The Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles

The Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles

If you are looking for eco friendly water bottles, shop for glass.  They are reusable, shatter resistant and do not leach contaminants.  Plastics are never the best choice. 

The popularity of plastic containers is somewhat amazing when you think about it.  Nothing tastes as good after it has been stored in plastic.  Yet, most of us eat and drink out of plastic containers every day.  Then, we throw them away.

24% is the current recycling rate in the US.  So, while you might recycle a bottle, at least three other people are throwing theirs in the regular trashcan.  Don’t stop recycling.  Just ask your friends to recycle, too.  And, while you’re at it, try to create less trash in your home.  It isn’t that hard to do.

Most people don’t like the taste or the smell of tap water, but drinking it is the most environmentally minded option.  It is also the most economical, costing less than 10% of the cost of buying bottled. 

If you install a home purifier and buy eco friendly water bottles made of glass, you can have something great tasting and economical in your kitchen, at all times.  You can carry them with you wherever you go. 

You’ll never need to buy another bottle of Dasani or Aquafina.  Buying from those companies doesn’t make sense, anyway.  They use public sources.  They may run it through a reverse osmosis system, but that doesn’t make it any better than what comes out of your tap. 

Reverse osmosis is old technology that does not remove the chemicals that are so prevalent in today’s surface and groundwater.  The technology was designed to remove dirt, particles, sand and minerals.  Traces of minerals are actually good for our health and more satisfying to our taste buds.  De-mineralized or distilled waters taste stale.

Once you start drinking out of eco friendly water bottles made of glass, you will notice the difference.  We get used to the taste of plastic, after a while, and we don’t notice it.  But, when we stop and then go back, we wonder how we could have ever stomached it. 

The same thing is true for people that get used to drinking chlorinated tap-water.  It tastes okay, but once they install a purifier and taste the difference, they never want to go back.  So, buy a purifier and bottle your own in eco friendly water bottles made of glass.  That’s your best choice.

Bob Goodhand is an advocate for home and personal water purification systems to protect and promote healthy living. Visit his site at
to discover the drinking water filters that Bob recommends.

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Going New Green Earth

Going New Green Earth

Our planet is in peril. It’s in the news and folks all over the planet are becoming kinder to our world. I know how to save the globe. Heck, get all the top scientists in the top scientists in the world together and they can’t even agree on ways to save the world, but they are going to agree that something needs to be done quickly.

Can one person save the Earth? No, but one person and another and another and so on can reserve it. So, why not be one of those people.

Be Green for the Good of Our Planet

We all should hold our government and big industries to their part in initiating green action. Industries absolutely need to stop polluting. Government wants to support clean alternative energy. Communities all need to work on every level to promote waste reduction. People can make massive gains toward a greener and cleaner world.

Do any of us expect regimes, communities, and industries to modify overnight? No. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t making some of these changes to your lifestyle overnight.

Anything you do to decrease the amount of the Earth’s resources that you use helps to reduce consumption helping you to guide a more sustainable life.

One of the simplest, yet most useful, paths to help our Earth is to buy items with less packaging. Look for the double rolls package. If each this, the savings in packaging would be astronomic. The energy that companies use to create that packaging might be cut in half and the world would breathe a little easier.

Recycle the toilet roll cardboard tubes and, when you open the package of toilet tissue, just slit it on the top and then use the empty package as a liner in a small trashcan.

You may use the cold water for drinking water or to water plants, but allowing it to go down the drain is not helpful to the environment. This is a straightforward way to be kind to our planet.

Remember, it’s up to all of us to help create a new green earth. Little things that we do on a daily basis can help ensure the survival of a new green earth for generations to come.

G. Donald Ttoca Is an avid internet user and currently runs a number of video based website built with Video Blizzard, a software platform that creates instant video websites.

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