Varieties of bottle labeler machine

Varieties of bottle labeler machine

Being user friendly, bottle label dispenser is controlled by the computer. This machine is made up of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. It has a memory capacity of 10 sets and provides a rust-free performance. Self adhesive is used for full/partial wrap around labeling on different size of round container. It can label upto 150 containers per minute depending on products and label size. It can also label round, oval, flat, square containers with single and double side labeling. Fully automatic sticker labeling machines are used for thin diameter containers such as Ampoules, Vial and Inhalers etc. Automatic Bottle labeling machines are used for cylindrical containers. Bottles are fed into the machine by hand and the operator pulls a lever which initiates the labeling cycle. Bottle label applicators are used in various industries like Food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, health care, agriculture, pesticides, FMCG and distribution.

Bottle Labeling machines are suitable for labeling bottles of different shapes sizes and material such as glass and plastic. There are three types of bottle label applicator including Wrap-around, Top/bottom and front back.

Wrap-around labeling machine is suitable for round shaped products of different specifications. With an adjustable guide rail, and a hand wheel to adjust the height of the applicator, the bottle labeling machine has the ability to apply label of different size. It can operate as an independent machine or as a part of a production/assembly line.

Front and back labeling machines are suitable for applying front and back labels on flat/oval/square/round shape containers with output upto 120 labels per minute depending on products and label size. This machine saves time, avoids machine-down time and can achieve higher production. This machine is maintenance free, user friendly, protected against voltage fluctuations, fully stainless steel finish machine. This machine is maintenance free, no need to change parts according to label size. It is protected against voltage fluctuations and suitable for on-line Inkjet and Contact Coding system. It is fully made up of stainless steel. It does not require label data input. This labeling machine has a height of 8mm and length of 12mm with roll diameter of 300/400 mm. It has a power of 1.5 Amp with conveyor height of 850-940 mm.  When buying a labeling machine it should be user friendly, Maintenance free, change parts, power consumption, down time, Rejection, Productivity, Quality, Performance, Reliability and Technology, after sales service. Labeling machine with low maintenance increases the life of machine and also saves the valuable time and expenditure of company.

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