Emergency Bottled Water And Purified Water

Emergency Bottled Water And Purified Water

Emergency supplies of drinking water require planning to meet maximum demand during an emergency. As the world enters the tropical storm season and faces other serious emergencies that may affect the drinking water supply, federal, state and local government agencies need to plan ahead to meet peak demand.

All of Society is Affected

When disaster strikes it affects everyone. Federal, state and local relief agencies are called upon to provide assistance to the community ands top of their supplies list is drinking water. In addition these agencies also require s supplies of pure drinking water for their own staffs to function properly. This includes fire, police, national guard, public utility personnel, hospitals and every individual requiring fresh, pure drinking water.

Advanced Planning is Critical

In the face of a disaster immediate demands are made upon the existing municipal water supplies and traditional water suppliers are unable to supply fresh drinkable water. This includes not only municipal water providers but all bottled water suppliers who exceed their production capacity during normal times.

During an emergency, municipal water is in short supply and often polluted and in past emergencies, traditional bottled water suppliers have often failed to meet the heavy drinking water demands of an emergency.

Everyone affected by a disaster needs to plan for emergency water supplies and advanced planning before a disaster is critical.

Emergency Capacity of Bottled Water Suppliers

Those agencies that are affected most by disasters need to identify bottled water suppliers with capacity that can be allocated in an emergency. Attempting to producer supplies from a bottled water suppler that is at capacity or draws water from a spring that may itself become polluted during a disaster may result in a shortage when pure water is required most.

There are suppliers, however with excess capacity in the marketplace and these should be identified before a disaster strikes.

Proper Storage is Important

Many federal, state and local agencies are required to maintain emergency supplies of pure drinking water but, depending on the source off the water, these supplies may have a limited life. Spring water contains contaminants from their source springs that may reduce the shelf life of stored water as minerals in the water interact with the plastic in PET packaging.

Purified water, that has all contaminants removed by a distillation/oxygenation process does not interact with PET packaging and has an unlimited shelf life if stored properly.

Choose a Reliable Supplier in Advance

As part of a well thought out emergency plan, emergency planners should consider a reliable bottled water supplier with the capacity to meet peak demand and provide water with a long shelf life.

Planning for a disaster will help reduce the impact and increase your chances of survival.

Marcus Stout is President of Element H2O. For more information about bottled water, private label bottled water and bottled water delivery go to www.elementh2o.com

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Why Use A Bottle Water Cooler Or Bottled Water Dispenser

Why Use A Bottle Water Cooler Or Bottled Water Dispenser

Due the many contaminants found in tap water today, many individuals and businesses alike depend on distilled, spring or pretreated water. Lately, individuals and businesses have both been installing bottled water dispensers and bottled water coolers which provide great clean tasting water over the period of a few days to a week or two. Also, since purchasing water by the gallon is not nearly as expensive as by the bottle, these individuals are also saving a great deal of money over time.

While lately there has been a move to eliminate small individual plastic bottles from use, there has also been a movement in which to motivate folks to use these style dispensers in both homes and offices to assist in this effort. As water is necessary for survival, everyone wants to drink the cleanest, freshet tasting water available where possible. To this end, many individuals and businesses alike are looking for the best possible water dispensers or water coolers for the price today.

However, when setting up such a system in a home or office, one must first decide which which models one is most interested in. This is because while there are traditional water dispensers, there are also those now which can clean and treat tap water as part of the process, eliminating the need for bottles altogether. However, as these systems are just now making their way onto the market, most are rather expensive where as the smaller models can sit on a counter top and handle cleaning one gallon of water at a time through a process known as reverse osmosis.

So, while a few of these systems have been designed and developed, one can assure they are getting purest drinking water possible from such a system. However, most homeowners and office managers today still tend to prefer the traditional water coolers compared to the new treatment oriented ones. This is in large part due to the fact that many such bottled water coolers and dispensers provide both cold and hot water at a touch. Whereas, the water one puts into a reverse osmosis treatment system is always going to be room temperature unless cooled or heated by the individual. Therefore, if one is looking for clean tasting water and overall convenience, one may want to go with the traditional bottled water dispenser and cooler whereas if clean water is the ultimate goal, one may want to check out the new reverse osmosis treatment systems on the market today.

In addition, if one is buying water for such a system, one wants to be sure and buy the best water possible, whether that is distilled, spring or treated water. In most cases, individuals prefer to use spring water, however even when purchasing spring water, one need read the label to be assure it was bottled at the source of the spring rather than having been transported and exposed to a variety of chemicals and debris.

Today, there are only a handful of mom and pop businesses which treat and sell their water. One such store in Northern California provides water at a dollar and ten cents a gallon, which is well worth the price as the water is filtered, purified and treated through reverse osmosis, leaving only the essential elements in the water. Although this company does not sell water treatment systems, in light of the fact that they do all the work for the individual with regards to creating the best drinking water on the planet, their service and water are well worth the price.

Once having decided upon a system, one need decide whether to use glass or plastic jugs. As both can be quite heavy when filled with water, one wants to be sure and buy both the size and style one can handle safely when placing the bottle on a counter top carafe or free-standing dispenser. To this end, generally people with top loading or counter top models may prefer plastic whereas individuals with the new bottom loading bottled water dispensers may prefer glass, as one does not have to lift the bottle other than getting it into the house and then it simply sliding it into place in a cabinet which also serves to hide the bottle under the unit.

Regardless, whether one uses glass or plastic bottles, one may want to think about looking for one of these bottom loading dispensers. As these dispensers provide easy access to fill and refill the water supply in addition to providing great tasting water for only a few cents a gallon. In addition, one is avoiding any additives such as fluoride or contaminants from drug runoff due to individuals flushing a number of chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other products down the drain by using such a dispenser. Therefore, drinking clean healthy water from a bottled water dispenser or cooler can be a great way to prevent illness and stay in good health.

Whereas these new designs of bottom load water dispensers and coolers provide easy access for filling and refilling, they also provide a cleaner, fresher, tasting experience when it comes to the drinking water. This is because unlike traditional units where the water is cooled and heated on an ongoing basis, the water remains in the bottle in these units and is only heated or cooled as needed. Thus, keeping the water tasting clean and fresh until time for the next refill.

So, while one can find a great many of these coolers and dispensers on the market today, it is best one look at a few different models before making a decision on which to buy or rent, accordingly. One may also want to check out the different models of reverse osmosis treatment systems. This is because the counter top model of the reverse osmosis unit and the bottom loading bottled water dispenser can be used quite well together. Thus saving the individual even more money by not having to buy even the three to twenty gallons of bottled water, these dispensers often hold. An individual can then simply clean a gallon of water at a time and place each gallon into the empty bottle and then connect same back into the dispenser.


Regardless of which way an individual decides to go when it comes to buying a bottled water dispenser or bottled water cooler, there is a unit available to fit most any need. In addition, one wants to purchase both bottles, glass or plastic and water by the weight which one can carry when the bottles are full. However, any pain may just be worth the gain, as most all individuals display a happier and healthier attitude when drinking clean, fresh tasting water regardless of how such water is delivered, filtered or treated in the process.

Find out the benefits of having a bottle water cooler in your home. Having a small monthly fee on that bottled water dispenser and getting bottles each month. Read more online today.

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