Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Costa Rica Vacation Packages

My Costa Rica offers something for everyone. Perhaps your desire is to experience the incredible Costa Rica Beaches of the Pacific or Caribbean coasts. Let us take you there. Costa Rica is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. Costa Rica Vacation Packages can sweep you into a world of passion and romance. A Costa Rica Fishing Trip, hosted by Costa Rica Vacation Packages, is a time to remember. Experience a million colors of green, the heady perfume of jungle flowers and the gregarious calls of the Howler Monkey in a Costa Rica rain forest. With the help of Costa Rica Vacation Packages, you can stand in awe of the stunning vistas in the Costa Rica mountain highlands or zoom through the treetops on a Costa Rica Canopy Tour. Costa Rica has it all.  At My Costa Rica, we are in the business of creating the best possible Costa Rica Vacation Packages. Let us help you make sure your dreams really do come true, in Costa Rica.

Below is a list of our popular prearranged Costa Rica Vacation itineraries. We work hard to create something special and are happy to customize any Costa Rica Vacation to meet your particular Costa Rica Travel desires and needs.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacation Packages
Don’t worry about a thing, as all meals and drinks are included as part of your stay at one part of Costa Rica’s top all-inclusive resorts. Daily activities and entertainment are commonly offered right at the hotel – making these packages the perfect choice for families and couples.

Costa Rica Honeymoon & Wedding Vacation Packages
Costa Rica is an incredibly romantic destination and the perfect place to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary, or just to get away from it all with that special someone. Our packages are completely customizable to meet your needs and help you to plan the trip of a lifetime!

Costa Rica Family Vacation Packages
Costa Rica is a natural playground offering a wide variety of activities that will interest every member of your family. Due to safety and ease of travel, Costa Rica is an incredibly family friendly destination and many resorts offer two or three bedroom rooms to comfortably accommodate larger groups and kids.

Costa Rica Nature Vacation Packages
Costa Rica is world famous for it’s nature and wildlife. Truly a progressive country, Costa Rica boasts an extensive national park system and has placed emphasis on sustainable eco-friendly tourism. Explore two coasts, rumbling volcanoes, dense tropical rainforests during your visit here.

We specialize in creating an outstanding Costa Rica vacation packages for each of our customers. Whatever your Costa Rica vacation needs, My Costa Rica can help you plan and arrange the ideal Costa Rica vacation package. Our packages include accommodations, tours and transfers. Contact us today and we will make your dreams come true with custom Costa Rica Vacation Packages.

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Tips On Getting The Best Deals Available On A Las Vegas Package

Tips On Getting The Best Deals Available On A Las Vegas Package

If you a planning a Las Vegas package then here are some ways to make the most of your trip. Take this opportunity to enjoy as many of the perks offered in a package deal as you possibly can. Many Package trips have the airfare included in the price and they usually have other extras such as meals included or free tickets to your favorite shows.

If you’re on a package trip to Las Vegas then you may even get some cash back to spend in the casino of the hotel. You may be lucky enough to stay in a hotel that offers daily spa treatments as part of the deal.

You’ll probably find there is a lot of choice once you start looking for a Las Vegas package. Is this an annual vacation, or are you celebrating a birthday, or do you want that special someone to have the time of his or her life. Maybe you want an exciting Las Vegas wedding filled with romance and all the things that will make it the trip of a lifetime.

Check out the golfing deals if you’re thinking of a package for yourself and your golfing buddies. No matter the reasons for visiting the desert state you’re sure to get the deal that is best suited to your needs.

Sometimes people book a week-end getaway and regard taking many breaks through out the year as a way of spreading their vacation time rather than taking it vacation all at once. 3-day weekend Las Vegas packages are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for greater relaxation at the end of a grueling week.

You can get package trips that are especially geared towards these 3-day weekend getaways. And you may still get some really good deals that include free tickets to local attractions, discounts on the hotel for booking in advance or other money saving advantages.

If you are looking for perfect Las Vegas package, you may want to do a bit of homework to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your needs. Make a list of the things you might expect from a good Las Vegas package – don’t forget to see if there are any extras for special occasion trips such as a birthday or a wedding, or maybe even just a trip with the guys. The first point of call should be your local travel agent to see what specials they might have on offer. You stand more chance of getting a great Las Vegas package the further ahead that you book.

Check out the internet, you can often find some great deals on packages, especially if they are late cancellations. You may also get a better idea of the perks offered on different packages. The internet is a great way of being able to compare the best deals all in one place. It’s also much easier to book yourself a holiday from the comfort of your own home.


When traveling to Las Vegas, make the most of the special perks that are offered on a package deal. Enjoying all that there is on offer is the best way of getting the most out of your Las Vegas package holiday.

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