Lever 2000 Packaging Refreshed for Premium Look- by The Biondo Group

In the late 1980’s Unilever, Inc. introduced Lever 2000, a line of deodorant bars that were mild on the skin and suitable for use by the entire family. With ever-evolving consumer needs, Unilever decided to re-evaluate their positioning and rather than try to be everything to everyone, establish a clear target audience with a single-minded proposition.

The perfect solution is to target the baby boomer generation, people who are 50+, active, enjoy travelling, eat healthy and have a youthful state of mind. They want a bar or body wash that is cleansing, refreshing, energizing and leaves their skin feeling moisturized and smelling nice.

The Biondo Group was commissioned to revitalize and contemporize the Lever 2000 brand identity, giving it a new look that graphically communicates “healthy fresh skin.” To do this The Biondo Group introduced large visuals of the products main ingredients – pomegranates, coconuts, oranges, cucumbers and aloe, which not only convey a natural, fresh feeling but also one of fragrance and vitality. 

Charles Biondo felt that it was important to develop an icon that quickly communicated the three key benefits of the product attributes – non-drying, refreshing and clean rinsing. The introduction of an overall moisture background further communicates the moisturization aspect of the product.

The utilization of vibrant colors – blues, greens, oranges and reds – and simple contemporary typefaces for the variant names and descriptor copy further enhances the overall contemporary feeling of the package. The graphics were then adapted to the corresponding body wash for each variant as well as for the Canadian market. The result is a dynamic, eye-catching, energetic design that quickly communicates on shelf.

Bar soap variants (3): Original, Aloe Cucumber, and Pomegranate Coconut.

Bar soap package sizes: Individual cartons, 2 bar and 4 bar tapes, Packs: 4, 6, 8,12 and 16 bars

Body wash 18 oz (3) – Rain, Aloe Cucumber and Pomegranate Coconut 

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After 54 Years, a New Name: Central Container is Now Central Package and Display

Central Container Corp, a leading provider of customized packaging and Point of Purchase Display solutions, located in Minneapolis, MN rebrands itself as Central Package and Display.

Jan. 1, 2013 saw the introduction of the new name and logo, intended to communicate more directly the markets Central serves, and products and service solutions  provided to their target audience.

In business since 1959, and under current private ownership by James E. Haglund since 1975, the Central name itself is well established and respected, and the company intends to build on that reputation.

The rebranding effort might more accurately be described as a brand evolution, reflecting Central’s continued efforts at investing in equipment, facilities and human resources geared to today’s changing and evolving economy. The new tag line  “ Delivering More Than  Packaging” reflects Central’s commitment to continually improving the Customer’ s experience.

“In the markets we serve, success depends on diverse capability, driven by innovative design, and executed with outstanding customer service.  With the new name Central Package and Display, we’re emphasizing our core competencies of protective packaging, consumer packaging, and point of purchase (POP) displays, better describing who we are and what we do.”  says James Haglund, CEO.

When Jim Haglund first acquired Central, with a loan from a brother, the company was a small sheet plant producing primarily brown boxes and struggling to compete in a market place dominated by integrated suppliers who grew trees, made paper, and converted finished goods.   Mr. Haglund had a vision to build a company based on service, integrity, and an ability to answer customer’s needs with a tool box full of a wide range of materials and providing a level of service the “big boys” couldn’t provide.

Fast turn around of  designs, production, and warehousing  and   Just In Time (JIT) delivery were well met in the late 70’s  by companies evolving in the new world of technology,  and those seeking streamlined supply lines aimed at reducing inventory.  Today, Central is well positioned as a Supply Chain Partner and a practitioner of Lean Manufacturing concepts, providing options and supporting  companies large and small.   Designing and producing engineered packaging, Point Of Purchase (POP) displays, set up and folding cartons, and a full range of standard corrugated packaging and cartons.

Editor’s Note: This post was shared by a member of the Package Design community. Do you have news to share with our readers or a package design project that you are especially proud of? Click here to learn how you can become a contributing member of the Package Design online community.

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Why Should A Company Select Promotional Bottle Openers To Advertise Its Business?

Why Should A Company Select Promotional Bottle Openers To Advertise Its Business?

Branding is one of the most important concepts in current marketing world and brand promotion is very essential for any company to grow. Your brand image, brand recognition and brand visibility can be boosted by using Printed promotional products. Conventional modes of advertisements require you to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds. By using promotional goods, you can reduce your marketing budget around few hundred pounds. All you need to do is to choose a suitable promotional item to advertise your business, get your company name, logo and slogan printed on them and deliver among your target audience. Your consumers enjoy using them and your brand will get recurring exposure in a cost-effective way. Among different promotional items available to organizations such as logo bugs, umbrellas, personal fans, pen knives, thermometers and many more, I think that companies should choose bottle openers to advertise their brands. They are very effective tools to advertise your business and are largely distributed by utility stores, breweries, wineries, restaurants and insurance companies. They are inexpensive, flexible and productive. You can hand them out at clubs, pubs, liquor stores, trade shows, public gatherings, parties and exhibitions. They are an excellent choice for large mass giveaways due to their small size and weight. Promotional bottle openers are very effective to get your company name and contact details literally in recipient’s hands as everyone needs a bottle opener at different events including Christmas, New Year, Halloween, parities, public gatherings, social events and meetings. You can easily address their needs by imprinting your company name, contact details and motto onto bottle openers and delivering among them. Bottle openers are not easily available to consumers and they tend to stay with them for a long period of time. Another advantage of using bottle openers as your advertising agents is that they are not subjected to wear and tear and they stay in a kitchen or inside a pocket safely and your logo and message stays around longer. Bottle openers become more effective if you present them to your prospects on key rings. Your recipients not only use them to open the bottles but they see your brand name and motto every time they pull out their keys. Key ring bottle openers might be presented as a plastic bar or in a thin aluminium strip. They might be shaped like palm trees, sharks, snowboards, lobsters or surfboards. They might be attached to ball caps or with magnets. Some of them are designed to open difficult bottle caps or they might be built into bottle jackets. Some are combined with compasses, forks, rulers and army knives. Key ring bottle openers are also presented with wide handles so you can grip them easily. Many manufacturers offer different bottle openers such as Bottle openers keyrings, Croma bottle openers and Waitress knife . All these different types of bottle openers come into variety of colours, styles and designs. They provide a good space for imprinting an eye catching promotional message, logo and contact details onto them. They are colourful, inexpensive, cost-effective and beautiful. If we take an example of Croma bottle openers , an order of quantity 250+ is placed at a price of £0.65 (each), a quantity of 500+ is entertained at an affordable price of £0.59 (each), a quantity of 1000+ is offered at an affordable price of £0.56 (each) and you can get as low as £0.51 (each) for an order of 5000+. All these prices include a one colour and one position print. They are offered with metal key tags and price includes printing up to four colours including full colour or laser engraving. Note that repeat origination charge applies if exact order placed within 12 months of the original. Dimensions include 37x88mm.

For promotional products or ideas please call the industry experts Yellow Pig Promotions today. Tel: (01255) 808085 or email sales@yellowpig.co.uk.

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Promotional Sports Bottles – Excellent Promotional Products

Promotional Sports Bottles – Excellent Promotional Products

Promotional sports bottles are probably one of the trendiest promotional products available today. There are numerous types of sports bottles and the most popular ones are personalized sports bottles. These types of bottles are personalized to look different while still connected to the brand, company, product or service that has their logo on it. Customers who buy them or receive them need no worry about the logo or the designs washing off as these bottles are painted with special materials and paint that will last for a very long time. And as long as the bottles are in use, they successfully advertise the company amongst its prospective customers of the brand as well as potential customers.

Personalized sports bottles are both practical and useful. Because of its utility features, these bottles are distributed during sports events bearing the logo of a company; the logo of the team’s playing as well as the game’s sponsors. It is also commonly distributed during road shows, outdoor camps, concerts as well as outdoor events. These kind of events are the types where people get tired and thirsty fast. Suppose if a company distributes the promotional sports bottles in a grand sports event organized in your city, they can gain a lot of publicity for their brand and catch hold of a wider target audience instantly since a large group of people assembles in a sports event.

The company’s brand ultimately gets massive popularity immediately. Every time someone picks up his custom sports bottle, he will be looking at the brand again and again. This kind of repetitive advertising will form greater recognition and recall to the brand and the company. The user of the bottle will register the name permanently in their brain. This is one of the most successful methods of publicizing the brand.

Promotional sports bottles are available in a variety of designs and they can come in aluminum or plastic. Personalized sports bottles can also be made into elegant corporate gifts that are suitable for different people and different occasions. Many companies take advantage of marathons and cross country races. Companies that sponsor these events know the great advantage of getting their names out there for everyone to see because it’s free publicity. From sponsoring t-shirts and running gear for the runners and athletes, companies also provide personalized sports bottles to the athletes, crew, VIPs attending and the crowd of spectators.

These sponsors get free publicity through the TV stations and radio broadcaster that come to cover the event. Most sports events receive a huge coverage and thus, cameras will not only zoom on the players but the spectators as well and a glimpse of everyone in the stadium or event venue holding or drinking from the personalized sports bottle can be seen. When you custom make a sports bottle for your company, make it as attractive a possible. Don’t just stick to the normal black or white. Be creative and get colors in striking green, blue, orange, yellow and red. Whatever you do, make sure these colors compliment your logo and don’t overshadow it.

Amin is the author of Discountmugs.com. If you would like more information about Sports Bottles please visit http://www.discountmugs.com

Amin is the author of Discountmugs.com. If you would like more information about Mixing Glasses please visit http://www.discountmugs.com.

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Surprise! There are certain items you are probably throwing into your recycling bin that cannot be recycled by your public recycling facilities. But don’t despare! There are options for recycling the following items (check out my video for all the info): 1) Plastic bottle caps 2) Printer ink cartridges 3) Batteries 4) Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs 5) Plastic bags (Yuck!) 😉 I will show you how companies such as Aveda (www.aveda.com), Staples (www.staples.com), and Whole Foods (www.wholefoods.com), and Starbucks (www.starbucks.com) are doing their part to help YOU make the world a greener place!
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How To Use Packaging To Promote Your Business

How To Use Packaging To Promote Your Business

What’s the use of having a great product, price, advertising campaign, and other elements of a marketing mix that work wonders for a marketer but that lacks good packaging and aesthetic appeal? Packaging is as important an element of the promotional mix as pricing, features, etc.


Packaging in itself consists of various factors that can help a marketer sell the product. In fact, many marketers understand the importance of packaging as it directly influences interest in the mind of a buyer and induces him or her to try out the product outside his or her normal buying pattern.


The packaging of a product can work wonders for the business by promoting the product through word of mouth, visual display of product, shelf promotion, etc.


Proper planning of packaging gives the product an aesthetic appeal, use of colors makes it attractive and shape may give it a curiosity factor. Safety and security of the product are concerns as well.


Packaging of a product will provide the marketer with an opportunity to present a way to capture a costumer’s attention. The product in itself may be of the best quality with the latest features and made available at the best price possible, but if sold without good, attractive packaging it may result in disaster for the company.


Some simple tips to include in the packaging of a product include the right packaging material, sustainability, vendor management for packaging, technology used, etc.


With growing awareness of green products among consumers, issues of manufacturers using the right packaging material has taken center stage.


What’s the use of providing customers with an environmentally friendly product in hazardous packaging?


Use colors that appeal to the target audience are culturally and morally acceptable and induce interest in the mind of a buyer. Color plays a very important role in packaging. It helps generate interest in the mind of buyer and gathers a lot of attention through its visual appeal. Many manufacturers use bright colors to induce buyers to have a look, some use transparent packaging to show the customers what’s inside the packing, and some use colors that go with their company logo.


For packaging to be effective, it has to be unique. It should differentiate itself from the competition and provide an edge over similar products available in the market using cost-effective methods.


To understand packaging and its complexities, a manufacturer should understand a typical consumer mind-set. Yes, every individual has different tastes, likes, and dislikes, but an overall view in a broader perspective makes it easy to understand which type of packaging should be used for what product. It’s important to understand what a consumer wants from the product, the kind of features it provides, and its appeal.


Effective packaging induces interest in the brand. This can be done by providing some value added through packaging. For example, an FMCG company manufacturing instant food items provided new recipes on the packaging, adding value to the product and its brand image. Effective packaging can help the overall brand image of the company by breaking through the many other options available on the shelf these days.


Promotional packaging has gained a lot of attention amongst manufacturers and consumers alike. Various promotional campaigns are printed inside or outside on the packaging, clearly distinguished by using attractive color, fonts, or graphics. It helps manufacturers reach across the target audience effectively, and consumers benefit through such offers, contests, sales, or discounts.


Packaging of a product can be made more effective also through various tie-ins, which help the product reach more audience and generate brand awareness.


Packaging is the answer to a question about a product’s value to a customer. Packaging will have to be interesting, unique, and beneficial to the customer.


Packaging has also changed over the years, where manufacturers used limited colors and graphics. Today, packaging is used in different ways to promote different product lines.


Direct mailing of samples or free items to potential customers, giving away free items along with a product, or using a mascot or celebrity to endorse a product, are way to effectively provide a good packaged product to customers.


Packaging a product in the right way essentially leads to building brand awareness, higher sales, and increased consumer confidence in the product, which contribute its life cycle.

Are you searching for wholesalers reviews, dropshipping directory, ebay tips and wholesale directory, find them at wholesaleforum.

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Packaging Consultancy

Packaging Consultancy

Current era is the era of rigorous marketing and brand building wherein impressive packaging plays a crucial role. Package is the first thing which a consumer sees and hence, it has to be attractive enough to bound the customer to buy the product. A detailed study of various packaging material, design and cost has to be determined by the producer beforehand. To make this particular task easier, companies now-a-days prefer hiring the services of packaging consultants who have requisite expertise in the packaging field and thus, can advise the best as per the packaging needs and requirements of the company.

Discussed below are the common issues that the companies has to face while making the packaging decisions.

Common Packaging

The biggest task for every company is to portray their product uniquely to the consumers so that they can make a clear cut distinction among the given product and its competitors. A generically packaged product looses its identity in between its numerous other competitors thus, it is important for a product to have a unique design and distinct packaging style for catching the attention of customers. Besides, the packaged quantity also effects the consumers buying decision. No doubt that there is a specific target audience for large family packs but otherwise most often people prefer buying things in smaller size units.

Old Styling

Constant innovation in packaging is must in today’s marketing scenario. Consumers avoid buying products which have age old packaging designs and appear stale at the very first look. A packaging consultant can help your product keep up with the current trends and tastes of the consumer.

Flamboyant Packaging

A producer or company should understand that unrealistic packaging does not work with today’s educated crowd. Keep the styles and graphics simple and offer what consumers want, then only the product can gain popularity among the masses.

For more information regarding various packaging products related to food, pharma and cosmetics, packaging machinery, packaging materials including the various packaging consultancy services, kindly log onto www.packagingconsultancy.com An informative online knowledge source and B2B marketplace for providing packkaging solutions for all kinds of packaging needs. Get access to free suppliers directory. Also find information on global trade events, business trade leads and post free trade leads. This is an useful B2B marketplace for packaging manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and wholesalers.

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This is the last Duemilanove unboxing you will see, I promise! I will be getting some Unos soon, hopefully…
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