Wedding Favors and Gifts That Truly Say “thank You”

Wedding Favors and Gifts That Truly Say “thank You”

By Deborah Collins

It goes without saying that each couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. The music should be memorable, the ceremony – moving, and the pictures should capture the immense joy that comes from celebrating a new life together. The world should seem to revolve around you and your groom. However, in addition to the two of you, there are others who helped make this momentous day a success. You’ll want the ones who mean the most to you to have something that says “thank you” and serves as a reminder of their part in this important day. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But how do you decide what a perfect – and affordable – wedding favor will be?

Most couples want their guests to have wedding favors they can take home. However, you may not be sure exactly what to buy for everyone. Try something edible. There are truly creative wedding favors that can reflect your personality while also delighting your guests. For instance, you might have yours and your groom’s names printed on Hershey’s Kisses chocolate candies, or on miniature or full-sized chocolate bars. These are delightful when scattered across the reception tables or gathered into creative arrangements.

You might consider filling inexpensive, plastic champagne flutes with Kisses and miniatures then tying a simple bow around the stem. You could group several small chocolates into mesh bundles or design tiny baskets that hold one full-sized bar and several miniatures.

The labels on petite jars of honey as well as individual packages of coffee or tea can be printed with your names and wedding date. Since many people flavor their tea and coffee with honey, the three can combine to make a welcome wedding favor guests will cherish. Place coffee and tea packages along with one jar of honey into a mug with a whimsical heart-shaped coffee scoop or teaspoon. Rather do espresso? Charming espresso cup sets make wonderful wedding favors as well.

Bookmarks, picture frames and scented candles are also beautiful wedding favors that won’t break your bank.

For The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

How do you say “thank you” for the friendship and support bridesmaids and the maid of honor offer during your wedding season? You’ll want their gifts to be personal and heartfelt: something that will convey your appreciation. Depending on your budget, you could give them each a faux pearl or other type necklace, bracelet or earrings to be worn during the ceremony. Additional suggestions include scented candles, silver trinket boxes or small crystal vases.

For The Groomsmen and Best Man

A great way to show your appreciation could be with engraved drinking glasses, personalized mugs or unique key chains with flashlights or “tools” attached. Bottle openers, wine stoppers and pens are also possibilities.

Showing your appreciation to guests and attendants can be done with elegance, style and affordability. With so many options to choose from, the difficult part won’t be finding wedding favors, it will be deciding which of the many creative alternatives to buy.

Deborah Collins is Creative Consultant for specializing in creative, personalized wedding favors for every budget. Visit them today at to browse their huge selection of affordable wedding favors that will make your special day memorable. © 2007, All Rights Reserved

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Ten Creative Wedding Favors for Contemporary Couples

Ten Creative Wedding Favors for Contemporary Couples

Wedding favors: a tough topic for contemporary couples preparing to walk down the aisle. Many modern couples are tired of the standard mints and bubbles. Instead, they want fun, fresh wedding favors. Most couples would deem this task a daunting one. Not you. Why? Because you have the following ten suggestions to consider.

“Mr. & Mrs.” Swizzle Sticks by Kate Aspen

Gift your guests with these clever swizzle sticks decked out in wedding attire, particularly, dapper top hats and veiled tiaras. After guests take them home, they’ll remember the happy couple every time they stir their cocktails.

Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers

Modern, refined and romantic, these white porcelain salt and pepper shakers are truly unique. Place pullout box at each table. Guests will be delighted when they open the boxes and see the Love Birds nesting cozily inside. Buy a few –or a few dozen, depending on the size of your reception– extra to use as the actual salt and pepper shakers at each reception table.

“Good Wishes” Pearlized Photo Coasters

Extend good wishes to all your guests. These handsome pearlized glass frame coasters are surrounded by positive terms such as love, forever, joy, faith, bliss and hope. Get creative with these wedding favors. Frame a photo of the newlyweds, use them as placecard holders or simply leave as-is, which encourages guests to make their own memories to place inside. Packaged in twos and tied with organza ribbon.

“A Leisurely Game of Love” Golf Ball Tape Measure

Whether you both love golf or simply seek a creative theme, this useful tape measure in the shape of a golf ball can be personalized on a flat area of the ball. Let your guests know your love is “fore-ever.” Whether guests are golf buffs or not, they won’t be able to resist these favors.

Miniature Wooden Birdhouses

These wedding favors are simply adorable. What a clever way to thank your friends and family for being there as you take the first step in feathering your love nest. Great for outdoor, warm-weather receptions. Guests will enjoy using them at home as garden accessories or even holiday tree decorations.

“Castles in the Sand” Sand Castle Tea Light by Kate Aspen

Bet you’ve never received a sand castle wedding favor before. Bet your guests haven’t either. This favor lends a tender, contemplative feel. Guests will use it for years to come. Sand-textured castle has tiny windows, turrets and comes with a tea light. Also functions as a place card holder, disguised as a flag atop the castle.

Blooming Bookmark Verse 4

These sustainable gifts are all the rage in wedding favors. Show your guests you care about not only them, but the planet. Give green favors. These bookmarks feature the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “Friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold,” followed by a note of thanks from the happy couple, stating “We sincerely thank you, friends and loved ones, for sharing with us the sweet moment of our wedding day.” Bookmarks include detachable adornments that guests may planet in their gardens and watch life spring forth.

“Love is Sweet” Sweetheart Towel Cakes

These “cakes” appear so realistic, one might try to eat them. What appears to be a tasty dessert is truly two folded, brown and white hand towels, perfectly arranged to resemble a heart-shaped cake. A highly unique and whimsical way to treat your wedding guests. Towels are made of 100% cotton, and are even topped with faux wafers and strawberries. The clever packaging features the wedding favor atop a doily and packed in a clear, heart-shaped “cake box,” making it a fun focal point at the reception table.

“Calla Lily Elegance” Vase-Shaped Candle

This small, elegant candle with a vase-shaped profile features a handrolled fabric lily tied with a tiny silk ribbon, lending the appearance of a bouquet. Guests will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Monogrammed Tea Wedding Favors

Personalized, individually packaged tea bags featuring a single initial or classic monogram, as well as the name of the bride and groom or wedding date. A trendy and sophisticated way to appreciate your guests.
With tea on the rise as an “in” beverage, this gift is perfect for contemporary couples searching for new options in wedding favors. Tea is a rich, traditional black blend, and comes sealed in a glossy, white foil envelope to lock in freshness and flavor.
With so many extraordinary gift ideas, some couples may have trouble narrowing down their choice to one selection. Fortunately, there are frequently bridal showers and bachelor parties, as well. Don’t be afraid to tell the hosts in advance about these fantastic favors. Chances are, they’re stuck in the same favor rut you were. Perhaps you’ll be doing them a… favor!

Dena Merlino is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics including wedding accessories.

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5 Benefits You Need to Know for Wedding Packages on Beach Wedding

5 Benefits You Need to Know for Wedding Packages on Beach Wedding

Are you getting married and want to make sure you have the best wedding day possible? There are many wedding packages that you can choose from, but one of the most romantic weddings you can have is on the beach. There are many people that are choosing wedding packages on beach wedding over the traditional wedding these days because of the different benefits to this type of wedding.  

These benefits will help you decide if wedding packages on beach wedding is right for your special day or not. Here are the benefits to choosing these wedding packages over traditional wedding packages.  

One: You get to choose what day you get to have your wedding. This is important because you can reschedule your wedding, if you get the right wedding packages on a beach. Plus, you will not be renting a building for only a small time slot. So, you can ensure that you have beautiful weather for your special day because wedding packages that let you get married on the beach are more flexible than a traditional wedding is.  

Two: The price for wedding packages on beach wedding is also more affordable than the traditional wedding. With a beach wedding you can have the wedding and reception all in one beautiful setting. This will cut the cost, along with other little thinks. So, anyone can afford to get married on the beach with the right wedding packages.  

Three: When you find wedding packages, you will find a planning team behind it. This means that most of the details will be taken care of for you. So, you can have a stress free wedding day. This is a bride’s dream come true. Plus, you can have your honeymoon in the same place as your wedding, if you wish to.  

Four: When you use wedding packages on beach wedding, you will be able to decide what the package includes such as the setting for your beach wedding, the bouquet and other important things. So, you can make sure you have the wedding that fits you and your fiancée.  

Five: If you are thinking about having a themed wedding, then wedding packages on beach wedding is definitely the way to go because there are many packages available for your perfect theme. You just have to find them and then choose the right one for you.  

These are the most important benefits to help you decide if wedding packages on beach wedding is the right option for your special day. Take the time looking at the different wedding packages that you can find and then decide what you want to do for your very special day. A beach wedding will truly be a wedding to remember for any couple.

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Chocolate Wedding Favors – Your Favorable Guide

Chocolate Wedding Favors – Your Favorable Guide

Planning weddings is a great bonding time for would be husbands and wives. The planning stage gives them additional time to learn more about each other like their choices in color, flowers or even flavors of chocolates and candies. But even it if it is fun, it doesn’t always mean it is easy. There are a lot of things that you have to think of. Even planning the favors to give to the guests can sometimes be challenging. To help you in this area, a good suggestion would be for you to give chocolate wedding favors.

Everybody loves chocolates. It is one thing that all your guests will truly appreciate. But you cannot just give away chocolate bars at the end of the party. That would be too boring. Here are some techniques that you can follow to make chocolate wedding favors more exciting.

The best style would be to set up a chocolate buffet bar. You can use the bar as part of the wedding reception decoration. If there is a central theme for the wedding, you can design the bar in accordance with the theme. You can even go as far as having chocolates shaped according to the theme like footballs and soccer balls if your theme is sporty or elves and unicorns if your theme is fairy tales.

If you already have a dessert bar, adding a chocolate buffet bar would already be too much. What you can do is to put jars or bowls filled with chocolates per table. This will serve both as your favors and centerpiece at the same time. Just make sure to have plastics or small containers for their loot. And make sure to have a scooper in each jar or bowl.

Lastly, you can simply scatter the chocolate on every table. Chocolate doesn’t need to be brown always. They can be candy coated or wrapped in fancy wrappings. If you will be using all brown chocolate candies, you can also scatter crystal on the table as accents. Just make sure that your guests know which ones they can eat and which ones they cannot.

Chocolate wedding favors are great because you can do a lot of things with them. You can turn chocolates into whatever shape you want or whatever color you need. Visit for more edible favor ideas.

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Green Wedding Ideas: How To Make Your Wedding Special

Green Wedding Ideas: How To Make Your Wedding Special

A wedding is one of the natural aspects of life and also the most important step that any couple ever takes in their lives. Therefore, combining these two aspects can really result in a wedding that is extremely memorable. This can be done through adding special touches to the invitations, decorations and food by way of natural, green wedding ideas. The following are some ways.

1. Invitations: The kind of invitations that are sent out before the wedding establishes the theme that the wedding is going to have. Using green wedding ideas and concepts can really set the tone and expectation of the guests. Here are three things that can do it.

i) Blooms invitation: There is a beauty in simplicity that only a naturalist knows of. These invitation cards only have a simple border design which is complemented by a subtly placed bloom of the couple’s choice.

ii) Floral watercolor invitation: Adding innocence to a wedding can be a very touching and meaningful step and these invitations do just that with handmade watercolor floral imprints.

iii) Dancing buds invitation: A very light touch can be given to the invitation with the help of a faint background behind the text.

2. Decorations: Once the theme of the wedding is set through the use of multiple green wedding ideas such as the above mentioned invitations, the next step is to honor the expectation of the guests through the use of decorations influenced by the same concept. The following are some through which the couple can improve the natural factor of their wedding.

i) Pastel Vases: A wedding consists of tables and a table will always need one or two vases on it to bring out the look. For a green wedding, the vases used should have pastel shades and should not be too bright or too dull.

ii) Topiary Card Holders: Any well organized wedding would require card holders assigning seats to guests. Therefore, instead of using a conventional card holder made of plastic, a wedding shaped by green wedding ideas would include natural topiary card holders.

iii) Customized Silk Flower Petals: Another of the many green wedding ideas is the use of personalized silk flower petals. These are artificial petals made with silk that can carry any name or message.

3. Food: If the invitations and decorations are influenced by green wedding ideas then the food should be too. The following are some suggestions.

i) Whole Leaf Tea Sachets: Using sachets that carry a whole leaf attached to their tops can set the mood of the wedding.

ii) Bird Nests: The table can also carry mini bird nests which can be used to store small treats or candies for the guests.

iii) Personalized Honey Jars: Personalization is the best way to make a wedding special. Using personalized honey jars can combine the provision of a food supplement with decorating the table.

The above mentioned green wedding ideas can add the natural aspect to any wedding in addition to bringing about a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Steve Ricardo writes about Garden wedding ideas and Fall wedding ideas. More information on Funny-Wedding-Idea.Com

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Finding Affordable Packaging for your Wedding Favors

Finding Affordable Packaging for your Wedding Favors

With all the costs associated with a wedding, it is no surprise that when it comes to wedding favors, many brides often forget that the packaging needs to be included in the favors budget.

Now more than ever couples are looking to cut costs and pull money from wherever possible. This applies to your wedding favors too. Whilst you may find the right favors at the right price, finding the right packaging at the right price can be a different matter entirely!

Take a look at some of the packaging choices available to you:

Plain card boxes Specialist favor boxes Tins Bottles and jars Bags Cellophane wrappers Plastic boxes Tulle nets Novelty containers – miniature pails, bird nests, plant pots etc.

There are probably a few more that I haven’t added to the list, but you get the general idea! Wedding favor stores will often carry a good range of packaging for the favors you buy from them. If possible try to buy your packaging from the same store as your favors as you may qualify for a discount on the total cost.

The internet has opened a world of choice for wedding favors and packaging.  Specialist wedding favor boxes are probably the most expensive choice. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles, but are mostly only suited to confectionary favors and very small items. However, if you research the market well you will probably be able to buy them in large quantities for rock bottom prices. If you need a lot, then try to pick them up wholesale, failing that, check out sites like Ebay for cheap favor boxes.

For a modern look to your favor packaging, consider tins or bottle or jars. These are available on the internet in bulk quantities and you will probably be able to purchase them wholesale too.

Florists stores will often have a range of novelty items that would suit wedding favors.  Items like miniature metal pails, woven birds nests, clear plastic boxes and miniature terracotta plant pots can all be found at online florist stores & again look for wholesalers for the best prices.

It is always a good idea to have bought your favors before the packaging, to avoid any size issues! The best advice is to shop around, look for discounts for quantity & seek out wholesalers for the best prices Also make sure your packaging is suitable for your choice of favor, it matches your wedding style or theme and that if needed it can be easily customized to suit your wedding.

Mae Andrea is a professional writer who collects wedding favors and wedding related articles. She is working with a wedding planning social networking company that caters to all the wedding needs of brides in almost every major center in America.

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How to Make Your Wedding More Eco-friendly

How to Make Your Wedding More Eco-friendly

The idea of green weddings is very hot today. As a matter of fact, brides and grooms may want to may sure that their events will be environmental friendly. To this end, you will also want to make sure that you will be planning a wedding which is really eco-friendly. You will help to save our earth to this end.

There are a few ides you can consider when you are planning for a green wedding. One of the ideas if to help to save fuel. Taking your wedding ceremony and reception as an example, you may need to arrange some kind of transportation if they are in different locations. To this end, some fuel will certainly need to used. To this end, you may want to make the two locations to be within a walking distance. Your guests do not need to take a vehicle and this will help to save fuel.

The idea of embodied energy is always considered when it comes to an environmental event. In order to build a sustainable building, architects will try to make sure that the materials used to build the building will be local materials so that there will be less embodied energy. This idea can also be applied to your wedding. You can serve foods which can be found in the region of the venue. This means that there will be less embodied energy and you can help to save the earth.

Besides the embodied energy, you will need to make sure that you will not be preparing too much food. There can be a lot of wastes after a wedding reception. This is because the brides and grooms prepare too much food. To this end, you may want to make sure that you will prepare the right amount of foods. If there are any leftover after your reception, you should try to donate the foods.

If you are going to have a Chinese wedding, be sure that you will not have shark fins in your menu. The point here is that it is very common for couples to have shark fins in a Chinese reception. Yet, we should try to protect the sharks, as well as our earth. There is no point to serve shark fins in the reception.

You should also avoid unnecessary packages. There can be a beautiful packaging for your wedding favors. However, this boxes can be something unnecessary. You should try to avoid using these packaging boxes. You will create less waste to this end.

You should go for the idea of renting if you can do so. For example, you may want to get some pillars for your wedding cake. However, you should not try to buy them. They will be something useless to you after your reception. As a result, it will be a better idea for you to rent them. This is also true for the flowers. It can be a good idea to use silk flowers since they can be reused.

Remember the above points will make sure that you will be able to plan a green wedding!

TM Lung designs wedding invitations. You can also check his Wedding Planning ideas and Wedding Favor Ideas.

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Ideas For Unique Beach Wedding Favors

Ideas For Unique Beach Wedding Favors

Every couple wants their wedding day to be as memorable to their guests as it is memorable to them, too. You can accomplish such a lofty goal by providing for unique wedding favors, which can be anything from a relatively affordable luggage tag to a more valuable piece of jewelry.

Now, if your wedding theme is centered on the beauty of the beach, then it is only logical that beach wedding favors are the order of your big day. Well, why not make them stand out from the rest of other wedding favors with these ideas?

Compact Cosmetic

Whoever said that cosmetics are only for women have yet to meet a metrosexual! You can provide men and women with compact cosmetics like soothing lip balms, which can come in unisex containers although you may also request his-and-hers tins. These containers also have compact mirrors to make the process of taking care of the lips so much easier.

You have flavor choices like cherry and vanilla. Ingredients include beeswax and other topnotch ingredients to make your guests feel truly special. Add in personalized touches like custom labels and you have one-of-a-kind beach wedding favors.

Edible Eats Galore

The trend nowadays in wedding favors is to go the route of edible treats. It can be nuts, lollipops, mints, cookies, mini-cakes, chocolates, pies and other sweet treats from your country. Your guests will appreciate your gift on the way home as they savor the sweet treats while talking about the sweet memories they have had during your wedding.

Well, of course, you may also give favors that your guests will enjoy at home. Think along the lines of coffee bricks, flavored coffee packets, and premium tea bags. These beverages will definitely provide soothing comfort after the frenetic but fun activities at your reception.

You may package these unique beach wedding favors in apothecary glass jars, ceramic jars and even clay jars. If you want to save on costs, you can always place these sweet treats in plastic containers and then tied with a ribbon. A good idea is to have a buffet table where your guests can choose from the variety of sweet treats to take home.

Practical Passions

Now, if you want wedding favors that will last a longer time, we suggest providing for practical items. This way, your guests will have the best of both worlds – practical and yet beautiful wedding favors to remember your wedding.

You may choose cheese and jam spreaders with seashells and sand dollars in the handle. Just make sure that the colors of the handle will reflect the color theme of your wedding since beach wedding favors can tie-up everything neatly.

You also have choices like a bottle opener or a wine bottle stopper with starfishes, seashells and sand dollars as the main theme. These usually come in cute boxes, thus, doing away with the need to wrap them up.

Indeed, favors for a beach-themed wedding are unique unto themselves. To make them truly stand out, you can always have names and dates engraved on the spreaders as well as stickers placed on the jars and tin containers.

Visit for more choices in unique beach-themed wedding favors.

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Organizing a Green Wedding by Reusing and Recycling

Organizing a Green Wedding by Reusing and Recycling

It is our obligation to protect our environment. As a result, more couples will try to plan their weddings in a way that it become a green wedding. There are a lot of details you will need to think about in order to planning for a greener even. There are people who try to minimize the wedding so that it become a greener one. There are also couples who will only hire vendors that have the sense to protect the environment.

As a matter of fact, there can be a lot of wastes after a wedding. It does not make sense to hurt our environment in order to have a wonderful wedding. As a result, it will always be good to reuse the items after your event. You may even use recycled materials in your event. We will focus on the ideas of reusing and recycling in a wedding in this article.

Let us first of all talk about the wedding invitation. In fact, it will be extremely environmental friendly if you can invite your guests by sending emails. Of course you will also send the save the date note via emails. You will also ask your guests to reply you via emails. In this case you do not need to print the cards and these will certainly help to save the environment.

However, it is also very true that it can be too informal if you decide to send the invitation via email. It may consider a bit impolite if you do so. If this is the case, you may still need to prepare some physical wedding invitations and send them to your guests.

When you are search for the cards, you have to pay attention to the materials. Make sure that the paper you use is either recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources. The ink to be use is also very important. In most cases, it will be more environmental friendly to use soy ink when printing the cards. You will need to discuss with the invitation vendor on this matter when you are ordering them.

A lot of brides will consider purchasing a new gown for the wedding. Every bride would like to be the most beautiful bride in the word on the wedding day. However, you can still consider to purchase a second hand wedding dress. A second hand item does not necessarily mean that it is not a beautiful item. If it is possible, you can also wear the gown your mother or even your grandmother wore when they got married. This is on one hand environmental friendly and on the other hand make the gown more meaningful.

When your wedding favor is concerned, the best situation will be that you do not prepare them. However, it will not be so practical in a sense that you have to use the favor to thank your guests. To this end, you should make sure that the package of the gifts are made from recycled paper. Besides, you should also choose some environmental wedding favor.

What’s hot and new at the 2008 International Housewares Show? Going Green! Manufacturers are making green products to be more sustainable and address environmental issues. Reducing environmental issues through reducing product packaging, conserving energy, and recycling is what is hot and new in 2008. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment from the International Housewares show for new information on hot green products and environmental sustainability.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Unique Homemade Wedding Favors

Unique Homemade Wedding Favors

For many brides wedding favors represent a quest to find something unique and special. Often the requirement of favors that coordinate with your wedding style and/or theme, and that are a reflection of your personality and taste presents an impossible task to find a favor that fulfills all those requirements.

For the creative bride making favors themselves represents the perfect way to achieve those perfect and unique gifts that are so desired. When it comes to what to make there are a number of options to choose from.


Whilst the concept of CD wedding favors is not a new one, it is what you put on them that make them unique. Many couples choose to add their wedding playlist or songs which are memorable to them. You could add a range of favorite tracks, the songs you will play during the evening reception or a selection a songs from across every element of your wedding.


Making your own custom cookies or cupcakes is easy to do at home and decorating them is not very difficult. Make a few trial run batches to practice on before you go for the real thing. Chocolates can be made at home too, with the aid of chocolate molds and melting chocolate.


Make your own soaps with soap making kits and molds available from craft stores and soap making websites. You can also get kits to make bath bombs and bath salts at home.

Candles are similar to soap to make and you could make lovely scented candles for your favors. For a contemporary favor make them in aluminum tins with lids or in glass jars similar to Yankee Candles.


Fridge magnets have become a popular favor and are so easy to make yourself. Check out your local craft store for magnet kits which include a clear plastic ‘sleeve’ and magnet to glue on the back. Then you need to add a photograph or picture which you can take yourself or design on your computer at home.

There are also several printing websites which offer templates and full magnet sets printed and assembled as you want them. They often offer templates which are fully customizable in terms of colors, graphic elements, fonts and text so you can design something totally unique to you and have them delivered ready to go!


Even if you buy ready made favors from a store you can still make them unique by making your own packaging. Making boxes and bags from paper and card is not difficult and craft stores carry a range of design templates which make it easy for you to cut out and fold packaging in no time at all.

If you are a keen crafter or know someone who is then you or they may have a cutting machine which can cut shapes from dies in a range of materials. These machines are easy to use and the manufacturers have a range of packaging dies to choose from. You can also use one to cut decorative elements such as flowers, hearts and butterflies to add to your wedding favors.

Mae Andrea is a professional writer who collects wedding favors and wedding related articles. Another interesting part of her collections is the list of wedding songs especially gathered for all couples out there.

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