s day gift for him?

Search no more! Send a romantic presonalized Valentines Gift for the special him or her in your life with a Message In A Bottle Today!

Send a beautiful and unique gift to that special him or her in your life. A Message in a Bottle is completely personalized by you from the bottle, confetti and sand to your gift’s message. Imagine their surprise to receive such a romantic and special gift that you have personalized and crafted especially for them this Valentine’s. We know this is a very important day so we provide you with two excellent options for delivery – “Do not open till Valentine’s Day” option #1 – simply place your order today, when you get to the shipping options in the shopping cart, click on the “Do not open till Valetine’s Day” option and we will mail your Message in a Bottle out on Feb. 7 via priority mail 2-3 business day delivery, on the package will be a decal that says “Do not open till Valentine’s Day”. This option is free and included with the price of the Message in a Bottle. (Order now or latest day to receive an order from you, is February 5, noon pacific time.) or Fedex air – Delivery on Monday, V-Day – simply choose this option when you get to the shipping options in the shopping cart, we will ship your Message in a Bottle via Fedex 2nd day air, on Feb 10, for delivery on Valentine’s Day – cost for delivery .99 in the 48 continuous states.(Order now or latest day to receive an order from you, February 8, noon pacific time)

The most affordable, customizable and unique gift. Pricing starts at .99 – .99 and it includes free US priority mail throughout the United States.
Send a Message in a bottle for a birthday, anniversary, just because, getting out of the dog house, get well, or just to say I love you…

Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, I Love You, I’m Sorry..
Lost for Words …..Visit the Message Harbor

Each Message In A Bottle is carefully hand assembled by one of our team members who treats each message in a bottle as if they were creating it for that special someone in their life. No matter which of our Message In A Bottle styles you choose, you can customize it with the following options:
• parchment paper color – choose from white, golden tan, light blue, or pink.
• sand color – white, pink, blue, ocean blue, natural beige, black or golden brown.
• cord color – white, blue, black, pink, green, red, tan, raffia or a nautical cord.
• MIB prints – backgrounds for your message to be printed on many to choose and enhance your gift or invitation.
• sparkling accent pieces from palm trees, seashells, suns, stars to hearts and x’s and o’s many to choose from for inside the bottle
• special date delivery – need it delivered for a birthday or anniversary preorder and we will hold your order and Fedex overnight(extra charge will apply) for delivery on that date.

We pride ourselves on our great range and variety of Message In A Bottle options. We are the first and you need to look no further.

Invite your guests with stylish Message In A Bottle invitations

Perfect for weddings, parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and events. You will design your message in a bottle in the shopping cart choosing the sand color, parchment paper, cord color, accent pieces for inside the bottle and invitation background if you wish.
Our Minimum order is 12, and pricing starts at .25 for plastic or .25 for glass. If you don’t find what you are looking for simply email us the details about your order, we can create something specifically for you and your event.

Do it yourself Message in a Bottle kits We offer everything you will need, from bottles and corks, to complete beach or Christmas theme Message In A Bottle kits. From bottle and cork only, just $ .85 each, bottle, cork and box only, just .25 each.
complete kits –
bottle, box, cork, sand, shells and parchment paper of your choice – .85
bottle cork, sand, shells and parchment paper of your choice – .45

Islandgram.com – a paradise found, send a message in a bottle for free.

Send a message in a bottle free at – Islandgram.com – a piece of paradise on the web. Click on the bottles on the beach to send a virtual message in a bottle or wait to see what washes ashore. Islandgram.com a piece of paradise for you to enjoy anytime.

Keith Cangiarella
A place to find a gift that will become a treasure
Message in a Bottle a friend today

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What’s All the Fuss – is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?

What’s All the Fuss – is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?

I’ve had people ask the question again and again, is bottled water better than tap?  It’s not any better for you really although some people have bought into the illusion that it is.  We tend to believe what we hear if it is repeated often enough, and in the beginning of this recent trend toward drinking bottled water the marketing for the product was very convincing.

The marketers would have you believe that what they were selling you was something pure, but it is in many cases no better than tap water.  In some cases it has actually proven to be worse.  That is because there is far less regulation over bottled than there is over water treated at your local treatment facilities.

In answer to is bottled water better than tap, let me ask you a question.  Would it come as any sort of surprise to you if I told you that just like the water treatment facilities there is an allowable limit for toxins?  That is why I say that in fact bottled is not any better for you than drinking regular water, because they’re basically the same thing.

There have actually been several recalls made over the years due to the fact that there was too high a level of certain dangerous chemicals found to be in bottled water with the most famous of these cases being Perrier.  The only reason that these cases are ever discovered is because of the regulations requiring that water traveling over state lines be tested.

That leads me to say about the question, is bottled water better than tap, that if it is delivered in the same state that it was manufactured in then most likely it’s not.  Many companies build manufacturing plants all over the country so that they can avoid having to produce results that the water in fact meets safe level standards.

Besides that, even if the water is tested as safe originally it may not be by the time that it gets to you.  That is because there are chemicals us in the process of manufacturing plastic bottles called phthalates that will leech off into the water that the bottle contains.  Phthalates are known to cause cancer.

So, now what is your opinion so far as is bottled water better than tap?  Have you become convinced that a better way to be sure that your water is free of dangerous contaminants is to purify the water yourself?

This is truly the best way to keep your family safe from the many ills that contaminants in the water can bestow upon you.  A home water purification system will allow you the power to make sure that the water that your loved ones are drinking is clean and pure.

Bob Goodhand is an advocate for home and personal water purification systems to protect and promote healthy living. Visit his site at http://natural-purified-water.com/

to discover the drinking water filters that Bob recommends.

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Eco Friendly Water Bottle ? Even A 5 Year Old Knows Its Benefits

Eco Friendly Water Bottle ? Even A 5 Year Old Knows Its Benefits

Let me share a short story with you. It was a pleasant surprise for me. I never knew that a 5 year old would have so much of information about an eco friendly water bottle.

Few days back, I and my friends went out to trek a local hill nearby. I, being an active researcher in the field of water purification and eco friendly products, carried my home purified drinking water along and that too in my faithful stainless steel eco friendly water bottle.

While some of my friends were not carrying any water and decided to depend on bottled one; some were carrying their home purified water but in plastic bottles. This was not a surprise to me. Millions of people still are unaware about the hazards of drinking impure water as well as of using plastic bottles.

In the group of other people who came there to visit, there was this 5 year old girl. She had a minor slip and got hurt. Nothing serious – just a few scratches here and there. Everyone ran to help her out.

Now comes the shocking part.

When one of my friends offered her his bottled water – she politely refused and admitted drinking only home purified water. She knew it all. All about the hazardous contaminants present in tap water and also the fact that bottled water is nothing better than tap water.

Hearing this, when another friend offered her the water purified from his efficient purifier, she refused again and recommended him to use an eco friendly water bottle. She knew about the property of plastic leaching into the water and contaminating it.

I was deeply impressed and moved too. At least the future of our country seems to be in good hands – with some one who knows what is good not only for their health but also for the environment.

An eco friendly water bottle is the one made up from stainless steel or glass. They are the best way to keep the water safe from contamination caused by plastic. Moreover, they also help in ensuring low production of this non recyclable substance i.e. plastic.

What are you waiting for? Do not wait to hear all this from a 5 year old. Take the right action today and make sure that while going out you carry your home purified water along. Needless to remind that it has to be carried not in the harmful plastic bottles but use an eco friendly water bottle.

After all using an eco friendly water bottle is the minimal that we can do for saving our environment. If you need my help in recommending a high quality bottle to you, visit my website listed below.

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. He shares his research on his website – Water Purifier Home. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit – http://www.waterpurifierhome.com and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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