Don’t Be Fooled by Bottled Water – How to Get the Mineral Water Benefits Without the High Price Tag

Don’t Be Fooled by Bottled Water – How to Get the Mineral Water Benefits Without the High Price Tag

You are simply not going to derive the same mineral water benefits from bottled water that you can get from a simple countertop filter. A mineral revitalization purification system is the way to go. Not only is the water going to taste just as great, but you’re going to save a ton of money in the long run.

Given the current state of our public water system, people are looking for a safe and healthy option for enjoying their favorite beverage. Many people have chosen to go with bottled in order to enjoy the healthy mineral water benefits.

Before you join these folks though, there are a few things that you might want to hear.

The bottled water industry is not as tightly regulated as you would like to think. What would you say if I told you that the filtering regulations for bottled water don’t call for any higher a level of purity than tap water?

I think you will be convinced that a mineral revitalization purification system is the way to go after you hear what I have discovered.

This may shock you. The mineral water benefits that you enjoy through bottled water may come into question when I tell you that the bottlers are allowed to have certain levels of contaminants in them. Among them are toxins that the public water authority must show no presence of.

To put this another way, that means you are paying for bottled water that has contaminants instead of using free tap water without these toxins. What’s wrong with that picture?

Here is a story related to that fact that may be the deciding factor in whether or not you opt for a mineral revitalization purification system.

Perrier, a number of years ago, was forced to do a massive recall when it was discovered that shipments of its water had 15 times the EPA limit for benzene, a toxic petroleum ether.

If something like that could happen to the company most trusted for its mineral water benefits, then it could happen to anyone. There is also the chance that the water has been stored in its plastic container for a period of time. If this is the case then you have chemicals involved in the production of the plastic floating around in your water.

This will be the one that I think will push you over the edge towards getting a mineral revitalization purification system: Most bottling companies set up their production centers in a few key portions of a state. Now you would think that testing would go on at these sites wouldn’t you?

Well, I am sorry to say, you would be wrong! Environmental Protection Agency regulations state that as long as a shipment of bottled water does not cross state lines, it does not require testing for contaminants. All that they do is to deliver within the boundaries of each state, and you therefore have untested bottles sitting on the shelves.

Still want to enjoy the mineral water benefits of bottled water? Is it sounding less and less appealing?

So instead of drinking a product which may or may not be filled with contaminants, why not just skip the crapshoot and enjoy the benefits to be gained by using a mineral revitalization purification system? At least then you will know that you are getting mineral water benefits, with an assurance of crystal clear purity.

Do yourself a favor, and take a look at some of the less expensive water filtration systems available. I think you will find as I have that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a system that you will be very happy with.

Lauren Leddy is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher of health related issues. Visit her website now at and get free information on how to protect yourself from water contaminated with carcinogens, traces of drugs, hormones, parasites and other toxins.

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Tired of Vision Treatments- Want Vision without Glasses – Essential Vitamins for Eyes

Tired of Vision Treatments- Want Vision without Glasses – Essential Vitamins for Eyes

Essential vitamins for healthier eyes

Everyone knows that vitamins are essential for your health. But did you know that there are eye vitamins that you are essential for the health of your eyes? This article will talk about the vitamins for eye health that you need to consume. You want to insure that your eyes can see as clear as possible and for a long time. Any human being would obviously want that to happen.
Why are vitamins important for healthy eyes?

There are many eye vitamins on the market which can help improve your vision or maintain good eyesight. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Lutein are more important in the prevention of cataracts than according to the medical journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

These are probably the best eye vitamins on the market right now. Lutein is responsible for filtering out dangerous UV rays.

If your eyes are unprotected, then you may lose vision very soon. Some studies have shown that zinc and Vitamin C can help in decreasing the development of macular degeneration.
One vitamin that is essential for eye health is lutein. The human body is completely unable to produce enough lutein to sustain the eye so it is necessary for you to get this vitamin elsewhere.

It is believed that your body needs at least 6mg of lutein each day for optimum eye health. Since it is difficult to get enough lutein in your diet through eating healthy foods, it is important to take lutein supplement.

You can go through the manual in the package or bottle to make sure it contains the essential amount of lutein.
It is best if you get zinc from foods because it can be dangerous for you to take it through a supplement. Large doses can interfere with your body’s absorption of copper. Copper is essential nutrient that your body needs to sustain itself. Therefore you should not disturb the absorption.
There are even vitamins for chronic dry eye.

Everyone has experienced dry eye at some point life, but unfortunately, there are some people who suffer from this time and time again.

Among the vitamins that are available are flaxseed oil, fish oil, and beta carotene besides other substances like primrose oil, HydroEye, TheraTears, and BioTears. You can talk to your doctor about the possibilities for dry eye relief in the form of vitamins.

What foods contain the vitamins i need?Lutein is a carotenoid that is found naturally in fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Zinc can be found in a lot of foods. Among them are oysters, meat, and liver supply which supply you with lot of mineral. Brewer’s yeast, milk, beans, and wheat germ also supply you with zinc, only in smaller amounts.
Vitamin A, on the other hand can be found in several foods. These are the top ten vitamins available:
liversweet potatoescarrotsmangoesspinachcantaloupedried apricotsmilkegg yolksmozzarella cheeseThere are many foods are rich in Vitamin C as there are in Vitamin A.

Sweet potatoes, red ripe tomatoes, kale, and broccoli consist of lot of Vitamin C components. The most notable food of all is oranges. It is full of nutrients than any other foods.
There are several supplements on the market today which consists of vitamins to help you improve or maintain your eye health. You might be able to find some of them in your local nutrition store or pharmacy. You can also find them online. Be sure to purchase them from a reputable source.
Supplements should only be used only when diet does not give you the recommended amount of these nutrients. Daily multivitamins usually lack the nutrients which are important to good eye health, and so if you are considering supplements, then you might want to buy one that is made specifically for your eye health or buy each nutrient in an individual supplement.

As with other medications, it is important to talk with your doctor before you begintaking any supplement. If you are already taking a multivitamin,you do not want to take too much of one nutrient or another. Getting too much of some nutrients can be a potential danger. So always consult your physician.

Now that you know that eye sight improvement by vitamins is possible, you can st art eating healthy for you vision. There are tons of vitamins to choose from. So it is very important that you make an appointment or talk with your doctor about any eye vitamins. He or she can answer any and all questions about vitamins for eye health. Moreover they will be able to give you the right guidance. Medical advice is always preferable than self medication even if it means deciding your diet for the sake of eye care.
Vitamin A offers a range of advantages for both old aged as well as teenagers. The advantages entail essential bodily functions such as cardiovascular health, embryonic maturity in pregnant females and sustaining hereditary integrity, and bone metabolism.
Apart from these benefits, Vitamin A is a prime nutriment for maintaining good eyesight and excellent skin. It even acts as an entire immune system booster. Recent studies state that

Vitamin A might also treat night blindness to a great extent.
Vitamin A is available in two forms, provitamin A and preformed vitamin A. Carrots, meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish are some of the rich sources of Vitamin A.
Insight Effects:
Through comprehensive studies, researchers have discovered that the amplest source of Vitamin A in the entire human body is the retina and tissues found behind the eyes. In ancient times, many civilizations made use of liver, which is an exceptional source of Vitamin A to address various types of eyesight problems.
Next, Xerophthalmia is a severe eye disorder, which results from night blindness causing closure of the cornea and ultimately rupturing of eyes. Liver and cod liver oil, which are two great sources of Vitamin A have great optimistic effects on this condition.
In fact, in many cases of Xerophthalmia, the effect of Vitamin A was so swift that the patients got relief within 24 hours from night blindness.
Furthermore, cod liver oil greatly helps to overturn keratomalacia, which is a medical condition, linked with extreme nutritional dearth distinguished from ulcer of cornea, severe dryness of eyes and infection.
Indeed, the scientific name for Vitamin A is retinol, due to its existence in the retina of eyes. The retinol or Vitamin A plays a vital role in vision. The purple retinas present in eyes transform into yellow color, when exposed to light. In addition, a biochemical series containing Vitamin A reinstates purple retinas, which allows us to see.
Vitamin A also helps to keep your eyes and retina moist to prevent the onset of many eyesight problems.
Insufficiency of Vitamin A in pregnant women might result in offspring delivered with eye imperfections.

It is essential to understand that Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which signifies that it is feasible to intake excessive amount of Vitamin A. Be careful of this, as Vitamin A toxicity may turn extremely risky to your eyes, therefore it is vital to ensure that you intake proper amount of Vitamin-A dosages for proper eyesight.
Hence, it becomes extremely pivotal to consult a doctor before taking a Vitamin A supplement for your eyes.

Do You Want Eye Vision Without Glasses?

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Good Luck And Have a Strong Eye Vision!


I am a Wickedly smart Internet marketer, online affiliate to CNP, GDI, APS. A good listner, talker and Speaker. A Article- maker, squidoo lens writer and blogger and passionate twitterer.

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How to Get Mineral Water Benefits Without Buying Bottled Mineral Water

How to Get Mineral Water Benefits Without Buying Bottled Mineral Water

Despite possible mineral water benefits, I don’t believe that mineral revitalization water purification systems are a worthwhile investment. They simply don’t make sense. Here’s what I mean.

Why would you take naturally occurring waters, strip them of their minerals and then “revitalize” them, by adding your own choice of minerals back in? There is no doubt that today a home purifier is a basic necessity, unless you live on a farm with a pristine spring. But, it is possible to purify without de-mineralizing?

Since ancient times, people have sought out mineral water benefits for healing a variety of conditions. The warm springs and naturally carbonated baths were tourist attractions for many years. I myself have visited a small town in West Virginia, taken a bath in the hot springs followed by a wonderful massage, and left feeling more relaxed than I’d been in years. Of course, most people today rely on prescription drugs and other sedatives, rather than truly relaxing in a hot bath. So the natural springs are not popular vacation spots any longer. Anyway, the advertising claims regarding mineral revitalization water purification systems is overstated, to say the least.

All natural sources have trace minerals, which are essential for good health. They are often referred to as electrolytes, because they are tiny ionic particles that you can’t see, but they do improve the taste of water. Sodium and potassium are the most important of these electrolytes. Most people get enough of these through diet, but when it comes to taste, waters that have traces of sodium and potassium are simply better.

That brings me to the bottled beverage companies. They also overstate mineral water benefits. I’ve read claims concerning the relief of many serious health conditions, just by regularly consuming these bottled beverages.

If I had to choose between buying bottled and buying mineral revitalization water purification systems, I’d choose the later. The plastic bottles leach chemicals into the liquids. Those chemicals are believed to increase our cancer risks. Both plastic and glass bottles are a major source of pollution. I care a great deal about the environment, as well as my long term health, but there are better options than expensive mineral revitalization water purification systems.

They are called selective filtration.

With the technology that is currently available, it is possible to remove contaminants without removing naturally occurring minerals. With a step called ion exchange, traces of lead and copper will be replaced with traces of sodium and potassium, but unlike mineral revitalization water purification systems, this step is inexpensive.

So, you can have mineral water benefits without paying thousands of dollars for a purifier or buying hundreds of plastic bottles. The best purifier on the market costs around a hundred dollars and can be installed in minutes. You can even enjoy mineral water benefits in your own bathroom with a showerhead filter that costs even less. It’s like bathing in hot springs in the privacy of your own home.

Zach Zimmerman has been researching water purification methods for several years. Visit his webpage Natural Purified Water to discover how to select the very best water filtration system for your home or office. Invest in your health and buy a home water filter, but make sure you make it a good one.

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Easter Would Not Be The Same Without Jelly Beans

Easter Would Not Be The Same Without Jelly Beans

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, jelly beans showed up once a year. I was always certain of finding jelly beans in my Easter basket. And as far as I knew, there were only two kinds of jelly beans – ones made by Brach’s that were always in my Easter basket, and some off-brand that my Aunt had at her house and that I hated. Like many people my favorite color of jelly bean was red, or cherry flavored, and it still is. My second favorite flavor when I was little was the black or licorice flavored jelly beans. I still like the black ones a lot, and since nobody else in my house likes the black ones I get those all to myself!

Today, there are numerous types and brands of jelly beans available to tuck into Easter baskets for a sweet treat. The brand most recognizable today, besides the ever popular Brach’s(tm) jelly beans is probably Jelly Belly(tm) jelly beans. In my opinion, Jelly Belly(tm) jelly beans first gained widespread national recognition when Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980. He was a jelly bean lover and always kept a jar of Jelly Belly(tm) jelly beans on his desk and on Air Force One for a sweet treat and quick energy boost. He was quick to offer handfuls of his jelly beans to his guests and Cabinet members. I remember watching news stories talking about President Reagan’s jelly beans and what brand they were. Suddenly it seemed everyone was intrigued by these miniature jelly beans in flavors that went beyond the few traditional ones found in most bags of jelly beans.

I first tried Jelly Belly(tm) jelly beans in the 1980’s and I have to admit I was hooked on them right away. There is a wonderfully intense flavor packed into each one of those little jelly beans. One reason is that I love red jelly beans, and Jelly Belly(tm) is the only manufacturer I know of that sells red jelly beans in bulk and in individual bags. This means that if I’m in the mood for red jelly beans I can have a whole bag of them!

In our house we have some favorite Jelly Belly(tm) flavors. We like the root beer, cream soda, cinnamon, buttered popcorn, pina colada, and cherry flavored Jelly Belly(tm) jelly beans. There are many other flavors too. I think the current official count of flavors is 50. Some of those 50 flavors, such as the jalapeno flavored Jelly Belly(tm) jelly beans are a little too daring for my taste buds though.

The Bertie Bott’s Jelly Bellies(tm) which are also called the Harry Potter(tm) jelly beans by many people, offer flavor choices such as earwax, dirt, and earthworm. The thought of eating those makes me shudder. If you’re wondering if they really taste the way their names suggest, Jelly Belly(tm) says on its web site that Bertie Bott’s(tm) jelly beans are true to their names. If you’re curious about what other people think about them, do an Internet search. You’ll find online postings from people who have tried the Bertie Bott’s Jelly Bellies(tm). Some people enjoy some of the Bertie Bott’s(tm) flavors, such as the grass flavored ones. Some of the other flavors, such as the “vomit” ones, were typically described as tasting “nasty.”

Jelly Belly(tm) isn’t the only brand or kind of jelly bean available. There are numerous kinds. Brach’s(tm) is probably the brand most often seen on the store shelves at Easter (and throughout the entire year in the candy aisle of many stores). Brach’s(tm) candy company also makes yummy jelly beans that taste like some of the flavors of Smucker’s(tm) jam.

In addition, there are jelly beans that taste like Starburst(tm) candy along with spiced jelly beans, mini jelly beans, speckled jelly beans and some very good tasting sugar free jelly beans. One other thing to note: if you’re searching for jelly beans and you see pectin jelly beans, that’s just another term for the normal jelly beans you see on store shelves.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that each manufacturer makes each color the same flavor. You many love the taste of the purple jelly beans (grape flavored) made by Brach’s and may think the purple jelly beans by Gimbals(tm) are grape flavored too but they’re not, they have a boysenberry flavor.

Jelly beans are often found in cute gift containers at Easter time and can even be found tucked inside hollow chocolate Easter eggs. And jelly beans are a popular item to tuck in plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts.

The most popular place to put jelly beans though is still in an Easter basket. After all, what’s an Easter basket without jelly beans in it?

Want to find out about grilling lobster tails and grilling pork loin? Get tips from the Grilling Meat website.

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