Using Promotional Mugs To Differentiate Your Brand

Using Promotional Mugs To Differentiate Your Brand

Promotional Mugs are just one of the many promotional gifts available whose impact has been dramatically improved by technology and recent trends. Promotional mugs have always been a firm favourite within the marketing manager’s corporate gifts arsenal because they are popular, useful and offer great desktop advertising opportunities.

During the last decade their importance has grown, driven by trends on the high street and an explosion of coffee outlets. Whilst many people grab a coffee on the way to work, this becomes just one of several that they will consume during the day. Many coffee suppliers in response to competition from high street coffee outlets have innovated and provide coffee granules, powders and mixes that can be made up within a company canteen including expresso, cappucino and lattes. In addition vendors have improved their vending machines to offer similar alternatives to jarred coffee.

So whilst we have become more a nation of coffee drinkers and coffee has become more widely available – what do we drink it from? Now on the move most people are offered a standard plastic cup but for people on the road this is simply inconvenient and impersonal. So travel mugs are the preferred choice for road warriers on the go because of their convenience. Travel mugs also provide great personalisation and branding opportunities and with their plastic or aluminium bodies, they can take a suitable screen print. Within companies off course, paper and plastic cups are offered but many people prefer to stick to a ceramic mug and again such promotional mugs offer great branding and advertising opportunities.

Now in terms of printing, techniques that were costly and the remit for large quantity production runs are now available for much smaller volumes. This has allowed the development of Photo Mugs which can featuring a full or half-wrap of a photo image printed in full CMYK (four colour print). In addition, specialist prints can be applied such as on WOW Mugs which respond to heat and only reveal their imprint when filled with a warm or hot liquid, such as coffee or tea.

Where trends and technologies combine further is with the range of physical styles of promotional coffee and tea mugs now available. The great British mug is still available but more often than not we are also being asked to supply small and large Lattes and giant coffee cups and saucers. Any of these promotional mugs offer great advertising opportunities and the chance for your logo, corporate contact details and marketing message to be seen up to fifteen times a week or more.

So if you are considering using coffee mugs and tea cups for a marketing promotion, turn to a professional promotional coffee mugs supplier like Redbows. From our Promotional Gifts Supply we supply a large range of promotional mugs. If you cannot find the mugs you want let our Promotional Gifts Consultants to source them for you.

Dawn Koffler is the MD of Redbows Ltd – one of the UK’s leading promotional gift and mugs suppliers. Redbows started in 2005 and has experienced tremendous growth in its internet related activities. As well as running her own business Dawn is a working mum, house renovator, taxi driver, life-coach to 3 wonderful kids and somewhat eccentric husband, and dog trainer. Dawn also writes the Promotional Gifts Blog and provides marketing consultancy and services to an ever growing client base. Dawn is also on Twitter /redbows.

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Real World Self Defense – Using the Ninja’s 5 Primary Weapon Types in Your Shopping Bag!

Real World Self Defense – Using the Ninja’s 5 Primary Weapon Types in Your Shopping Bag!

One of the most important lessons that you could ever learn about real-world self defense can be found in the Ninja’s unorthodox self-protection methods. It’s the skill of thinking and acting “outside the box!”

This article focuses on the ability to see anything as a potential weapon in your own defense. So, read on and join me for a day at the grocery store. Ninja-style!

Can you imagine being out at the store on your day off? The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, when suddenly there he is… the mugger who wants your money!

What do you do?

You’ve got your gun in the glove compartment, and your shuriken back at the dojo. All you have in your hand is a grocery bag full of food!

Follow me through the recesses of your grocery bag, as we back up to create necessary space and time – put the bag down, and begin to employ surprising examples of the Ninja’s 5 primary weapon types.

The first thing we do is pull out a loaf of sliced bread and pull back as if to use it as a club. As soon as the attacker stops to figure out what he’s looking at, we quickly tear the plastic open and help ourselves to several slices.

As he recovers from his surprised disbelief, he begins to move in again, only to find that he is being hit by bread shuriken – slices of the bread in your hand that you are launching at his face like the Ninja stars – projectile type weapons – they resemble!

This gives you the needed time to reach back into the bag and pull out that bottle of soda you were going to enjoy on the way home.

Now, with fury at the fool that you made of him with the bread, your assailant comes in at you with a clothing grab to take control of the victim who thinks he’s a comedian. Except that as soon as his hand grabs your shirt, he feels the splintering pain shoot through the back of his hand and up his outstretched arm.

As he starts to let go, the pain moves to his head, as the bottle is suddenly slammed into his face and the side of his head. As he reels from the brain-jarring attack, and tries to contain his dizziness from the plastic, soda filled bottle – an example of a stick or clubbing type weapon – he turns back to you, only to be met by the explosive spray of liquid coming from the now charged bottle you just strategically opened in his direction!

You move to pick up your remaining groceries and get out of there, when you feel the grip of his massive arms wrap around you from behind.

As you drop the bag, you hold onto the bunch of celery that was waiting it’s turn inside. Then, using the vegetable’s leafy end you reach over your shoulder as if to dust off his face – attacking his eyes with what he will soon find is an example of a combination weapon type. Because, as he flinches back from the assault on his eyes, his grip loosens enough for you to shift to the side and slam the club-like bunch of celery into his groin.

While he is doubled over, you look into the bag and look at the lone pack of lunch meat, sealed in that thick, plastic wrapper that takes super-human strength to open. You’re still looking at it, when you suddenly realize that he has upped the rules of the game, and is lunging at you with a knife.

Sidestepping the attempted stab, and bringing the serrated edge of the lunch meat wrapper across his cutting arm, opening him up with a cut of your own with your make-shift blade-type weapon, you quickly cause him to drop the knife in his now wounded hand.

Undeterred, he reaches out and slaps the small package from your hand. Then, with a warning yell that speaks of his pain, frustration, and humiliation…

…he makes a final attempt to do what he set out to do. Except, as his fist flies out to smash into your face, you slip by his moving arm to use the bag in your hand like the flexible weapon that it is. You deftly parry his arm to the side far enough to catch his head with the bag stretched between your hands.

As soon as you know you have his balance, you shift into position for a rear hip throw and, using the bag as a rope, you shift out – causing his head and neck to crash into the pavement – rendering him unconscious!

And, that’s how we Ninja are always “armed.” Except now you’re out of weapons…I mean food!

I guess it’s back into the store to refill your grocery bag for dinner…

…or the next unsuspecting criminal who has no idea who he’s choosing as a target!

Are you serious about mastering the art of ninjutsu – about having the power, confidence, and control to handle any attacker – any situation?

Read my newest ninja training book, “Becoming The Master.” Get your free copy at:

Jeffrey Miller is a master-teacher in the centuries-old art of Japan’s ancient shadow warrior. Each month he shares his 30+ years of training, research, and knowledge – combined with his years of real-world experience using these teachings on the dangerous streets of our modern world – with literally thousands of students from all over the world. Shidoshi Miller says, “If you really want to learn ninjutsu, and become a master of the Ninja’s arts, then I can show you the secrets for developing the power, confidence, and control of a true Ninja warrior!”

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Benefits of Using Good Cosmetic Packaging

Benefits of Using Good Cosmetic Packaging

Today cosmetic packaging has attained great significance due to the great attention shown by today’s shoppers not only to the quality of a product but also to its packaging. They now judge a product’s quality or the manufacturer’s credibility by its packaging. If it does not meet their standards or expectations, then the product can be out rightly rejected. Therefore, cosmetic packaging has become an integral part of marketing strategies as it can make or break product demand. Since today the cosmetic industry is overrun with competitors, good and effective cosmetic packaging is essential for cosmetic manufacturers to make their mark in the beauty industry.

Today effective cosmetic packaging is not only a successful marketing strategy to win shoppers’ attention but also essential in several other respects. Let us see the benefits of using good and effective cosmetic packaging.

Primarily good packaging, as mentioned above, helps cosmetic manufacturers in creating an identity of their own which is essential when taking into account today’s cosmetic arena. Today’s cosmetics market is overflowing with a diverse selection of skin care and hair care products that cater to different hair and skin types. Hence, cosmetic manufacturers have no other choice but to come up with different strategies to enhance their market value and ROI, and good packaging is the sure shot way of achieving that. When time pressured consumers shop for cosmetic products, they do not have time to test each product. When making random selections, cosmetic packaging is what helps them make a decision. Therefore, it is highly essential to come up with unique packaging designs, colors, and shapes to make a lasting impression in the minds of consumers.

Effective packaging helps in preserving and protecting the content from being contaminated, especially when it comes to organic cosmetics. Today more and more people are leading organic lifestyles, and therefore great care must be taken when packaging organic cosmetic products. With Great cosmetic packaging manufacturers are important since without them they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy good quality products in attractive and well-made packages, such as lotion pumps, treatment pumps, and airless pumps.

Writing articles is my hobby…

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The R2 Robot (Robonaut2), Flown up to the ISS on STS-133 was upackaged for the first time onboard the International Space Station.

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Have You Thought about Using Portable Greenhouses As a Substitute?

Have You Thought about Using Portable Greenhouses As a Substitute?

Benefits of Using Portable Greenhouses

Garden greenhouses are turning out to be a lot more common to all those men and women having a green thumbs. Even home gardeners are thinking about obtaining one for his or her back garden for the benefits which it gives. Considering that full-sized, normal garden greenhouses could really be expensive and also pricey to manage, it might be impractical for these modest home home gardeners to make one. However don’t trouble yourself! It is simply because there are completely new small along with transportable greenhouses now readily available for an individual to obtain and also easily put within their gardens.

These kinds of moveable greenhouses are usually perfect for people who wish to begin their gardening season early in the spring as well as extend it all through the fall. They are also most effective for overwintering plants and are affordable too. Mainly because these kinds of greenhouses are moveable, they are light in pounds and also small for quick installation, taking back down and transporting. The majority of these kinds of transportable garden greenhouse packages could be created in 30 minutes as well as less. And because they are small, they could very easily be put away in any handy position inside the garage area or even closet whenever it is not yet time to work with them.

Function of Transportable Garden Greenhouses

Portable green-houses, simply like the regular ones, retain energy entering through the sun’s rays in the course of the daytime by means of it’s covering and preserve the warmth radiated from the garden soil during the night time in order to hold the area warmed enough for the garden plants. Any time a light and portable garden greenhouse is shut, this also traps in humidity which can help minimize the frequency of applying water to the crops inside. A light and portable greenhouse is excellent for early sowing of seeds, defending the sensitive vegetation through the frigid weather, beginning perennial seed products in summer season, quick rooting since with the desire to transplant, and cultivating unique types of vegetation that are not frequently cultivated inside the area. This may also be used to overwinter vegetation particularly when heated.

Home gardeners are generally getting frequently interested in these kinds of transportable green-houses and also the increase in sales of these items is clear. For one, these portables take no time to set up to have them going right away. Taking them down whenever it is definitely not time to make use of them can also be hassle-free. These kinds of greenhouses are not actually needed all year round, particularly for small-time plant growers. Consequently, little and moveable green-houses tend to be best for their needs.

For very first time customers, a portable greenhouse is suggested because this may give them the feel of acquiring a real garden greenhouse just before they take into consideration building a genuine, full-sized one. And these kinds of portables will also be affordable and much less costly to manage. This enables for them to jump-start his or her gardening career with out having to invest lots of money to buy all those garden greenhouse resources which are essential for your huge versions. Additionally, installing is significantly quicker and less difficult than permanent versions therefore no additional or sophisticated resources are mandatory.

These kinds of light and portable green-houses come in distinctive sizes and heights. It could be as little as a compact camping tent that will fit simply a couple of plant shelves. There are a number of that look like light and portable closets that are about 6 ft tall. And you’ll find additionally even larger kinds as high as 7 to eight feet and are created like a dome. These kinds of huge ones could fit around 3 to four bigger shelves inside.

Gardener Tips Regarding Transportable Greenhouses

Weather can seriously be unforeseen. Then when an unexpected cold snap arises, burlap sacks stuffed with simply leaves may be tossed above the sash around the framework or covering during the evening to protect against far too much cold of getting on the inside. Bales of straw or hay may well also be stacked against the body. For intense summer season sunlight protection, some kind of shading could be utilized to stop plant deterioration. Samples of covering that will be used as being a shade are knitted shade coverings, aged bamboo window shades, along with lath.

Vegetation inside the greenhouse must be also properly watered as early in the day time as possible. This would be to enable for quick drying from the soil before it becomes darker. Improperly managed water drainage and holding the soil damp can cause problems later on and may well not be a good gardening knowledge for newbies.

Whether or not you might be a novice or an skilled gardener, getting a transportable greenhouse may be beneficial for your gardening requirements. Being equipped to move your greenhouse in a handy and a lot more strategic location is usually possible with this portable model. Sustaining and taking correct care of portable greenhouses is also not as costly and challenging than the fixed, full-sized versions.

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Benefits of Using Plastic Packaging Materials For Every Delivery You Send

Benefits of Using Plastic Packaging Materials For Every Delivery You Send

Amongst all of the packaging materials accessible available in the market, plastic packaging materials are among the most widely used of them all. This is due to numerous causes, probably the most outstanding one being their durability. Plastic packaging materials are recognized to final a protracted time. They are guaranteed to have the ability to face up to massive quantities of stress and strain which is why it’s ideal for almost all heavy responsibility purposes.
One other thing is that plastic packaging materials have the ability to withstand harsh temperatures like intense heat and cold. This makes it perfect for packing food products and conserving them for storage. Even if you take them with you once you journey, your plastic packaging will likely be sure to be able to withstand any conditions.
In addition to this, plastic packaging materials are sometimes proof against water, making them ideally suited for retaining important documents. People would often keep their office papers and essential information inside plastic packaging materials and keep them in a safe location. One really by no means knows when a disaster would possibly hit. Flood and rain is usually the principle culprits of causing vital papers to get wet.
Its durability additionally comes in handy for buying and groceries. Its durable materials can handle even the hardest tin cans and bottles. Plastic packaging materials will never break and trigger your merchandise to fall apart.
Most of all, plastic packaging materials are very handy to use. You may pull one out of your storage and put your things inside it without any hassles. Along with this, you possibly can reuse them time and again for different purposes. Plastic packaging materials are very recyclable.
You should also needless to say plastic packaging materials must be disposed of properly they’re now not needed. Since supplies resembling this decompose very slowly, you must ensure that to eliminate them within the correct manner.
Shameka N. Bochner

If you would like more information in regard to Plastic Packaging Materials, swing by the Writer’s web site unhesitatingly.

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Hints For Using Natural Cleaning Products

Hints For Using Natural Cleaning Products

* Ordinary water is one of the most efficient and effective substances for removing dirt and is the closest thing to a Universal Solvent known. Substances like soap and detergent work by increasing the “wetting power” of water because the soap breaks the surface tension of the water. Good old soap and water will get rid of most dirt. Sometimes, however, water needs time to saturate and loosen dirt or grime, so with really tough stains, splash or spray on the water (preferably with a bit of soap) and leave it for a while. Scrubbing also helps loosen dirt physically.

* If you dislike the smell of natural cleaning products “in the raw” (e.g. neat vinegar or baking soda), add a few drops of essential oil to the cleaner of your choice. Essential oil doesn’t just smell nice, either. Some essential oils also have a disinfectant or germ-killing effect, and these will enhance the effectiveness of your cleaner with a bit of germ-killing action. Essential oils to choose from include pine, lavender and lemon – the scents that are often used in commercial cleaners – and also thyme, oregano and eucalyptus.

* Recipes for natural home-made cleaning products sometimes for rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. The truth is that you can substitute any strong spirit for the rubbing alcohol and still get the same results. Good choices include vodka, brandy, whisky and gin, but avoid sticky, sugary ready-mixed drinks or liqueurs – these will leave a sticky residue behind them. Low alcohol drinks such as beer and wine won’t work, either, as it’s the alcohol that does the cleaning and evaporates off afterwards. Also avoid substituting methylated spirits if you are likely to be using large quantities of the product (meths is OK for removing stains from clothes, especially grass stains).

* Patience and/or elbow grease are important with any natural products. Sometimes, you will need to spray on or spread on the home-made cleaner and leave it for a while so it can act. You will also need to put in a bit of effort to remove really stubborn bits of grime.

* If you plan on making your own domestic cleaning products, stock up on suitable containers and dispensers. Shallow screw-top jars are ideal for powders and pastes (don’t use tall jars, as reaching down to the bottom with a cleaning cloth to get the last little bit out is quite tricky). For liquid products, use a spray dispenser (the sort with the squeezy pump handle). If you have been using proprietary cleaners in the past, save the old containers if they are likely to be useful rather than throwing them out and buying new ones. Rinse them out well first, so you don’t get any of the old residues in your new natural cleaner. And remember to label your jar, container or spray bottle so you know what’s in it.

* Natural cleaners that use lemon juice will go off if stored. Only use freshly cut lemons for making natural cleaning products. If you are lucky enough to have access to a large amount of lemons for cleaning purposes (e.g. if you have a lemon tree), squeeze out the juice when lemons are abundant and freeze the juice in a regular ice cube tray for use later on. And, of course, you can use the lemon juice in cooking as well as for cleaning.

* White vinegar works best as a natural cleaning product, with malt vinegar taking second place. Wine vinegar and cider vinegar also work, but as they are more expensive, you may not want to waste them as cleaners. The same applies to balsamic vinegar but this is too dark and sticky to use as a cleaning product – save it for a salad dressing or for putting on your hot chips.

* Invest in good scrubbing brushes, as these will do a lot of the actual work. Replace them when they start to look malformed. To extend the working life of brushes, don’t push down on them so the bristles bend – the bristles will bend and do their job with the horizontally-applied force of friction and your hand, rather than downward pressure (this assumes that you’re cleaning a horizontal surface). Natural bristles last longer than plastic ones, but they will need to be stored properly so the bristles dry out.


Nick Vassilev is the founder of successful carpet cleaning London and end of tenancy cleaning London businesses delivering quality cleaning services to thousands of clients.

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Create Success Using Web Marketing Tools

Create Success Using Web Marketing Tools

No matter if you are a seasoned online entrepreneur or a novice, utilizing the various web marketing tools that are available is paramount in creating a sustainable business presence and thus, a sustainable income.  Fortunately, there are several tools to use and many ways in which you can go about obtaining them.

Free Web Marketing Tools

The easiest and most accessible marketing tools that one can utilize in their online business endeavors are social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or My Space.  These sites can not only let you create contacts with others in your niche, but also build a clientele as well.  Anyone who is interested in your product or service will be able to find you with ease when on any of these social sites.  The key here is to create meaningful and knowledge-filled content about your niche so people see you as a leader in your field and trust your word.

Another free marketing tool is to create a press release with a newsworthy story about your product or an event that is going on in your niche.  This will draw attention to your site and clients as well.  To supplement this tool, why not create and give away a free e-book to all those who sign up on your site?  This will entice people to look deeper into your product or service.

If you are a good writer, you can always create articles that are full of targeted keywords and submit them to article directory sites.  People peruse these sites every day looking for more new information about how to make money.  As long as your content is relevant and meaningful, as well as well written, you can create quite a following.

Paid-For Web Marketing Tools

For those who are seeking to supplement these free web marketing tools, there are always companies out there that specialize in implementing marketing tools into in order to get businesses the traffic and rankings they desire.  More than likely, you will have to buy a package deal, which you may opt to renew or not after the initial work is done.  This can be beneficial, especially since such companies usually have extensive knowledge on how best to get you ranked.

If you would rather not go with a company, there are plenty of software options that can do the same thing and promise to give you and your business the same results as the online marketing companies.  Whether or not your chosen software will be successful at getting you the results that you want is really a crap shoot.

Some software products work well for certain clients but not so well for others.  Much of this has to do with your niche, how competitive it is, and how well you keep up with the trends.  The best choice regarding which web marketing tool you select is entirely up to you, but most successful entrepreneurs will use several tools to achieve results.

Whether you are a seasoned online entrepreneur or are just starting out, Jason Green can lend you his expertise and guide you on the path to a secure financial online future.  With continued education, customer support, and proper tools taught to you by Jason, you too can conquer the Internet world and make a solid income doing so.   Just visit to start putting his knowledge to work for you.

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Using Water Bottles As Art

Using Water Bottles As Art

There are many art projects you can engage in by using water bottles. This is a great way to create something beautiful whilst recycling. Encourage your young ones and others to go GREEN with these crafts endeavors.

Lava lamp
All you need are simple materials that can be found in the kitchen or around the house: –

1 transparent bottle with cap
Food coloring
Either vegetable or mineral oil
1 flashlight
Salt or baking soda

First, fill the water bottle with oil, about three quarters and add on water. Leave a little space at the top. The water will descend to the bottom and minute bubbles will emerge. Add a few drops of food coloring, two or more to add dimension. It will take a few moments for the color to merge. Switch on the flashlight and point it to the makeshift lamp. Drop little bits of baking soda or salt into the concoction, and voila, you now have your very own unique home-made lava lamp. To get the same effect later on, attach the cap on the bottle and turn it upside down. A word of caution – do not expose the lava lamp to high temperatures as it can explode.

Water bottle hat
A contraption your children will love.

2 socks with cuffs folded
2 plastic water bottles
2 pieces of aquarium plastic tubing, preferably 42 inches
1 baseball cap

To start off, sew the socks directly unto sides of baseball cap. Discard the bottles’ caps and fill with water. Thrust the plastic tubing through the holes made vacant by the discarded caps and place the bottles in the sock pockets. You can further embellish the water bottle hat with stickers or drawings.

Message in a Bottle
This is a beautiful piece of art that can be tailored for any special occasion.

Empty water bottle
1 sheet of stationery paper
1 cup granulated sugar
Plastic or acrylic jewels, beads and confetti
Marker pen (choice of color is infinite)
Thumbtack or glue

First, make sure that the bottle is clean and free from all labels. Using your marker pen, write a note or poem on the stationery paper. Tie the note with some ribbon, leaving one end and attaching it to the end of the bottle cap using a thumb tack or glue. Set it aside. Pour sugar into the bottle, enough to ensure that the letter is visible in the neck for easy removal. Now, drop the beads, confetti or jewels into the sugar. Carefully, push the note into the neck of the bottle. Make sure that the long end of the ribbon is also in the neck and put in the cap. Decorate your bottle using paint, making your designs as festive as possible.

Recycled garden
A garden made from recycled bottles and other easy to find materials.

Empty 2 liter bottles
Pipe cleaners
Dryer sheets
Drinking straws
Construction paper (various colors)
Popsicle sticks
Cardboard box
Styrofoam bowl (for containing paint)

Fashion flowers out of the dryer sheets, and place them one inside the other. This can be done by dipping each cut flower into a Styrofoam bowl filled with paint. Do not forget to lightly pinch the flowers in the center. Next, wrap the pipe cleaners around the pinched areas and twist to hold the flowers. Fluff the flowers to make them seem alive. To form the stems, slip the pipe cleaners down into the drinking straws. Utilizing the cardboard box as the base, cut out one side and start decorating with construction paper. You can fashion a fence using Popsicle sticks. To hold the flowers in place, cut the bottom of the water bottle and place it upside down into the bottom of the box. For grass, use green construction paper. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from wine glasses and shot glasses to tote bags and water bottles.

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How to Dye your hair using manic panic hair Colour

How to Dye your hair using manic panic hair Colour

Keep to these guidelines to get the most dazzling results from Manic Panic semi-permanent hair colours.

Take note that colouring results will depend on the colour used and the present colour and shape your hair is in. To get the most brilliant hair colour, your hair should be porous, bleached or tinted.

Please be aware:

Before colouring your hair, do a strand test to check whether the product will give you the result you’re after. No after-colouring hair treatments are needed with Manic Panic Hair colour due to its restructuring qualities. Manic Panic Hair colour should be used as it comes, it should not be combined with other substances such as peroxide or permanent hair dye. Take care with the dye, as it may temporarily mark skin and permanently stain material. Alkaline products should not be used as it will change its acid balance that is meant to provide optimal absorption of the hair by the dye. So, if you would like to use setting lotions or blow-dry lotions in combination with the hair colour, only use low pH and alcohol-free lotions. Keep the product away from the eyes. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse area with warm water immediately and contact a doctor Manic Panic Hair dyes aren’t for internal use and keep away from the access of children.

Carry out a patch test should before using.

*Choose an area, which isn’t easily seen, like behind the ear or the inside the elbow, about the size of an Australian ten cent coin.

*Clean area with water and a mild soap. Rub with a fresh towel until completely dry.

*Coat the newly clean area with a tiny amount of the Manic Panic Hair colour.

*Leave colour to dry on skin, trying not to cover or touch area for 24 hours.

*Examine the dyed area for any inflammation or itchiness, and if you can see anything like this definitely do not use the hair colour.

Having done a strand test and patch test you’re ready to use the Manic Panic Hair Colour on your hair.

Lighten Hair

To get the best dye result, or a result that’s closest to how it appears on the packet, bleach hair using something like the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Complete Bleach Kit. This is even more crucial if you’re seeking a lighter or pastel colour.

Stick to the instructions with the bleaching kit, ensuring to remove all the bleach residue from your hair. If not, the bleach residue can interfere with the proper function of the Manic Panic Hair colour in colouring your hair.


Clean your hair thoroughly with a pH balanced shampoo, making certain to eliminate all shampoo residue, and leaving hair damp for the next step.

Protect skin

Smear petroleum jelly or baby oil along the hair line so as not to get dye on your skin while dyeing your hair, and also wear rubber gloves when working colour through hair.

Applying Colour

Place Manic Panic Hair dye in plastic bowl using ½ a jar for short hair or a whole jar for long hair. Using a tint brush, start to put on colour ½ inch from the scalp and brush on evenly along to the hair ends. Next, work from the nape of the neck upwards to main part of the hair, thoroughly applying colour to each strand. Keep applying until colour develops a foaminess, indicating the hair shaft can’t take any more dye. If you’re using a lighter shade, a longer application time may be required in order to get complete colour penetration and a more vivid colour.


Leave dye in for at least 15 minutes, in which time processing should be complete if you’re working at normal room temperature. If your hair doesn’t take to colour well we advise the use of a plastic cap over hair for at least 30 minutes.

The use of an infra-red heat lamp may reduce processing time to between 5 – 7 minutes and the end result may be a better, more brilliant penetration of colour.


While keeping rinse water away from your eyes, rinse hair completely.

Preserving the colour

Using a vinegar and water rinse following after colouring may assist in extending the Manic Panic Hair colour by upping the pH level of the hair. Combine equal parts white vinegar with water, apply to hair, leave for 1- 2 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Manic Panic is a semi-permanent colour that contains all-natural ingredients, which means the colour mostly sits on the surface of the hair shaft, so longevity and depth of colour will vary according to how porous your hair is. Manic Panic do not use dangerous chemicals in their hair colour that could damage, which means that cleaning and using products or getting chemicals on your hair like chlorine or from hair styling will start to reduce the colour.

If you want to get rid of the colour

Alkaline shampoos will make hair colour fade more quickly. Get the colour professionally dyed over with a more natural shade. A hot oil treatment from the shops may help in removing colour. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet carefully. To get rid of the oil with some colour, start by applying shampoo minus water. Slowly add more and more water while shampooing until all oil is removed. You could also get advice from a maker of lightening and colour removal products or you could also seek the opinion of a qualified hairdresser for options on removing the Manic Panic Hair Colour. Next time, try Manic Panic’s Dyehard – hair colour that easily shampoos out of your hair.

Jo Manix Live Fast. Dye Hard

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Stainless steel water bottles: What are the advantages of using stainless steel water bottles

Stainless steel water bottles: What are the advantages of using stainless steel water bottles

When it comes to buying a drink bottle there are many alternatives, most of which can be compared and bought online, but the most popular type of drink bottle that is increasingly being purchased is the stainless steel water bottles. There is a long list of advantages for using stainless steel water bottles, including durability and reusability, but the real benefits of stainless steel water bottles become apparent when they are compared to plastic drink bottles and aluminium water bottles.

Top quality manufacturers of reusable drink bottles have begun designing and manufacturing stainless steel water bottles to replace plastic and aluminium drink bottle alternatives that are currently on the market. Stainless steel, and particularly 304 grade (or 18/8), is one of the most hygienic materials available, so hygienic in fact that the same material is often used in the manufacture of surgical equipment, kitchen utensils and now drink bottles. Stainless steel water bottles therefore have the advantage of reducing the risk of water contamination that is apparent with plastic and aluminium water bottle alternatives, through the potential leaching of BPA and other chemicals. Stainless steel also provides bacteria resistance, which means that individuals concerned about their health can now purchase a water bottle that is lightweight, durable and free from chemical leaching.

Water stored in stainless steel water bottles is highly effective in retaining the flavour and purity of the drink, which is not necessarily the case with plastic or aluminium water bottle alternatives. In aluminium drink bottles for example, an epoxy resin inner lining is baked on at 400 Degrees Celsius in order to prevent the aluminium from contaminating the water. This epoxy resin however contains many chemicals that are themselves, at risk of contaminating water over time, as they eventually degrade and leach into the water. Similar to plastic these many different types of chemicals are consumed by drinking the contaminated water, which over time increases the risk of affecting your health, particularly if the drink bottle is used on a regular basis, such as daily or over a long period of time.

Given a similar weight, durability and price to plastic water bottles and aluminium drink bottle alternatives, it is apparent that stainless steel water bottles should not be overlooked when buying a drink bottle. Their superior material qualities make it a better alternative for reducing the risk of water contamination and the need to effectively maintain it. They are proof that drink bottles are not all the same, and should be researched and chosen appropriate considerations.

Jimmy ParkHigh has been associated with writing on a huge assortment of high quality, environmentally sustainable water bottles. The author has researched the market to provide its users with the information on the great products that can help them maintain their health and wellness.For more information visit on stainless steel water bottles.

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Water Tornado in a bottle is a great experiment you can do with your kids, students and anyone else. It is easy and fun to do. Definitely try to do it at home. Water vortex. I will be also giving away 5 vortex tubes to 5 lucky winners. CONTEST RULES: – Leave a comment ( so I know who entered ) – Subscribe — I will pick 5 winners for 5 vortex tubes SUPPLIES: – (2) 2 liter or 1 liter plastic bottles (coke, sprit etc) – Vortex tube (ebay) – H2O – Food Coloring (optional) So try it out, let us know how was it. If you have any questions please let us know. Also, we are always here to hear feedback from you. Thanks for Watching! MUSIC BY: Artist: Morusque Song Name: Séchage rapide Website: Music is copy right free, royalty free to use.
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