The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! That probably sums up the need for pure, clean and a ‘continuous’ source of water. Over the years, the business of providing safe and clean water has improved a lot and is now much more sophisticated. Gone are the days, when you had to worry about delivery service of your standard bottled water. You could now get it through plumbed in water coolers. There are a number of service providers who help you to install a hassle free plumbing system, so that you drink clean and pure water straight from the tap.

Water coolers come in different shapes and sizes. Right from you simple wall mounted water cooler, to the sophisticated plumbed in water coolers that dispense hot or cold water instantly. When it comes to quality, bottled waters cannot match the water coolers. These manage to efficiently, remove the contaminants in water. They taste great as well. Most water cooler manufacturers use the latest technology to ensure that water is cleaned of not only impurities but also remove the taste and odor of chemicals that are generally found in tap water. Not only hygienic, water coolers are safe from the environmental aspect as well. Haven’t we all heard about the ill effects of plastic? Imagine drinking water from a plastic container all through the day! And what about the delivery service of these bottled water suppliers! Well, the less said the better. These are at most time unreliable.

Bottled water is also expensive when compared to the cost of installing water coolers. Installing a water cooler, or a plumbed in water cooler is a onetime cost in comparison to the recurring cost of bottled water.

Installing a water cooler in your office is probably the best thing you could do to boost productivity as water is believed to increase concentration. No wonder providing access to clean and uninterrupted supply of water is a legal obligation imposed by the law on offices. If you are looking to install a water cooler in your office, you could choose from a wide range of office water coolers. These are also space savers unlike the bottled water which is a huge space consumer. With a water cooler you don’t have to worry about a place to store those huge space consuming water bottles. Also, you could avoid mishaps that usually occur when refilling or carrying bottled water. Some companies even allow you to personalize your water cooler, by fixing your company logo on them.

So if you are looking to install a water cooler in your home, office or school, just go ahead without thinking twice. These are certainly economical, safe and clean in comparison with bottled water.

With national coverage, Water-Splash can offer you the plumbed in water coolers to suit your requirements, from a budget to designer water cooler for 5 to 500 people. Hot option cooler with hot water at 94c is hot enough to infuse a tea bag. Established for eight years, they are now one of the premier suppliers in the UK.

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Emergency Bottled Water And Purified Water

Emergency Bottled Water And Purified Water

Emergency supplies of drinking water require planning to meet maximum demand during an emergency. As the world enters the tropical storm season and faces other serious emergencies that may affect the drinking water supply, federal, state and local government agencies need to plan ahead to meet peak demand.

All of Society is Affected

When disaster strikes it affects everyone. Federal, state and local relief agencies are called upon to provide assistance to the community ands top of their supplies list is drinking water. In addition these agencies also require s supplies of pure drinking water for their own staffs to function properly. This includes fire, police, national guard, public utility personnel, hospitals and every individual requiring fresh, pure drinking water.

Advanced Planning is Critical

In the face of a disaster immediate demands are made upon the existing municipal water supplies and traditional water suppliers are unable to supply fresh drinkable water. This includes not only municipal water providers but all bottled water suppliers who exceed their production capacity during normal times.

During an emergency, municipal water is in short supply and often polluted and in past emergencies, traditional bottled water suppliers have often failed to meet the heavy drinking water demands of an emergency.

Everyone affected by a disaster needs to plan for emergency water supplies and advanced planning before a disaster is critical.

Emergency Capacity of Bottled Water Suppliers

Those agencies that are affected most by disasters need to identify bottled water suppliers with capacity that can be allocated in an emergency. Attempting to producer supplies from a bottled water suppler that is at capacity or draws water from a spring that may itself become polluted during a disaster may result in a shortage when pure water is required most.

There are suppliers, however with excess capacity in the marketplace and these should be identified before a disaster strikes.

Proper Storage is Important

Many federal, state and local agencies are required to maintain emergency supplies of pure drinking water but, depending on the source off the water, these supplies may have a limited life. Spring water contains contaminants from their source springs that may reduce the shelf life of stored water as minerals in the water interact with the plastic in PET packaging.

Purified water, that has all contaminants removed by a distillation/oxygenation process does not interact with PET packaging and has an unlimited shelf life if stored properly.

Choose a Reliable Supplier in Advance

As part of a well thought out emergency plan, emergency planners should consider a reliable bottled water supplier with the capacity to meet peak demand and provide water with a long shelf life.

Planning for a disaster will help reduce the impact and increase your chances of survival.

Marcus Stout is President of Element H2O. For more information about bottled water, private label bottled water and bottled water delivery go to

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Bottled Water Suppliers Make Drinking More Water Easy

Bottled Water Suppliers Make Drinking More Water Easy

Many of the bottled water suppliers of today have a wide range of options to meet your needs for drinking water. The use of bottled water continues to rise in popularity, and for good reason. People understand the necessity of having ample drinking water available at all times. The presence of a cooler often makes getting enough water easier and for those who use bottled water in their appliances, the result is often a much cleaner and better operating unit, particularly with coffee machines.

Choosing Between a Plumbed in Unit and a Bottled Water Cooler

Many people decide to invest in a plumbed in water cooler. This type of unit taps into your existing plumbing, or extends the plumbing, if necessary. Professional installation by those who are specifically trained in the intricacies of plumbing as well as water cooler installation is required. This can provide you with a permanent source of water and a one-time fee.

Whilst choosing a plumbed in system can be an investment initially, the costs could even out when you figure in the charges for new bottles for a bottled water system. In addition, many people do not want to have to worry about lugging heavy bottles from a storage room and changing them out on a regular basis or having regular service calls to deal with for delivery and maintenance. These machines are typically maintenance-free, although there is warranty offered so you can count on service calls if there’s a need for it.

A bottled water cooler offers many advantages, as well. There are both stand alone units and desktop units available. While a plumbed in unit is fairly permanent, that is not the case with a bottled water cooler. This allows you some flexibility if you decide to move it and is often a better solution if you don’t own your building.

Many companies offer a service plan that allows you to have the bottled water suppliers to come out to your home or company. While they are there, the suppliers will change out the bottles, bring a fresh supply of bottles, remove the empty ones, and sanitise the unit, if necessary.

Bottled Water Suppliers Can Provide You with Accessories

Accessories help make your water cooler work for you. The suppliers of your bottled water have a variety of such items. They include either convenient plastic cups or paper cones.

Looking at your options for a bottled water suppliers? Eden Springs offers UK national delivery of water, rents water coolers, and provides related products. Want to learn more about water and wellness at home or at work? Check out: and find out how much water you should be drinking.

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