Choosing Day Spa Packages

Choosing Day Spa Packages

If you are considering treating yourself to a day at a spa, the first thing you should investigate is the spa services offered by different spas in your area.  If you desire a particular service, you’ll want to make sure that the spa you choose not only offers that service, but offers it as part of your spa package.  The quality and availability of spa services varies between businesses, so it’s wise to check out local spas before committing to an appointment.


Most day spas offer facials as part of their service.  Facials usually involve massage and the application of products to stimulate and exfoliate the skin.  The length of facial treatments varies.  Some spas may also offer chemical peels by licensed cosmetologists.  These peels are generally not included in spa packages and must be purchased separately.


Manicure and pedicure treatments are offered by most spas as spa packages.  If you are planning to have both services, it is usually less expensive to take them as a package.  If you want a specific manicure or pedicure treatment, check to make sure it is included in your package.


Massage is one of the most popular services offered by spas.  Massage therapists are required to be licensed in most states.  There are a number of different types of massages available at most spas and the prices vary based on the type of service.  It is usually possible to combine massage with other spa services in a spa package.


Spas may offer some type of hydrotherapy.  It may be a hot tub or Jacuzzi, or it may be a simple soak in aromatic bath salts.  Usually this spa service is included in package deals.


Some spas may offer hair services but these are usually not part of spa packages.  Waxing is also offered at many spas but is not generally bundled with other spa services.  Cosmetic application and education are not part of most packages.


Many modern day spas cater to both men and women.  Spa packages may be different for each gender, since in many cases the spa services sought are different for each gender.  Spas often offer specials for certain holidays like Fathers Day, Mothers Day, New Years Day and Valentines Day.  Look for these “sale” packages which can be a bargain.


If you plan to spend the entire day at the spa, most spas offer a meal as part of the full day spa packages.  You may want to check though, because spending the entire day without eating would be uncomfortable.  If you sign up for a full day spa package, the spa may give you a schedule for your treatments in advance.


The prices of spa packages vary depending on the spa services offered and the length of your stay.  You can find relatively inexpensive packages for manicures and pedicures, or you can choose to add additional services which will increase the price.  Spa packages make great gifts and you may wish to consider giving a spa package to a friend or loved one.

You can find excellent spa packages at Essence Day Spa at reasonable prices. See our website for pricing and details on our spa services.

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Finding a One-Stop-Shop Packaging Company

Finding a One-Stop-Shop Packaging Company

Folding box board packaging is created from the application of applying several layers of pressed chemical and mechanical treated pulp fibers of both hard, and soft woods, as well as recycled paper. It is then bleached until it resembles the color of manila folders. This bleaching process also ensures the purity of its surfaces. This packaging board can be used for many applications as it is easily bondable with aluminum sheeting, laminating, waxing, and grease proofing, or polishing. This folding box board packaging is used in the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and photographic, cosmetic, and medical industries.


Folding box board packaging can be altered and made suitable for toys, clothing, and beverages. This material is so versatile that its use is extremely cost effective when compared with other packaging materials used in producing product packaging.  The companies which manufacture these products are located world wide and are easily accessible by product manufacturers looking for cheap, but sturdy packaging products. These packaging products can be easily adapted to any color scheme or theme; because they can be embossed, decorated, or even varnished to match a product specification.


A company who can design and create the packaging that you have in mind is ideal for the manufacturer of multiple types of products.  Since packaging plays an important part in your marketing strategy, you should make sure that the company you choose to create your product packages can help you achieve your goal.  They should be open to present to you some of their ideas and should know the right packaging that will appeal to the market.


It is always good to find a company that handles every aspect of your packaging.  It realizes the importance of proper packaging in the marketing strategy of the product manufacturer. They offer free samples and a complete promotion, marketing, and in-house design team that is willing to work with the manufacturer to ensure their marketing specifications are met.

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Boxcoop is a custom boxes and packaging company. We print and manufacture software boxes and packaging supplies for cosmetics, candle boxes and soaps.

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