Wine Bottle Gift Box, You Can Buy One, or You Can Make One

Wine Bottle Gift Box, You Can Buy One, or You Can Make One

When you give someone a gift, the wrapping is part of the gift just as much as the present inside it. Normally one should never judge a book by its cover but sometimes one should and this is one of those times. Wine does not start to taste better when the box it is presented in is nicer and more expensive, of course not, but it does give it that little bit extra.

You can buy a gift box for wine bottles in all sorts of places, ranging from a wine shop you normally visit or a vineyard store. There are multiple colors you can choose from and even when it comes to designs and materials you will not run out of options.

Design or make your own

Are you a creative person maybe? If you have experience with art work and know about designing then why not create your own wine bottle gift box? When the thought of putting a box together has you buying a designer one then buy one that is already made for you? A tip would be to go to your local wine store and buy a few of the wine boxes that are not decorated yet.

You have a wide choice of materials when it comes to gift boxes for one bottle. There are the ones made of wood but also plastic, fabric, cardboard and even metal. Some decorating tips would be to use a wooden one and paint it, maybe with some rustic scenes or a portrait. An other option could be to go 3 dimensional and glue things like flowers or other items on the box.

Even if your on a budget and you can only by a cardboard wine bottle gift box, you can still paint it to make it more personal and even glue things on it.

If your not only good with design but also with your hands then design the whole gift box from scratch, choose you own material and create something really personal around the bottle of wine you are giving as a present. There are metal containers for wine bottles that you could also use, or maybe create your own from sheet metal.

Maybe you have these wild ideas for a lovely gift wrapping but are not creative enough to make it happen on your own, then you could ask a friend who is a bit experienced to help you out by being the hands to your mind.

Wine should be enjoyed and indeed the wrapping will not make it taste better then it already is. But the joy of unwrapping it, knowing that the gift giver has gone to all that effort just to create something special will make drinking it very special. And just think about all the fun you will have beforehand when you are in the middle of creating the wine bottle gift box.

When you need some ideas or some tips do a search online to find some arts and crafts sites who can show you some new ways of creating the perfect wine bottle wrapping.

Jean Bolton loves to give gifts and wine is her favorite. She shows that personalized wine gift bottles or wine country gift baskets make a perfect gift.

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Green Gifting ? How to make a difference this Christmas

Green Gifting ? How to make a difference this Christmas

We all like to think that we can make small changes that will have a positive effect on our environment but sometimes it seems hard. So much of what we purchase is wrapped in plastic or foil, is wasted and gets thrown away.

Say ‘no’ to plastic, rubbish and useless gifts and give green this Christmas. Not only will you feel great about having made a conscious choice to buy eco-friendly gifts, but your purchase will be thoughtful and welcomed by the lucky recipient because they will appreciate the effort you have gone to. And this best part is it is really no effort at all. Giving green is easy if you know where to look.

Naturally Gifted has a wide range of green, eco-friendly Christmas gifts that everyone will love.

Wine Gifts
Do you have a wine lover in your circle of family or friends? A wine gift hamper is a great gift that cannot go wrong. Choose from red or white wine gifts, champagne and sparkling wine gifts, wine gifts with chocolates or gourmet hampers with wine. So what makes these wine gift hampers so eco-friendly?

Firstly, all of the wines are local Australian wines. Using local wines means we lower the food miles and the carbon footprint associated with the transport.

Secondly, all of the wines in our wine gifts and wine gift hampers are certified organic wines. This means that they have been produced without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals. Better for you and better for the environment.

All wine gifts come beautifully gift wrapped in stylish recycled corrugated gift boxes with a beautiful moss green reusable gross grain ribbon. No high gloss toxic gift boxes and ugly curly ribbon or shiny plastic wine bags. Low impact, eco-friendly stylish gift packaging that sends a powerful message to the recipient and lets them know immediately that what they are receiving is an eco gift.

Gourmet gift hampers
You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would say no to a divine gourmet gift hamper. Gourmet gift hampers are a great Christmas gift idea because they give people the chance to indulgence in one of lives little pleasures – beautiful food – which they may otherwise not get the opportunity to do.

Naturally Gifted has an extensive range of gourmet gift hampers that even the fussiest foodie will love. From the top end of town gourmet hamper which is so big is comes in two enormous gift boxes to small gourmet treats, there is a gourmet gift hamper for everyone.

These gourmet gift hampers are also great eco gifts, full of local and certified organic products sourced from around Australia and local farmers markets. Not only do they support a sustainable production practices but also small, local producers, without whom we would be stuff with mass produced, bland products found only in the supermarkets. These gourmet gift hampers also come packaged in the beautiful recycled gift boxes and a truly a beautiful eco gift that anyone would love.

Chocolate gift hampers

Chocolate is a favourite for just about everyone.

What is so eco-friendly about a chocolate gift hamper? Did you know what goes into making chocolate? Many of the workers on cocoa farms are work under slave-like conditions, with a alarming amount being children. They work under appalling conditions with exposure of harsh chemicals and unsafe work practices.

A chocolate gift hamper from Naturally Gifted has fair trade and organic chocolate. This means that the workers have been paid a fair market price for their products. They can then use this money to invest in schools for their children and other important community projects. Making sure it is organic means that those workers are not forced to be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

These are just a few green, eco gift ideas that are sure to please if you are looking for Christmas gifts. The very best part is you can be guaranteed that there will be no waste. The wine will be drunk, the gourmet food will be eaten and the chocolate will be devoured! All products have minimal wrapping, all of which can be recycled or reused.

Goodbye waste this Christmas!

Naturallygifted is an author who delivers beautiful range of  Organic gift and Wine Gifts in Australia wordwide.

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