Mohawk Introduces Superfine MultiLoft at DSCOOP8

Announcing the launch of Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft, an innovative product designed for the production of ultra-thick, beautiful digital printed projects. Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft will make its debut appearance at DSCOOP8 (Booth # 413), February 21-23, 2013, in Nashville, TN.

The newest addition to Mohawk’s legendary Superfine line, Superfine MultiLoft, is the ideal blend of tradition and technology resulting in high-end printed products. Long celebrated for its quality, consistency and perfect printing surface, Mohawk Superfine is an iconic product that is also known as the benchmark in digital printing. Superfine inspires with its archival quality and timeless appeal.

No other premium paper works so well on today’s leading digital printing presses, which makes Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft ideal for social stationery, wedding invitations, greeting cards, business cards, or any digital print project where luxury and ultra-thick results are a must.

“Mohawk Superfine continues its emergence as the new standard in digital print with this new high-tech twist on old-school elegance. Superfine MultiLoft brings a new level of product diversity to the HP Indigo print community with its ability to produce products which blend Indigo print quality and luxurious paper,” says Chris Harrold, vice president business development, Mohawk.

Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft sheets are offered in two formats to print and build ultra-thick products. Sheets are approximately 17 point caliper, Superfine Eggshell 120 cover with the print surface on the top side and cohesive glue on the back side. Two sheets laminated together, post printing, produce a 34 point stock.

Inserts are approximately 17 point caliper, Superfine Eggshell 120 cover with cohesive glue on both sides of the sheet. One or multiple inserts are laminated together along with a top and bottom printed sheet to produce a thicker product. Two Superfine sheets and one insert produce a 51 point stock. Two sheets and two inserts produce a 68 point stock.

Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft is available in three iconic white shades (Ultrawhite, White and Softwhite) in luxurious Eggshell finish with i-Tone, which guarantees consistent toner transfer and adhesion.

All Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft papers are FSC certified, Green-e certified, and manufactured with windpower. To request samples, or to purchase Mohawk Superfine MultiLoft, please visit

Mohawk is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes which are preferred for commercial and digital printing, photo specialties and high-end direct mail. Mohawk fine papers and envelopes include the signature brands Mohawk Superfine and Strathmore, as well as proprietary treatments Inxwell and i-Tone. With a culture of innovation, Mohawk’s business model now extends beyond paper manufacturing into new areas of growth, including digital substrates and web-based software platforms, which connect designers and printers to new markets.

As a leader in environmentally and socially responsible business practices, Mohawk was the first U.S. manufacturer of commercial printing papers to match 100% of its electricity with wind power renewable energy credits and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production. Mohawk’s portfolio of recycled papers is certified by Green Seal and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Mohawk is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business based in Cohoes, New York, with global sales and operations located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

MultiLoft is a trademark of Convertible Solutions. MultiLoft is made using proprietary cohesive technology from Convertible Solutions.

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Organizing a Green Wedding by Reusing and Recycling

Organizing a Green Wedding by Reusing and Recycling

It is our obligation to protect our environment. As a result, more couples will try to plan their weddings in a way that it become a green wedding. There are a lot of details you will need to think about in order to planning for a greener even. There are people who try to minimize the wedding so that it become a greener one. There are also couples who will only hire vendors that have the sense to protect the environment.

As a matter of fact, there can be a lot of wastes after a wedding. It does not make sense to hurt our environment in order to have a wonderful wedding. As a result, it will always be good to reuse the items after your event. You may even use recycled materials in your event. We will focus on the ideas of reusing and recycling in a wedding in this article.

Let us first of all talk about the wedding invitation. In fact, it will be extremely environmental friendly if you can invite your guests by sending emails. Of course you will also send the save the date note via emails. You will also ask your guests to reply you via emails. In this case you do not need to print the cards and these will certainly help to save the environment.

However, it is also very true that it can be too informal if you decide to send the invitation via email. It may consider a bit impolite if you do so. If this is the case, you may still need to prepare some physical wedding invitations and send them to your guests.

When you are search for the cards, you have to pay attention to the materials. Make sure that the paper you use is either recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources. The ink to be use is also very important. In most cases, it will be more environmental friendly to use soy ink when printing the cards. You will need to discuss with the invitation vendor on this matter when you are ordering them.

A lot of brides will consider purchasing a new gown for the wedding. Every bride would like to be the most beautiful bride in the word on the wedding day. However, you can still consider to purchase a second hand wedding dress. A second hand item does not necessarily mean that it is not a beautiful item. If it is possible, you can also wear the gown your mother or even your grandmother wore when they got married. This is on one hand environmental friendly and on the other hand make the gown more meaningful.

When your wedding favor is concerned, the best situation will be that you do not prepare them. However, it will not be so practical in a sense that you have to use the favor to thank your guests. To this end, you should make sure that the package of the gifts are made from recycled paper. Besides, you should also choose some environmental wedding favor.

What’s hot and new at the 2008 International Housewares Show? Going Green! Manufacturers are making green products to be more sustainable and address environmental issues. Reducing environmental issues through reducing product packaging, conserving energy, and recycling is what is hot and new in 2008. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment from the International Housewares show for new information on hot green products and environmental sustainability.
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