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Fizzion Pet Stain


Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover has released two new items, Drop & Mop Home along with a new Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover 8-pack pouch.


Fizzion PSOR is an eco-friendly tablet cleaner that mixes up fresh when needed and allows customers to reuse the same plastic bottle to decrease unnecessary waste. The non-toxic formula is also safe for pets and children.


The new bulk-sized 8-pack accompanies the recently released 23 oz bottle. Each tablet mixes easily with regular tap water to make one full bottle of cleaning solution.


Fizzion Drop & Mop Home is a concentrated mopping tablet that is suitable for home use. Each tablet makes 18 oz of cleaning solution. Drop & Mop Home works well with spray mops and is safe to use on wood, vinyl, tile, linoleum, marble and granite.


Fizzion has won seven industry awards for its Pet Stain and Odor Remover since its release in 2009. This includes the Editors’ Choice Award for Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy, as well the Modern Dog Green Product Pick.

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The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! That probably sums up the need for pure, clean and a ‘continuous’ source of water. Over the years, the business of providing safe and clean water has improved a lot and is now much more sophisticated. Gone are the days, when you had to worry about delivery service of your standard bottled water. You could now get it through plumbed in water coolers. There are a number of service providers who help you to install a hassle free plumbing system, so that you drink clean and pure water straight from the tap.

Water coolers come in different shapes and sizes. Right from you simple wall mounted water cooler, to the sophisticated plumbed in water coolers that dispense hot or cold water instantly. When it comes to quality, bottled waters cannot match the water coolers. These manage to efficiently, remove the contaminants in water. They taste great as well. Most water cooler manufacturers use the latest technology to ensure that water is cleaned of not only impurities but also remove the taste and odor of chemicals that are generally found in tap water. Not only hygienic, water coolers are safe from the environmental aspect as well. Haven’t we all heard about the ill effects of plastic? Imagine drinking water from a plastic container all through the day! And what about the delivery service of these bottled water suppliers! Well, the less said the better. These are at most time unreliable.

Bottled water is also expensive when compared to the cost of installing water coolers. Installing a water cooler, or a plumbed in water cooler is a onetime cost in comparison to the recurring cost of bottled water.

Installing a water cooler in your office is probably the best thing you could do to boost productivity as water is believed to increase concentration. No wonder providing access to clean and uninterrupted supply of water is a legal obligation imposed by the law on offices. If you are looking to install a water cooler in your office, you could choose from a wide range of office water coolers. These are also space savers unlike the bottled water which is a huge space consumer. With a water cooler you don’t have to worry about a place to store those huge space consuming water bottles. Also, you could avoid mishaps that usually occur when refilling or carrying bottled water. Some companies even allow you to personalize your water cooler, by fixing your company logo on them.

So if you are looking to install a water cooler in your home, office or school, just go ahead without thinking twice. These are certainly economical, safe and clean in comparison with bottled water.

With national coverage, Water-Splash can offer you the plumbed in water coolers to suit your requirements, from a budget to designer water cooler for 5 to 500 people. Hot option cooler with hot water at 94c is hot enough to infuse a tea bag. Established for eight years, they are now one of the premier suppliers in the UK.

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If you know me, then you know that I LOVE making handmade gifts for xmas. This year I made a pocket wallet out of recycled blue jeans and loved it so much that I wanted to make everyone in my (Southern) family one for xmas. Here’s a sneak peek for those of you who are getting one from me this year! Enjoy! ♥ ♥ ♥ Materials: _old blue jeans and the pockets without holes, etc. _scissors (I used 2 pairs, 1 small pair for cutting the hole in the middle and 1 large pair for cutting around the pockets) _acrylic paint _hot glue _velcro _foam alphabets, flowers, etc. _old plastic bottles (optional, I used them for drying the pockets) _old plastic bottle tops (optional, I used them for the paint) _old printer paper or newspaper (I used for painting to protect my desk top)

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Why a Portable Water Purification System Tops Bottled Water

Why a Portable Water Purification System Tops Bottled Water

A lot of people are wasting hard-earned dollars when they drink bottled water instead of purchasing a simple portable water purification system. The money that you save by switching to a carry along system would simply astonish you over the course of a year or two. Not to mention, your water would be safer.

Most people mistakenly believe that the water they are drinking is safe, because the bottle advertises it as pure, natural spring water. This advertising gives people a kind of false comfort; they believe the water’s purity has been tested independently. However, pure water is definitely not what the bottled water companies are selling you. Only the promise of pure water.
I can say with confidence that a portable water purification system is a better choice for drinking on the go. With this type of filtered system, you are guaranteed to remove lead, chlorine, and a great number of other chemicals from your water. With bottled water, you are only guaranteed to have no idea what is going into your body.
Federal regulations for bottled water state that it has to be as safe to drink as tap water, but not any safer. How comforting is that? What you are buying is probably ordinary tap water that has simply been filtered to eliminate odor. Yes, there have been maximum contaminant levels set for bottled water, but the Environmental Protection Agency rarely enforces them.
Another thing that you will never have to worry about with a portable water purification system is BPA or phthalates. BPA and phthalates are polymers used in the production of both hard and soft plastics. These carcinogenic agents seep out of the plastic of your store-bought bottles during storage and transport, and end up in the actual water in the bottle.
What you want to do is use a product that is BPA and phthalate free, which is exactly what a filtered bottle offers you. There are filtered sports bottles that you can buy that are rugged and inexpensive. Or you can purchase a top of the line model with a set of three cartridges for only .95.
A portable water purification system is the perfect answer for the car, the office, or the gym. Anywhere outside of your home you can have access to water that is clean and safe to drink. While at home, I encourage to enjoy clean, pure water by installing a high quality home water purification system for the entire family.
Purchasing a portable water purification system maximizes water safety for everyone in the family. You can guarantee that your family is safe from contaminated water no matter where they are.

Are worried about your drinking water being unclean and unhealthy? Zach Zimmerman has been researching water purification methods for several years. Visit his webpage Natural Purified Water to discover how to select the very best water filtration system for your home or office.

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Mark Dwight from Rickshaw Bagworks describes the process of recycling plastic bottles into fabric for making messenger bags for a grade school class project.

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Don’t Be Fooled by Bottled Water – How to Get the Mineral Water Benefits Without the High Price Tag

Don’t Be Fooled by Bottled Water – How to Get the Mineral Water Benefits Without the High Price Tag

You are simply not going to derive the same mineral water benefits from bottled water that you can get from a simple countertop filter. A mineral revitalization purification system is the way to go. Not only is the water going to taste just as great, but you’re going to save a ton of money in the long run.

Given the current state of our public water system, people are looking for a safe and healthy option for enjoying their favorite beverage. Many people have chosen to go with bottled in order to enjoy the healthy mineral water benefits.

Before you join these folks though, there are a few things that you might want to hear.

The bottled water industry is not as tightly regulated as you would like to think. What would you say if I told you that the filtering regulations for bottled water don’t call for any higher a level of purity than tap water?

I think you will be convinced that a mineral revitalization purification system is the way to go after you hear what I have discovered.

This may shock you. The mineral water benefits that you enjoy through bottled water may come into question when I tell you that the bottlers are allowed to have certain levels of contaminants in them. Among them are toxins that the public water authority must show no presence of.

To put this another way, that means you are paying for bottled water that has contaminants instead of using free tap water without these toxins. What’s wrong with that picture?

Here is a story related to that fact that may be the deciding factor in whether or not you opt for a mineral revitalization purification system.

Perrier, a number of years ago, was forced to do a massive recall when it was discovered that shipments of its water had 15 times the EPA limit for benzene, a toxic petroleum ether.

If something like that could happen to the company most trusted for its mineral water benefits, then it could happen to anyone. There is also the chance that the water has been stored in its plastic container for a period of time. If this is the case then you have chemicals involved in the production of the plastic floating around in your water.

This will be the one that I think will push you over the edge towards getting a mineral revitalization purification system: Most bottling companies set up their production centers in a few key portions of a state. Now you would think that testing would go on at these sites wouldn’t you?

Well, I am sorry to say, you would be wrong! Environmental Protection Agency regulations state that as long as a shipment of bottled water does not cross state lines, it does not require testing for contaminants. All that they do is to deliver within the boundaries of each state, and you therefore have untested bottles sitting on the shelves.

Still want to enjoy the mineral water benefits of bottled water? Is it sounding less and less appealing?

So instead of drinking a product which may or may not be filled with contaminants, why not just skip the crapshoot and enjoy the benefits to be gained by using a mineral revitalization purification system? At least then you will know that you are getting mineral water benefits, with an assurance of crystal clear purity.

Do yourself a favor, and take a look at some of the less expensive water filtration systems available. I think you will find as I have that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a system that you will be very happy with.

Lauren Leddy is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher of health related issues. Visit her website now at and get free information on how to protect yourself from water contaminated with carcinogens, traces of drugs, hormones, parasites and other toxins.

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Drinking Water Filters Versus Bottled Water: Cost Considerations

Drinking Water Filters Versus Bottled Water: Cost Considerations

Between bottled water and tap water made to pass through drinking water filters, you will almost certainly opt for bottled water. After all, you need not worry about selection, installation, and maintenance of the filters; you can just call the bottled water company and have them deliver to your doorstep the gallons of water you need. And if you want to take it to the next level of luxury in water, you can even have Berg, Evian, Tasmanian Rain and Cloud Juice delivered to you! Now that is epicurean water at its best!

However, these top-of-the-line bottled water brands cost more than your pretty penny. If you are feeling the effects of recession (and very few people are not affected), then drinking water filters are the best solutions for you.

Long-Term Commitment

You will initially spend a few hundred dollars on high-end drinking water filters, the amount of which is lesser for medium-range lines. Depending on the model and capacity, you can reasonably expect five years of use and thousands of gallons before you have to replace the entire filtration system.

On the other hand, bottled water has to be constantly delivered to your house. You will be spending thousands of dollars during the same five year period, which would include rentals on the water dispensers.

For example, your household uses 25 gallons of drinking water a week. If you buy bottled water at .50 a gallon, you will be spending at least ,750 in five years. If you buy filters at about 0, you will be spending around 0 over the same five year period, including replacement of filters!

If you are committed to providing safe drinking water for your family over the long-term, drinking water filters are more economical.

Environmental Concerns

Most bottled water come in disposable containers. You will probably see tons of them in your neighborhood recycling center, which is just the tip of the iceberg where disposed bottled water containers are concerned. What you do not see are the thousands more of plastic containers that do not get the benefit of recycling.

You can just imagine the financial and environmental costs non-biodegradable plastic containers exact on governments and the planet. It might not affect you in the near future but toxic seepage from dumps can enter the water system in your state, subsequently affecting your health. Cliche as it may sound, water does come full circle.

Additives Issues

Admittedly, all water contain impurities and contaminants. Even if you do have the best quality drinking water filters installed in your house, there will be impurities present. And this goes for bottled water, too!

The difference nowadays between bottled water and tap water lies in the additives present in bottled water. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, fruit flavors, even corn syrup are just a few of the additives added that result in the dizzying array of bottled water – sports drinks, carbonated water, mineral water, spring water, fitness water, and glacier water, to name but a few. But how safe are they? You might just find yourself spending on hospital bills, which are yet another added cost.

Ultimately, your choice for drinking water filters should boil down to economy, environment, and enjoyment.

For economy, shower water filters and drinking water filters are the best solutions for your home. Find them all at today!

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    Pure Water Products ? Bottled Water Vs Water Filtration Unit

    Pure Water Products ? Bottled Water Vs Water Filtration Unit

    Since, our childhood we have been told that 2/3rd of our body weight is water and we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to lead a healthy and ail-free life. However, if the drinking water is impure and it contains traces of pollutants and chemicals, then drinking the same could do more harm than good. This is where pure water products play a pivotal role.

    As you know, bottled water and water filtration units are the two broad categories for pure water products. However, which amongst them is the best? Which one should you select?

    Well, the answer lies in the quality of water produced by both the pure water products. Below are some shocking facts for you, which you might not be aware of and might want to consider before making a decision.

    Bottled water In a recent study, it was discovered that more than 25% of bottled water is not much better than the tap waters. Many bottled water manufacturers use a very preliminary filtering process and then package it in a nice and shinning bottle and sell at huge prices. We as end customers, think price is related to quality; and therefore, consume these bottles containing nothing actually the tap water at the cost of your hard earned money and breach of trust.

    Besides the quality of water in these bottles, the quality of plastic used further degrades the quality of water. This is because; chemicals from inferior plastic can percolate into the drinking water with time.

    Moreover, these bottles have environmental impact too. Plastic used in them do not degrade naturally and therefore, are one of the contributor to increasing pollution in today’s world.

    Filtration systems Thanks to the increasing pollution, because of which new pollutants are being introduced in water almost every day. This is where the effectivity of water filtration technologies comes into the picture. You will be surprised to know the filtration techniques that used to be the best in the past stands nowhere in the list of best filtration processes as recommended by the experts.

    Water filtered from out dated methodologies like reverse osmosis, distillation, etc. is not considered to fit for human consumption. It contains traces of many chemicals like chlorine, and many carcinogenic compounds like THMs (trihalomethanes) and VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).

    These old technologies are now replaced by innovative processes like carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration techniques.

    In conclusion, both the above pure water products are good if they result in healthy, clean and pure water. However, if you ask me, my vote goes to high-end water filtration units that can remove the toxins present to water to undetectable levels. Since, they have onetime investment you can save your money and efforts in ordering bottled water every week.

    If you wish to learn more about filtering pure water products, visit my website now.

    Water Expert, Bobby Forbes is consultant to millions of men, women, and organizations and advocates the use of safe water in home and office. Visit his website to learn how you can protect your family from contaminated water.


    Click now to visit Purified Water Home and learn about new age water filters, which are safe for your health, and effective in delivering  pure and safe water for your family.

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    Beware of Bottled Water

    Beware of Bottled Water

    Water, water everywhere and we are duped into buying it bottled.
    Consumers spend a collective 0 billion every year on bottled water in the belief–often mistaken, as it happens–that this is better for us than what flows from our taps, according to environmental think tank the Earth Policy Institute (EPI).
    For a fraction of that sum, everyone on the planet could have safe drinking water and proper sanitation, the Washington, D.C.-based organization said this week.
    Members of the United Nations have agreed to halve the proportion of people who lack reliable and lasting access to safe drinking water by the year 2015. To meet this goal, they would have to double the billion spent every year on water supply and sanitation.


    ”While this amount may seem large, it pales in comparison to the estimated 0 billion spent each year on bottled water,” said EPI researcher Emily Arnold.

    ”There is no question that clean, affordable drinking water is essential to the health of our global community,” Arnold said. ”But bottled water is not the answer in the developed world, nor does it solve problems for the 1.1 billion people who lack a secure water supply. Improving and expanding existing water treatment and sanitation systems is more likely to provide safe and sustainable sources of water over the long term.”

    Worldwide, bottled water consumption surged to 154 billion liters (41 billion gallons) in 2004, up 57 percent from 98 billion liters in 1999, EPI said in a written analysis citing industry data.

    By one view, the consequences for the planet and for consumers’ purses are horrifying.

    ”Even in areas where tap water is safe to drink, demand for bottled water is increasing–producing unnecessary garbage and consuming vast quantities of energy,” said Arnold. ”Although in the industrial world bottled water is often no healthier than tap water, it can cost up to 10,000 times more.”

    At up to .50 per liter ( per gallon), bottled water costs more than gasoline in the United States.

    A close look at the multibillion-dollar bottled water industry renewed Arnold’s affection for the faucet.

    Tap water comes to us through an energy-efficient infrastructure whereas bottled water must be transported long distances–and nearly one-fourth of it across national borders–by boat, train, airplane, and truck. This ”involves burning massive quantities of fossil fuels,” Arnold said.

    By way of example, in 2004 alone, a Helsinki company shipped 1.4 million bottles of Finnish tap water 4,300 kilometers (2,700 miles) to Saudi Arabia. And although 94 percent of the bottled water sold in the United States is produced domestically, some Americans import water shipped some 9,000 kilometers from Fiji and other faraway places to satisfy demand for what Arnold termed ”chic and exotic bottled water.”

    More fossil fuels are used in packaging the water. Most water bottles are made with polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic derived from crude oil. ”Making bottles to meet Americans’ demand for bottled water requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel some 100,000 U.S. cars for a year,” Arnold said.

    Worldwide, some 2.7 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water each year.

    Once it has been emptied, the bottle must be dumped. According to the Container Recycling Institute, 86 percent of plastic water bottles used in the United States become garbage or litter. Incinerating used bottles produces toxic byproducts such as chlorine gas and ash containing heavy metals tied to a host of human and animal health problems. Buried water bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.

    Of the bottles deposited for recycling in 2004, the United States exported roughly 40 percent to destinations as far away as China–meaning that even more fossil fuels were burned in the process.

    I believe you will agree this situation is not very satifactory, in fact it is a real disaster. It is time these big companies looked after the world instead of doing their best to destroy it

    There is an alternative you know.

    Let me tell you a little bit about it. I don’t know if you are aware that we all have acidic bodies. By that I mean we are each have a pH level lower than what is required to be fit and well.

    Those people with a lower level, are prone to sicknesses. Like weight problems, osteoporosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, and acid reflux and many other maladies.

    Cancer finds it is hard to establish itself in an alkaline body, however an acidic body is a breeding ground for many illnesses.

    I want you to take a close look at Kangen water.

    To see how kangen water works please CLICK HERE

    To see a demonstration of how this water is so effective email Ralph Morton or phone               604-536-6813       

    My name is Ralph Morton, I was very overweight, listless, tired and very miserable. I tried to lose weight to feel better but when I managed I put it back on again. I read an article about what Toxins are doing to our Bodies and was sold. I discovered a Natural Cleanse that cleaned up the organs in my Body and immediatly felt 100% better. With this in mind I ask you to read my take on Toxins.

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    Do You Want to Know This, is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water?

    Do You Want to Know This, is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water?


    The question is bottled water better than tap has come up far too many times recently, and the answer is no. A lot of people have switched to drinking only bottled water under the mistaken impression that it is a safer alternative. If you are one of the many that made the switch what I am about to tell you may come as a bit of a shock.

    What if I were to tell you that in most cases what you are drinking when you are enjoying your bottled water is nothing more than the same water that you would get from an ordinary tap? The regulations only state that the water in the bottle be as pure as tap water, it doesn’t have to be purer than tap water.

    This is a fact that many people haven’t caught on to when they ask is bottled water better than tap, but the truth is the bottlers are far more loosely regulated than the water treatment facilities are. This has in many cases led to forced recalls of certain brands of water for shipping out with contaminants over the allowable limits.

    Perrier, which calls itself the champagne of mineral water, had to recall 160 million bottles of their water when it was discovered that the water contained 15 times the allowable limit for Benzene which is an organic chemical compound used as a gasoline additive. Benzene is a known carcinogen.

    That incident was later blamed on a faulty filtering procedure at the plant. If properly filtered though, is bottled water better than tap? Again the answer is no because by the time that the product reaches your hands it is most likely tainted by phthalates, which phthalic acid esters mainly used as plasticizers.

    Phthalates have the effect of disrupting your endocrine system, as they act as estrogen when introduced to your system. This can cause genital birth defects in babies, and in high doses have been shown to damage the liver and testes. They also correlate with cellular insulin resistance, which is a precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

    By now I think that you can plainly see that I was correct when I earlier answered the question is bottled water better than tap. There is no denying that the bottlers get away with far more than they should be allowed to, but there is a reason that they have not been caught up in recalls more often that should infuriate you.

    If a bottling company manufactures their water and then ships it within the same state they are not subject to testing for harmful contaminants. This is the reason that almost none of the companies will do any form of shipping that will involve shipping over state lines, because there is too much money to lose by being caught.

    is bottled water better than tap? The answer is obvious, but what do you have to do to guarantee yourself fresh, pure drinking water. You have to purchase a drinking water purification system for your home, and bottle your own.

    Gordon Hall is fervent about enabling you and everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, and is an ardent reviewer of Water Purification Systems. Visit his website now at : to discover which Water Purification Systems Gordon recommends after far ranging comparisons.

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    It’s Time Have Healthy Water with Filtered Water Bottle

    It’s Time Have Healthy Water with Filtered Water Bottle

    Water is probably the top most amenity required by the masses to live their lives. Due to soaring population, the need for the safe and hygienic water is almost the necessity of every house hold but obtaining safe and nutritious water is somehow hard nut to crack. Filter water bottles are now the best tools that allow people to have a bunch of sweet and mineral rich water. Now it comes to have  a the right water filter for your water needs. If we go in the scientific definitions filtered water bottles do have a very sophisticated and automated filter inside the stainless steel  bottle.

    A standard water filter is basically used to remove any dust particle in the water and sometimes also  mitigates the particle size to some extent. Some high quality Water filters also remove  contaminated particles that are responsible for water borne diseases. They also reduce the risk of viral contamination in the water.

    The very advanced filter technology reduces the dust and other potential contaminants come from tap water. Being the very quickest way of doing the things it’s recommended well among the users of the water bottles. They also remove the significant portions of heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury and copper from the water. A good quality of water filter treat up to 80 gallons of drinking water for three or more months and significantly removes contamination like bacteria, cysts, cryptosporidium and protozoa from the water.

    All the steel water bottle filters can easily be reused hundreds of times and also be replaced without any hassle. These stainless steel water bottles are very much durable, biodegradable, and dust free. When you use a stainless steel water bottle, you shouldn’t worry for the prices since these rest free, environment friendly and classic products are available in the nominal price tag.

    The stainless steel bottles are very helpful in having your drink fresh for hours in compare to its plastic counterparts. While buying one, you must consider some points about the stuffs. Check out your needs first then make a decision out there about the perfect one that suits your budget and style. provides a complete line of Steel water bottles and Stainless Water Bottle for both adults and children. Find Stainless Steel sippy, Filtered Water Bottle and Kids stainless steel bottle from our product ranges.

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    Is Bottled Water Any Better Than Tap Water? The Shocking Truth Revealed

    Is Bottled Water Any Better Than Tap Water? The Shocking Truth Revealed

    If you’re wondering is bottled water better than tap water, then you may have a nasty shock in store. Many people mistakenly think that drinking the bottled variety is healthier. Find out the truth here and also the only way to protect your health.

    Is bottled water better than tap?

    In a word, no.

    Despite the glossy adverts of pristine mountains and pure springs, the reality is a world away. Many of the top brands are actually bottled at the same source as your treated household supply.

    The worrying part is that although the tap variety has many hundreds of chemicals in, the bottled variety has far less regulation, especially if it is not shipped over state lines.

    On top of this you have the risk of BPA or Bisphenol A, which is a harmful chemical used in the manufacturing of the plastic and which can leach into the contents.

    A recent study also found much higher levels of bacteria in bottled water as opposed to tap.

    So you have no guarantee of purity and safety and drinking the bottled type is extremely expensive. It can cost as much per gallon as gas for your car, if you work it out! It also takes over 2000 times more energy to produce bottled water and adds to the 60 million bottles thrown away each day in the US and unnecessarily filling up the landfill sites.

    So what’s the solution?

    This is actually two-fold. First, as tap water is generally poor quality and contains traces of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and lead to name just a few, a quality home filtration system should be used.

    Then you can simply bottle your own pure and healthy supply to take with you, saving money and helping the environment at the same time by reducing your carbon footprint.

    The best home systems start from just 0 for a countertop model and work out to only around 10c a gallon.

    The best ones are activated carbon block filters with a two-stage process. These can remove over 99% of all the harmful contaminants to leave you with pure, healthy and great tasting water.

    Now you know the answer to, is bottled water better than tap, and also know that neither is that great, why not consider using a decent home filter to protect your present health and future well-being.

    As part of your research, why not visit my website below to see which water filtration products I recommend and use.

    Discover how to get the healthiest and purest water available today.


    Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. Take a moment to visit his site now at and discover which products he recommends after extensive research.

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