Messages In A Bottle

Messages In A Bottle

There’s something about messages in a bottle that make them very sentimental, sacred, and mysterious at the same time. This may not appeal to everybody but to people who do not mind going a little sentimental from time to time, making messages in a bottle makes a good pastime. These messages are the written evidence of people’s feelings and sentiments that they choose not to tell anyone.

If you want to make your own messages in a bottle, here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Get a bottle. You can use either plastic or glass. But if you want something more realistic, pick a wine or beer bottle.

Clean and wash the bottle thoroughly. Pour a mixture of warm water and dish soap into your bottle. Cover it with a cork or with your hand. Shake the bottle up and down for a few minutes. Then, start rolling a towel into a rod then stick it in. When done, position it upside down so that all excess liquid can pour out.

Make your message. People have different reasons for making messages in a bottle. Whatever your purpose is, avoid revealing something too personal. Instead of putting your entire address, put your PO Box number instead. This will prevent you from being tracked down by the stranger who gets the bottle. For security purposes, avoid disclosing contact information. Instead, you can write down things that you love to do, things that you hate the most, your dreams, your frustrations, etc. When you’re done, roll up your paper tightly before putting it inside the bottle. You can use a tape or a rubber band

Put the bottle inside a plastic bag. This will keep the bottle from getting wet. Some even choose to layer it with plastic. To make things easier, simply find a clear plastic. Ensure that your paper is safe and not wet.

Let your bottle float. Before finally letting it float on the sea, drop it in the bath tub for testing. Ensure that the cover or the cork is tightly closed.

Even if you’re not at the beach, you can still send your secrets to the sea. Beachtown is an online game on Facebook that gives you the chance to recreate a virtual world of the beach – without living the comforts of your home. Through the Beachtown game, you can send your messages in a bottle – in just a click.


Chill and have fun! Try BEACHTOWN Game on Facebook and start to get thrill!

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How to Dye your hair using manic panic hair Colour

How to Dye your hair using manic panic hair Colour

Keep to these guidelines to get the most dazzling results from Manic Panic semi-permanent hair colours.

Take note that colouring results will depend on the colour used and the present colour and shape your hair is in. To get the most brilliant hair colour, your hair should be porous, bleached or tinted.

Please be aware:

Before colouring your hair, do a strand test to check whether the product will give you the result you’re after. No after-colouring hair treatments are needed with Manic Panic Hair colour due to its restructuring qualities. Manic Panic Hair colour should be used as it comes, it should not be combined with other substances such as peroxide or permanent hair dye. Take care with the dye, as it may temporarily mark skin and permanently stain material. Alkaline products should not be used as it will change its acid balance that is meant to provide optimal absorption of the hair by the dye. So, if you would like to use setting lotions or blow-dry lotions in combination with the hair colour, only use low pH and alcohol-free lotions. Keep the product away from the eyes. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse area with warm water immediately and contact a doctor Manic Panic Hair dyes aren’t for internal use and keep away from the access of children.

Carry out a patch test should before using.

*Choose an area, which isn’t easily seen, like behind the ear or the inside the elbow, about the size of an Australian ten cent coin.

*Clean area with water and a mild soap. Rub with a fresh towel until completely dry.

*Coat the newly clean area with a tiny amount of the Manic Panic Hair colour.

*Leave colour to dry on skin, trying not to cover or touch area for 24 hours.

*Examine the dyed area for any inflammation or itchiness, and if you can see anything like this definitely do not use the hair colour.

Having done a strand test and patch test you’re ready to use the Manic Panic Hair Colour on your hair.

Lighten Hair

To get the best dye result, or a result that’s closest to how it appears on the packet, bleach hair using something like the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Complete Bleach Kit. This is even more crucial if you’re seeking a lighter or pastel colour.

Stick to the instructions with the bleaching kit, ensuring to remove all the bleach residue from your hair. If not, the bleach residue can interfere with the proper function of the Manic Panic Hair colour in colouring your hair.


Clean your hair thoroughly with a pH balanced shampoo, making certain to eliminate all shampoo residue, and leaving hair damp for the next step.

Protect skin

Smear petroleum jelly or baby oil along the hair line so as not to get dye on your skin while dyeing your hair, and also wear rubber gloves when working colour through hair.

Applying Colour

Place Manic Panic Hair dye in plastic bowl using ½ a jar for short hair or a whole jar for long hair. Using a tint brush, start to put on colour ½ inch from the scalp and brush on evenly along to the hair ends. Next, work from the nape of the neck upwards to main part of the hair, thoroughly applying colour to each strand. Keep applying until colour develops a foaminess, indicating the hair shaft can’t take any more dye. If you’re using a lighter shade, a longer application time may be required in order to get complete colour penetration and a more vivid colour.


Leave dye in for at least 15 minutes, in which time processing should be complete if you’re working at normal room temperature. If your hair doesn’t take to colour well we advise the use of a plastic cap over hair for at least 30 minutes.

The use of an infra-red heat lamp may reduce processing time to between 5 – 7 minutes and the end result may be a better, more brilliant penetration of colour.


While keeping rinse water away from your eyes, rinse hair completely.

Preserving the colour

Using a vinegar and water rinse following after colouring may assist in extending the Manic Panic Hair colour by upping the pH level of the hair. Combine equal parts white vinegar with water, apply to hair, leave for 1- 2 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Manic Panic is a semi-permanent colour that contains all-natural ingredients, which means the colour mostly sits on the surface of the hair shaft, so longevity and depth of colour will vary according to how porous your hair is. Manic Panic do not use dangerous chemicals in their hair colour that could damage, which means that cleaning and using products or getting chemicals on your hair like chlorine or from hair styling will start to reduce the colour.

If you want to get rid of the colour

Alkaline shampoos will make hair colour fade more quickly. Get the colour professionally dyed over with a more natural shade. A hot oil treatment from the shops may help in removing colour. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet carefully. To get rid of the oil with some colour, start by applying shampoo minus water. Slowly add more and more water while shampooing until all oil is removed. You could also get advice from a maker of lightening and colour removal products or you could also seek the opinion of a qualified hairdresser for options on removing the Manic Panic Hair Colour. Next time, try Manic Panic’s Dyehard – hair colour that easily shampoos out of your hair.

Jo Manix Live Fast. Dye Hard

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Steel Water Bottles: Perfect item for Every Household

Steel Water Bottles: Perfect item for Every Household

When it comes to have a better environment and healthy water, stainless steel water bottles are the big the  help. Since these objects doesn’t contain toxic substances as plastic bottle has, people across the globe is now asking for these bottles in bulk. Many people clean their new drinking container and remove the metallic taste comes from these bottles. These bottles are very safe water bottles and  serve as a comfortable accessories at home.

Nowadays stainless steel water bottles are the excellent purchase if you are willing to make it the part of any promotional or merchandise campaign or to give some one as a perfect gift item at some occasion. Since these utensils  have long durability and lifespan, these Kids stainless steel bottle are becoming the craze among the people.

Unlike the plastic bottles, stainless is pretty easy to clean and helps a lot to all those who love to have strictest hygiene guidelines. Stainless objects are very much bacteria resistant and if washed properly, they offer a number of advantages to the users in long term use. If you have to wash a bottle correctly, you must  use warm water and soap to  rinse it several times so that any soap spot and other residue should be removed.

If experts are to be believed, steel made filtered water bottles are naturally more resistant to the  bacteria in compare to other containers that are made of any other substance or material. A reusable steel bottle also helps you to save some good amounts of money,  since users may use these substances again and again, however, plastic bottles are unable to have the same shape and size  for more time.

You may use these containers as the promotional items and could order it in bulk for the purpose. Bulk order helps you in various ways. At one hand you can get huge discounts on these filtered water bottles and may also order to imprint your logo and company name on it to advertise these products among the people. You can gift it to your friends, colleagues and employees on any occasion or just to motivate them on the targets they have achieved. provides a complete line of water bottles and Stainless Steel Water bottle for both adults and children. Find Filtered water bottles, Stainless Steel sippy and Kids stainless steel bottle from our product ranges.

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CNN’s Louise Schiavone reports on the dangers of the Bisphenol A chemical.
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Helpful Tips on How to Clean Baby Bottles

Helpful Tips on How to Clean Baby Bottles

Nurturing your child can be done in so many possible ways. Keep your babies from harm and protect them from any other health hazards through baby bottle cleaning. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose a machine to wash baby bottles or you decide to clean them by hand. What matters is you have the basic supplies to do the cleaning. Prepare the basics like hot water, soap and a good brush for bottles and nipples. It has always been advisable to wash baby bottles right after use to prevent caking of milk on the bottle and creating a foul smell which is difficult to get rid of. This is especially so if you are using plastic baby bottles. With glass nursing bottles, stinky smell of spoiled milk can be easily removed.


Never let dirty bottles sleep overnight. Start off cleaning by pouring out leftover milk and rinsing the bottle with warm water. It will be easier to clear out bottles with warm water instead of tap water. If you will be using dishwashers, the first two procedures will also be recommended. For those mothers who want to do baby bottle cleaning by hand, still rinse the dirty bottle with warm water and follow instructions above. Next, you need to fill a large basin with warm water and soap where the bottles and nipples could be placed. This will speed up the cleaning process as you soak other bottles while cleaning one after the other. Brush the bottles in and out using a baby bottle brush that is not too hard to scrape off the plastic. Bottles and nipples wear and tear due to hard baby bottles brush. Move the brush along the edges to remove filmy milk residue. This will also get rid of bacteria that thrive inside unwashed bottles. After the brushing process, you may need to rinse off the soap and dry the bottles in a bottle rack.


Bottle sterilization is recommended to babies who are affected with immune disorders. Although there are communities with reliably clean water supply especially those using sanitized water system, pediatricians still recommend bottle sterilization for babies until after two months old. The sterilization process is very simple though. Just fill out a pot of water, put the bottles, nipples and other feeding accessories then bring to boil for five minutes. Exceeding this required time can distort the shape of the feeding supplies especially when they are made out of low quality materials and plastic. After the boiling, remove the items. Bottle sterilization ends in towel drying or air-drying the items.


Sanitation for baby feeding accessories is a surefire way to prevent bacteria from causing your baby health hazards. The bottle cleaning method seems to be stressful but prevention will always be better than cure. Securing cleanliness with things you use for nursing your child is securing health and saving money. Let baby bottle cleaning and bottle sterilization be a systematic practice of every nursing mother in ensuring proper hygiene for their babies. 


Whether you wash your baby bottles by hand or with a dishwasher it shouldn’t really matter. What is most important is that you use hot, sterile water for thorough rinsing, the proper soap and a good brush to wipe off caked milk and other debris on the bottles and nipples.


To learn more about baby bottle cleaning ; and additional tips about baby bottle sterilization please visit Aha! Baby.

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